Sadomasochist pyromaniac with a rage disorder and slightly homicidal tendencies. Felice was legally insane when she didn’t take her medication, which she usually just substituted a joint for. So of course I wanted her so bad I could taste it. When she was younger Felice was about 5’4, with ear length black hair, black eyes, a flattened nose that always made her look like a cat, barely any breasts to speak of, and an ass that got me slapped just for trying to sneak a grope when I first met her when I was 16.

6 years later I was standing in front of Gate 36, trying to stay awake as her plane finally landed at 2:32 in the damn morning, an hour and a half late. I watched her plane come down and land, and start rolling towards the airport. I though about how amazingly paranoid a crazy person can get, especially when they’ve been smoking pot nearly every day for the past 10 years. Three gang members tried to rape Felice when she was 17, and it just happened on that night she hadn’t taken her pills in over a month and was carrying a very large gun in her oversized cargo-pants pocket. The police found the bodies, bullet riddled, chopped up, and burnt to a juicy pile of smoldering flesh the next morning. By that time though, Felice was already halfway to Virginia to live with one of my cousins til she was satisfied the cops weren’t looking for her.

It took her six years to accept the cops were glad three gang members wanted for rape, murder, drug dealing, armed robbery, and grand theft auto were dead. I didn’t mind waiting, it’s not like I remained celibate the whole she was pangaltı escort gone. I didn’t bother watching the faces coming through the gate, I just knew to look for a girl dressed entirely in black. I didn’t look for long. Felice was there, in a tight black nylon shirt stretched over her now B-cup tits and what I knew was a 6-pack under them. Her pants were same pair of 45-in leg cargo pants she was wearing the last time I saw her in person. Same eyes, same nose, and her hair was shoulder length with a red strip down one side of her face and all around the ends. She was a good bit taller now, which suited me fine, it always aggravated me as a teenager that I nearly had to pick up the girls I went out with for a kiss.

“Felice?” I asked her.

She looked up at me with those spooky ass black eyes, “Jeremy. Nice to see you finally got a haircut.” she smiled. I nodded and scratched the back of my head, now free of the hair that once hung down my back “Let’s get outta here, go see some old friends.” She agreed but said she had to use the bathroom first. A few seconds after she went in, a woman came out and Felice stuck her head out of the door “Hey, come in here for a minute, I gotta show you something.” she whispered at me. I looked around a for any sign of security that might notice a 6’5 guy dressed in black and blood red trying to sneak into the women’s restroom, and then followed Felice inside.

The women’s bathroom looked a lot like the men’s, only no urinals and it smelled better. “So what is it I’m supposed to see?” I asked. pendik escort Felice locked the door and walked over to me. She reached up and pulled my head down and kissed me, snaking her tongue between my lips and into my mouth. I was already excited about seeing her, and the kiss didn’t help the erection straining under my pants. I traced down her sides with my hands and grabbed her ass, one check in each hand, and returned the kiss with my own tongue. She moaned into the kiss as I dropped my hands a little further, and picked her up by the underside of her asschecks, and her legs wrapped around my waist.

I walked backwards as best I could, now standing up straight and still locking lips and tongues with Felice, into a toilet stall. She stood up off of me, and began taking her belt loose. I got the picture and I got my pants to my ankles just as she did. “I’m not taking off my boots, we’ll havta do this backwards.” she told me.

“Backwards is fine baby, as long as it’s you.” I told her and motioned for her to come closer. She turned around and shimmied her cute ass backwards, then started to lower her body onto my lap. I held my dick in one hand and guided her hips with the other, aiming to slide all the way into her pussy as she sat on me.

Just as the head of my cock grazed her sweet lips, she twitched and moved away. “Uh-huh, Jeremy, Remember what I told you on the phone, you can’t fuck me til you get me home.” then she put her ass cheeks against my chest and lowered her body down, holding her legs open so that my cock went in front rus escort of her pussy, rubbing against her mound and going between her thighs. When she was situated, Felice began rocking back and forth, making her pussy stroke back and forth at the base of my dick, and causing a feeling a lot like a titfuck between her thighs. She leaned back and craned her neck to kiss me. “Just like old times, right baby?” she asked me.

I moved hand around her body and pulled her shirt up, squeezing her pert little right tit, and teasing her nipple. “Almost” I told her and moved my other hand down her back and slipped two of my fingers into her sopping pussy. She gasped quietly and started to buck her hips faster, making her legs clinch tighter and massage my dick harder. “Now it’s like old times.” I told her and shoved a third finger between her already stretched lips.

Felice moaned and crossed her ankles, making her thigh’s vice grip on my shaft even tighter and started to bounce on my fingers. She leaned forward a little, and let a long stream of saliva drip onto my dickhead. It wasn’t long after that she whispered to me she was going to cum. Felice shuddered first, then moaned and I felt the juices rush out onto my hand and lap. I gently bit on the back her neck and the juices flooded out faster.

My cock twitched as her smell reached me, and then it burst and cum splashed all over her stomach and dripped down to her hips and between her legs. Felice leaned against me, her finger gently trailed a pattern in the puddle of cum on her body. “God, I remember why I love you so much now.” She told me just before I pulled my fingers from her cunt, electing another moan from her.

We dressed quickly, not bothering to clean each others juices off, except Felice licked my fingers clean before I had a chance too. “You’ll find out with it tastes like later.”



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