I must have checked the ICQ a dozen times, I was so anxious to chat with her.

There it was, blinking at me, a message.

“Hi, sorry I haven’t been able to catch you but it was your fault. Hubby was home early when I got home the other day, I was so wet, and I’m sure he would have detected a scent so I had to do something quick so he would not be suspicious, luckily Rosie , my very close friend and neighbor was in her front yard. I rolled down the window as I pulled up in front of her house, she saw me and came to the car, I motioned her to go around and get in, she did and I pulled away. My God, she said, what have you been doing? I can smell the scent of sex!… so I told her.”

She went on…

Rosie went wild, she wanted to know everything and by the time I got done telling her we were both on fire. It was so exotic telling Rosie what we had done.

We parked in the roadside park a couple miles from home, the excitement was too much to contain and I was already worked up. She asked to see the toy I took along, when I got it out she said “do you mind?”, I said No, so she pulled her shorts and panties down and inserted it in her pussy. She tilted her head back and started a slow masturbation using her thumb at the top of the dildo when she had it all the way in. I watched and was getting turned on all over illegal bahis again, Rosie was going to cum, her eyes were glazed and she was just smiling at me.

I couldn’t restrain myself watching this, so I laid across the seat and said “do YOU mind” and started to lick the top of her mound, with that she said “not at all” and took her other hand and pushed my face further into her. My hand went around her leg as she scooted forward. I found her asshole, it was soaked from her excitement so when my finger touched it she moved forward a little more, I slipped my finger in her asshole. Rosie was now moaning and churning on my hand and on the dildo. I kept licking the top of her pussy, which was now swollen, with the tip of her clit sticking out and hard.

She came, wave after wave went through her, so long that I wondered if I would ever get a turn.

My turn wasn’t far behind, as soon as she settled down she said “lay down on the seat and put one of your legs on top of the seat back” I want to suck your cunt”. She dove into me, I thought you had drained me of any possible cum, but I was wrong. Thinking about you and letting her suck me was glorious. It didn’t take very long and I started to pant and cum. I flooded her face and she licked every drop clean. “You know” she said, the only thing better would have been his cum illegal bahis siteleri in your pussy, I’d love to suck his cum out of you”, “let me think about that” I told her.

We started the drive back to her house and devised a plan to disguise the reason for our sex scent. I pulled in to her driveway and we slipped in to her house. Her hubby was still at work so we went to her patio pool, stripped naked (we do this all the time) and laid out on the lounge chairs. We started to talk and we put some Jazz on the radio. My Hubby heard it and looked over the hedge between our houses. He was surprised to see me there but quickly covered his look and said ” honey I’m home, do you and Rosie want some company?” The plan worked to perfection “Sure” I said. Since we have always been very open with Rosie and Bill, our nude sunbathing was no big surprise, just a turn on… It worked.

He brought a beer with him and it was obvious that he had had a couple already. “WooooHooo, you two look sexy” He never mentioned the scent that must have told him that something had gone on between Rosie and me. Instead he removed his shorts exposing a half-erect cock, and laid down on another lounge. “You guys been out here all day?” he asked. We both giggled and I said “no not really”. He got what he thought was the message and answer. Our plan canlı bahis siteleri was complete. I looked over at Rosie, she looked at me and winked. He didn’t ask any more questions, we laid there for about half an hour making small talk filled with innuendo, then Roy returned home.

When I finally went home I was still sooo turned on from you and Rosie that I really needed to be fucked for real. He sensed something was going on, probably suspected that Rosie and I had had some kind of sex conversation that left me excited. He never asked, he just lay across the bed, and when he did that, I kneeled between his legs and started sucking his cock. In a minute he was rock hard, and I didn’t want any more foreplay so I scooted up his chest, impaled myself on his cock and fucked him silly. He never said a word, and went to sleep right afterwards, so our secret is secure.

Darling, that was why I didn’t get back to you right away. There is more to the story and I sure want to share that with you to, but right now I want to talk about us. When can we get together again?… I was trembling.

I was so turned on reading all of this and wondering what else happened. In my mind I could see her pussy, wet and swollen and wondered what it would be like to watch her being eaten by Rosie, I wondered what Rosie looked like, and I wondered if she liked having a finger fuck in her asshole. I also wanted to watch her get fucked by a real cock, not just her dildo. I had my cock out already and I was stroking the head faster and faster. I CAME.. I wanted more, there had to be a way…



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