Fernando’s First TimeWhy does it seem that so many good looking men are married or living with ugly women? Maybe its just me, but it seems that wherever I go, I see these hot looking dudes chained to women who aren’t very hot and don’t seem to realize that the man they are with is fucking awesome. My roommate’s nephew is a good example. His name is Nando, short for Fernando and he’s spent a few nights on the sofa at our house. He’s Hispanic, 28 years old, about 5′ 10″ tall, beefy, solid, muscular build at maybe 240 pounds with the most handsome masculine yet beautiful face. He keeps his hair buzzed and has a faint mustache and goatee. His deep-set, dark brown eyes could melt you with a look. When he laughs and smiles his face lights up warmly showing off a nice set of pearly whites. Nando wouldn’t be a GQ type, but for my taste, he is damn near perfect. He’s a uniform wearing, blue collar, hard working masculine man. After work, my roommate, Nando and his “buds” hang out at the warehouse of where they all work, “kicking back”, drinking Bud Light and occasionally lighting up a “smoke” now and then. Nando has had these on-again, off-again relationships with several women who just don’t measure up to his natural good looks. Don’t ask me why he goes for them, maybe it’s the “machismo” thing, the pressure from family, or just easy sex for him. In any case, he’s now got three k**s by three different women and he’s back living with his mom and dad. I had been thinking of a way to show him how to get off without getting c***d support as part of the bargain. After a Friday night of drinking and smoking he and my roommate came home about 8:30 to grill some burgers and watch movies on our big screen. After showering, cooking and eating, my roommate crashed and went off to bed, leaving Nando and I watching some horror DVD. Nando and I shared another smoke and a few more beers and he was pretty chilled. He was talking and complaining about all his problems with his different women, going on and on about this and that and it was starting to bug the shit out of me. Finally, I guess the beer, the smoke, and his bullshit got the better of me and I flat out said to him, “If you were more careful about where you stuck your dick, you wouldn’t have these problems.” He shot back at me, “What the fuck does that mean?” I told him, “Look, Nando, I know you get horny and all that, but damn, every time you fuck a girl she gets pregnant.” He said, “Yeah, I know, but what am I supposed to do?” I took the chance and said, “Have you ever heard of an Adult Video Store?” He said, “Sure, I go to them to buy rolling papers and shit.” I asked him if he had ever wandered into the arcade. He wasn’t sure what that was and so I explained how it all works to him. I was thinking to myself, “There’s no way he can’t know this,” but maybe he truly didn’t. I went on to tell him how men go there to have sex with other guys, no strings attached, quick, easy and no complications, if you play safe. He asked me what I meant by playing safe and I explained the whole use of condoms thing to him. I had to laugh when he told me he didn’t like condoms because it was kind of a “no-brainer” since he already had three k**s with three different women. So he gets quiet for a while and I can tell he’s thinking about this a lot. Then he asks me if all the guys who go in there are gay or what? I told him that a lot of married and “straight” men go there looking to play around or get bahis siteleri head without all the bullshit. He said, “No fucking way!!” I replied, “Sure, I ‘ve been several times myself and had some great blow jobs from guys in there.” Now he gets really quiet and I can tell he’s trying to think this all through. I’m looking over at his white boxers against his dark, hairy thick thighs and I think I see some reaction to our little talk. Then, Nando says to me, “Hey Steve, put in one of your porn movies.” I asked him, “How do you know I have porn movies?” He said that he had looked through my DVD’s once before when he stayed over. I thought to myself, he must have looked hard to find them, I keep them pretty well hidden and then I thought about the gay videos mixed with them in the same box. I said, “What do you want to watch?” He said back, I don’t give a fuck one way or the other.” So I took the risk and put in a “BI” movie. Now, this is a really hot, four hour movie from South America with good looking, masculine men, some She-Males, and some women; all having a great time in many differing scenes. While we’re watching, I’m looking at Nando’s boxers which are starting to get pretty full. I’ve never had a chance to even see his dick before. It’s been my experience that Latinos are pretty modest and guarded about letting another man see them naked unless there is a reason. His boxers are tenting up pretty nice and I said to him, “Nando, it looks like you’ve got a tree growing over there.” He laughed at me and said, “Shit, Steve, I can’t help it if I have a big dick.” I said, “Just how big is that thing.” He said, “About 9 inches, when it gets hard.” I damn near had a heart attack but teased him and said, “No fucking way!” Then he says, “Come over here and see if you don’t believe me.” That was it. I knew then and there that tonight I was going to chow down on that big palote he was packing. I moved the coffee table away from the sofa and got on my knees beside him. He was lying down with one leg stretched out in front and one leg bent. His dick was trying hard to get out of those boxers and I reached over and pulled them down. At first he just laid there, then he lifted himself up slightly to allow the shorts to come down. When that cock came into view it literally took my breath away. It was truly one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. At least nine inches long, uncut, dark brown, veiny and thick. It smelled nice and manly, with a full day of sweat and the heat of the moment radiating from it. His balls were equally admirable being the size of large eggs contained in a large, loose, dark brown hairy bag. Nando saw my reaction and said, “I told you it was big. Some girls can’t even get the head in their mouths.” I reached out with one hand and started to stroke it, slowly pulling the skin back, revealing the dark, wet and slimy pink head. His piss slit alone was almost a half an inch long. I started licking and kissing on his dick and he closed his eyes and laid his head back on the sofa and saying, “Fuck, I needed this.” I had to get more of that big fucker in my mouth and from this angle it wasn’t going to work. I made Nando stand up and his boxers fell to the floor. He stepped out of them and I reached up to rub his furry bear belly. He was so fucking hot. He had no idea that he could easily be a centerfold in any “bear” magazine. His legs were strong and thick and lightly covered in black curly hair. I reached canlı bahis around and felt of his nice chunky ass, equally hairy and thick. He pushed my hand away from his ass. I thought to myself, “Not for long, buddy.” On my knees in front of him, I could swallow about half of that big fucker and I wanted more. I sat down on the sofa and asked him to stand up on the cushions straddling my legs. He could brace himself on the wall and fuck my mouth this way and get it all the way in. I reached for some poppers and took a good long hit, then a couple of deep breaths and swallowed his cock down, working it in, bit by bit until I could feel him hitting the back of my throat and my nose in his musky pubes. This was driving him crazy and he yelled out, “Fuck, no one has swallowed my whole dick, ever!!” Nando grabbed my head with one hand and started to fuck my face, pushing his thick rod even deeper into my mouth. I loved it and was squeezing his cock head with my throat making him even hotter. He asked me what the poppers were and I said, “Here, take a deep whiff of these; inhale the fumes through your nose.” He said, “What do they do?” I just said, ”They make it more intense.” His only response was, “Fuck yeah.” I took a sip of beer and went back to work on his cock, sucking and licking it, tonguing his foreskin and piss slit over and over. Then I pulled his dick up and went to work on his balls, licking them, beside them, around them, and under them. He was moaning and groaning and just saying, “Oh yeah, fuck, yeah!” I worked my tongue as far under his balls as I could reach from the front, determined to bury my face in his hairy Latino ass. I was hell bent to show this macho stud just how good sex with another man can be. I was willing to bet that no one had ever tongued out his hole before. I asked him to turn around and he said, “What for?” I just said, “Trust me, if you don’t like it, I’ll stop.” So with a little difficulty he turned around while I was taking another good hit on the poppers and then I looked up to face this hot ass, I had been fantasizing about for months. I had my cock out and was jacking off as I started rubbing my beard all over his ass, occasionally stopping to stick my tongue in between his cheeks. Nando, turned and said, “Are you fucking going to eat my ass?” I just said, “Yeah, if you’ll let me.” He grabbed the bottle of poppers from me and took a hit, then reached with both hands, spreading his ass open for me. I almost fucking shot right then looking at his pink hole against that hot, hairy dark brown, crack of his. Then I just dove in and starting to lick the hell out of him. He was moaning loudly and saying things like, “Fuck yeah, eat my ass, Stevie; stick your tongue in there deep.” I took that to heart and drove my tongue as deep in his ass as I could get, spreading those meaty cheeks as far apart as I could. He pushed back against my face and rubbed up and down with his ass on my nose and tongue. I was stroking his dick now and he was groaning and moaning loudly. By now he is almost sitting on my face, with his full weight against me. I’m feeling like I died and went to heaven eating his hairy ass and stroking his huge cock. My own dick is leaking and I was surprised to feel his hand reach down and start jacking me off. I couldn’t believe it. He was bending down to grab me and when he did, I pulled his dick back towards my mouth, between his thighs and started licking the skin and head güvenilir bahis again. He turned around and said, “Take my dick man, you’re making me so fucking hot I’m gonna shoot.” Once again I swallowed his cock, squeezing it deep in my throat as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I’m a big, strong bear of a man but his thrusting was hard and merciless. He was in his own zone as he fucked my mouth, yelling out loud as he did, “Take my fucking dick. You want this big dick; take it bitch.” I knew he was getting close so I shoved a finger deep into his ass and he yelled again, “Fuck you, dammit,” and grabbed my head forcing his cock all the way down as it started to throb and shoot. His cock pulsated in my throat, emptying his balls of the day’s buildup of cum. I was determined to taste this cream and I pushed him back out some, to catch some of his cum in my mouth. When I did, he pulled out and started beating his meat, slapping me in the face with it as he did. He got hot Latino cream all over my beard, stache and face, then rubbed his dick around in it. I still had my finger in his ass and was feeling his ass real good when suddenly he started to moan louder and shoved his cock in my mouth and shot again. This time I caught the load in my mouth and savored every drop of it. I pulled my finger out of his ass and got him to turn around again so I could eat his ass while I beat off. He surprised the shit out of me when after about 4 or 5 minutes of tongue fucking he climbed down off the sofa and sat right on my dick, taking it all the way in one stroke. He yelled out, “Oh fuck, that feels good.” I went fucking crazy and started to kiss the back of his neck and reached around grabbing his furry chest and nipples as he rode my dick. He said, “I want you to fuck me hard, Stevie.” I took Fernando into the guest room and got him on the bed on his knees with his face down. I slipped on a condom and while stroking my hard dick I licked his ass again and spit all over it, then, rubbing my dick against his hot hole, I slipped inside of him and fucked him. He crawled forward on the bed allowing me to put his thighs together and climb on his back. Now I could kiss his neck, ears and back while I pumped my dick in his virgin ass. He was moaning out loud, saying, “Oh yeah, fuck me good…. yeah, let me feel it in me… give it to me.” I was ready to cum quickly and said to him, “Nando, I’m going to fill your ass with my cum, boy.” He said, “Yeah, give it to me.” So I pumped it deep inside him and let it fly. I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel him squeezing my cock with his ass as I shot. After I came he turned over to reveal a raging hard dick again and a big grin on his face. He just looked at me with those brown eyes and I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his handsome face to mine, kissing him all over until I got my mouth and his connected and felt his tongue returning my own thrusts into his mouth. He shot off between our two husky, hairy bodies while we were kissing, without even touching his cock. I hugged him real tight and kissed him long and deep until his breathing slowed down and he relaxed. Afterward, we lay there facing each other and he looked at me and said, “I never had sex like that before! I came three times!!” I said, “Yeah, I know, and nobody got pregnant.” He punched me and laughed saying, “Okay smart ass, you made your point. Even my ass feels that you made your point.” I told him that he could come over anytime he wanted and have more. We slept together that night and I woke up feeling his dick rubbing against my ass as he kissed the back of my neck. I thought to myself, “Oh shit, this is going to hurt.” Copyright © 2006, BigSteveTx.



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