Ex loveI came out of mumbai airport on road at6.30pm. I was searching mydriver. I saw him on next end of road. I wentthere crossing the slowmoving traffic & sat inside the car. he said inhis local style “youknow about mumbai traffic, that’s why Icoudn’t take car near you”. Isaid “ok now come inside the car & let’smove”. car joined thetraffic. I told him to take car at rushab’shouse. Rushab is my schoolfriend. he got aranged married 2 days before.I coudnt attend hismarriage because my companies annualgeneral meeting was at delhi onday before his marriage & as a recount clerkI have to attend it.though I could attend marriage, I didn’t. hegot married to sneha.whom I loved in college days. but I didntproposed her because I washaving girlfriend who loves me. I am havinggirlfriends since I am age13. after 16 I had sex with most of mygirlfriends. my collegegirlfriend went in U.S for further studies &her father made hermarriage with another guy without reached near his building. I came out ofcar & made him a “call”.he came. he looks very happy, looking at me.I said “I came for ypu &also you forced me yesterday on phone. so Ihave to come. whilewalking towards his room, he said ” why solate”. I replied”traffic…. I took 2 hours to come”. wereached towards his room. sheopened the door after a bell. she looked atme & said “hi…”. we wentinside. she too looks happy. her presence wasmaking my heartrestless. she has not changed. she is stillbeautiful & sexy. rushabordered beers from nearest wine shop onphone. after that I changed myclothes & wore rushab’s clothes in hisbedroom. I went & sat on sofanext to rushab. we chit-chat. sneha servedjuice & went in kitchen tocook. beer came after sometime & then wewent in balcany to have adrink & continued chat there. I asked inbetween about his sex life inthis two days. he said “nothing…. I havetouched her today morningin discussion for the first time. I feel nervousbecause diyarbakır escort I never hadgirlfriend”. I laughed on him infront of him. now I have to tell himhow to fuck his wife. I was noticing, he wasdrinking very fast.prevously he had said that this is his secondtime. I didnt stoppedhim. let him suffer. when sneha said “dinneris ready”. we went insideto have it. he was not able to walk properly.he was highlyintoxicated by a drink. I handled him. I justtook two bottles that’swhy I was little normal. we sat on dinnertable along with sneha &started having it. rushab was littleunconsicous about sarrounding,due to drunkness & was busy in dinner. I wasstarring her in betweenInitialy in full of love feeling. then after Istarted dreaming nudeabout her by starring at her. In between heran inside kitchen tovomit. we too went inside. he was vomiting.we handled him & took himback to the table. after dinner, rushab wentin bedroom to sleep &sneha gave me guestroom which was next totheir bedroom. that night I was thinking howcould I get her. I wantto have sex with her atleast once & finally Iplanned. next day inmorning I went home..after somedays on holiday weakend inevening. I came again in theirhouse. I know rushab will be on job & shewill be there as she ishousewife. she opened the door & I movedin. she told “rushab is notthere at home. he doesnt have weakendholiday like you”. I sat on sofa& she went inside somewhere, thenafter shebought glass of water forme & sat next to me she switched-off thetv. I said “did I disturbedyou in between your tv show”. she said “no..”…(pause) .. “yes”..”its ok”. after that we chit-chat.In betweentopic come of mygirlfriend of college. I told “she left me” shesaid “was that yourbad decison to choose her” I didnt told herwhole truth. I said “may be yes”. she said “you must try to know, wholoves you & who not. may be there must beother girls who loves you “.I fethiye escort said hesitatingly ” I loved you”. she wasshocked. I continued “Ididnt proposed you because, I was havinggirlfriend”. she remainedpaused for some minutes & told ” I do loveyou but didnt proposed forthe same reason. you do”.our chat went onfinally I bought her on myplanned topic, about their plans for a k**s..she said ” we have notplanned. actually I want k**s but I dont knowhow to convince him forsex because I had never experienced sex.same reason she has likerushab does. If this continues they will neverhave k**s atleast for10 years. I went close to her & started telling her how to convince. her bodywas touching me & as I was telling her mypenis was getting erect.after some time I noticed that she wasfeeling uncomfortable from me.I stoped.I looked at her. she was lookingdown holding both legstightly closed & she was slowly moving farfrom me. this made me moreexited. I kissed her cheek. she shocked &moved in kitchen imediately.I went behind her. she was standing facingto kitchen. both the handswere on kitchen & she was thinkingsomething.. I went & stood behindher. I went close, so that my penis couldtouch her ass. I kept myhand on her hand from behind. then after Imoved her body facingtowards me & moved my lips over her neck.In this moment she didntsaid even a word. may be she was notknowing how to react. then afterI removed her clothes till she is on bra &panty. she gave me toremove her clothes. may be she too wantssex now. her figure is notso good. she is thin, has a medium sizebreast & she is good looking.thenafter I took her in bathroom & turn-onthe shower. I removed allmy clothes & I am ready to fuck. I took herclose to me startedsqueezing her breasts. I made aside her cupof bra & started suckingit. now she started moaning. after some timeshe removed her bra. Iwas bitting her nipples softly in between,which edirne escort was making her morehorny. thenafter I started rubbing her hairypussy, putting handinside her panty. her hairs was trouble forme. then I made her facetowards wall & removed her panty. then Ipenetrate my dick inside herass hole from behind on my first shot shescreamed & as I wentpenetrating her continuesly her screamingwent slower. her faceexpressions showed, she was feeling thepain. but this didnt reducedmy speed, though my heart was also paining.then I sat down. made hersit on my lap facing me i.e, in a cowgirlposition, at the same time Iput my dick inside her & started penetrating.her whole nacked bodywas touching my skin, cold shower water onme & my dick was touchingher inside part of ass. this was making me feelbright. as I waspenetrating her, I kissed her lips mixing mybreath in her breath.then I made her lie on floor & I lied towardsher back & penetratedher from behind. at the same time I wassqueezing her breast frombehind. now she was comfortable with me &she was talking with me inbetween orgasm. then she stood up & sat onmy dick on top, spreadingher legs aside, arches back & rides like areverse cowgirl. now I haveto do nothing rather than lying on the this position she wasmoaning harder. then I took her in livingroom, lifting in my arms. Ilift her on sofa. I spread her legs wide open& started penetratingher pussy kneeling on sofa, without dryingourselves. whilepenetrating her I was taking chance inbetween to squeeze her nipples.It was good to see her beautiful face inorgasm. then I made her siton my lap facing me, while I was kneeling.she cuddled me tightly &said “love you”. I put my dick inside her. Iwas just lifting her up &down by hugging. there was just little in &outs of my dick. frictionswas making it fantastic for orgasm. Inbetween she was scr****g myback with her nails. this was slowly putiingme in orgasm. I kissedher lips in between while licking it inbetween. as soon as loadstarted comming out, I kissed her tightly. tillI fully cummed out mybody was vibrating. Finally I cummed insideher. there wassatisfaction feeling on her face. she wasbreathing deeply & she wasmoving her hand over my chest..



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