Jenny & Pru had returned from the end of term dance much earlier than anyone would have supposed, especially given Jenny’s reputation as a party girl. But they had a very specific reason for cutting out and sneaking back to the school while most of their classmates and teachers would be fully occupied in the gym for the next few hours!

When they knocked at the office door John Watson immediately called for them to enter, he had been expecting them. Their headmaster leant back in his chair, tapping his fingers absentmindedly on his desk and smiling as he watched his girls approach.

As he had come to expect, Jenny strode right up to his desk, her blue eyes full of mischief, a provocative smile on her face. The ‘little black dress’ she was squeezed into displayed her high breasts and long legs to greatest effect and contrasted perfectly with her lightly tanned skin and the shoulder length pale blonde hair brushed back from her pretty face. John grinned as she winked at him impishly. His attention turned to Pru as she closed the office door quietly and moved to stand next to her friend. Her manner reserved and hesitant and with the usual slightly embarrassed smile just playing around her lips as she held John’s gaze for several seconds and batted her lashes at him in greeting. Pru was also dressed up for the dance but, in keeping with her personality, the effect was far less ‘obvious’ than her friend’s. Her long thick honey blonde hair was piled up on her head in an elegant bun and the blue linen summer dress fit snugly around her soft round body in a most appealing manner, while still appearing simple and sweet.

John sighed appreciatively. “Well don’t you two look lovely this evening. Have you been enjoying the dance? Should I apologise for dragging you away from all those fine young men from St Stephens you were flirting with?”

Jenny chuckled. “Oh it was alright, but those boys are a little young for us Sir. Actually we mostly danced with each other.” She looked meaningfully at Pru who giggled. ” I think we were both quite happy to have an excuse to escape. It was getting very hot in there anyway.” And so saying she took the hem of her dress in both hands and began to fan it up and down. To the casual observer it might pass as just a gesture to get some air circulating but John knew she was just finding an excuse to flash her lovely thighs at him by way of invitation. Like he needed any invitation!

Jenny’s lips quirked up in a sly smile. John could tell there would be very little preamble to events this evening. “In fact,” Jenny continued, ” I’m still very warm and I think we’d both be more comfortable and relaxed if we got out of these tight dresses.” And with that she turned her back towards Pru and said, ” Unzip me hun, I’m sure Sir wont mind”. Pru looked shyly at John and waited until he nodded before reaching for the zipper and pulling it down. He loved how she maintained that air of deference and innocence about her. The ‘Good Girl’ who still blushed so easily and had to be coaxed or ordered to be ‘bad’, even though they all knew she would be a very willing participant in what was about to happen here.

Pru helped Jenny peel the dress off and, typically, picked it off the floor and folded it over a chair back before allowing Jenny to help her out of her own dress. Within moments they stood in front of his desk in their undies. Jenny wearing small black panties and a simple bra, Pru in her usual white panties and tight camisole top. Jenny of course posed for him with her hands on her hips, tossing her hair back from her shoulders and pushing her breasts out as she pouted dramatically. Pru watched her friend strike various exaggerated ‘glamour’ poses and smiled softly while standing demurely with her hands linked loosely behind her back. John wondered if it was as much as pose as Jenny’s because Pru must know that her breasts were straining against the tight top and the way she rested with her weight thrown onto her left hip showed her legs off very nicely. Well conscious or not, it didn’t matter, they both looked delicious!

“So you danced with each other did you? I would have liked to have seen that.” John commented. Jenny laughed knowingly. “Oh really? Well we can easily show you”, and immediately she moved to take Pru in her arms. Pru casino siteleri responded by wrapping her arms around Jenny’s neck and the two girls were soon moving rhythmically against each other in a tight embrace.

Oh how he adored these two! They made it so easy. They knew just how to pick up a cue! He knew his little vixen Jenny would lead and shy sweet Pru would follow. And all he had to do was watch and enjoy, until he felt the urge to join in.

After a moment the girls pulled a little apart and looked tenderly into each other faces. They were close these two, friends and lovers who neither wanted nor needed other close friends. Or, more importantly from John’s point of view, any other lovers! Except for their headmaster. They had both made it clear they wanted him, that they took great pleasure in these episodes. John knew they were attracted to his authority and experience, and the confidence and just plain ‘forbidden’ excitement that he, an attractive older man, an authority figure in their lives, a man who should be unobtainable, could bring to these encounters. He knew exactly how many sins he was committing by indulging his lust for them, the number of laws he was breaking. Sometimes his professional ethics and conscious would prick him into a half hearted vow to stop seeing them… but then he would spy one or both of them around the grounds of the school or sitting next to each other chattering about nothing during lunch in the Great Hall and he knew he would never keep that vow. He was hopelessly hooked on the pleasure they gave him. The uninhibited sexual freedom he enjoyed with his girls afforded him a sense of fulfilment and confidence he had never experienced in any of the various romantic relationships of his adult life.

Occasionally he worried about the pleasure the young girls took in his dominance of them, concerned as to what extent they would be submissive in other circumstances, with other less consciousencious and perhaps abusive men. He knew they were both intellectually and emotionally mature beyond their years (and he freely admitted to himself he needed to believe that so strongly in order to justify his relationship with them). As a consequence of which he was sure they understood and trusted that he would never really hurt them, would never take anything they weren’t really willing to give. He quickly replayed some of his adventures with them and asked himself for the thousandth time if he was in fact abusing them. Obviously he knew that he was taking shameful advantage of his position… but God knows they made it so hard not to! Jenny was utterly unashamed about appearing in his office at odd hours and simply jumping on him! Pru was characteristically less forthright but she still found plenty of excuses to seek him out and would casually mention when the two girls who shared the dorm with herself and Jenny would be going home for the weekend. Oh no, they weren’t being forced! They loved it just as much as he did… in fact they loved it even more when he helped them pretend they didn’t!

But just occasionally he would get a pang of fear that they might one day get involved with men who didn’t understand that this sort of stuff was just role play, just sexual game playing. A reaction against years of being polite and civilized and a reversion to the more primal and animalistic aspects of sex, imitating the cave man who could beat his chest while howling at the moon because he was the Alpha male and could have any of the females he wanted as his right! Whether they liked it or not! But John knew there was a very clear line you did not cross, and he feared some men did not! John freely admitted that he exulted in the feelings of control the girls gave him, the feeling of owning them and being able to do anything he wanted with them. But he also recognised that mixed in with the sheer thrill and male pride of having these beautiful young women as his willing and eager fuck toys was a growing bond between them all. The affection and protective feelings they engendered in him would sometimes surprise him with their strength, and instead of distracting from his dominant fantasy fulfilment, they enhanced it. Although, he reflected as he refocused his attention of the sexy sight in front of him, right now all he was feeling was basic lust!

Their slot oyna hands resting on the small of each other’s backs, their breasts rubbing together gently, the girls danced for him. They knew what pleasure he took in the sight of them together. Jenny caught John’s eye briefly before turning back to Pru and kissing the younger girl softly on the lips. Pru responded by sliding her tongue slowly along Jenny’s lips to encourage her to open her mouth and dropping her hands to kneed Jenny’s bottom, puling the little panties aside as her fingers stroked the cheeks.

John’s cock was already twitching eagerly and he stroked it through his trousers as the girls kissed more deeply, touching each other a little more urgently. Jenny slid a hand under Pru’s cami and began squeezing her breasts. The nipples hardened and became visible under the tight cotton top, prompting Jenny to drop her head and take one in her mouth, sucking it softly through the fabric. Pru sighed happily and reached to pull the cami up, cupping her breasts in her hands and pushing them together so that Jenny could lick and suck on the hard pink buds more freely. After a moment or two Jenny straightened up and the girls kissed again, both turning their bodies towards John as, perfectly in sync, they each placed a hand on the others tummy and moved it gently downwards until their fingers were stroking softly over the crotch of each other’s panties. Back and forth, over and over, until John could see the darker patches on the material which indicated how wet both girls had become. His own fingers flexed with the desire to feel it for himself and his cock was straining painfully against his clothes. He quickly undid his flies and released it so he could wrap one hand around it and stroke as he watched them.

Both girls were moaning as they wriggled and pushed their hips forward to rub their pussys against each others probing fingers. John licked his lips in anticipation as Jenny slipped her hand under the elastic of Pru’s panties and he saw the outline of her fingers working their way between Pru’s slippery pussy lips. Pru spread her feet further apart and closed her eyes as she rocked back and forth, enjoying the slow stroking sensations start to build in her clit as Jenny’s fingers rubbed it gently.

John knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off them for much longer and he barked out. ” Both of you get over here now. Jenny get up on my desk and show me that hungry cunt of yours.”

Obediently the girls separated and Jenny moved to sit on the edge of John’s desk right in front of his chair. He smiled as he saw her eyes linger on his hard cock as he wanked it slowly. She faced him, her legs dangling over the edge and waited until he was looking at her before leaning back on her hands and slowly spreading her thighs so he had a delicious view of her wet panties clinging to her pussy. “Please fuck me Sir” She purred. John licked his lips again as his fingers slid up and down his throbbing cock. It was leaking precum and he could feel the ache in his balls building. But he wasn’t ready to end this yet. “Pru come here and give Jenny what she needs”. Pru smiled and moved to kneel down beside John’s chair, reaching up to run her hands along the inside of Jenny’s spread thighs. As john watched she leaned forward and softly kissed the wet cotton clinging to Jenny pussy lips. He saw her start to suck at the wet fabric, drinking down Jenny’s sweet juices that her fingers had helped to produce just a few minutes before. Within seconds both girls were moaning in pleasure as Pru rubbed her mouth back and forth and reached up to fondle Jenny’s tits, taking the hard nipples in her fingers and pinching them painfully as she pushed her whole face hard between Jenny legs, using her tongue to push the soaking cotton inside Jenny’s dripping cunt while the other girl groaned and wriggled.

Oh God they were so fucking sexy! His sexy dirty little girls! John stuck his free hand into Pru’s hair and pulled her head away while reaching to yank Jenny panties down to her knees with the other. His cock was aching painfully and he wanted to ram it into his gorgeous little girls… but not quite yet. He hissed at Pru angrily, “Lick her cunt you filthy little slut” before pushing Pru’s face back against Jenny’s pussy again. Pru canlı casino siteleri spluttered but did as she was told. Lapping along Jenny’s wet and slippery lips with her small pink tongue, wriggling it inside. Arching her neck and using her hands to hold Jenny’s thighs even further apart so she could get better access. John watched panting as Pru tongue fucked her friend, her nose and mouth and chin buried between Jenny’s wet pussy lips, her cheeks glistening with Jenny’s juices. ” Good girls! Oh you love it you sluts don’t you?! Love to eat each others cunts while I watch. I know you love to make me hard because that’s what you both really want isn’t it?! You’ll do anything to get my cock!”

John stood up and growled as he yanked Pru away from Jenny and, still holding her head roughly by the hair he kept her on her knees beside him as he slammed his cock into Jenny’s cunt and started thrusting hard and fast. Jenny cried out and lay back on his desk. Her back arched as her hands clutched at the sides for support and her tits shook as he fucked her roughly. Oh it felt good! That tight wet heat squeezing his cock as it pumped in and out. He gripped Pru’s hair harder and she wimpered but as he glanced down at her he saw her hand was inside her panties and she was finger fucking herself vigourously. ” Filthy little bitches in heat aren’t you? My bitches to use any way I want!” He was so close, so close. He pulled out of Jenny and grabbed her arm to drag her down onto the floor next to Pru. Then taking both of their heads by the hair he snarled. “Open your mouths, you’re going to get what you both lust after all the time. And you’re going to take it like the sluts you are.” Both girls moaned but immediately knelt up and opened their mouths. He saw they both had their hands inside their panties and were roughly finger fucking themselves as they stared hungrily at his cock.

John tightly gripped his girls by their hair and looked into their lust filled faces. He grinned down at them for a couple of seconds before roughly yanking Pru’s head back. Her mouth opened wider as she yelped in pain and he pushed his cock as deep into her mouth and down her throat as he could get. He felt her try to suck but she gagged almost immediately and he pulled out again, turning slightly to thrust the thick throbbing shaft down Jenny’s throat instead. Jenny had better control of her gag reflex and he managed three thrusts before she too started to fight for breath. He immediately pulled out and found Pru’s mouth open and waiting to receive him. She was ready for him this time and he thrust in and out a few times while she sucked and licked and moaned. Then he withdrew and tried Jenny’s eager mouth again. As he held his sluts by their hair and fucked their pretty faces one after the other John had to stop himself howling like an animal from the incredible feelings of power and pleasure he was experiencing.

The girls moaning and wriggling was becoming more urgent and John knew they were both on the edge of cumming from the fingers they were working so expertly in their cunts and on their clits. He pulled his cock free of their mouths and barked at them to look at him. They both raised their faces to his gaze, wet sticky faces full of lust. John wrapped his fingers around his engorged shaft and wanked rapidly over those upturned faces until he saw them both start to shudder from their own orgasms. The sight of them cumming tipped him over the edge and with a grunt of pleasure his cock exploded, spraying hot creamy cum all over their pretty faces. Spurt after spurt splashed into their mouths and over their chins and eyes as his balls emptied their load and the girls cried out in delight as their own orgasms peaked with the first taste of his hot musky cum.

As all their climaxes slowly faded away John staggered backwards and dropped into his chair trying to get his ragged breathing under control. The girls were sitting on the floor, leaning against each other and panting softly. As he watched they smiled at him and started licking his cum of each other faces, giggling and making exaggerated sounds of pleasure because they knew it pleased him that they liked to swallow his cum. Then they both shared a look and crawled across the floor to rest their heads on his knees. Pru leant forward and softly licked at his softening cock, lapping at it gently until it was clean while Jenny just looked up at him adoringly.

He chuckled, they really were such good girls! His good naughty little girls! Oh boy was he ever a lucky man!



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