Chapter Four Peek Aboo, I See You

“Oh, I love that story. I love it when you get really excited and just ram your cock into me really hard and just sort of take me.”

“Well I think you were sort of asking to be taken in that story.”

“Like I’m asking to be taken now. Let’s go to the washroom and you can fuck me hard and fast.”

“I love it when you talk dirty. But no, we are not going to the washroom here. Anyway, I have another story to tell you.”

“Oooooooo,” you say, pouting. “What’s this story about. Let me guess – I bet it’s one where I give you a blow job.”

“No, not exactly. There is some oral sex involved, but the point of this fantasy is about being watched as we make love.”

“Hey, I like that idea. Are we outside?”

“No, in a hotel room. But I have a question: If you were in a private space but you knew that unless you took precautions, like closing a blind or something, someone was very likely to see you, would you have sex?”

“You mean without closing the blind?”


“Well, not usually, no. But would I be tempted occasionally to pretend I’d forgotten to close the blinds? Hmmmm, possibly.”

“Just possibly?”

“Okay, you know I probably would.”

“That’s what I thought. That’s why I have this fantasy.”

“You mean, maybe this is really MY fantasy?”

“I’m thinking that’s likely, yes.”

“I think you’d better hurry up and tell me, sweetie.”


In the city hotel where we usually stay are several rooms on virtually every floor where the bed is shoved sideways up against the window. I don’t mind that, actually, since I like fresh air when I sleep.

These rooms look across an empty space – actually there’s a courtyard at ground level – at facing rooms about 100 feet away. At one end of the space between these two wings of rooms – sort of like the base of the letter “U” – is the elevator shaft with facing banks of four elevators each. There are windows by the elevators that look out onto the same empty space you can see from the rooms, which themselves are just around the corner from the elevators.

If the curtains on the windows of these rooms are open at night, anyone stepping off the elevator can look out a window near the elevator etiler otele gelen escort and see right into these rooms and in particular could easily watch anything that was happening on the bed.

Now you are certainly not a prude, but nor are you an exhibitionist, except perhaps around me when you often can’t wait to get naked. However, around most people, even with your full figure that millions of men would find an instant turn on, you tend to dress rather conservatively.

But something seems to happen whenever we stay in this hotel, which isn’t often. When we do though, we ask for one of these rooms and as a rule no sooner is the door closed than you are tearing your clothes off and sprawling, gorgeously in the altogether, on the bed in full view of whomever might be getting off the elevator.

The first time we discovered this design quirk it was the morning we were checking out. And although you had me lick you as you lay spread eagle on the bed it’s really not possible to see into the room in the daylight. The second time we were there it was pouring rain. Someone might have seen into the room as we sucked and fucked on the bed but the window was too steamy to let them see much.

Tonight, though, is different. The night is clear and warm. We’ve actually opened the window fully so the view of whatever happens will be virtually unimpeded. We turn down the lights to make ourselves a little less conspicuous but still reveal just about everything you’d see on a high quality porn movie.

“Do you think anyone will notice us?” you ask. I catch the excitement in your voice and make a guess that you hope so. We returned from dinner an hour ago and have just stepped out of a languid bath, during which I shaved your pussy bare and smooth – all the better to eat you, my dear, I’d promised.

“Well sweetie, if they’re there I’m pretty damn sure they’re going to notice.”

We pile onto the bed, still clad in our hotel supplied robes, and begin necking and petting, slowly getting ourselves worked up for a long and loving night of erotic sex. I open your robe and kiss down your chest to your breasts, licking and sucking and biting the nipples until they are bullet hard. You do the same etiler rus escort to me, only you keep going until your lips around wrapped around my cock.

Much as I love your cock sucking expertise – and I truly do and you truly have it – this is a night more for you than me. I pull you up and roll you over.

“Let’s take off our robes,” I say. “If someone is watching we want them to see everything.”

Now we’re both naked, you on your back propped up by two pillows and me between your legs kissing and licking my way up from your toes to your thighs and upward to your pussy – which is already glistening with the wet juices of your excitement.

Because you are halfways sitting up you can both keep an eye peeled for voyeurs near the elevator and also watch what I’m doing between your legs – which, judging by the steady rocking movement in your pelvic region is doing pretty well. From time to time over the next 10 minutes or so my efforts are even rewarded with a groan of pleasure and bit by bit I feel you pressing harder against my lips and tongue which are now more or less glued to your clit.

“Oh gawd, I think there’s someone watching us.”

The suddenness of your comment startles me. I raise my head to look but the elevator window appears empty.

“I’m not sure,” you say, “but I think someone was there. He just ducked away when you looked up.”

Well, fine I think. This show isn’t for me, it’s for you – and them, if they’re there. I resume my licking, which now appears to have your undivided attention. Your hand is on the back of my head pulling me harder against your clit and your rocking motion is more pronounced.

“Oh gawd, yes, right there, sweetie. Oh you’re going to make me cum like that. Oh gawd, oh gawd, I’m going to cum.”

And so you do, wonderfully and rather noisily, just the way I like to see you enjoy it..

Now here’s a fact. As you orgasm against my tongue you’ll try to squirm away from me. But if I stay with your writhing pussy and keep licking and I can usually coax a second and more powerful orgasm in about five minutes. And sometimes even a third.

So tonight I stay with you through the first orgasm, which from all vocal accounts seems a pretty good etiler türbanlı escort one. I feel you begin to calm down and your rocking pelvic motions slow down to a steady rythym. Bit by bit, though, as I continue to lick you, you build towards a second climax. And then . . .

“There is someone watching. I can see him clearly. . . .He’s watching us. . . .”

Without altering the steady thrum of my tongue on your engorged little clit I look up at you. Your eyes are glued on the elevator shaft window.

“Oh sweetie, gawd he’s looking right at us. . . .”

Whoever is watching you being tongued to another orgasm must know you know you’re being watched.

“Oh gawd he’s going to see me cum. . . . “

And lucky for him. He’s about to witness a beautiful woman at the absolute pinnacle of sexual pleasure.


I’ve licked you to orgasm dozens and dozens and dozens of times but never have I experienced the intensity of the orgasm you appear to have tonight. You scream and cry and shudder and shake and writhe all over the bed as I struggle to keep my tongue locked on your little clit.

And then with a final “Ohhhhhh gawwwwwd” you slump backwards, exhausted, satisfied, spent, happy.

I crawl up beside you.

“He saw us, you know. He saw me cum. Gawd, it was fantastic.”

“Do you suppose he’s still watching.”

“I don’t know, but I want you in me. I want you to fuck me.”

And oh boy do I want to fuck you. But our audience, if we still have one, hardly wants to see that happen. What they want is to see you fucking me. I roll you on top of me and my cock pushes easily into your wet pussy. You feel so warm and slippery.

From the elevator window this must be an incredibly beautiful sight – your red head back, your big bouncy breasts bobbing with each stroke, your round ass undulating over and around my cock as I grab the cheeks.

We fuck gently at first, savoring the moment we’ve just experienced for perhaps five minutes or more. But then I’m just too horny to last and I pick up the pace until I eject my gobs of cum deep inside you. Slowly you collapse on top of me.

I can see the elevator window from where I’m lying on the bed. No one is there. To bad. They missed a great show. But just then, in one of the rooms across the empty space from us, a light flicks on. A man is standing there. He waves at us and then the light goes off.

Turns out you’ve had a bigger audience than you knew. In the morning I start calling you Hollywood.



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