“What are they doing?” I asked.

Andrew laughed. “Ah, Shannon, you are so innocent!”

I smiled up at him from the passenger side of his front seat. We were in Andrew’s truck, parked at the foot of the lighthouse at Red Head Point. Andrew had volunteered to drive me home after work, a part time job I had after school some nights and Saturdays at Zellers. He had asked if I had to get him and flattered by the attention of someone older, I had agreed to go for a drive.

He was looking at me intently, his handsome face flushed. “Don’t you know?” he asked.

I shook my head negative, watching the other car again to see if I could see the passenger again. I could see the guy’s profile easy enough, his head now tilted back on his chair’s headrest. I was certain I had seen someone suddenly appear beside him but they were gone again.

“She’s probably giving him a blowjob.”

Now it was time for my face to turn red. I stared at him for even having said those words, and I stared at the car with new understanding. I screamed in surprise when Andrew laid his hand on my leg.

“haha, sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump.” His smile was so intoxicating. “Have you, um, ever, um…”

I shook my head negative again. We both looked over to the other car. The guy was look down now. And then his passenger appeared again. Yes, it was definitely a woman. They kissed now and then she sat back in her seat. Their car roared to life and then they left us…alone.

“Shannon, would you like to try it?”

I guess my silence about the subject and my interest in the other couple gave him the green light. At least he asked I thought. And you know what… I wanted to. I trusted Andrew not to go too far. Or at least I hoped he wouldn’t, we were çatalca escort awfully far away from any residence.

“Yes, but I don’t know how.”

“I’ll teach you.” Andrew gathered me to him, softly folding me in his arms and kissing me tenderly. I tried to relax but I froze stiff as his hands slid over my top, cupping my left breast and making me sigh with tension.

“Relax, don’t hold yourself so tight. Here, touch me.” And he took my hand and laid it on his shirt. I watched in amazement as my own hand slid over his shirt just as his were sliding over mine. He took my hands and pushed them down to his waist and I took over from him when he started to undo his belt and jeans. I was trembling as I felt the hardness of his cock through his jeans.

“Here, let me help.” Andrew raised his bum off the seat and pushed his jeans and shorts down onto his thighs. My eyes went wide at the site of his cock rising up in the air, the thick crown already crimson with the pressure he was under.

“Now, kneel up on the seat Shannon. Good, I’ll slide over like this.” Andrew put his back into the corner of the chair and door. He worked his foot free from one leg of his jeans and briefs, giving him freedom to part his legs. His sack hung heavy and all wrinkly between his open legs.

“Okay, now take me in your hand. Good. Touch me, Not so hard; gently slide your hand up and down. Mmmm. Don’t be scared, it won’t bite.”

I laughed with nervousness, his thick meat jumping at my touch, so warm. I inspected him, marveling at the hardness, a little grossed out with all the veins protruding. The thick mushroom shaped cap was a strange sight and I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world it would ever fit inside me.

“Okay, esenyurt escort now I want you to kiss the head. Nice, warm kisses. Open your lips press them against the head. Oh God Shannon, you are so good!”

“Stick out your tongue, lick me like a lollipop, slowly, slower, aaaah good.”

Andrew let me lick him like this for awhile, I tried different spots, changing when he didn’t say anything, secretly pleased when he moaned. On one trip up the underside of the shaft, I came in contact with the small hole there and I found the smallest drop of thick juice there. Andrew moaned and shifted his hips, pushing his cock up against me and into my surprised mouth.

“Yes Shannon, please I can’t take any more, suck my cock baby!”

I had to shift forward a little, his thick shaft filling my mouth until I almost gagged.

“Oh sorry baby, take your time, get use to me.”

I found that the muscles in my mouth relaxed and I could take more of him in. My saliva added lubrication and I was thrilled as I felt the ridge of his mushroom cap enter my mouth. I surprised myself by moaning and I was delighted when Andrew reacted positively to this. I made some more noise, letting myself go, letting my body react too.

I knew I was soaked but could do nothing about it and I was scared that Andrew might. But I couldn’t stop now, not this anyway. I had to give Andrew his blowjob. There was a hand on the back of my hand, adding pressure when I went down on his cock, letting go on my way up. Andrew was increasing the tempo and I could hear him panting.

“Get ready baby, get ready, I’m going to cum.”

How? How was I suppose to get ready? What did I have to do?

But Andrew was thrusting etiler escort with his hips now too and there was a new taste in my mouth; bitter, kind of soapy, definitely salty. And then Andrew grabbed my head and held me down on him, too far and I began to gag and worse, my mouth was suddenly filled with the icky fluid and I had to desperately swallow. How many times did I swallow before my mouth was empty? I don’t know but I felt his cock begin to whither in my mouth and Andrew let me go.

I sat back on my side of the truck’s bench, coughing a little, wiping the goo from around my mouth. Andrew helped wipe it away, which I thought was nice. “Can you get some Kleenex out of the glove compartment sweetie?” I found the tissue and I watched as he cleaned himself off.

“Are you okay Shannon?”

“I guess so.”

“You were great!”

“I was?”

“Oh yeah! I mean, you need practice but I was so surprised how good you are! You give great head!”

I gave head. Wow, this was weird.

“I can I do anything for you?” Andrew was touching me again, pulling me to him. We kissed, his hands making me weak.

“No, no… better take me home, I’m late.”

“Oh come on Shannon, you made me feel so good, I want to make you feel good too.”

“Oh I do, its just I’m a little freaked out right now, and well, I don’t want to do anything stupid. So, could you just drive me home.”

Andrew looked at me intently, smiled and kissed me on the lips softly. “Sure, some other time. I’ll make you feel as good as you made me feel.”

A shiver went down my spine. That sounded interesting. He dressed and then got the truck in gear. I wiggled close to him. On the long ride home we would chat, and laugh. I made Andrew stop around the block and before I got out of the truck, I leaned over him, kissed him hard, put my hand on his crotch, gave it a little squeeze and said “I hope I made him happy?”

Andrew’s smile was huge “Oh very, very happy! Hope we can do it again.”

“Me too!” and I slid out of his grasp and waved good bye.



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