[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. This is not a “Wham!-Bam!-thank-you-ma’am!” story and as such it takes a short while to pick up to speed so to speak. Please bear with it, the nookie will come. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental.]


Chapter 3: Acceptance


A few moments after Veronique had left, the girls were able to speak in privacy. The reality of events had overwhelmed them, things were moving at a rapid pace and neither of them wanted this wonderful experience to end.

In the excitement they spoke over each other.

“Wow sis’ she’s just beautiful. Is this too good to be true?” Monique vocally machine-gunned her enthusiasm.

“I can’t believe we lucked out so much, she is the perfect pet.” Etienne enthused, her mind racing with thoughts as to how far she could push Veronique, and her sister for that matter.

Both girls slowly absorbed what the other had said, Monique acknowledging her sister’s comment with a raised eyebrow. As happened quite often when they spoke about different things at the same time, they had to determine who would speak first. Monique won the game of rocks, paper, scissors and spoke first.

“I can still taste her lipstick, oh wow! You were right sis’ she’s totally open to you dominating her and she never batted an eyelid when you asked her to stay.”

Monique was still reliving that one simple exchange of intimacy. The sisters had kissed each other before, but it was not a common thing and they never did so whilst aroused. It was difficult enough separating what would be considered masturbation with what could be considered incest. So Monique’s kiss with Veronique was her first truly impassioned kiss and the exhilaration was experienced vicariously by Etienne.

Etienne was as stunned as her sister. In one evening she had not only revealed her taboo desires for the first time, she had experienced them. She was emboldened and lusted for more.

“She’s going to be getting ready, running the bath and undressing. We cannot push things too far, too fast.” Etienne said with calculating concern.

Etienne looked closely into her sister’s beautiful pink eyes, they were glassy with lust and wide with expectation. She wondered how her own eyes appeared to her sister, were they as brazen and etched with passionate thoughts?

Without a second thought Etienne leaned in and kissed her sister again full on the lips, which took Monique by surprise. This time their tongues began an unfamiliar dance that both enjoyed immensely. Breathing into each other as their bodies formed an ethereal ring; one body, becoming two, and then rejoining.

A finger pressed into the vale below, through the silky cloth of their evening gown and the pressure increased downward momentarily. Both girls flinched at the sensation, but neither pulled away. The finger delved deep and the kiss became locked as all focus shifted to the slight movement of the hand. A fingertip moistened as dew seeped through the sheer gown and one hand was joined by another, clenching into the fabric, into the cleft. Movement increased, but first one hand then the other withdrew.

There was the briefest pause as both girls panted breathlessly.

“Oh wow!” Monique said finally gasping for air.

“I really wanted you to frig us then, we’ve never done that before sis’, does that mean we’re committing incest?” Monique was flustered and the words came out slightly broken.

“We can hold on, but no, who can call it incest when we have no choice but to share our snowy pussy.” Etienne whispered to her sister, giving her sister a playful bite on her lower lip, tugging it slightly.

“And I liked it too, we’ll do more of that, but not now, we have a slave to exploit.”

“Race you to the top of the stairs!” Monique joked with her sister, glugging down the last of her cognac. The pair of yakacık escort them laughed at this, Monique always did have the quicker wit. They lifted the third arm of the chair and rose clumsily to their feet. Getting up was always a matter of momentum and finding a good centre of gravity as they were quite top heavy, despite their well developed leg muscles. Their inner arms wrapped around each other to pull their torsos together, something they had to do each time they stood up.

Monique giggled.

“What is it?” Etienne quizzed her sister.

“Look.” Replied Monique, pointing at their crotch.

As well as the small damp patch, the cloth was still gathered within them where they had pressed enthusiastically.

“Oh how embarrassing.” Etienne said, pulling the dress to flatten the fabric. But the creases left behind acted like a naughty bulls-eye telling tales of what had occurred. The girls shrugged in unity and began their swaying walk up stairs. The staircase was quite wide, so each sister had to lean a little to grasp the nearest respective handrail. Their pace was a little awkward, partly because of the buzzing between their legs, but mainly because stairs had always been easier to descend than to climb. In turn they released and grasped the handrail and took each step with a measure of care.

At the top of the stairs they regained their balance. Their unfathomable gracefulness flowed back and their composure returned. Etienne glanced to the left, to see the hall leading to their parents’ rooms, all lights were off, they had gone to bed as the girls had suspected. She nodded to her sister and they turned right and headed toward their private bathroom, expectant and with hastening breaths.

At the doorway Monique turned to her sister, her smile had reduced and her heartbeat increased.

“What if I don’t like it?” Monique said with trepidation, her lip quivered.

“What if things don’t go the way I want them to?” She added.

“What if…”

“Hush Mon you’re over thinking things. Just go with the flow and follow my lead.” Etienne calmed her sister by brushing her face softly with her knuckles. Monique pulled down the lever door handle and Etienne clutched the door jamb as they stepped into the doorway. The bath was still running. It was a huge bath, almost large enough to be considered a Jacuzzi, it sat in the centre of the room. The bath had water jets and flush chrome taps that fed water into the bath from the sides, so that you would not find them prodding you in the back.

Along one wall were mirrors, the central ones lead to a walk-in wardrobe, but the doors were closed. Over the rail at the end of the bath were two towelling bath robes specially joined into one and two large towels, but there was no sign of Veronique.

“She set it running and left!” Monique hissed, her voice dashed with disappointment.

The sisters stepped forward and Etienne leaned on the bath as Monique turned off the taps. Both girls were heartbroken; there were no clothes on the floor, the glass of cognac that Veronique had left with was on the marble surround to the sink and the only sign that Veronique had been here at all was evidence that she had tidied some of their things away, from events before the party, and had set the bath running.

Etienne and Monique sat on the edge of the bath in dejected silence.

“We came on too strong.” Monique said, she did not cry, but her eyes watered over.

“I don’t understand she was so willing and seemed to be enjoying herself,”

Etienne paused then added with a slight tremble in her voice added “And she was so beautifully obedient.”

“And she shall continue to be, mistress.” Came that now familiar thick Parisian accent from behind them both.

The girls practically tore themselves in half as they each turned in opposite directions to look behind.

Veronique had undressed, as she had been asked. She had used the ‘walk-in’ wardrobe as a changing room. The sisters caught a brief glimpse of the tiny French girl wearing sheer black underwear and matching tights before they completely lost balance and tumbled zeytinburnu escort backwards into the bath with a huge, double impact “Splash!”.

“Oh mon dieu!” Veronique squealed, scrambling forwards, not knowing who to grab under the arms to lift out.

For a few seconds all three of them scrabbled to pull them out of this ridiculous predicament. The desperate thrashing turned into fits of laughter before Monique grabbed Veronique and pulled her in with them. They lay flailing in hysterical laughter. The sisters had become exhilarated by the sudden change of fortune at the return of their sexy waitress, realising that they had not been abandoned caused a rush of hormones and adrenalin.

As the giggles abated Etienne brushed Veronique’s top lip with her index finger.

“You had us so worried, we thought we had offended you.” Monique hugged the girl who was now lying sideways across the sisters’ lap, with her head barely above the bubbles.

“Oh mes non mistress, I am very excited now, I ‘ave ze goosepimples.” Veronique smiled tenderly at Monique and giggled again.

Etienne cleared her throat, she was extremely happy, but she had a role to play and she was determined that her visible happiness would not diminish her status as the domme.

“Well, we cannot very well stay like this can we? Veronique, please get out and grab mine and Monique’s inner hands and pull.”

“Oui, oui, mistress.” Veronique spluttered through some bubbles that had stuck to her cheek.

Veronique fumbled and slipped a little as she lifted herself up. Her right hand brushed across Monique’s very prominent left nipple. Veronique hovered her hand there for a moment, changing it to a clutching of Monique’s breast and pressed hard as though levering herself out of the bath. All the time she maintained eye contact with Monique who fed back every emotion with a lustful glance. Both sisters felt the excitement, but Etienne did not realise the cause. At least now their damp underwear and evening gown were disguised by lathery bath water.

Veronique did as she had been told, using the edge of the bath to assist in pulling the girls upright.

“Step back please Veronique, we should like to get a good look at you.” Etienne demanded, her domme voice and demeanour had returned. Dutifully Veronique took two paces backward and stood, legs slightly apart with her hands by her side. She was about five feet three inches tall, her hair was long and dark brown with a slightly rust-coloured sheen to it. Her eyes were hazel and her eyelashes and eyebrows were well trimmed and shaped. Her mouth was narrow and had plump lips as if she were constantly pouting. She had a light frame, but with curves to die for. Her breasts were a modest c-cup, but her bra made them look a cup size larger. She had pure skin with barely a blemish apart from a single mole above and to the left of her belly-button. Her hips were quite wide for her size and enhanced the very shapely thighs. Through the opaque mesh of her knickers a small dark crop of pubic hair was barely visible, neatly topiaried into a rounded tuft.

“Turn around please.” Etienne ordered, with an acknowledgement of approval from her sister who clamped her hand.

Again Veronique obeyed without delay, standing to face the bathroom door. The valley of her spine and shoulder-blades were clearly defined. The sisters’ view of her back showed Veronique had a perfect hour-glass shape, slightly wider on the bottom. Veronique’s buttocks were quite large for her height, well-rounded and no sign of collagen dimpling, she was perfect.

“Now bend over please.” Etienne said with authority in her voice.

The initial response from Veronique whilst bending was to giggle. Etienne decided that was the trigger for her to establish dominance.

“No laughing or I shall make you eat the soap.”

“Oui mistress.” Veronique responded nasally, affected by her now upside-down posture, speaking back at the girls from between her dangling breasts stretching her bra and through her spread legs.

“Spread your cheeks for my sister.”

“Oui mistress.” Veronique returned, aksaray escort this time with a slight quiver in her voice.

She clenched her buttock cheeks with both hands and pulled them outwards, the material of her underwear slid into the crack and revealed the slightly dark halo and wrinkles of her pouting anus, as well as the contours of her pubis and the subtle bulge of pubic hair.

“Very nice sister, don’t you think?” Etienne said with a tamed keenness.

“Oh very, very nice sister. Veronique, you are beautiful.” Monique said with sincerity and more than a little mustered lust.

“Thank you mistress.” Veronique blushed.

“Now, let us see your lovely bum hole.” Etienne said indifferently.

To this Monique’s head snapped around to look at her sister, but frightened that she might miss something, she turned back again quicly to watch.

“Oui mistress.” Veronique replied without hesitation and this time with a hint of playful eroticism.

Veronique reached out her middle finger and clawed back the thin material to expose her anus. Monique sighed in delight; it was small and tight, and dipped in, rather than being flush with the surrounding skin. To Monique’s delight it was pale and pink, just slightly darker than the skin surrounding it. The most beautiful little feature to this was a second tiny mole, just above it. The position of which was now etched in Monique’s memory.

Etienne and Monique stood up and shook themselves, the water from the bath was now cooling rapidly and Monique began to shiver.

“We need to undress, we’re getting cold.” Etienne prompted the little French maid.

“Oui mistress, I shall undress you yes?”

“Yes!” Both sisters responded, slightly too loudly. Monique’s response sounded a little more eager than her sister’s.

Veronique padded, bare-foot, across the tiled floor. Monique’s eyes were transfixed on the subtle gelatinous bounce of the waitress’ breasts. Surely there were fewer sights in the world as beautiful, she thought. She pondered that to see such a sight before her eyes were gouged out would be worth it. Etienne however was more curious about the girl’s attitude. It all seemed too good to be true, had she stumbled upon a rare gem? Or were there more girls out there with an acceptance of her fetishes than she had been aware of? She cast the thought aside, maintaining focus on the moment and enjoying her command were far more important.

Veronique walked around behind the sisters and unzipped the backs of the gown, which by now was sodden and clung closely to the sisters’ bodies. The gown was especially tailored to pull apart in two halves, accommodating both torsos.

As the back of the dress fell open, it revealed the join of Etienne and Monique’s bodies to the petite young french girl. A perfect cleft and swooping sides between the two, their powder-pink albino skin in deep contrast to anything she had witnessed before. Veronique gasped which did not go unnoticed by the twins. She traced Monique’s side with a tender touch of her fingertips, Monique sighed and closed her eyes. The waitress’ fingers reached the blending flesh and as her hand began to swoop up the other side, affectionately touching Etienne, Etienne too sighed and inhaled deep through her nostrils.

“To sink zat I called you freak.” Veronique snivelled, a tear dropped onto the sisters’ joined flesh.

“Je n’ai jamais vu quelqu’un de plus exquis. Je veux ceci, je veux que ce si mal.” Veronique said with a barely intelligible whisper.

“I, I didn’t quite catch that.” Said Etienne, unsure if she should reprimand the girl for talking in French.

Monique drew a deep breath and fought back a tear of her own.

“She said, she has never seen anyone more exquisite sister.”

“That wasn’t all, what else was it?” Etienne queried further, a lump caught in her throat.

“She said that,” Monique took a deep breath, as though an epiphany had occurred that made the whole world seem brighter and more alive. She cleared her throat and continued.

“She said that she wants this so badly.”

With barely concealed emotion Etienne bolstered herself, deciding that this should not interrupt their play, no matter how thoughtfuly or romantic it may be. But inwardly she admitted that Veronique’s words were some of the sweetest she had heard.

“Thank you Veronique, now please continue.” Etienne stated with a slight crackle to her voice.



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