Here is my first attempt at fifteen fifty word stories. Fun!

Must be 18 or older to read and enjoy… if you’re not then bugger off!



The blindfold keeps the secrets of the hands caressing my body. Two, maybe three, different people are exploring every part of me. My heart pounds and my body throbs as my sex is exposed. The wetness is proof that I’m ready. A tongue eventually makes me shudder and I explode.


“You lost.”

“Uh uh.”

“Come again?”

“Well, if I won the bet I get to do anything I want to you. Since you won, then the same goes for you. Either way, I’m promised to have multiple orgasms tonight so either way I’m good.” She smiles and reaches for me.


His sweet kisses always wake up a deep hunger in me. It has been getting harder and harder to calm these desires but after tonight I won’t have to worry anymore. I’m finally giving him what we both want. I can tell that he knows… he’s harder than ever before.


I don’t know why they didn’t believe me. I told them I would do şişli grup yapan escort anything to be in their sorority. I guess they didn’t understand at first but they do now. I can’t believe I satisfied eight girls tonight but by the looks of it, I am really that good.


His big dick was too much for my tight snatch. This was the third time he stuffed his hard dick in me tonight and he still didn’t care about my screams from the pain. I can’t wait for this nightmare to end. I’m never walking home alone again, I promise.


I didn’t know the extra credit he was referring to had anything to do with me sitting impaled on his hard dick as he mauled my breasts. His spit was everywhere. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do in order to keep her GPA high.


I’m shocked to see her sitting there, naked, with a strap-on. My jaw dropped but she only smiles. She summons me and I drop to my knees moving towards her, crawling. With her hands on my neck she guides me closer and ‘her penis’ touches my lips. şişli masöz escort My mouth waters.



That was all he needed before he used one hand to push my head down and the other to pull my ass up, towards him. I inhaled when I felt his dick at my entrance and felt all of the air rush out of me as he filled me.


Our bodies are crushed together as our tongues play. She sucks mine and I moan. Her hands caress my nipples as I grab her ass and press her closer to me. We are grinding to the music. We are no longer dancing, but basically having sex, on the dance floor.


Her limp body lay across the bed, exhausted from the strenuous work of an all-night sex session. Without opening her eyes, she crawls slowly toward my body and opens her mouth, taking my dick into her mouth, cleaning me. Afterwards, her head rests on my thigh as she sucks, lightly.


I pulled him to my chest as my legs wrapped around his hips. The rain plastered my shirt to my swollen breast and his mouth şişli otele gelen escort found my distended nipple. When his mouth suckled my breast my head fell back against the wall and I pushed my hips forward, for him.






She turned around just in time for my shirt to land on her head. She pulled it off to see me naked, fully aroused, and waiting for her next move. Her hands immediately moved to her waist, with skirt raised she pulled her panties down, slowly.


“You’re under arrest.”

“What? Why am I under arrest?”

“Indecent exposure, ma’am.”

“How did you come up with that?”

“Well, I know that if your skirt is so short I can do this…” His hand caresses my thigh, lightly brushing my panties, “…then its way too short.”

“Yes, Mr. Officer.”


I turned to leave. She grabbed my arm and pushed me to her bed. My gasp excited her. She lay on my body, grinding her hips. Her fingers entangled mine as her moisture seeped between my legs. The breath on my neck broke my will and I sighed “Yes please.”


His right thumb softly rubbed my ravished bottom lip as his breath caressed my right earlobe. I gasped as his promise to make me his coincided with his left hand grabbing my right thigh, pulling my hips close to his engorged member. His scorching heat melted my will to fight.



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