First attempt………… gentleIt had been a long, stressful week at work but Jake was glad it was the weekend. He needed that shower to wash away to worries that troubled him. As the water washed over his body, he felt himself relaxing into what would be a couple of days of pure sexual heaven. Susie was downstairs in the kitchen “I’ll make a start on dinner, you go jump in the shower baby” she said when he came through the front door, the look in her eye telling him that she had a busy evening planned for him. As he dried himself, Jake was considering what he should wear, he decides that the answer is “not a lot”. Pulling on a pair of silk black boxers, a smile finds it was to his freshly clean shaven face, thinking about what delights could be in store.Jake stealthily makes his way downstairs, trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to alert Susie to his presence. He peers into the kitchen, seeing her standing at the worktop chopping away. She was standing there in her smart office clothes, a white blouse, a figure hugging black skirt, stockings güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and black heels looking every bit the professional that she is at work. The early evening sun streamed through the window, casting a silhouette of Susie’s perfectly formed body across the kitchen, giving Jake stirrings in his boxers as he started to become erect. He quietly moved into the kitchen, creeping up on her as she stood there. His hands positioned in readiness to take hold of her hips to pull her close to him. As Jake’s hands made contact with Susie’s body, so did his lips on her neck, kissing her, surprising her to the point where she almost screamed with fright, but she immediately realised who’s touch it was. He pulled her back to him, one hand moving round to hold her belly while the other hand was slowly moving up from her hip, up the side of her body and coming to rest on her pert breast. He was sure he heard her give up a little sigh as he did this, passing to him her acceptance of what was happening. Susie’s head falls back perabet güvenilir mi into Jake as he kisses her neck and nuzzles her earlobe, he knows that drives her so wild and never fails to get her wet. He brings both his hands up to her breasts, caressing her ever hardening nipples. his hands reaching round taking hold of her blouse at the top button. One sharp tug and Susie’s blouse is open, the buttons dispersed all over the kitchen, her crisp white lacy bra on display for anyone to see, her erect nipples trying to escape to confines of the lace.Jake’s hands caressed back up Susie’s body, over her toned stomach, up over her breasts to her shoulders where he helped the blouse off of her. It falls to the floor, and as it does Jake follows its path with kisses all the way down Susie’s back, his hands now resting on her shapely hips. Susie arches her back with delight as Jake continues to kiss her, moving all over her back until he is now standing upright behind her again. He reaches down to find the waistband of Susie’s skirt and tipobet the zip that will undo to allow him to release the skirt from her body and reveal the pertest arse that he has ever seen, clad in matching white lacy knickers to her bra. Susie reached around behind her, groping for the boxers that constrain Jakes ever hardening cock. She rubs her hand over the boxers feeling him in her hand, throbbing, hard – she wants him.Jake now takes hold of Susie’s hips again, twisting her round so that they are facing each other. Their lips locked in a passionate embrace while hands wander over bodies.”Do you not want to eat then?” Susie sakes in-between kisses.”Oh, I intend to” came the reply and with that Jake put his arms around Susie, grabbing hold of her arse and lifting her up on to the worktop where not 5 minutes ago she had been preparing a meal for them. Jake held her legs open to reveal a lace clad pussy that was obviously wet judging by the patch on her knickers. He leant forward, kissing Susie’s thighs as he moved. He could hear Susie’s breathing quicken as her got closer to her pussy. With one hand and a swift movement, Jake had managed to ‘unclad’ Susie.”mmmmmmm looks very tasty!” he said to her right before his tongue made contact with her. That is as far as I have got at the moment…………let me know if you want it continued?



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