Chapter One

My name is Joe and I am 25 years old.

I went on holiday recently, alone. I hadn’t been out the country for what felt like years, so instead of waiting for my friends or family to get ready, I simply bought a train ticket to travel round Europe via train. It was the beginning of summer, so I decided to go in at the deep end and get a plane straight to Rome, stay there for a week or so, then continue to wherever I felt like going.

I had been to Rome before with my family when I was younger. Now that I was older, I eagerly anticipated the freedom and choice I would enjoy, being completely by myself. With very little ceremony, I said my goodbyes to those people I knew back home and headed for Italy.

I am an unpretentious sort of person, so my needs are easily catered for. I booked myself into a cheap but cheerful hostel near the centre of Rome. It was a no frills affair, providing only one bed in a shared room. But as I remembered it, Rome is beautiful whatever your status, so I was happy. I also had a better idea for spending my money.

Pulling out a little guide book I treated myself to at the airport, I followed the instructions to a little scooter shop, near the Coliseum. My plan was to hire a motor-scooter for the duration of my stay in Rome, giving me complete freedom to go where I pleased.

The place seemed friendly enough from the outside, and the clutter of tourists wearing helmets reassured me that this place was bona fide. Once the crowd dissipated, I poked my head around the door and called out, “Chao?” I said uncertainly, as I wasn’t really sure when to use this word.

“Uno minuto!” I heard a young female voice answer from the back. Guessing the meaning, I passed the time looking at the range of scooters that were lined up, filling the shop. I wonder which one would suit me best?

“Chao,” I heard a voice from behind me say. I turned to say hello. A girl, probably in her early twenties was standing there looking at me. She was wiping her oily hands on a rag and sweat glistened on her smooth olive skin. She had the classic Italian look. Petit, with long black hair and a straight fringe that framed her face. She wore a light coloured vest and a pair of men’s overalls covered her legs – the arms had been tied around her waist. She was insanely fit – her braless breasts remained perfectly pert under her thin vest and as she breathed it raised it a little to reveal her bronzed, downy stomach. As I struggled to take all this in, she cocked her head to one side and looked at me inquisitively.


“British,” I replied, hoping that this meant she spoke English.

“OK. You want bike?” She indicated to the range surrounding us.

“Yes please,” I replied, unable to think of anything else.

After a second or so, she realised, to my relief, that she was going to have to take control of this situation if any sort of transaction was going to take place. She led me over to the counter at the back and pulled out some paperwork. It was written in English fortunately, so I tried to bury myself into filling the form out correctly, desperately trying to keep my eyes from wondering helplessly over her body. Finally, the torment was over and I handed the form back to her, my palms all sweaty as I stood with my back to the counter.

“Thank you…” she glanced down the form “… Joe, from Britain.” I chuckled nervously as her mouth gently spread into a smile of perfect white teeth. I could tell she sensed my discomfort at being unable to communicate properly with this goddess in front of me. She smiled again “OK” she said and leaned towards me. Just in time I realised she was not coming in for a kiss, but was reaching to grab a pair of keys that lay on the counter behind me. As her body brushed mine I caught a whiff of her feminine scent, mixed with the slight odour of her sweat from the days work. Glancing down, I managed captured a view of her cleavage that I immediately made a mental note to never forget. I felt my crotch stiffen. Facing me once more, she flicked her long hair over her shoulder then dangled the keys in front of my face.

“Now, Joe. You will be good boy and have good holiday, yes?” She said with a hint of laughter, her husky Italian voice laced with suggestion.

“Of course, of course,” I said, in what I hoped was a confident voice and snatched the keys from her hand.

“Good boy. The keys are for blue Honda at the end, outside. I see you here in one week. Maybe sooner, if I lucky”. I stared her hard in the eyes. Jesus, I’ve only just got here and women are making a pass at me! What’s so different here that’s not back home?

“Erm, OK… maybe you will,” I said in an attempt at being sexy. She chuckled at my response, then turned to get back to work. I scuttled out of the shop, not really sure about what had happened and trying to disguise the hard on I had in my jeans.

It was late afternoon when I left the scooter shop and I was feeling tired. The afternoon air had made everything seem sticky, and the rush hour traffic was beginning to clog Rome’s narrow streets. I decided to drive away from fulya escort the city, to see where the roads took me, to check out the countryside. It seemed odd that I chose to do this, as there is so much to see in the city of Rome, but part of the novelty of having the bike, meant that I had that choice.

The breeze of the open road lifted my spirits and as I raced out of the city limits and felt happy and contented. The weather was still gorgeous and once I found myself in the countryside proper, I started looking for a place to stop and relax.

I pulled over when I saw an open field nestled between a copse of trees and what looked like a vineyard (they are not so common in Britain). It looked like a nice place to stop and enjoy the moment alone. After setting down my bike and wondered into the middle of the field and lay down on my back, looking forward to the solitude and quiet. After five minutes I heard some distant voices coming from the vineyard. I strained my neck to look behind me and saw three white figures, laughing and running about. I turned to lie on my front to watch them. I realised after a few moments what they were up to. They were young, probably late teens, maybe my age and they were picking and eating the grapes off the vines. The sight of them doing this reminded me of my own hunger, so I jumped up, wanting to join in.

My sudden movement towards the three figures caused two of them to panic (‘scrumping’ is clearly not legal in Italy either) and they ran off, leaving one behind. I began walking towards this last figure wanting to explain that I was not the farmer. As I got closer I could see that the figure was female who was wearing a white dress of thin, lightweight material that hugged her body in the summer breeze. She stood still, watching me as I approached.

“I am not the farmer,” I said breathlessly, waving my arms in an attempt to show I didn’t care.

“I know.” She said carelessly before popping a grape into her mouth.

She was about 5’8″ with long dark brown hair. Her skin was dark and smooth, which contrasted heavily with her piecing green eyes. They were hypnotic, as she stared at me nonchalantly, appraising me up and down while bursting grapes between her teeth, then licking the juice from her plump lips. She was slim, the curves of her windswept dress showed this and was bare-foot. The slight breeze easily penetrated the thin material of her dress so her nipples were visible.

“Oh.” I mumbled, the wind taken from my sails. “You speak English?” I could barely contain my excitement at meeting what looked like a woman who seemed to be the sexiest actress in the world, but who was simply standing here talking to me in a field outside Rome.

“Of course. I like to watch movies. I learn English.” Sensing the tension, she broke into a smile and held out her palm. “You want a grape?”

“Yes, thank you,” I said, “How did you know I wasn’t the farmer?”

“I saw you arrive on bike. Oh,” she looked down just as the breeze caught up, noticing her breasts reacting to the brief touch of cold “look my tits. They are all hard.”

My dick suddenly went heavy. My heart pounded against my rib cage. Was this happening? ‘Fuck it,’ I thought ‘I’ve got to grab the nettle and take the plunge. I am on holiday after all and nobody is watching.’

“I can warm them up for you if you like,” I said, looking directly into her emerald eyes.

“I’m sorry, I not understand you,” she said apologetically. ‘Fuck it,’ I thought once again, ‘let’s do this.’

“Ok, watch,” I said and walked around behind her. She watched me move, while standing still herself until her head could not turn any more. I stood directly behind her, breathing down her neck. I whispered into her ear “Look at your tits,” then slowly raised my arms to her breasts and gently placed both palms onto each of them. I could feel the stiff nipples on my hands, and I heard her take a short intake of breath.

“That better?” I asked, and as a way of response she shifted her hand from her side to feel my cock through my jeans. I could feel she wasn’t wearing a bra, so as I began to kiss her neck I started to pull her dress upwards until I could get my hands into through bottom, let them slide up the side of her body until the palms of my hands were massaging the tender flesh of her young, pert tits. Her body felt amazing, it was so warm and soft and her contours were perfect. I could smell her hair and skin and the crisp country air, the combination made me feel animal, lustful and confident.

I let one of my hands slide slowly down from her breasts until it reached her plain white knickers. A groan from her signalled that it was alright to go on and I tentatively slipped my hand in under her panties, searching for her wet snatch and delicately trimmed fuzz of hair. As I touched her most private area, I felt her stomach twitch involuntarily in anticipation. I played with her turgid lips and coaxed the juices from her warm snatch. I smeared her clit with it, rubbing it gently in small circles. Her obvious excitement was really turning me on, and my erection gebze escort was becoming huge, and uncomfortable in my trousers. She seemed to sense this and turned around, still very close to me.

“Is there a problem mister?” she asked as she looked into my eyes then dropped to her knees in front of me.

“Let’s see what the problem is, shall we?” she said, maintaining eye contact except for the briefest of winks. In one smooth movement, she unbuckled my jeans and had them and my boxers around my knees in just a moment. My cock stood at attention in front of her like a flag pole, pulsing and waiting in the cool summer air.

“Ooh, someone is very excited,” she said as she licked her lips. “I thinking, how excited is he?” She then started to flick the end of my cock with her tongue and gently massaged my balls with her hands. She seemed to know what she was doing as she immediately noticed a drop of pre-cum appear at the end of my knob.

“Ready?” she asked, and before I could answer, she grabbed the base of my cock, slowly parted her lips and without it touching the sides inserted it into her mouth until it was halfway. Suddenly her lips closed and she began to suck and slurp all over my dick, taking it in and out of her mouth, rubbing it on her lips and sticking it into the side of her cheek. It was so warm and wet – the tension that had been building in my cock and balls felt mild relief, as my penis penetrated all areas of her mouth.

“Is that good?” she asked, but once again I was unable to reply as she then began to expertly whack off my cock, while looking up at me and smiling. I could barely contain myself. She held her mouth over the end of my dick as she appeared to try to pump her mouth full of my come. Then suddenly, she removed her hand and allowed her mouth to do all the work. The sight of my dick moving in and out of her mouth, her lush, full lips wrapped tightly around the veiny shaft accompanied by the sounds of slurping was beautiful. I closed my eyes and tried not to come. Suddenly she stopped. I looked down to see what the problem was.

“This no good. Not enough. Here, take me hair, yes, with both hands. Now you in control.”

I could not believe this was happening to me. She once again slipped her mouth over my cock and then knelt there, waiting for me to begin thrusting. I needed very little encouragement. Wrapping her long hair around my hands, I started thrusting deep into her mouth. I could hear the sound of my cock squelching as it hit the back of her throat, and I could see her neck opening to take the invasion. She seemed to love it though. I looked down at her as my dick pumped in and out of her mouth, saliva dripping down her chin and water streaming from her eyes. I thrust into her mouth hard and held it there, testing her, seeing how good she was as her nose pressed against my pubes above my cock. After a few seconds I released her, pulling back and allowing her to catch her breath. She gasped for air as saliva and pre-cum stretched in strings dangled in the summer air. She wiped the mess from around her mouth. I thought she might’ve wanted a break from the onslaught, but she continued to kneel in front of me, her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out waiting to get face fucked again. Her eyes stared straight into mine and screamed “I need this. Do it to me.” I rested the pulsing end of my penis on her lips, letting her kiss it. She opened her mouth, trying to swallow it whole, but I pulled back, making her crawl towards it. She reminded me of a kitten playing with a dangling string the way she eagerly chased my dick. Finally I gave in to her and poked my tool back into her throat. She clutched onto my buttocks to steady herself as I thrusted in and out, her lips leaving streaks of saliva on my shaft before spiralling to the ground. Then she pulled back her head, leaving my cock quivering in front of her face. She wiped the mess from around her lips and licked the saliva from her hands. Smiling she looked up to my face while she caressed by balls and stroked my thigh.

“Ooh, you are good, aren’t you? Let’s see what you can do with my pussy.”

She stood up and pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders, so it fell loosely to the ground. Her dark nipples and shiny breasts hung beautifully as she bend down to pull her panties down her long olive skinned legs then finally stepped out of them.

“Quick, take off your clothes,” she said in her sexy Italian accent before skipping into the long grass of the field. By the time I got all my gear off, I found her lying, waiting for me in the long grass only a few yards away. She had her legs spread wide open and was playing with her pussy. The juices and her sweat glistened in the summer sun. I knelt down between her legs.

“Enter me, quickly,” she gasped, her body writhing in the grass. I could see her loins were aching to be entered by me, her eyes were closed in patient expectation and she muttered through her swollen lips for me to impale her.

Although I would have wanted nothing more than to bury my cock into her tight pussy then and there, if there is gültepe escort one thing that turns me on more than anything, it is the hunger that a woman gets when she knows she’s going to get fucked. Instead, I started toying with the entrance to her snatch, pulling at the labia and brushing her clit. She groaned with pleasure and began to buck like a see-saw. Tentatively I entered her with two fingers, making circling motions and curling my fingers up, seeking out her g-spot. She let out a grunt when I found it and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me closer. She wanted me to fuck her so much, I felt as if I had cast a magic spell – she no longer had control over her body, all she needed was my dick inside of her, to fill her up, to take her over. I pushed my dick onto her pussy lips, letting it enter her only a tiny bit. It opened her up enough to know that my cock was about to dock. I moved it up and down, running the length of her labia with my rock hard head and I asked her “Do you want it now?”

“Si, si senor!” she breathed, unable to translate her thoughts into English. I obliged her and pressed my dick harder against her pussy lips until they gave way and allowed my manhood to enter. I only gave her about three inches of my cock before I started to withdraw. My quick withdrawal made her lose her breath, so I did it again, entering her cunt only by a few inches before withdrawing again in an abrupt action. In and out I gave her my dick, but tentatively only giving her a small portion. Not that she seemed to tell. For her, I was fucking her, she could feel my cock pass in and out of her pussy lips, stimulate her clit and rub just slightly against her g-spot. I upped the pace of my thrusting, but never giving her more that three inches. She started to breath heavily in time with my motions and let out little grunts and high pitched moans. Suddenly, I grabbed her ankles, pulled her legs apart into a wide V shape and paused. Then, before she could catch her breath I plunged the full length of my manhood hard, deep into her pussy and held it there. She gasped with surprise and seemed to say some blasphemy in Italian. She placed one of her hands on my stomach, as if to push me back, as if she wasn’t ready to be filled that much. But I knew what I was doing. I pulled out then plunged straight back in again, hard, fast and with deliberation again and again, so that with every thrust she felt she was being filled more and more. She couldn’t last much longer against this feeling and, bucking, writhing and screaming she climaxed, wrapping her legs around me and pulling me closer, trying to kiss me to fully embrace the waves of pleasure and emotion that were assaulting her. I pulled my dick out and watched her twitch and shift in the tall grass in the throes of orgasm. After a few moments, her eyes opened and she looked at me.

“Mamma mia…” she breathed, “You not finished?”

I winked at her, “Not yet baby, not yet.” She made a mock sigh, as if she couldn’t take any more, “I am finished, you can do what you want with me now.”

I grabbed her by the hips and turned her over. She felt limp and pliable in my grasp, enjoying the feeling of being dominated. She obediently positioned herself onto her hands and knees and wiggled her arse at me. And what an arse. I hadn’t had a proper look at it so far, but it was beautiful, like two bronzed ostrich eggs side by side. It was small but each cheek was perfectly round, and between them poked the little mound of her snatch, now shiny and wet from her orgasm. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, letting the summer air wash over her parts. Then finally I pushed my cock between them, into her tight wet snatch all the way to the hilt. From this position I could penetrate more deeply and it was clear she was feeling it too. She let out a moan and hung her head down, waiting for the pounding to come. I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me and fucked her hard and deep. Her pert bottom rippled as it struck my groin again and again and I could feel my balls swing up and tap her clit with every thrust. Her pussy seemed to hug tightly around my dick, lubricating it and clinging to it like a perfectly engineered machine sliding in and out. Love juice smeared itself all over my pubes and her ass and rolled languidly down the inside of her legs. The whole situation was finally getting to me and I felt my balls twitch.

“Come inside me,” she mumbled, her voice muffled by the grass. I upped the pace of my fucking and the girl started to scream again as I felt the sensation of my cum leave my balls, travel up the shaft of my penis and explode inside her hot wet snatch. I shuddered as I came and let out a groan while the girl had another orgasm, the warm jets of spunk giving her pussy the relief it needed. I pulled my dick out and let the mixture of pussy juice and spunk drip from her swollen pussy. The girl, bent over in front of me, collapsed to one side with exhaustion. On my knees I made my way over to her head, so that she could suck the last drips of my cum from the end of my dick and so that, as my erection gradually faded, it was comforted by the warm tenderness of her tongue. Without opening her eyes, she licked and sucked contentedly at my penis until satisfied that I was all done. By the time I stood up to find my trousers, she was already asleep – passed out from exhaustion in the long grass under the blue summer sky.



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