After a fabulous night with John in the hotel, (see my first story ‘Finally realising my fantasies’), I felt elated. I had swallowed his spunk for a third time before we fell asleep and, in the morning, took his cock in my mouth again in the shower. The 8 hours of sleep he had meant his body was able to replace the copious amounts of his spunk I had swallowed, meaning I got another huge load all over my tongue.

The following weekend I went to John’s house and after more wine and chatting, we ended up in his bedroom all night. It was there, between gulping down his gorgeous spunk, that I admitted to another fantasy of mine, being taken by two guys at the same time. John laughed when I told him, but a cheeky smirk came over his face.

‘I might be able to help you with that,’ he said, winking at me as he leaned in to kiss me.

A couple of weeks passed and I had forgotten that I had told him about my other fantasy. It was my birthday on the Saturday and he had invited to me his house for a meal and gift giving. Of course, I was looking forward to getting his cock in my mouth again and couldn’t care less about the gifts!

I arrived at John’s around 6.30pm and knocked on the door. John answered it with a broad smile and a ‘Hi!’ He was wearing Skinny jeans and a t-shirt which showed off his toned body nicely. My eyes couldn’t help travelling down to his crotch, but I was disappointed to see his jeans masked the bulge I knew was down there. He closed the door behind me, kissed me, took my hand and lead me into the living room.

‘This is Dave,’ he said, gesturing towards the guy sat on the brown leather sofa. I blushed vividly, feeling the heat in my cheeks. Dave smiled at me.

He was a black guy, about 6 foot 3 inches tall, with very muscular arms and a chest that was putting his t-shirt under quite a bit of strain. His hair was neatly cropped and he had a wonderful smile. Dave got up and shook my hand, saying hello as he did so. His hand was huge, dwarfing mine in comparison. I was so nervous I mumbled something incoherent, smiled, and sat down in the armchair.

John and Dave sat on the sofa and we got chatting, and in doing so my nerves started to evaporate. We talked about all sorts of things and the wine and gin was soon being handed out by John. The conversation eventually moved on to Dave and who he was. John told me he had known Dave since university and they had always stayed in touch.

‘And yes,’ said Dave, ‘I am gay.’

I blushed again and John sniggered.

‘And like John, a confirmed top,’ he stated, matter-of-factly.

‘He’s your birthday present,’ said John.

‘Uhmmm…thanks. I think.’ I replied.

John looked at Dave and nodded. They moved to each end of the sofa. John patted the now vacant middle seat and gestured at me to sit there. I moved over to the sofa and sat down. John kissed me, his tongue sliding into my mouth, causing me to sigh. As he pulled away I felt a huge hand turn my face and the next thing I know, Dave’s tongue is sliding into my mouth. I moaned quietly again as his tongue explored my mouth. He pulled back a little, still holding my face.

‘I hear you love to feel cock pumping spunk in your mouth,’ he said.

I couldn’t get any words out. I just moaned very quietly. Dave laughed.

I hadn’t noticed that while Dave was kissing me, John had removed all of his clothes except his tight boxer shorts. He pulled me towards him, guided my hand to his crotch and kissed me again, our tongues slipping over each other. I stroked his cock, now growing nicely inside his boxers. He held me there for a little while, and when he let me go, I turned to find Dave down to his boxers as well. His body was amazing. Hairless, muscular, shining in the light of the LED bulb hanging from the ceiling light fitting. canlı bahis şirketleri My eyes travelled slowly down his body to his crotch. His cock looked bigger than John’s and was almost visibly growing as I stared at it. I leaned forward and kissed Dave’s chest, my lips and tongue searching for his nipple. He moaned softly and I felt his hand on my head, gently pushing me down. I kissed my way down his body, finally reaching his boxers. His cock was straining at the material and I started kissing it through the cloth, inhaling the musky smell that made me want him in my mouth soooooo badly. I moved off the sofa and got between his legs, reaching up and hooking my fingers around the waistband of his boxers. As I pulled them down, he lifted his arse off the sofa to help and his cock strained against the elastic waistband. I pulled a little harder and his cock sprang loose. He was uncut with closely cropped pubic hair and had shaved his nutsack.

‘Heard you didn’t like pubes so I had a haircut,’ he said.

I reached up and took his cock in my hand. It was about 7 inches long and thick, but not veiny like John’s, looking almost completely smooth. I put my tongue on the base of it and licked slowly up to the tip, my saliva making his cock glisten. With my hand I pulled down on his now rock hard shaft and revealed the lovely bulbous head of his cock. It twitched in my hand. Without raising my head I opened my mouth and slid his cock between my lips and slowly circled my tongue around the head. He moaned and his huge hand cupped the back of my head. I started sliding my mouth up and down his cock, my tongue licking the underside of his glans each time I moved down. I was really enjoying myself when I suddenly remembered John! As soon as the thought hit me, I felt his hands on my trousers, pulling at my belt as he tried to remove them. I took Dave’s cock out of my mouth, stood up, Kissed John and got undressed. Dave had taken the cue and was doing the same. It was only then I noticed John had taken his boxers off. He pushed me back down onto the sofa.

Within seconds I had two cocks right in front of my face. I reached up and put a hand around each, stroking them both slowly but gripping them firmly, as if to make sure they didn’t escape! I lent forward and took John in my mouth, sucking gently while playing with the tip of his cock with my tongue. After a minute, I switched, sliding Dave’s gorgeous cock into my mouth. Was this real? Had I really got two cocks in my hands? I switched again to check, slipping John’s cock into my eager mouth. Yep! Two cocks. All mine.

I sucked them both for what seemed like hours, but was probably only 5 minutes. Both guys were producing lots of pre-cum which I was swallowing down. The heady smell filled my nostrils and the lubrication it offered made their cocks slip easily in and out of my mouth.

Dave pulled away and sat on the sofa next to me. He leaned in and kissed me and I heard a feint tearing sound as he did so. When he lent back I saw his cock was covered with a condom. John pulled me off the sofa and I felt Dave’s thick finger between my arse cheeks, spreading lube all around my hole.

‘Fuck! You were so right!’ said Dave. ‘That is a bloody awesome arse!’

John sniggered and turned me to face Dave who was holding the base of his cock so it stuck straight up in the air. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself down. I was used to this now and took it slowly. I got the tip of his cock easily past the outer ring then bounced up and down very slightly. On each downward bounce his cock pushed against my inner ring, loosening it. After doing this a few times I pushed down harder and his cock slipped past my inner ring. I slid down onto his cock very slowly, letting the pain subside. By the time my arse touched his hips, canlı kaçak iddaa the pain had gone and I wiggled my bum to make sure I was right on him. Dave moaned quietly and I felt him cup my arse cheeks with his massive hands. I started to ride his cock, nice and slowly so I could feel every inch of him. He was only a little bit bigger than John, but it felt huge!

‘Fuck me that is so tight!’ said Dave, moaning as I slid down the whole length of his cock. I raised myself back up again and tried to squeeze Dave’s cock with my ring. It worked! ‘Fucking hell!’ he said and kissed me passionately, groaning as I slid all the way down his length again, pushing myself into his body so I could get as much of him in me as possible. I was riding his cock, his big hands squeezing my arse cheeks each time I sank back onto him. I started to bounce faster when I felt a hand cup the back of my head.

‘You do remember I’m here don’t you?’ said John. I had had my eyes closed since sinking down onto Dave’s cock and, when I opened them, found John’s cock in front of my lips. He was standing behind the sofa, to one side of Dave. I took him in my mouth and started sucking on him greedily. Dave stopped me bouncing, held me firmly on the tip of his cock, then started fucking me, sliding his cock in and out of me slowly. Dave’s fingertips were digging into my bum cheeks as he gripped me tightly, holding me still as he went to work on my asshole. John held my head and did the same with my mouth, fucking it slowly. I was in heaven.

They fucked me like this for a while, gradually building the speed up. Soon I was being pummelled from both ends, whimpering in ecstasy. I heard John say something and they both slowed and stopped. Dave pushed me off his lap.

‘All fours, on the sofa,’ he said. I obeyed his command and laid my head on one arm of the sofa, with my arse in the air. Dave got between my legs and I felt his rock hard cock slide into me. A second later, John’s hand was under my chin, pulling my head up to where his cock was waiting. I put my elbows on the arm of the sofa so I could raise myself up high enough to take John’s cock. Dave was fucking me in long slow strokes while I greedily sucked the pre-cum out of John’s cock. The pace built and John was soon holding my head still while he fucked my mouth. John knew I didn’t like it too deep so was careful not to thrust too hard, but once or twice I gagged a little. Each time John laughed and simply said ‘oops!’ There I was, impaled on two cocks. As Dave thrust in, so did John. It certainly was a spit roast!

Dave’s hands were gripping my hips firmly now as he fucked me hard. I was going to have bruises where his fingers were digging into me, but I loved the feel of him gripping me, pulling me back against his thrusts to get as deep inside me as possible. My jaw was hurting a little bit from the mouth fucking I was getting, but as soon as I thought that, I felt the now familiar tingle in my body. I groaned and whimpered on John’s cock as the orgasm swept over me. I had no way of controlling it, my whole body tingling. Dave reached around and started stroking my cock. Within seconds I was squirting spunk all over John’s sofa, my body and legs shaking as the waves of intense pleasure swept over me. This obviously pushed John over the edge as he moaned loudly and I felt his cock swell. He stopped thrusting and held his cock motionless in my mouth, my lips sealed around the base of his glans. His cock pulsated and a big squirt of cum shot into my mouth. John moaned again and managed a stuttering ‘ffffuuu cckkk!’ I took him a little deeper and took the next squirt across my greedy tongue. Dave had seen John was cumming and had slowed his pace considerably, letting me concentrate on the throbbing cock in my mouth. John’s cock pulsed again and another canlı kaçak bahis stream of spunk coated my tongue. My mouth was full and I had to swallow, making the same loud gulping noise I had the first time I swallowed John’s spunk.

‘Fuck!’ said Dave. ‘Listen to him swallowing it!’

I moaned in pleasure as John’s cock throbbed again and another load of spunk filled my mouth. ‘Soooo fucking gooooood’ said John, pushing a little further forward, his cock tilting upwards in my mouth as he did so. The next shot bounced off the roof of my mouth and hit my throat, forcing me to swallow again. His orgasm began to subside and I sucked the last few drops of spunk out of him. As I did so, Dave started fucking me again with slow, deep thrusts, but he lasted only a minute or two.

‘Fuck!’ Said Dave. ‘I can’t hold it any longer!’

His cock slipped from my ass and he moved to my face, pulling the condom off as he did so. John’s quickly softening cock slipped from my mouth as he moved to one side, looking down at my face so he could witness what was going to happen next.

‘I wanna watch my spunk hit your tongue’ Dave said, stroking his cock right in front of my face, his big balls hanging low down and swaying like a pendulum as he played with his cock.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, some of John’s spunk still visible on it, (I had kept it to give Dave some encouragement). Dave saw my coated tongue and groaned. His hand stopped moving, and he gripped the back of my head, his cock right above my tongue. I saw his balls rise up towards his body, his nutsack visibly tightening.

The first bit of spunk dribbled out the end of his cock and landed on my tongue as a single small drop, then another did the same. I was quite disappointed at the meagre amount he produced, but as that thought hit me, Dave groaned louder. A massive stream of spunk shot from his cock, hitting the back of my mouth and coating my tongue. It was think and creamy, salty but not at all bitter, more sweet tasting than anything. I heard John say ‘Fuck me Dave! How much spunk??’ Dave grunted again and another huge squirt shot from his cock, spraying my mouth. There was on hell of a lot of it and I involuntarily swallowed. As I did so, the next blast splattered against my closed lips. Dave pushed his hips forward and slid his cock head into my mouth to stop me closing it again. I felt it pulsing as he deposited two more huge squirts onto my tongue. I gulped it down and sucked his cock as his orgasm subsided and the last drops of spunk dripped from it onto my eager tongue. Just when I thought he was finished, he grunted again, let out a long sigh, and another massive squirt of spunk filled my mouth. I felt him relax as one last dribble of spunk flowed into my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw that some of the spunk that landed on my lips had coated his shaft, little beads of glistening creamy white spunk dotted here and there, so I took his cock out of my mouth and licked him clean.

‘Fuck,’ said John, who was watching me take Dave’s spunk. ‘Still shoot a big load I see!.’

Dave smiled, stroking his cock. ‘And he took the lot. Gulped it down like a champion! You were right,’ said Dave. ‘Cumwhore’ pushing his cock right to the back of my mouth and moaning quietly. He pulled back and it slipped from my mouth.

I giggled and licked my lips. Dave helped me get the last drops of spunk off my face with his cock. I sucked it into my mouth, now only semi-hard, and cleaned him one last time.

I sat back on the sofa, right in the puddle of my own spunk. John laughed as I pulled a face and threw a box of tissues at me. I cleaned myself up.

‘What’s for dinner? I’m starving!’ I said, now a lot less sticky.

John and Dave looked at each other and smiled.

‘Protein shake. It’ll be ready to be served in about half an hour’ said John.

‘Fuck! Sounds divine,’ I said. ‘Can’t wait…’

(This is a fictional story about my fantasies that have yet to be fulfilled! You can probably tell I want a lot of spunk in my mouth…)



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