Hair Pulling

I jumped in the shower to rinse off, joined just moments later by Gloria, who I left washing up before we got distracted into even more extra-curricular activities. Although I don’t normally take a lot of clothes on work trips besides those needed for work, I generally take something just a bit nicer than well-worn Levi’s for the occasional night like this. I had along a pair of Dockers and at least one nice shirt which really needed a touch of ironing. I poked my head back into the bath where Gloria was just climbing out of the shower and she directed me to the iron which I set up in the front room.

When I finished up with the shirt, I headed back to the bedroom to find Gloria standing in front of the full length mirror on her closet door. Her bottom glowed pink from the hot shower; a black bra strap and matching black thong panties the only thing keeping her backside from being totally naked. Her front side was reflected in the mirror, the sheer thong did nothing to hide the crease of her pussy or pubic heart, although her arms were crossed, her hands cupping her breasts. When I walked in, she looked up at me in the mirror and smiled. Slowly she dropped her hands out of the way, revealing her nipples and breasts peeking out of the half cup bra. Her nipples were erect; I wondered whether it was because of her hands or what was going through her mind.

“There was a note from Melissa that said “You should wear this, Jim will like it.” She paused for effect and continued, “And just how did she know that?”

I walked up behind her, ignoring her question. I let out an “umm” of appreciation. “I would say she was right” I answered without answering her. My hands fondled her ass cheeks before slipping around her waist and pulling her back against me. I ran my hands up her body, replacing hers on her breasts. “God you are so hot,” I whispered into her ear, smelling her clean scent from the shower. “Have you got something to wear it with?” I’d slid my hands back under her breasts, lifting gently, my thumbs playing with her nipples. Her hands rose again, covering my hands and especially covering her breasts.

“Huh” she smirked. “Fat chance with that.”

“Why’s that?” I persisted, moving her hands to give my thumbs access once again to play with the two pert jewels ornamenting her breasts.

“I couldn’t, I live here — what if we ran into someone I know…” her voice trailed off, her eyes closed as a little shiver ran through her body.

“Then they’ll be like me,” I answered. They’ll recognize you’re a very sexy, desirable woman.” I sucked her earlobe into my mouth. I brought my fingers to my thumbs, squeezing her nipples between them.

“I couldn’t…”

“You could,” I answered, another shiver coursing through her body. “And you know you want to.” I kissed her neck, her body responded, her nearly naked bottom pushing back against me. “Have you got something sheer, something see-through?”

“No. Not see through.” I couldn’t help but smile at the slip. Her answer wasn’t telling me she didn’t have anything sheer, it was telling me that see-through would be too much, or rather, too little. I knew I had her right where she wanted to be.

“You’ll find something.” I turned to head back out to the living room to put on my shoes and phone for a taxi.

She called me back just as I finished my shoes.

I found her posing in the door to the closet wearing a little black number; the proverbial black dress, the staple of all nightclub scenes, the sexy accoutrement of every beautiful woman. The front had a plunging neckline, soft folds of cloth rose over her breasts towards her neck, ending in a choker. The tie that held the half cups of her bra together was just below the plunge through her cleavage, making it appear from the front that she was braless, her hard nipples barely discernible bumps in the cloth over her breasts. The loose upper cloth smoothed into a form fitting lower that hugged her bottom and hips, draping elegantly onto her legs. It wasn’t a dress for the faint of heart or overweight; the woman wearing it needed a body she could be proud of. Gloria fit the bill on all points. I complemented her on how stunning she appeared. “You’re sure?” she questioned, turning to check herself in the mirror, “it’s not too revealing?” When she turned, I could see her bra strap completely exposed on her otherwise bare back. A couple of inches above the top or the dress, there was no doubt that the dress was meant to be worn braless.

Stepping up to her backside I ran my hands over her naked shoulder blades and down to the bra where I managed to undo the catch in one motion. Unusual for me; I’ve been a fumbler, at least when it comes to bra straps, all my life. Her hands rose to her breasts to hold the bra in place.

“You’re gorgeous,” I whispered in her ear, “and smoking hot,” my nose nuzzled behind her ear again. “But you can’t wear a bra with this, it shows too much.” I pulled gently on the one side, she moved her hands, and it slid down and out. şişli grup yapan escort I put it on the dresser, turning her to face the mirror again. Turning sideways, the loose material shifted slightly, the pale skin of the side of her breast barely coming into view.

“I can’t…” her hands pulled the loose cloth back against her body, “I’m practically falling out.”

“No, you’re not. It just feels that way because you’re not used to it.” I pulled her hands away from the top allowing it to settle back down into its normal position. “You’re hot. You’re sexy, and a very desirable, confident, woman that knows it. Nothing is going to show that you don’t want to show.” Looking me in the face, I saw the indecision disappear. Turning she picked up her shoe with her toes, bending slightly to slip it over her heel with one hand, then the other, just as a horn beeped outside.

“Let’s go before I change my mind,” she said, her hands again rising to put the material back in place and push my hand from her bottom where I’d reached out to its unblemished curve as she’d bent over for her shoes. I reluctantly obeyed.

The Restaurant at the Hyatt is atop a tower, looking very much like a golf ball on a tee. A glass elevator rises thirty some stories from the hotel below into the night sky where the restaurant itself is completely surrounded by an observation deck. A chain cage completely surrounds the restaurant and observation deck, providing fall protection and at the same time a Faraday cage to protect the occupants from lightning. The entire city unfolds beneath, an iridescent, three dimensional map of roads and lights. Looking down from the observation deck, on the edge of the ball, there is nothing but a drop for thirty stories, giving the impression of being suspended in air. The view, to say the least, was spectacular.

“That’s my building,” Gloria pointed out as we made the tour of the deck after dinner, trying to explain what I should look at using landmark buildings and references that I didn’t understand at all. She’d earlier pointed out the grassy knoll and the building where JFK had been shot; at least those locations I’d been able to decipher from the unfamiliar surroundings. But her building? To me it was just one of many skyscrapers visible in an indecipherable maze. “See those two tall buildings?” She tried again, her arm pointing at a mass of buildings that to me were all tall.

Standing behind her as I was, I slid forward, my arms slipping again beneath her arms and dress to her naked breasts. “Jim!” she exclaimed, looking back over her shoulder. Her hand had risen to cover herself and force my hand away, but as she glanced over her shoulder and realized no one could see us, she stopped. “You are so bad!”

“And you so love it.” Her nipples had almost immediately hardened to my touch. She pressed back against me, my cock hardening against her bottom, until I caught site of another couple approaching in my peripheral vision and removed my hands, sliding them down around her waist. She continued to push her bottom back against me, grinding, whenever their eyes were safely away.

“Two can play at that game, Mister.” She giggled as I tried to back away.

“Did you hear me complaining?” I asked, my hand that was away from the other couple sliding in under the cloth of her black dress and over her breast again. Her nipple was still hard.

“Let’s go to your office.” I suggested, “Show me where you work.

The elevator door closed behind us, and unlike the trip up, we found ourselves alone. I stood behind Gloria, both of us facing out looking at the city. I had my hands on her hips; I let them traverse her waist to squeeze her bottom. She giggled.

“I don’t think you’ve had your hands off me when we’ve been alone since we left the house.” I pushed my front up against her bottom, my hands sliding up and under the top of her dress to her breasts again.

“Are you complaining?” I whispered in her ear, my hands pushing the dress to the middle until it slid between her breasts, leaving them covered only by my hands.

“Jim!” she said, a touch of panic in her voice, her hands reaching to cover herself again. “Someone could see.”

Instead of letting her pull the dress back into place, I pulled the cloth together into one hand, gripping it where it draped between her naked breasts. “Maybe. Maybe someone’s looking at a glass elevator 30 stories up and seeing you….” I gripped her wrist as she tried to cover herself, gently pulling her arm back to her side leaving her standing before me bare breasted, “seeing you showing off your beautiful titties for the city.” She didn’t fight me, allowing me to move her hand to her side where I released her arm and the dress, again moving my hands over her breasts, fondling them, feeling her hard little diamonds in my palms. Her breathing quivered in my ear. The non-stop elevator rapidly approached the ground floor, slowing as the ground rose to greet şişli masöz escort us. I caught the dress with my thumbs, again positioning her dress to cover her as I removed my hands.

The concierge, waiting in the room at the bottom, called us a cab while we stepped out to the sidewalk. “See? There was nobody out here to see you,” I teased as we stood on the sidewalk. She leaned against me, my arms wrapped around her. “Wanna do it again?” I started sliding my hands up from her waist, her hands rapidly grasping mine to resist me, just as a taxi turned the corner, the headlights momentarily sweeping across us. “Oh darn, saved by the Taxi.”

“Stop it!” she giggled. I did.

A five minute cab ride through the semi-abandoned streets of the business district landed us at her glass and concrete tower. Her card afforded us access to the lobby where we signed in with a young security guard who couldn’t take his eyes off Gloria. I just followed her lead, putting my hand in the small of her back as we walked away. We turned the corner to the elevators, I started to drop my hand to her bottom but she stopped me, her hand reaching around to grab my fingers pulling them back up around her waist instead.

“They’ve got security camera’s almost everywhere,” Gloria said, her hand pointing to the little black bulb of a hidden camera outside the elevators. Her point was understood; mind my manners as the security guard was watching. I wondered what security guard would think she was telling me when she obviously pointed right at the camera. The way his eyes hadn’t left her when we had been in sight, I was fairly certain that, if at all possible, he was still watching her on the camera.

“Ever been here dressed like this before?” I questioned, as the elevator door closed behind us. I once again pulled her back against me, my hands slithering over the sides of her body from bottom to breasts and back.

“Jim!” she half-heartedly protested, but it wasn’t until the elevator slowed and the ding of our 24th floor destination sounded that she attempted to put a stop to my roving hands. The door slid open, another camera ball positioned in front of the elevator spying on us as we exited.

The office appeared to be empty, security lights in hallways the only light from inside. The reflected lights from adjacent buildings shining through blind-less windows provided a soft glow so that we weren’t totally in the dark and transformed everything from a black into a muted grey. There was just enough light that she was able to give me the tour without turning on additional lighting.

“This is my office,” Gloria said, stepping into a large room with four cherry wood desks. One desk was against the window; Gloria’s desk was just inside the door opposite the window, while two other desks, obviously in inferior positions, finished the room off. An angled seat position at her desk had her normally facing toward the door opening. It was obvious nobody from outside the room could see what she was doing, explaining how she’d been able to masturbate without anyone being the wiser. Roommates would have been a different matter, but if everyone was gone, she’d had a virtually private, but large, office. Walking over to the wall of windows, she proceeded to show me the Hyatt tower where we’d just been, the single landmark easily discernible to my inexperienced eye.

I turned away, wandering back to her desk and she immediately followed. I flipped the light on as I walked by the switch, the harsh florescent lights suddenly changing the room from shades of gray to the pastels and browns of the carpets and walls. I pushed her desk chair to one side, and turned to sit on the desk, my legs dangling. She slid into my arms, and without saying anything we kissed. A simple touching of the lips to start, she increased the tempo, her mouth coming open, her hand sliding up behind my head. Her tongue split my lips; I sucked it into my mouth, relishing its softness. She withdrew; I chased it with my own into her mouth where she fellated it in a marvelous simulation of a blow job. I lifted my legs, wrapping them behind hers to hold her to me; her free hand ran across my chest, found my nipple and played there momentarily before sliding between us to squeeze my hardening cock. I broke the kiss.

“Is this what you were imagining? Me, sitting on your desk, with us kissing and playing touchy-feely? I’d slid my hands back to her breasts, fondling them through the silky material. She didn’t answer, I just kissed her again; her mouth open, her tongue attacking mine. I slid my hands to her sides, pushing the cloth again to the middle so I could easily see and fondle her bare breasts.

She pulled away from the kiss, glancing over her shoulder towards the open windows, but made no effort to cover herself or push my hands away, just holding herself against my chest. “Don’t worry, there’s nobody watching,” I whispered, nuzzling her cheek as I did.

“How do you know?”

“Who şişli otele gelen escort sits around watching dark office windows in the middle of the night? Anybody in a lighted room we’d see, and anybody in a dark room would have been bored stiff hours ago.”

She turned her face up to me again; I relinquished her nipples, sliding my hands behind her onto her ass to hold her body to me. We broke the kiss again moments later, a sigh of contentment escaping from her as she cuddled her head to my chest. She giggled.

“God you bring the naughty out in me.”

“Why’s that?” I questioned, again running my hands onto her bottom.

“I was thinking of this morning…” It suddenly popped into my head what she’d described herself doing at her desk earlier that day.

“Oh yeah, you wanted me to be under your desk, taking care of you, hmmm?” She didn’t answer; I pushed her away and stood up.

“How do you turn your computer on?” I asked, turning back to the desk.


“Because if someone did show up, don’t you want them to think you’ve got a reason to be here in the middle of the night?” I pulled her back to me, her arms around me, and this time as my hands slid over her hips, I began working the dress up to get underneath it.

“Jimmy!” she said in alarm, her head again swiveling toward the windows which now appeared virtually as a mirror, reflecting visions of ourselves with ghostly silhouettes of skyscrapers and eyes of occasionally lit windows in the background. Her hand reached for her bottom to keep me from exposing her naked tush. “I can’t do that, what if somebody sees?” I didn’t stop, gently pulled the material from between her fingers, exposing more and more of her shapely legs, visible to me in the reflecting windows.

“Jimmy, I can’t! We can’t! I work here, what if someone shows up?” I’d gotten the material high enough that the bottom of her naked cheeks were now visible. I worked my fingers under the edge, reaching for her thong. Although her hand was still on her back side, she really wasn’t trying to stop what I was doing.

“Nobody’s here. The lights were out, the place is quiet, and it’s almost midnight. Who is going to show up?” She hadn’t really been resisting, but now as I slid her thong down her legs, she didn’t even pretend. I got her panty down to her knees; she lifted one leg, stepping momentarily out of her heels to slip them off.

She bit her lower lip, her eyes alive with arousal. I pushed her slightly downward and back, she reached behind for the chair, sitting. I dropped to my knees in front of her, and started inching backward into the chair alcove. “Better start that computer, haven’t you got an e-mail or something you need to get out? ”

She reached for the computer, I ducked my head just a little more, and spied her panties where we’d dropped them. She was about to roll a chair wheel over them, I grabbed them, immediately realizing they were more than just a little damp. Holding them up to my nose, I inhaled Gloria’s arousal; there was no doubt that she was enjoying this as much as I was. Setting the panties aside, I reached over and ran my hands up Gloria’s naked legs toward her thighs, putting pressure on them to draw her closer under the desk. “Raise your bottom,” I commanded, her dress was pinched between her and the chair. She rose a bit; I slid the dress back so her naked butt was now on the black leather seat. I grabbed her just below her knees, pulling her toward me. She scooched forward, then again, until her naked pussy was right at the edge of the chair. “I want to hear some typing.” I said, sliding my finger forward along her inner thigh until I just touched her pussy lips. She gasped. I gently splayed her legs open.

“Typing my naughty girl! Do your job or no play time for you,” I reminded a few seconds later when I hadn’t heard anything.

“Be patient, it’s booting,” she answered.

“It’s booty?” I said, sliding my hand once again up her thighs, this time running my index finger between her slippery lips, finding the soft warm spot and sliding it in. Her legs twitched in response to my probing touch. “No, it’s not booty, I think its pussy.” I pulled my hand back, bringing it to my face, smelling her wetness, her nectar, before sucking it into my own mouth. “Umm, and such sweet, tasty pussy it is. Dessert of the gods!” I listened for a second, heard some stuttered key strokes, some pauses, more keystrokes. “Are you being a good girl and doing your e-mail?”


“And are you wanting to be a naughty girl and have me lick and eat your pussy?”

“Yes.” Her typing had stopped.

“I don’t hear you…” her fingers began typing again, something. I know not what, but as she began typing I began kissing inside her knee, working my way up her leg to the promised land.

I worked slowly, moving from one leg to the other, kissing my way forward, gradually spreading her thighs further apart, making room for me to move even closer. Every once in a while I realized her typing had stopped, so I’d pause, and she’d soon start again. As I gradually spread her legs, moving forward inch by agonizing inch, I could see her arousal, see her glistening pussy lips, see them puffier than normal, her clit standing proudly above her slit, a little pink pea protruding from its protective sheath of skin.



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