Ever Wish You Had X-Ray Glasses? Part TwoNancy put her hand down and touched my cock lightly. Then she sat on the bed and traced it with her fingertips. The slit at the tip was oozing natural lubricant. Nancy dipped her finger into the flow. She took her finger and traced her mouth with the pre-cum acting like it was lip gloss. I was gasping as I looked down at Nancy. When she opened her glossy lips and sucked the head into her mouth ten million butterflies in my stomach erupted in flight, trying to find the way out of my stomach.Slowly she moved her glossy lips along my shaft, not stopping until my balls were under her chin. She stayed like that for several minutes, breathing through her nose as her fingertips traced my balls then my ass. Just moving her fingers like that, I didn’t need to even move inside her mouth. My first orgasm inside of a bursa escort real live girl happened in just five minutes of that delicious agony. Nancy’s eyes were on mine as the semen shot against the back of her throat. When she pulled away, somehow she made most of the semen lay as a coating on my shaft. I was still very hard.With a glazed look in her eyes Nancy rolled onto her back, her arms clutching her knees like an exercise or something. Then she put her hands on her knees and opened them wide apart. I looked down at the bare cunt of my Mom’s cousin…I didn’t even try to figure out what we were to each other…then the word fuckers came to my mind. Nancy’s lips were swollen and her cunt was very wet and very red inside. “Gonna put that hard cock into Nancy’s cunt loverboy? This dream I was having seemed very real. When I pressed the purple bursa escort bayan head inside her, the dream became one that I would never forget. I watched as the semen already on my shaft was sc****d off by Nancy’s tight cunt lips. When my cock was all the way inside her, my pubic hair was coated with cunt juice and semen.I put my hands under her ass and pulled up on her as I slammed down into her. The sloppy sound of fucking was a revelation to me. Since I had cum once already this fuck lasted a whole five minutes. Nancy held my ass against her body as my prick deposited semen deep inside of her.When I had finished cumming I asked her, “Can we do this again Nancy? I mean can we do it again right now?” She laughed and said, “We can fuck until we have to get up to take a shower. We don’t want Alice to walk in on us!”Remembering Mom escort bursa would be home sometime didn’t deter me from fucking Nancy one more time. I asked her how she liked it…what method was her favorite. She smiled and said, “Doggy is always nice Peter.” She put her face on the bed as she raised her ass up and waving back and forth for the next one. I stopped her ass moving with my hands. She reached between her legs and directed my cock into her sloppy cunt. I fucked her with total abandon now…loving the feel, the look, the smell and the sound of fucking Nancy. She was gasping and crying and I was a bit emotional myself. This fuck lasted much longer…no idea how long…but when I came inside her that time Nancy collapsed forward onto my bed like a puddle of flesh.I sat on the bed, running my hands over her body…feeling this part…pulling that one…sliding fingers inside to feel just how sloppy wet she was. When Mom was due in fifteen minutes we got up and had a quick shower, got dressed and were waiting on the living room couch when Mom walked in the door.Still more??



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