Firefighter SaviorFirefighter Savior***My wife is in a scary car accident, and is saved by a brave firefighter. (MF, wife, rom)***My wife, Kelli, was driving our 11-year old daughter, Sage, back home from dance when a truck travelling the opposite direction was sideswiped, lost control, and slammed into Kelli’s car from the side. It flipped the car 4 times before it came to rest at the edge of a bridge overlooking the river. Luckily they were both wearing seatbelts, or I would’ve been a widower at 34. Kelli and Sage were trapped, though. No one could get to their cell phones or anything, so no one called me to tell me.I was watching the news on local TV when they reported on it, and I immediately recognized the car and the location. I drove like a maniac down to the bridge but couldn’t even get close with it being blocked off. When I told them who I was, and who they were, they let me a little closer, but with all the equipment I couldn’t even call to them.Some construction guys nearby had a large forklift and had managed to support the car so it wouldn’t fall into the river, but the car was so damaged and so near to falling off the bridge, the police and fire crews weren’t sure how to get them safely away. Pulling the car back from the edge could’ve further injured them, and my wife was already in a lot of pain. I was agonizing over the wait, when suddenly there was a commotion near the car, and I saw a firefighter climbing up the forklift and out onto the blades of it, balancing himself over the rushing, freezing river. He called over to the bridge and someone swung over the jaws of life, which he used to start prying the door off.15 minutes later, my wife was out and clutching him. He tied a line around her waist and they gently pulled her over to the bridge, and into the waiting ambulance. He then cut out the rear seat where my less-injured daughter was, and freed her in the same way. I followed the ambulances to the hospital where doctors saved my wife’s life and treated my daughter for a broken bone and lacerations.Kelli was in the hospital for 3 weeks recovering, the only visible scar left on her body was a 3-inch gash down the left side of her cheek. She sobbed when she first saw it, but I told her it was a badge of courage, and that she was still a gorgeous, 32-year old young wife and mom. When we finally got ready to go home, a news crew showed up with the firefighter that had risked his life to save her.His name was Jonathan, he was 28, and was a completely typical firefighter type – muscular, handsome, and brave. The news crew ate it up, and wanted him to help wheel her out to the car. I shook his hand and thanked him as they filmed, and then he bent over the wheelchair and my wife gave him a kiss on the cheek and held his hand. He wheeled her out to our car as the cameras followed, easily scooping her up into his arms and then into the car, getting another kiss on the cheek as he buckled her seat belts, letting everyone watching know that it was a seat belt that saved her life. Sage was there, too, and he got a third kiss from her as he buckled her up. I thanked him again, and he passed me a note with his name and phone number and told me to call him anytime if I needed anything. The news crew finally got their shot and left, and Jon said he had to go.”Love to have you over for dinner or something,” I said as we were leaving. He smiled and nodded, waving goodbye as we went home, all together for the first time since the accident.About 2 weeks after that, Kelli was feeling up to some company, and we invited esenyurt escort Jon and a few of the other firefighters over for dinner. We had a great time, laughing and eating and drinking as we talked about what had happened, and how awesome it was that Jon saved them both. The gathering slowly wound down as everyone but Jon left, and at 10pm when Sage had to go to bed, she wanted him to tuck her in. She led him downstairs to her room, with Kelli and I breaking out another bottle of wine.He came up a few minutes later, apologizing for taking so long as he had to wait for Sage to change into her pajamas. We put down the bottle of wine pretty quickly, but then Jon had to go get some sleep before his next shift. I thanked him once again for his bravery, but he told me to never mention it again, I had thanked him enough. My wife walked him to the door, then gave him a kiss, except this one was more thankful. With no news cameras around, their lips met briefly and I thought maybe there was tongue. It only lasted a second, though, so I didn’t say anything. He looked a little startled but not completely upset that my beautiful wife had kissed him. With that, he was gone.Kelli dragged me to the bedroom. She had always been one to get horny when drinking, and tonight was no exception. With her recovery we hadn’t had sex in over 6 weeks, and she was ready. She quickly stripped down, showing off her long slim legs and flat stomach, beautiful almost-C cup breasts, all none the worse for wear after the accident. She lay on the bed and demanded that I mount her, which I gladly did, my cock eagerly straining for sex after so long. I slid inside her easily, her wet pussy taking me in and so tight around me as she groaned her satisfaction at finally getting fucked. We fucked for a few minutes, but I was so turned on and ready that I had to slow down or I would’ve lost it too fast. I decided to tease her.”That was quite a goodbye kiss, wasn’t it Kell?” I asked, my cock teasing her as I only slid halfway in, then out. She looked up at me. “What? That? Oh, that was an accident.” She giggled. “I really didn’t mean to kiss him on the lips, baby, he just turned at the last second.”. She moaned as I slid back into her.”Oh yeah? Did he just turn when you slipped your tongue into his mouth?” I teased further. She looked horrified.”Oh my god, babe, that was… I don’t know. It just happened, I’m so sorry,” she blurted out. I pushed my cock back in all the way, getting a satisfied groan out of her. “It’s okay, really, he deserves a little sugar for saving you,” I said, laughing a little at her discomfort. She relaxed, grinding her hips back up at me as we screwed. I kept pushing.”I can’t blame you, he’s a good looking firefighter, what else would a woman want?” I said, grabbing her hips and pumping my hard cock in deep. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around me. “He is kinda hot, I must admit,” she said softly. “Now stop teasing me and fuck me, baby,” she demanded, thrusting up to meet me. I started pounding her harder and faster, and she responded. “Oh fuck yes, fuck me hard,” she groaned, taking my thick cock deep. I couldn’t last, feeling her like this. I erupted into her, getting lucky that she was cumming at the same time, and we finished together, collapsing into a sweaty, happy mess on the bed. “Oh, god, thank you,” I groaned, “I had to get that out.” Kelli laughed. “I know, I’ve been dying to get fucked for a week.” I looked over at her, her perfect naked body sprawled out on avrupa yakası escort the bed. “I couldn’t have gone on without you,” I said seriously. She took my hand. “Well, you don’t have to,” she said. “I was saved, and now you can fuck me every day,” she grinned as she continued. “And.. are you ready for another round?”I laughed. “Give me a minute,” I said, letting my hands roam over her body. “I’m no firefighter, you know.” She laughed again, and soon she was riding my cock in a slow, comfortable screw. We had Jon over once more for dinner, this time with a few other emergency crew members that had helped, but nothing happened and it seemed that chapter in our lives was truly over. Almost a year later, though, I got a call from the TV station that they wanted to do a “where are they now” update, and Kelli and I thought that would be a nice way to thank all the firemen again, so we agreed.We had everyone over at our house, the cameras there for short interviews with everyone, recorded us giving a toast to the emergency crews, and we had a great couple hours of laughs and storytelling. The TV crew then asked for hugs for Jon from my wife and daughter, so Sage jumped into his arms and gave him a huge bear hug, then Kelli put her arms around him and held him for a minute tears welling up in her eyes. She whispered something in his ear and he just nodded.Everyone started to leave after that, Sage went to bed, and Kelli mentioned to me quietly that she asked Jon to stay and have a few drinks with us. I nodded. After the last person left, she poured Jon and I drinks and we talked about the past year, what we had done, and Jon related some stories about his last year as a firefighter. After a few drinks I excused myself to the bathroom, and when I came back she was hugging him again on the couch, but they didn’t break it off at my return. She looked at me, a little bit drunk and emotional. “You said he deserved a little sugar for saving me, didn’t you?” she asked. I nodded, a little confused. She turned to him and then suddenly, they were kissing. Not the accidental kiss or the TV kiss, a real, passionate, hard kiss. He swept her onto her back on the couch, kissing her more. “Thank you for saving me,” she whispered as he kissed her neck. “Anything for you,” he said back as his hands slipped up my wife’s body, on her ass, and hips, and up to her breasts. She kissed him hard as they lay making out on my couch. I didn’t know what to say. I was confused, but also really turned out at my wife being touched in front of me, which was new to me.”I want you,” she declared suddenly, and then looked up and back at me. “I want him,” she said again. Again I was at a loss for words, so I just nodded. She whispered to him and Jon easily picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the bedroom. I numbly poured myself another drink, downed it, and headed back, not knowing what to expect. My wife was on the bed, the top of her dress was down and exposing her full breasts, the bottom of it pulled up, bunched all together at her waist. His shirt was off and they were pawing at each other like high school k**s. A minute later her dress was completely off, his pants were gone and he was climbing onto her on the bed.”You saved me, now take what’s yours,” she gasped as her legs spread to accommodate him. His muscular body eased down towards her as his hard cock pressed against her wetness. He stopped for just a second. “I’ve been wanting this anadolu yakası escort for a year,” he said to her as the head of his cock split her apart. She smiled and took him inside her, and Jon started to fuck my wife.I didn’t even realize how hard I was until I felt my cock explode in my pants. I hurried from the room to clean up in the other bathroom as I heard them talking and fucking, her moans of pleasure consistent with each thrust he made inside her. I went to the laundry room, found some boxers, and cleaned myself up. About ten minutes after I first left, I returned to the room and they were still fucking hard, his body driving against hers, his cock never leaving her inviting married cunt. “God, you’re incredible,” he said as his cock plunged into her. Her arms were around him and she held on as he continued his thrusting. “When you save a girl…” she gasped out, “you own her body.” He liked hearing that, his thrusting picking up pace as she cried out an orgasm. Another 10 minute and another orgasm for her later, Jon buried his cock deep in my wife and groaned as he pumped his load inside her, no condom or birth control. They collapsed together on the bed, just like Kelli and I always did, her arm d****d over him. “Fuck…” she moaned, “that was incredible.” He nodded and agreed. I slipped out from the bedroom and into the kitchen. A few minutes later I heard some rustling, and then Jon came out of the bedroom, fully dressed.”I hope everything is cool,” he said, offering his hand. I shook it. “Yeah… I mean, she wanted to do that for you, I guess…” I said. “Cool, thanks so much for the night,” he said. I opened the front door and he left. I went into the bedroom and started to say something. “Wait,” Kelli said, “just wait a minute, please.” She motioned me over, her naked, well-fucked body laying on the bed. I walked over as she slid over to the edge of the bed. She reached into the fly on my boxers and pulled out my cock. It woke quickly and started to harden at her touch, even more so as she stroked it. “I don’t know how all that happened,” she started, “but I know it was fucking incredible.” My cock got even harder, and she leaned over, her warm breath next to my cock head. “I loved it,” she said quietly, her mouth an inch from my cock, “and I saw how much you loved it, too”. And with that her mouth slipped over my head, sucking me into her, swirling her tongue around the shaft, as she coaxed me into full hardness.”You loved seeing me fuck,” she said matter-of-factly, “and you got off watching.” She waited for me to respond, but I couldn’t. “Tell me,” she demanded with a pout.”It was like watching the hottest porno ever, starring my own wife,” I said as she slid her tongue down the length of my shaft. “I did love it, it was the hottest, dirtiest thing I’ve ever seen.” My cock was incredibly hard as she looked up at me, stopping her sucking.”Then fuck your dirty wife,” she said softly. “Fuck your dirty wife that just got fucked in front of you, you fucking pervert, fuck her and cum in her just like Jon did.” She spread her legs, and I drove my cock up her well-fucked cunt, taking only a few minutes to add my load inside her.Jon came over pretty much weekly after that, sometimes when I was home, sometimes when I wasn’t, fucking Kelli as much as he could. I would come home and find the bedroom a mess, Kelli waiting for me, now on birth control, as she loved taking his cum. This went on for the next year, including an all-night affair on the 2nd year anniversary of the accident, when Jon and I both fucked Kelli together for the first time, much to her delight.Jon comes over even more now, almost nightly, and he tucks in Sage every time he’s here. Last night he was downstairs tucking her in for over 20 minutes. I hope nothing is going on, I’m not sure I could handle something like that, but he seems like an honorable guy. What kind of perv would mess with a 13 year old, anyway?



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