Expensive Pleasure

“That’ll be $80.19,” the blonde cashier confirmed to young Carla, the product being something special to spice up time in the bedroom with her husband, Jack.

It was a piece of lingerie that had leather straps for cover in the most sensitive areas, and a lovely open section for where the host’s vagina would normally be covered by some form of panties. The thought of wearing it alone made her arousal strengthen, and she could feel her panties growing moist in her miniskirt.

It didn’t even take a second glance for her to know that she wanted it.

However, upon the price being clarified, she pulled her hand away from her purse; she didn’t know if she could afford it at such a price. As much as she wanted it, she was hesitating.

The cashier grew curious.

“Ma’am?” the girl questioned.

Carla jumped, addressing the situation.

“I’m sorry. I may have to consider something cheaper. That’s quite a price.”

The blonde fell into deep thought off of that statement from Carla, quickly finding a way to potentially sway her customer into purchasing the product sprawled out on the counter.

“Have you considered trying it on, ma’am? That may give you a better perspective on why it’s so expensive.”

Carla raised an eyebrow. She just considered going against her body’s current arousal that was enticing her to purchase the sexy outfit, but her curiosity was saying otherwise.

“I really shouldn’t,” Carla clarified kindly. “Besides, I’ve never really attempted trying on lingerie like this before. I’d more than likely get tangled up or something, and I don’t want to waste your time.”

“Nonsense! That’s why I work here, ma’am,” replied the cashier. “I can take you to the back and help you out. Ten minutes max.”

Carla peeked her eyes near the blonde’s breasts, picking up the nametag with the name “Sarella” on it, wanting to address her accordingly. The whole idea of Sarella helping her dress up into the sexual attire secretly turned her on, but she didn’t want to be unfaithful to Jack.

However, her curiosity got the better of her. Sarella really was just doing her job, and what harm was there in just trying it on. She was insisting, so there really was no reason not to.

She surrendered.

“Fine. Ten minutes max it is,” Carla agreed. “I would like to try it on myself first though. No offense, but someone else, other than my spouse, seeing me nude makes me uncomfortable. Only if I yell for help do I want your assistance.”

“Of course, ma’am,” Sarella agreed. “I’d hate to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Sarella picked up the dress by its provided hanger and led Carla to the back dressing rooms, unlocking the one assigned for women. Handing the lingerie back to Carla, Carla stepped into the medium sized room and waited until the door was closed and locked by Sarella to start stripping. The room had a sweet essence of berries, the scent meeting Carla’s nostrils and seeming to strike her current sexual mood like a natural element. She couldn’t recall any knowledge that she may have had of any certain scents that peaked sexual arousal, but the more she took it in, the more she grew excited to get out of her clothes.

This feeling frightened her, but at the same time, it was a kinky pleasure tickling her senses that she didn’t want to abandon. It was the equivalent of how she felt when she experienced sex for the first time, and now, she was making a note to ask Sarella if they sold whatever was enveloping the room and giving her a sexual high. She shook herself out of the high and returned back to her business in the cool and comfortable room, remembering her business upon one glance at the attire on the hanger in her hand and setting it down.

She slipped off her t-shirt and miniskirt, tossing them to the floor, but stopped when she found herself starting to undo her thin laced bra. She could just try it on with her bra and panties still on, but that same curiosity that had brought her here was persuading her to go one-hundred percent, seeing with her attire on, she wouldn’t get the full experience.

The lingerie was designed to make its host get aroused naturally without any foreplay by embracing their most sensitive muscles and nerves in a way of replicating the same effect as when they engage with a partner. A part of the reason it was so expensive.

She wanted the full experience, so she threw all doubt out the window and removed her body of its remaining clothing, her breasts and pussy immediately becoming aroused from the natural cool temperature of the dressing room. Her nerves shivered with delight as goosebumps began to rise on her skin, rubbing her skin softly in a pleasing manner. Her self strokes upon her soft flesh’s surface had caused a reaction to her hormones, the thrill of being bare naked in a public place driving her senses mad. It turned her on even more than she already was, and the sensation she was giving herself had eventually led to a little moan unexpectedly internet casino escaping her lips.

Then it escalated.

She began to slide her right hand unconsciously toward her vagina, feeling the severe heat emanating from her slit caress her fingers.

She caught herself quickly, gasping and cussing at herself in her mind, while retracting her hand from her moist genitalia. She was shocked at her actions, as much as how horny she was, badly wanting to relieve herself of all of her sexual tension, but a dressing room wasn’t the right place to masturbate.

When we get home, Carla. For now, you’re going to have to just be patient. Besides, the heavier the desire, the more severe the orgasm.

She licked her lips at the thought, her pussy becoming more wet and hot at the lewd promise after this shopping trip was done. A shiver escaped her upon suddenly hearing a single drip echo off the floor, the culprit being the nectar seeping out of her vagina. Carla blushed in embarrassment.

I need to get this over with, otherwise I’m going to be cleaning up my own pussy juice.

With that, she turned her attention to the lingerie awaiting her presence within its smooth and comforting leather lacing. She removed the hanger, and quickly worked her way into the attire, feeling it’s straps embrace her as advertised.

As the leather straps caressed her into a fit of horny bliss, she unintentionally let out short gasps and moans, her body already aroused to the point of where she felt like she was going to orgasm any minute. She hadn’t expected the attire to affect her this much, and it only got more intense as she settled further into the binds of the lingerie.

This caught Sarella’s attention outside the dressing room, resorting to knocking on the door.

“Everything okay, ma’am?”

Carla didn’t answer, still finding her way through the armholes and positioning her vagina in place where the “pussy hole” was. The feeling made Carla wince further, and as she pulled the chest cavity of the outfit closed, the lingerie tightened to where Carla’s nerves started to dance sporadically. Her arousal grew even more, and upon settling fully into it, the lingerie tightened to a comforting manner that made Carla feel like Jack was in the room, fucking her.

The embrace of the outfit was so powerful that Carla had to sit down on one of the provided wall benches, moans escaping her mouth and her breathing growing heavy. She was completely subdued to the sexual clothing, almost unable to bear the pleasure she was receiving, but she took it with absolute surrender.

What is happening to me?! It’s literally like Jack is groping my pussy and sucking my breasts in unison! It’s almost unbearable, but I don’t want it to stop at the same time!

The sudden increase in noise, as much as receiving no response from earlier, had caused Sarella to become worried enough. She unlocked the door and entered to Carla on the bench in sexual bliss.

She was confused and worried for Carla’s safety, so out of pure instinct and store protocol, she rushed to attempting to free Carla from the lingerie.

Carla interjected almost immediately.

“Please… don’t free me of this,” Carla sputtered out.

“Ma’am are you o-

Her words were cut off upon a sudden collapse into Carla’s lips, taking her into a passionate kiss.

Sarella didn’t know what to do at first, but she was quickly lost to the sexual pleasure of Carla’s kiss, feeling one of her hands slide under her shirt and up her back. Her bra clipped free, the straps adorning her shoulders being the only thing keeping it held to Sarella’s chest.

The kiss deepened as Sarella surrendered her body onto Carla’s lap, Carla sliding Sarella’s work shirt up to where it stopped at the base of her head. Sarella caught the message, pulling from Carla’s lips and lifting off her shirt to the sight of her cute white bra hiding her medium sized breasts.

The pair were quickly freed of their soft and delicate prison, Carla assisting in slipping the attire down Sarella’s arms and onto the floor. Now free to Carla’s delight, she dove her lips onto the tip of Sarella’s right breast, lightly sucking and lapping her tongue along the tip. Sarella emanated a moan from the embrace, growing louder and more severe as Carla grew more aggressive with her sucking and lapping.

Both of their heart rates escalated along with their temperatures, their bodies growing slick from the sweat starting to seep from their pores, and the essence of sex growing evident. The sweet scent made both of them shiver and fall to full arousal, Sarella’s panties growing moist and Carla’s vagina seeping more liquid onto the floor. Both were in full determination and bliss at this point.

Carla moved from Sarella’s breast to the center of her chest, kissing gently at first then started to grace her cleavage with her warm tongue. This caused Sarella to move her hands to her breasts and massage them in Carla’s embrace, continuing canlı poker oyna to pant and moan sporadically as Carla moved past her chest, to her abdomen with pecks from her soft lips and strokes of her muscle along the midline of Sarella’s bare chest.

Sarella continued to cup her rack as Carla continued to embrace her, feeling her warm tongue seep playfully into her skirt. A shocked gasp and moan escaped Sarella’s mouth out of the sudden surge of sexual pleasure her nerves had just received, Carla not giving her any relief, and continuing to lap her warm tongue along the inside of her skirt. Her saliva from her tongue had started to seep deeper into the underside of the attire, and as Sarella felt it slide into her panties and ride her entire slit, she shivered at the contact.

Carla only attacked more, eventually moving from the skirt, back up to Sarella’s cleavage. Her skin had developed a salty taste from her sexual arousal, sweat seeping from every pore and her skin starting to become more slick and moist. A taste Carla loved, sharing it with Sarella upon returning to a passionate kiss in the embrace. Within the kiss, Sarella teased Carla, one of her hands meeting Carla’s vagina and massaging it in a way that nearly broke her senses.

Moans escaped Carla in-between her tongue dancing with Sarella’s, the two fully in a sexual rhythm and their minds only focused on pleasing one another. Both were engaged and lost in full bliss as Carla pulled away and motioned for Sarella to trade spots with her.

She got the message, shifting positions with Carla to where she was on the bench, and Carla went to work, starting by unbuttoning her cute miniskirt. Carla was already catching the scent of Sarella’s pussy as she slid off all of the clothing and threw it onto the floor, growing more excited and eyeing Sarella’s soaked genitalia like a priceless jewel.

She started from the bottom, slowly sliding her tongue upward and Sarella immediately reacting. She gripped the bench tightly as Carla continued to thrive at the nectar that was embracing her tongue, causing her to go faster. Sarella grew louder and louder from the pleasure Carla was feeding her, resorting to grasping one of her breasts and massaging it with her hand as Carla danced her tongue all over the vicinity of Sarella’s pussy.

She started with gentle rhythms and strokes, tickling Sarella’s genitalia with a delicate pace. Her actions were received well, Sarella squirming and shivering upon every glide of her tongue and light touch of her lips. She even paused at points to shower Sarella’s vagina with a mist of her warm breath, sending Sarella into further bliss and making her beg for more like a desperate slave. Carla happily obliged to her desires, not holding back, and eventually, growing more aggressive in her actions.

Sarella’s body reacted in ways that pleased Carla even more.

More of her sweet scent embraced Carla’s senses, starting to caress her tongue deeper past Sarella’s folds and clitoris. Sarella jumped and started to scream and shout in bliss as Carla lapped her tongue along the inside of her chasm. Sarella followed up by fighting through her body’s reactions, and began to lap her clitoris with her fingers sporadically. The combination of Carla’s tongue tickling her vaginal walls and her adding more pleasure to her current sexual pleasure had caused her breathing to increase, her moans to grow louder, and her desire to peak to maximum.

More of her nectar graced Carla’s tongue as she proceeded to go faster. Sarella was close to her climax, so Carla gave her what she wanted. She lapped and tasted her more and more. Faster and faster. Her moans grew into screams as she attacked her pussy harder with her tactics, her vaginal walls slicker, the smell of sex increasing, and upon one sexual release of pure built up tension, Sarella met her peak.

Sarella collapsed into a massive scream of sexual pleasure as her juices spat out onto Carla’s face, her tongue being embraced further by the orgasm. Sarella shivered as her body continued to collapse, all of her sounds arousing Carla naturally as she continued to taste Sarella’s juices like a fine wine. She tasted sweet and innocent, to which Carla smiled deviously at upon swallowing Sarella’s cocktail and taking position on her warm lap.

She re-engaged into the kiss, as Sarella moved to allowing Carla’s small breasts free of the leather straps covering and embracing them. Being an employee, she knew exactly how to do so, and once they were free, she quickly embraced Carla with her lips, sucking the tips of her perky breasts.

Just like Carla had experienced, a salty taste enveloped her tongue when she started to lap Carla’s tips, the culprit being sweat from all of the blissful intercourse. She didn’t let it bother her as she heard Carla start to become audible, moans and heavy breathing starting to escape her mouth like a sexual symphony.

Sarella felt her vagina grow moist from Carla’s sounds, working poker oyna as a turn-on for her body’s hormones, and she loved it. She wanted to orgasm again, and strangely the lingerie Carla was fucking her in was causing her body to react in a way it hadn’t before. Her arousal grew stronger the more the contents of the attire stroked and caressed her soft skin, somehow mimicking the experience she normally got with her vibrator.

The experience was amazing her as much as Carla, and upon Carla sitting up more on her thighs, Sarella took charge, knowing what Carla was telling her. She wrapped her arms around Carla and pulled her closer toward her, until a sudden contact made both women wince in surprise, being replaced quickly with a sexual drive of happiness.

Bracing Carla firmly on her wide thighs, Sarella began to pull Carla inward and then back out, gliding her pussy along the entire length of Carla’s in a phenomenon that made both of them zone out. They just allowed the rhythm of the strokes to take them away to their own personal Heaven in the small space of the dressing room.

The lingerie’s natural effect on their nerves provided something more; something intense that made them only speed up. As the sensation got faster, every breath emanated from both grew more rapid and intense, eventually climbing into strong sets of moans and screams as their pussies continued to glide against one another.

Both girls’ genitalia became slick and wet as their speeds increased, and both of their sexual essences began to overpower the room in a way that made the sex all the more intense. The scent only caused the pleasure to increase with every breathe of it taken in by both, growing faster, louder, and drunker in the bliss of the moment. Their pussies rode each other in harmony as their bodies grew close to orgasm, their genitalia embracing one another, their bodies gliding in a perfect rhythm, and their arousal at maximum.

Another glide. Another moan. Another set of sexual pleasure. Another intake of the heavenly scent gracing the room’s air waves. The rhythm escalated in balance, up until their limits were met and it broke to a halt.

In a massive collapse of sexual release, the two came. Their respective juices collided into each other like two erupting geysers culminating with no escape except wherever possible. In this case, it was to the floor, an echo following the collapse of the thin silky liquids. The collapse lasted for a long moment of complete bliss to them, when in reality, their orgasms only lasted for about fifteen seconds on estimate.

They didn’t care, collapsing into a kiss as a close to the sex, as their bodies calmed to a docile manner, their sexual desires satisfied until the next time they grew sexual active.

The two women broke their embrace and collapsed onto one another in exhaustion, breathing heavily and just taking a moment to relish in their current bliss. A bliss that lasted, up until Carla realized what she had done with Sarella; she had cheated on her husband with someone of the opposite sex without a second thought, and she did and didn’t have any regrets.

“I can’t believe it… I cheated on my husband…

Carla wanted to cry, but Sarella gave her some hope upon her response.

“Think about it like this, ma’am. You wanted the FULL experience, right?”


“Well, then how would you truly know how the sex feels if you don’t try it first?”

A pause.

Sarella was right. How would you know? And in the end, the sex had been overwhelming. Indescribable.

Her thoughts were interrupted.

“I’m okay to keep this our dirty little secret, and respected as a one time thing, even if I wouldn’t mind you fucking me again. That is, as long as you don’t tell my boss.”

Carla still wasn’t sure how to feel, but perhaps it was best that this whole thing was left a dirty secret. It wasn’t serious, and in a way, not bad. Just a case of consensual sex and nothing else. She just nodded her head and gave Sarella a thumbs up as confirmation.

Sarella smiled, still butt naked on the bench, following up with something Carla hadn’t expected.

“So, have you reconsidered your decision, ma’am? Now that you’ve had a TRUE experience with the product?”

Carla didn’t even need a second thought. Despite what had happened, she couldn’t deny the experience that the lingerie had given her and that it simply wasn’t something she couldn’t go without experiencing again. While it was expensive, the advertising was true to its name, and the results were, without question, out of this world. Besides, she could almost guarantee that after one good night with Jack, she’d forget all about what had happened between her and Sarella. After all, it was just business.

Planting one last kiss to Sarella’s soft lips, she made her decision.

“I’ll take it, but only if you sell me whatever you use to scent this room for free. Think of it as a discount for me giving you a good fuck.”

Sarella smiled, standing up and proceeding to putting her clothes back on.

“Given the sex was probably the best I’ve had, it’s the least I can do for you in return,” Sarella agreed. “Right this way, ma’am. That is, after I get my clothes back on.”



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