Episode 43 – Jenny at the DinerEarly YearsHi I’m a vagina; I belong to Jenny Cumslut. I’m sure that’s not her real surname, but she likes to be called that. I’m Jenny’s best friend; I’ll do anything to make her happy and she loves to stroke and rub me all the time. Jenny Cumslut adores Cum – she cannot get enough of it. She will do anything to swallow the stuff, coat her fabulous tits in it, fill her arse with it, or best of all let me suck it out of the end of a nice boy’s cock. We were born around 1985. We spent the second half of the 1980s planning how to get cum, then the whole of the 1990s covered in the stuff.When we were little, Slutty Jenny called me ‘slit’ or ‘front-bottom’, then as we grew up ‘pussy’ or ‘cunt’, sometimes ‘vagina’ or ‘cum-hole’ or ‘split-beaver’ or most recently ‘cock-magnet’. I didn’t care as long as she kept me warm and wet between her legs.Slutty Jenny soon discovered the best way to watch me was a round hand-mirror, held between her thighs, then two fingers holding my outer lips apart. I’m a deep pink inside, with this hard little button at the top that she loves to stroke – it makes me go all weak inside. Some mornings she would ‘forget’ to put on any panties; I loved the view of the grass between her feet when she skipped through the park, kicking up fallen leaves. Then Jenny would lean back against her favourite tree, rubbing her bottom against a knobbly low branch. She lifted up her short skirt so I could see the whole park. Then she would lick two fingers and rub them all around my clitoris, slipping them into my gooey wetness. Masturbation made us both very happy. One day Jenny Cumslut rubbed so hard that I couldn’t hold back the water. It all came streaming out in a hot gush all over her feet. Jenny crouched down and kept rubbing – her fingers coated in p*e, Jenny loved it – her first squirt.Playing in the park was OK, but Jenny still demanded cum. Eventually her older br0ther Craig gave in, dragging a fine cock out of his girlfriend for half an hour. Cumslut Jenny held it between her hot, hard, young breasts, wanking the sticky sperm into her voracious mouth. All I got was one of his lousy fingers. It bumped against that patch of tight thin skin Jenny calls her hymen.“What? Still a virgin? We’ll have to do something about that. Meet me outside in the yard in five minutes – you can ride my bike”.Jenny threw on a short red skirt, leaving the spunk to cool on her bare tits. The pushbike was far too big for her. She could barely reach the pedals, perched up on the narrow pointed saddle. Her big brother laughed as she wobbled around the yard – pussy lips opening up to take the tip of the hard plastic seat – it did hurt. Then suddenly Jenny Cumslut hit a rock or something and the saddle was forced straight through my hymen and deep into my private areas above. Jenny screamed and fell off the bike, grazing her knee. Craig carried us inside, ripping off the stained skirt, straight into the shower. The spray of hot water straight up between the thighs soothed the pain, now his fingers covered in soap felt much nicer. Soon they were replaced by cock covered in a funny latex bag. He was our first fuck and he didn’t want to get Jenny pregnant. The pain was intense, forcing apart whole parts of Jenny’s virgin cunt, but we learnt to love it. Soon her knees went weak, eyes tight closed, then she shook all over, hanging on to his shoulders through her first proper orgasm. Craig whipped off the condom, holding his still-dripping cock to Jenny’s mouth – she sucked all his cum off the head and shaft and then his balls. Jenny Cumslut couldn’t get enough of it – all rich and sweet and sticky.After that Jenny couldn’t get enough cock – she loved cocks of all shapes and sizes – short fat ones, long skinny ones and the plastic type that vibrated. Pussy’s favourite is a long blue rubber one with a huge fat head, it sticks to her bed-head – Jenny loves to slide me onto to it. It makes me all creamy; it makes Jenny giggle – she loves to bursa escort ride her dildo on the bed.Once Jenny was old enough, the Doctor put her on the pill, so the boys didn’t have to wear condoms any more. Jenny loved the feel of hot cum pumping inside her pussy, then to lick it all off a softening cock. Sometimes she let them fuck her arse, but she still licked it all up.Second Best FriendAfter her pussy, Jenny’s next-best friend was Missy – a blonde, buxom lesbian. Jenny’s tits had always been huge; she hated gym at school – couldn’t stop them bouncing, and now they stretch most F-cup bras. The boys loved to watch the dark brown nipples poking out of the school tee-shirt during games and my best mate Missy was always tying them up and slapping them when we played at lesbians in her bedroom. One day they were walking home from school, playfully slapping each other’s arse and both her hands inside a blouse, mauling Jenny Cumslut’s hot tits. Jenny pushed her into the doorway of a unit that had been closed for years – just got her knee high up between her legs, rubbing hard at her crotch when Jenny saw this sign stuck up in the window: ‘Two sexy young waitresses wanted. No experience required. Uniforms and strict training supplied. Apply within’.”Just have to get these panties off you, bitch; then we can apply”.Missy replied by pulling Cumslut’s blouse right down, exposing the flesh coloured F-cup bra – anyone passing would assume the huge brown nipples were bare. She sucked one in – Oh shit she’s making me cream. I rolled my knee around between her lips, piling the pressure onto her clit. I think we both came as the door opened and we fell into the arms of the empty shop’s new owner.The DinerThe ‘interview’ mostly consisted of him feeling up our tits; we got the job even before he came in Jenny’s mouth. He had us standing naked in a pool of light – everywhere else was in darkness. He took photos on his iPad of our fronts and rears individually, then both of us from the side kissing tit to tit. He gave Jenny Cumslut a tape measure – I had to call out Missy’s measurements which he added to the photos. We started as usual with bust, waist, hips and dress length. Then he got a bit more intimate: distance between nipples, diameter of areolas, length of pussy lips and finally distance between Cunt and Arse demonstrated by the usual two finger method. They swapped places a few times – he seemed really intrigued by binding up Jenny’s tits and slapping them hard to see if she would cum. The last test was how much of his 9” cock they could swallow – Jenny won, and he has the photos to prove it. I learnt that size IS everything when it comes to cocks – he was hung like a horse – slightest display of cleavage or arse and it erupted from his boxers, waiting to be fondled. I loved it – couldn’t get enough of it – had to fight off Missy when he started spurting – the slut needs all his cum.Opening NightThey both turned up on Saturday night, rather nervous at the sparkling new traditional 1950’s American Diner. The owner had laid out the new uniforms in the back room – palest grey push up bra – perfect sized and so smooth – it caressed Jenny’s breasts, and gave the most fantastic cleavage. I had a black lacy thong, Missy had blue – her arse looked perfect. I wanted to trib her, but Jenny’s mouth beat pussy to it. The dresses were bubblegum pink latex that clung to their young bodies like a second skin. A full-length zip down the front allowed the customers a fabulous view of soft tit flesh. The dresses were so short that you could see our arses even before we bent over to fetch a coffee cup from the low shelf behind the bar. There were floor-level mirrors everywhere and he insisted on a thong inspection every evening before service. I’m ever so glad Jenny shaved me this morning – the thong is very brief, hardly covering my pumped-up lips. Missy looked disgraceful in hers – blonde curls erupting around the thin fabric pulled up tight into her cunt. She giggled bursa escort bayan when Jenny stroked her hard between the legs, then fluttered her tongue all around her hot arse – she creamed herself. Most of the customers thought they had the perfect right to cop a feel of arse as we walked by. The ladies were the worst – whole hands inside my thong, grappling my willing clit to spread the wetness. One stuck her tongue down Jenny’s throat while groping her tits – she got my phone number.All You Can EatMissy and Jenny were advertised on the ‘Dish of the day’ menu – huge photographs on the wall behind the counter. Jenny Cumslut did breakfast on the first day – laid out on a narrow table – truckers crowded around eating fried eggs off her boobs, waffles with maple syrup tricking down my crotch. I loved it – they wolfed the food down, the cook kept laying on slices of bacon and sausages. Her tits were a mess, coated in egg and brown sauce, then sperm. Lots of spunk erupting out of giant cocks waved over her face and chest. Jenny swallowed one load, then the next bloke would wank another mouthful into her. They took turns for a while, then one tried to fist me – four huge fat fingers between my soft lips – he really hurt. Missy managed to distract him, by sucking his balls – she replaced his hand by her own – sliding her whole fist in up to the wrist and brought me off.Couples NightAfter a month or so just working Saturdays the manager persuaded us to staff a Friday evening couples-only event. The pay wasn’t bad for a pair of randy schoolgirls, but the tips were amazing. He said we could earn as much as $300 a night with the right games.The guessing game involved Jenny on the pool table – on knees and elbows – arse high in the air. The bloke stood at her head end – she had to guess where his cock had just been. Mostly they just smelt of pussy, a quick slurp around the cock head confirmed the sweet mixture of pussy juice and cum – delicious. This third couple of the night were different – mostly the blokes dropped their trousers, or poked it out through the zip. He just walked up starkers – really fit body, enormous erection coated in cream. Half way down his cock he was till tasting of pussy, and then I noticed Missy waving frantically and pointing to her own backside.“Naughty man” Jenny managed, pulling his hardness from the back of her throat “You’ve had your bird’s cunt and Missy’s arse”. He thanked us by wanking another mouthful onto her tongue – we adore cum.Meanwhile his bird was at the back end, where I had to guess what she was shoving up my arse. She had pulled aside my thong and lubed up my arse. Mostly I could recognise fingers, dildos, lipsticks, once even a toothbrush. But this was different – I hardly felt it go in, but now it was quite scratchy inside as she twisted and pulled me around. I looked back – she was grinning like a Cheshire Cat – sticking two fingers between my pussy lips. Once she found the g-spot, my arse suddenly became super-sensitive, but I would never have guessed the mascara brush until she fluttered her extravagant eye-lashes at me: “We win” she crowed “Now to claim our prize”.She climbed up on the pool table, jamming her hot cunt under Jenny’s face. Quite a tasty pussy, still some of that spunk in her folds. She came when Jenny gripped her hard clit between her front teeth and twisted from side to side.Meanwhile her bloke had casually walked to the bottom of the table and was feeding his fat cock into my pussy. I tried to object about not wanting to get pregnant yet, but he just ploughed on regardless – filling my hungry womb with his seed. Guess I was lucky with my period, but the Manager insisted on a policy of condoms only for any cuntal fun.Hen NightThe Diner was often let out for parties and tonight was a Hen Party for a girl getting married tomorrow. The girls arrived in a pink limousine, obviously already had a load to drink and flirting obscenely with the driver and the diner owner. Jenny had explained escort bursa that the diner didn’t have a liquor licence, so the 6 girls had brought their own crate of cheap champagne. It was already dark when they arrived; jumping out of the limo half naked and streaking across the car park; bottles and underwear grasped tightly. Tomorrow’s bride looked the worse for wear – smudged mascara, dress ripped down the front, ‘L’ plate thong clearly visible inside her open-crotch tights. The 6 girls sat around, drinking, swearing and photographing each other having fun. Two had stripped down to bra and panties and were trying to fuck Missy with an empty champagne bottle. Luckily the stripper arrived, dressed as a fireman – ‘Oh My God’ thought Jenny ‘it’s Craig my br0ther’. The fireman stripped down to his red boxers; the cock ring around the base clearly visible. He thrust his lovely cock at each girl in turn for a suck. Nobody had noticed the bride had passed out – head back, legs open, tits covered in jelly and ice cream.“So who is he going to fuck?” demanded one of the lesbians “How about this slut Jenny with the big knockers?”Jenny and Craig had played around when they were younger, like all randy teenagers; but this was serious – the party girls expected some real sex. Jenny bent over the table “You can have some arse, but absolutely no cuntal” she whispered in the fireman’s ear, then out loud “You have a mighty fine cock there mister, why don’t you see if it fits my arse?” Br0ther didn’t need asking twice – he pulled it out of one slut’s mouth, wiped it on her tits, then fed it slowly inch by inch into Jenny’s backside, Oh it did feel good. Jenny pushed back, taking it right in to the root; then he pulled out, only to slam it back in, higher this time. Jenny screamed into one of the lesbian’s cunts, licking all around the hot wet lips and chewing on her clit. Jenny adored anal, especially with two fingers roaming around between her lips. The fireman eased off the pressure on her back, slipped one hand under a succulent breast and the other up between her legs. “You’re soaking wet, you slut. I never guessed you enjoyed anal so much. Will you cum for me?” Jenny went wild – tits being mauled by all the dr*nken girls; br0ther’s cock reaming her arse, two sets of fingers grappling her clit – she came long and hard. The fireman didn’t let up – ramming his hungry cock deeper inside, then pulling out to explode hot sticky sperm all over his s1ster’s arse.Missy climbed up on the table, flipped Jenny over, lifted one leg and jammed her cunt hard into mine. Our cunts fought for a while, juice streaming down the girl’s thighs, then Jenny took control mashing her cunt into her second-best friend until they both collapsed exhausted, sperm cooling and drying on Jenny’s pretty arse.TobyNo story especially commissioned by cumslut000buck would be complete without a mention of her Great Dane Toby. Dogs are not allowed in the Diner, so Jenny always tied him up outside. The aroma of fresh pussy must have been overwhelming. He gnawed through his leash and bounded through the door the next time one of the half-naked Hen Party tripped out to the limo for another bottle of fizz. He sk**ded across the shiny floor to end up with his head buried in the sleeping bride’s crotch. She screamed as his cold wet nose and tongue opened up her cunt, licking her to an instant orgasm. Toby ran around the party like a mad thing, pushing his tongue deep into every guest, until he smelled Jenny. Her natural cuntal perfume spilled out between her cum-soaked thighs; she was still bent over the table.Toby just had to stretch up to his full height, place his front paws carefully each side of Jenny’s waist and power this huge bright-red cock into her waiting cunt. It slid in so quickly, they both paused waiting for a reaction. Then all hell broke loose. Jenny Cumslut screamed deep in her throat, Toby barked and the fucking began. Nobody had ever fucked Jenny so hard and deep; her pussy was on fire and Toby was fanning the flames. When Jenny came it was cataclysmic – the juice flooded out covering Toby’s undersides. He had never encountered such a hot bitch. He filled her with his doggy seed, dreaming of a litter of grey pups.



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