F amily holiday 3It had been ages since we had seen my wife’s family, not since our family holiday 6 months ago. Of course I had seen Kate, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend since but that is another story! The holiday had ended with me shooting my load into my mother-in-law’s pussy, whilst my wife who was riding my face agreed with her mum that next time she would get my load inside her. Since then my wife had chatted on the phone to her family every week, and I spoke to them occasionally, but from what I could gather my wife had quickly re-thought her feelings around the i****tuous threesome and as such I expected the next week to be a tense affair, even though it was Christmas.Both the wife and I had managed to get 2 days off before Christmas, so as we turned into her home town it was just past midday on the 23rd, so I figured we’d have some time to sort ourselves out before her family got home from work. As we pulled up into the drive I noticed one car was there, which was strange, but figured that someone had just come home for lunch. We pulled up and left our luggage in the car, planning to come back to get it in a minute. We knocked on the door, but no-one answered, so we just walked in – they lived in a safe area, where you could leave your door unlocked without fear of anyone breaking in!We walked inside, taking our shoes off and turned right into the lounge where my wife just stopped, I followed her in and my jaw hit the floor. My 46 year old mother-in-law was standing naked in the middle of the room, her huge 36DD breasts sagging slightly, with her thick bright red nipples standing to attention and contrasting perfectly with the creamy white titflesh, my eyes panned down to find she was completely clean shaven, her pussy lips protruding slightly.”I’ve been waiting to see you for six months!” She said, smiling broadly as she made her way over to hug her still stunned daughter.”Not like this I hope!” I jested.”Cheeky!” She replied, before grabbing me and pulling me in to her naked body, her hand reaching up to pull my head down to hers so she could slip her tongue into my mouth as she kissed me.”What the hell are you doing mummy? What if someone came home and saw you?” My wife asked, slightly regaining her composure.”Don’t worry, your dad and brother are both at work & don’t think you’re arriving till later. I wanted a little alone time with the pair of you first!” She replied.”But we talked about this mummy; we agreed it wasn’t the right thing to do.” My wife told her mother.”Yes, you did say that, but I didn’t agree.” Mary replied as she knelt down infront of me, undoing my belt and my jeans allowing them to fall to the floor as she gently removed my cock from the slit in the front of my boxers. “Do you think this is the right thing to do?” Mary asked me, as she held my flaccid cock in her hand.”Yes.” I replied quietly, despite my wife’s stare burning a hole in me.My mother-in-law quickly rewarded me for my ‘correct’ answer, as she hoovered my flaccid cock into her warm mouth, toying with it with her tongue as it engorged itself in her warm orifice. As it reached its full nine inches she sucked it a few times before allowing it to fall from her mouth as she gave me a Cheshire cat grin. As she stood up I grabbed her breasts and started fondling them, before bending down to suck her erect nipples into my mouth, toying with them with my tongue. I allowed her nipples to fall from my mouth as she hooked her fingers in my waistband, pulling my boxers down and letting them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and pulled my t-shirt off over my head.”Lie down on the floor.” Mary told me.I did as I was told and lay down on the floor naked infront of my wife and equally naked mother-in-law.”Please don’t mummy; we said this was naughty and that we’d never do it again!” My wife begged her mother.Mary ignored her daughter as she hovered over my naked body, she slowly descended until the tip of my erect cock was just touching her shaved slit, then looking at her daughter moaned loudly as her wet cunt swallowed my nine inch cock whole. She started slowly sliding up and down on me as I reached up and fondled her huge tits.”Get off him mummy, he’s mine!” My wife protested.”If you want him, come claim him!” Mary replied.”Fine, I will!” My wife said, as she quickly stripped herself naked.Mary continued to bounce up and down on my cock until my wife was standing naked over her and told her “My turn!” With that Mary slid off me, her juices shining briefly on my cock before daughter replaced mother, and aided by her mum’s juices my cock slid easily into my wife’s pussy. As my wife started sliding up and down my hard cock my mother-in-law quickly straddled my face as I saw her juicy shaved snatch descending towards my face. I extended my tongue to meet it, with the contact between tongue and pussy enticing an initial moan of satisfaction from Mary. My tongued snaked over her pussy, collecting the juices and briefly slipping across her engorged clit before penetrating her sopping hole. Mary moaned in pleasure as my tongue speared into her, whilst my wife was being equally vocal as she slid up and down my erect cock.”Mmmmmmmmmm, yes! Mummy loves her breasts being fondled!” Mary moaned.I continued to lick my mother-in-law closer & closer to orgasm as my wife slid up and down my hard cock and fondled her mother’s breasts. Mary was moaning louder and louder and as I plunged my tongue into her pussy and tasted the river of juices I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. My tongue snaked over her clit for a while longer, before she came with a groan of pleasure as her juices flooded out over my tongue and onto my face. Mary rolled off me to catch her breath, finally allowing me to see my wife impaled on my cock, her tits swinging as she slid up and down my hard pole. I reached up and grabbed my wife’s breasts, her moans growing louder as I fondled her, the feel of her soft titflesh in my hands pushing me ever close to orgasm.I came with a moan, my cum shooting deep into my wife’s pussy, setting off her own orgasm, as she flung her head back and moaned in pleasure as my cum filled her orgasming pussy. My wife rolled off me to catch her breath as Mary hoovered my cock into her mouth, cleaning it of my cum and her daughter’s juices.”See, I knew you’d enjoy it!” She said with a grin to her daughter.”Bah!” Was all she could muster buca escort in reply as she panted to regain her breath.The three of us got dressed again shortly afterwards before unloading our stuff from the car into our bedroom as this strange atmosphere descended once we realised that this time there was no leaving, this time we had to see each other every day, with other people around, all the time acting as if nothing had happened. I’m not sure about the two women, but I suddenly became pretty worried about how this week would go!*************************The evening did nothing to allay my fears, whilst on holiday it all seemed very fun, now it just seemed weird, talking to my father-in-law knowing that a few hours previously his wife was bouncing on my cock and even worse trying to laugh and joke with my brother-in-law knowing that I’d had a threesome with his girlfriend. After a few hours Mary called me into the kitchen:”What’s wrong with you?” She asked.”I don’t know, I guess it’s just hit me how weird everything is!” I told her.”I know, but you can’t show it like this! Else everyone will start to notice that something weird is going on! Now get back out there and please try and lighten up!” She told me, before grabbing my crotch and planting a kiss on my lips.I just about made it through the rest of the evening, and was hugely glad to get to bed that evening!**************************************************The next day was Christmas Eve and my wife left at 10 to go see her best friend, shortly afterwards my brother-in-law went out and with my father-in-law at work left me alone with my mother-in-law. I was sat downstairs watching TV whilst she was doing the pots in the kitchen, the programme went to a break and I decided to go grab a drink from the kitchen. Mary was just finishing the washing up when I walked in and turned to say:”I’ve got some presents to wrap upstairs, would you mind coming to keep me company?” She asked.”Yeah, I’ll come up in 10 minutes after the programme finishes if that’s ok?””See you in a minute then.” She said as she brushed past me.I finished getting my drink before returning just as the final part of the programme started. Ten minutes later it was finished, so I made my way upstairs, walking into my in-law’s room where I could just see Mary on the floor the other side of the bed, her body obscured from my angle.”Do you like my Santa outfit?” She asked as she stood up.”Wow!” Was all I could reply.The outfit was sensational – a red balconette bra with white frills that could barely contain her huge 36DD mounds, the bright red material providing an excellent contrast against her creamy white skin. Matching suspender belt that left her shaved pussy exposed and a pair of red stockings completed the look.”I’m glad you like it, I bought it with you in mind. Infact I’ve worn it a few times and masturbated whilst thinking about what you’d do to me when you saw me in it.” My mother-in-law told me.”What did you fantasise me doing to you then?” I asked as I walked around the bed and stood next to her.”Well first I thought you’d run your hands all over my body.” She started telling me, as I followed her instructions, my hands feeling her soft flesh underneath them.”You would gently stroke me all the way down to my shaved pussy, feeling the heat on your fingers.” She continued as I did as she said, my fingers running over her steaming hot slit.”Next I’d strip you naked,” She said as she started removing my shirt then my trousers, “Before taking your cock in my mouth until it was nice and hard.”Mary dropped to her knees and took my semi-hard cock in her mouth, her talented tongue quickly hardening it to its full size as her lips slowly & sensually slipped up and down the now hard shaft.”Then,” She said as she stood back up, “I’d take my bra off and you’d fondle my breasts.”My mother-in-law removed her balconette bra, her dark red nipples already stiff as I drunk in how great they were before lifting my hands and fondling her soft titflesh in my palms, rolling her stiff nipples between my fingertips as she groaned in pleasure.”Finally, you’d climb onto the bed, and I’d get on top of you and that’s the thought that always made me cum!” She told me.Again doing as she said I climbed onto the bed, Mary quickly followed me, making sure that her breasts fell into my face so that I could suck on her nipples as she clambered ontop of me. Still wearing her stockings and suspender belt she straddled me, taking hold of my hard cock and pointing it towards her moist entrance. She easily slid down on me, my hardness penetrating her as we moaned in unison. She slid herself up and down my stiff rod, her pussy coating it in her juices as I again fondled her breasts. We fucked like this for at least half an hour, my hands never leaving my mother-in-law’s breasts as her pussy gently slid up and down my cock as we moaned and grunted our lust for each other.Then it happened, again, having not heard the door over our moaning and them being unable to avoid seeing it as in our lust we had left the bedroom door open. My brother-in-law, Mary’s son & Kate looked in, staring in amazement at me being ridden by my mother-in-law, dressed only in stockings and suspenders. Still not having noticed our voyeurs I moaned:”Fuuuck, Mary I’m going to cum!””Yes, do it, do it!” She moaned back.”Fuuuuucccckkkkkk!” I moaned as I shot my load deep into Mary, causing her own orgasm to ripple through her body.”What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” My brother-in-law bellowed.Mary looked over in shock at her son & Kate watching us.”How could you do this?” He bellowed again.”Please don’t tell your dad.” She pleaded.”And what about my sister?””She knows.” Mary replied, sheepishly.”WHAT!” He shouted before storming off.Mary jumped off me, my cum trickling down her leg as she hurriedly threw on a dressing gown and chased after him.”Nice to see you again!” Kate said, kissing me on the lips as she fondled my cock.”You too!” I replied.”Shagging Mary again I see, fancy going for another hat-trick this Christmas?” She asked.”You bet!” I replied, getting dressed and heading downstairs with Kate as we heard Mary arguing with her son in his room.Ten minutes later my brother-in-law stomped downstairs and shouted to Kate that they were going out. Shortly after the door slammed Mary made her way down, still wearing buca escort bayan her dressing gown with the red stockings.”He’s agreed not to tell his dad!” She told me.”Good – we really need to learn to close doors!” I told her.”Yeah, I hate being interrupted during the best sex of my life!” She replied.”Now, where were we?” I asked.”If I remember correctly you had just filled my pussy with your hot cum. Does sir require some afters?” She asked as she removed her dressing gown, exposing her nearly naked body again.”Ooooooh, I could be tempted!” I replied.”Now what would sir care for? A blowjob, a handjob or a hot slice of tittyfucking?” Mary enquired.”I’ll take the hot slice of tittyfucking please, with lashings of cream!””I’m afraid sir may need to use his own cream, although of course I shall help him decant it!” She said as she knelt down infront of me, wrapping her huge DD breasts around my thick cock.I sat back and watched as my mother-in-law stroked her tits up and down my shaft, her tongue flicking out to lick the tip of my cock with every stroke. Her tits were so soft and felt fantastic as they slid up and down my rock hard shaft, gently coaxing the cum up from my balls. I watched as Mary pleasured me with her DD breasts for ten minutes as she brought me closer and closer to cumming.”That feels fucking fantastic!” I told her.”Glad you’re enjoying it!” She said with a grin, “But where has that cream got to?””Don’t worry, it’ll be here shortly!” I replied.After another minute or so of tittyfucking I moaned that I was going to cum, the first two loads flew straight up, covering my mother-in-law’s face with my cum. The rest spurted out all over her huge breasts. Mary was quite a sight covered in my cum.”I hope you don’t mind if I take a picture!” I asked.”Go for it!” She said, proudly thrusting forward her cummy tits.I grabbed my mobile and snapped a picture of my mother-in-law’s face covered in my cum, her cum drenched tits, one of her top half and finally a whole body shot for good measure.”If you’ll excuse me I best go clean up before someone else gets home. Thanks for an enjoyable morning!” Mary told me.”My pleasure!” I replied, slapping her ass as she walked off upstairs for a shower.*************************When my wife arrived home later I greeted her with a hug and then said “Would you like to see what your mother and I got up to today?””I’m sure I can guess!” She replied.I took my phone out and scrolled to the full body photo of Mary, zooming in so she could see her mother’s stocking and suspenders, my cum on her tits and finally my cum all over her mother’s face.”Can I not leave you two alone for a second without you fucking? You’re worse than rabbits. You know if there’s none left for me you’re both in trouble, right!” She said, fondling my crotch & slipping her tongue into my mouth.Later that evening Kate had come round for tea and we were all sat around the table, eating in silence. The tension caused by the fact that now everyone except her husband knew that I was fucking Mary, everyone except her husband and her son knew of the mother-daughter threesomes, and only Kate and I knew we were fucking!After we were finished my brother-in-law quickly excused himself and Kate, at which point the tension lifted slightly and we were able to have a conversation. The only problem being that everytime I looked at my mother-in-law I just imagined her covered in my cum!A little bit later as I was heading upstairs I passed Kate on the stairs, “I’m staying tonight, so meet me downstairs after everyone’s gone to sleep and we can exchange Christmas presents!” She whispered with a grin before continuing on her way as I watched her sexy ass sashay away.We all went to bed quite early that night, my wife and I being the last to head to our room. We cuddled for a while before she drifted off to sleep, I waited a while and then snuck out of the room and downstairs, Kate hadn’t come down yet so I just sat on the sofa and waited. Shortly I heard some movement upstairs, but when no-one came down I assumed it was just someone going to the bathroom.*************************Mel was lying in bed alone when the bedroom door creaked open, her brother walked in wearing just his boxer shorts, “Hello big sister!” He said cheerily.”Hello little brother.” She replied.”Was that Steve I heard going downstairs?” He asked.”Yeah, he’s probably gone to fuck mummy again, they’ve been at it like rabbits.” She told him, lifting the quilt slightly so her brother could join her in the bed.”Yeah, so I’ve seen. How come you didn’t tell me?” He asked, climbing into bed with his sister.”I was hoping they’d be able to do it discreetly and I didn’t want you to get hurt.” She answered.”How long has it been going on for?” He asked, as he slowly slid his hand across his sister’s chest, grabbing her soft, bare breast and kneading it.”Not long, only since the family holiday, I thought it might do her good when I suggested it, but I didn’t realise they’d keep it up.” She told him.”You suggested it?” He exclaimed.”Yes, now did you just come in to talk about mummy shagging my husband?” She asked, feeling her brother’s cock grow hard against her leg.”No, I came for my Christmas present!” He said, sliding his hand away from her breast and down her body, smiling as his hand brushed over his sister’s bare pussy lips signifying she wasn’t wearing any panties, before quickly removing his boxers.”Remind me what you wanted again?” She said as her brother rolled ontop of her naked body.”I wanted my hot big sister for Christmas!” He told her, his hard cock gently touching her opening.”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Mel moaned as her brother’s rock hard member slid inside her welcoming pussy.”Steve’s ruined you for me, you used to be so much tighter when we first started.” He said, his cock sliding easily into his sister’s wet pussy.”Don’t complain, just fuck me until you fill me with that i****tuous cum of yours!” She told him.*************************A few minutes after the first noise I heard, another one, this time someone was coming down the stairs, I hoped it was Kate, but anyone of the three ladies would do! It was Kate, she came into the lounge quietly closing the door behind her; she was wearing a baggy t-shirt that only just covered her ass.”Hey sexy, is he finally asleep?” I asked her.She walked over and leant in escort buca for a passionate kiss before answering, “No he left the room and when I left I heard him talking to Mel, probably about why his mummy was riding your cock!””Oh that little thing!” I said with a grin.”I definitely wouldn’t call him little,” She said, grabbing my cock through my boxers, “I’ve been horny all day since I saw you!””So what are we getting each other for Christmas?” I asked.”How about we start off with a little 69 and a pair of orgasms?” She suggested.I quickly lay down on the floor, Kate’s pussy descended into my face and my tongue quickly delved into her delicious slit as she extracted my cock from my boxers and stuffed it into her mouth. She was sopping wet and her first orgasm came quickly, her moaning stifled by the nine inches sliding between her lips. Soon after her sloppy wet blowjob had me on the verge of cumming, which is where her talented tongue kept me for what seemed like an eternity. My tongue continued to work her pussy towards another orgasm, tasting the sweet juices her first had produced. Finally Kate took me deep into her throat and took me over the edge, my cum exploding into her mouth and spilling out the sides as she desperately tried to swallow it all. My moaning vibrated into her pussy and combined with the feeling of my cock shooting it’s load down her throat sent her over the edge into a second orgasm.She let my cock fall out of her mouth and collapsed down next to me spent, panting raggedly to regain her breath. “That was amazing!” She said, breathily.”Thanks, you were fantastic too, how the hell did you keep me on the edge like that?” I asked.Kate giggled before saying “My little secret! Maybe I’ll tell you after you’ve had it a few more times! Are you up for any more?””You might have to give me a minute or two, but for you I can be up for anything!”She sat up next to me as I put my hand up her shirt to fondle her large, pert breasts whilst she gently tried to coax my cock back to life. Before we could get any further we heard footsteps upstairs and then on the stairs. We both struggled to straighten ourselves out before sitting down on the sofa just as the door opened.*************************”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Mel moaned as her younger brother’s cock pistoned in and out of her sodden pussy.”Oh fuck Mel, I’m gonna cum!” He announced.”Yesssssssssss, fill me uppppppppp!” She hissed.”Ooooooohhhhh, fuuuuuucccccckkkkk!” He grunted as his cock spasmed inside his sister’s wet pussy, his i****tuous cum spewing into her.”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!” She moaned the feeling of her brother’s cum splashing into her setting off her own orgasm, her pussy clamping tight around her brother’s cock.He collapsed down ontop of her, slowly regaining his breath. Suddenly they heard footsteps outside and froze, then relaxed slightly as they disappeared downstairs.”Shit, who was that? We already heard mummy go downstairs.” Mel said.”Maybe Kate went down for a drink?” Her brother offered.”She’ll get another surprise then! But you best go before she gets back.” She said to her brother, as he rolled off her and out of the bed.”I suppose.” He said, as he pulled his boxers back on, “Thanks for the Christmas present s*s!””My pleasure!” She replied, the two siblings exchanging a brief kiss before he went back to his room.*************************”Well hello sexy!” Mary said as she walked through the lounge door, she was wearing a pink see-through nightie, through which her large breasts and shaved pussy were easily visible. “Oh, hello Kate, I didn’t see you. What are you two doing down here?” She said suspiciously eyeing up how little we were dressed.”I just came down for a drink, and Steve was already here so we’ve just been having a chat!” Kate replied.”Well I’ve just come down for a quick drink too.” She said, walking through to the kitchen.”You don’t think she noticed do you?” Kate whispered as she stood up.”Even if she did she won’t tell, she has her own secret to worry about remember!” I reassured her.”If you’re sure. See you in the morning.” She said, kissing me as she went back upstairs.Mary walked back into the lounge and sat next to me on the sofa, her hand immediately falling to my cock, “I take it there’s none left for little old me after Miss Kate Slutty-knickers emptied you?” She asked.”Why do you think that?” I asked, trying to keep a straight face.”Please, I saw the look on your faces as I walked through the door, and I can smell her pussy on your breath.””Oh.” I replied.”Well just make sure you don’t get caught with her, that would really kick things off!” Mary warned me.”I won’t.” I promised, “Besides it’s a bit rich you calling her Miss Slutty-knickers!””Pah, I’m Mrs Slutty-knickers.” She said with a grin, before standing up, kissing me and heading back up to bed.I followed her shortly afterwards, climbing back into bed with my wife and cuddling up to her unaware her pussy was full of her brother’s cum.**************************************************The next morning was Christmas morning and we were all to go to Mary’s room to open our presents, Kate had caught me earlier, asking: “Did she say anything to you?””She knew, but she’ll keep quiet, she just told me to make sure no-one else catches us.” I told her.”Oh, do you think we can trust her to not tell?””Yeah, I don’t see why not.”Kate seemed slightly happier after that, although you could cut the tension in the room with a knife as the only person who didn’t have something to hide was my father-in-law, poor old bugger! Mary was sitting up topless in the bed, whilst both Mel and Kate were wearing baggy t-shirts that barely covered their asses; my brother-in-law and I were both wearing boxers and t-shirts. I was sat in the middle of the foot of the bed, my brother-in-law was next to me with Kate to his left and Mel to my right. As Mel crawled forward to thank her parents for her presents her t-shirt rode up and she gave me a fantastic view of her ass and pussy as she wasn’t wearing any panties! Kate did the same thing moments later and to my surprise she was also wearing no panties and I struggled to keep my cock under control as I tried not to gawp at her bare pussy and ass. Minutes later Mary made the situation worse as she crawled over to thank Mel and I for her present, her large breasts swinging free as she kissed us both, ensuring her hand brushed against my cock and her breasts brushed against my hand.Finally it came to the last present, it was a small box to Kate from my brother-in-law. As soon as she opened it and saw it was a ring he proposed…



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