After years in the shadows, it returns…

(Author’s note: Part 1 was written in 2012, while all the parts after 2 were written in 2017.)

While she enjoyed the briskness of the powdery snow that crunched underneath her boots, two figures entered the room that she had picked. They set up the device without a rush, knowing full well that in due time, their treat would return to the room and her curiosity would drive her to want to investigate. Alie was completely unaware of the events that were planned for her that evening and the two only hoped that she would be well worn out so that there wouldn’t be too much struggle.

As Alie made her way back to the ski lift for one more run down the mountain, her furtive green eyes caught sight of movement in the window that overlooked the peaks. Her room. There was movement inside! There shouldn’t have been. With a knot forming in her stomach that perhaps someone had broken in and was making off with her valuables, Alie quickly removed herself from the small crowd of people waiting for the chairs to come ’round and made her way back towards the hotel.

One of the figures happened to glance out and saw the unmistakable strides of the tall young woman. A sound that didn’t register on any earthly language slipped from its lips causing the other to freeze momentarily. “She’s coming,” said the watcher to the second still away from the window. “She’s coming quickly.”

Although the two in her room were well versed with every language in the known universe, the language that they spoke was telepathic with a few grunts here and there when there wasn’t a word in their own tongue. Under a heightened awareness that the room occupant was coming back to the room much sooner than intended, they quickly looked around to see where they might blend in. Though the two were dressed in hooded robes, this was only to hide their alien-like skin from the rest of humanity.

“We could blend,” said the second to the first. “She will be more interested in her suitcase and things she brought with her than in checking the room. We could even leave the door open as though we’ve fled.

A third figure suddenly materialized from the doorway. He beckoned to the two and they moved fluidly across the floor. The door stayed open as the three slowly became one and then the one slowly slipped backwards into the wall across from the open door. Just in time too as the elevator door chime sounded and Alie’s hurried footsteps were heard in the carpeted hallway.

“Is it set?” The question came from Third, asking First and Second. Though First and Second were a merged part of First, their minds still functioned separately even though they were able to communicate without sound.

“Just barely,” replied Second. “I saw her returning and I believe First got all of the tripwires set throughout the device. She should be well restrained by the time her curiosity gets the better of her.

“And if we all just wait, we’ll be able to hear,” muttered First with a bit of sarcasm that got an almost imperceptible kick from Second. Third glared at First as they all settled into an inaudible hush. They all smelled her fear, but this was normal. Had they not been seen, she would have entered the room a great time later, exhausted from her day’s exercise, and her faint into sleep would have been easier. Now, the sleep would come only after…

“What did they do? What did they take?” Alie’s voice was heard after several moments. She wasn’t really talking to anyone in particular, but just the sound of her own voice in the room seemed to calm her own nerves. Her heart pounding in her ears seemed deafening and she half looked around to see who else had heard. If she had known how to look through walls, she would have see 3 sets of hungry eyes staring back at her.

After assuring herself that none of her belongings had been disturbed, she turned to walk out of the door before she saw it: A small wooden thing had been set onto the small stand between the set of drawers and the tv stand. It almost looked like a miniature version of a Star Trek Star Gate, but it seemed far too small for anyone or anything to go through. Stepping to the door to look both ways and seeing the the hall was clear, Alie went back to the device for a closer look.

She shut the door behind her, completely unaware of the 3 separate figures came out of the wall. Had she been less curious about the device and more aware of her sixth sense which clearly detected the trio, she might have seen. As it was, her curiosity ruled that moment. Alie knelt in front of the stand and then noticed that there was the faintest of writing on the sphere that sat between the two arched gates. She bent down to look and made out the words.

“Look through here…”

When she studied the round thing closer, she noticed that there was a small hole in the letters “e” from the word “here”. Tentatively she set her hands on the base, but nothing was happening. Alie raised the thing to her face so that she could look through the two holes and immediately, there was an audible şişli elit escort puff of air that sounded from somewhere. Suddenly the thing in her hands came alive! Tendrils came from the sphere and shot out either side of her face. She’d taken her glasses off to view the lettering closer and it was a good thing she had. The tendrils encircled her head and clamped the remainder of the sphere onto her head.

With a shriek of surprise, Alie jerked backward as if to try to get away. Her grip tightened on the gates to try to pull the thing off of her head and that’s when she heard a second puff. The gates disintegrated in her fingers and yet became like a glove that she was in. Her fingers became interlaced by some sort of current and then her arms became raised above her head. It was at that moment that she became aware by hearing that there was movement on either side of her.

“Who’s there?” Her question was a combination of shriek and shout. Had she used a little less volume, she would have heard the response. As it was, in the small room, she’d momentarily deafened herself with the shout. She would have kicked out if she knew where her assailants were, but the thing on her face had securely kept her from seeing anything. A hand or something clapped over her mouth and nose. The scent was incredibly sweet and intoxicating all at the same time. She couldn’t figure what was going on but was vaguely aware that her consciousness was slipping away. Her conscious realization was that her clothes were being taken off…

When she came to, Alie was able to open her eyes. She was no longer in her room and if she was, there were pools of water that had been moved in. As it was, there was an aura similar to an underground cave, complete with the sound of water dropping into a pool somewhere behind her. As she turned her head to locate the sound, she discovered that something or someone had braided her hair into three different strands. One strand kept her from looking to the right, the second to the left and the third, downward.

There was the opening of a door and for the second time, Alie saw that she was naked. It was very apparent this time because across the room from her was a mirror. She was able to see the three ways her hair had been braided and yet, she was unable to to see who had opened the door.

“I see you are awake.” The voice was low, melodious, and almost seemed to whisper through the air. “First will be notified immediately.” The figured turned to leave again, the door remaining open and then he paused. “My name is Second, and you may have already met Third.” The sound of footsteps receding into another cave was heard and though the stone walls made everything echo, Alie knew that the door was to her left because that’s the direction the light was coming from.

“She’s awaaake!!” The low voice thundered through the caverns making Alie jump. It hadn’t seemed as though the figure had traveled that far, but the sound of his shout had made her jump nonetheless. As the sound of his voice faded through several echoes, two sets of footsteps were heard hurrying towards her. One seemed to be coming from right in front of her, the second along with the first to the left.

Alie looked back to the mirror of her and noticed she was spread eagled though upright. She couldn’t see what type of things her hands and feet were tied to and as she scrutinized her hands and feet she suddenly realized that she wasn’t tied at all. Tied or not, she could not move her limbs and it seemed as though she were floating in midair. A shadow fell across the room not quite blocking all of the light. As her eyes looked to the left, a motion in front of her caused her to jump. She would have jumped backward were it not for being ensnared.

A figure had just entered the room, passing right through the mirror. His blue flinty eyes seemed to have a slight glow to them, but it was his black hair that caught her attention. This figure looked familiar and as she sought to give placing to the memory, the one in front of her spoke.

“We’ve met before, though it was years ago. Then, it was just you and me and then, it was only me. This cave is my home and I’ve not yet decided whether this is your final resting place or not. There is however, the matter of the fact that it isn’t just me making the decisions anymore. My name is Eon, but I’m often known as Third.”

Scarcely had he finished speaking, the low-toned one came to her left and said, “I am Second.” He stood just at the bare left peripheral edge of her vision. He, like Eon, had black hair as well, but instead of blue eyes, had calm hazel ones like her own. Alie looked between Second and Eon and tried to make sense of it. Eon answered her unspoken question.

“Unlike Earth where procreation happens through sex and the female is the one who brings forth life, in my planet it is the males who do that. It is why the males are so gentle.” He paused with a faraway look in his eyes and then said, “Let’s hope you don’t meet a female here because they are much more şişli escort vicious than us males.”

At Eon’s words, Second visibly shivered. When he spoke, it was as though his low voice passed right through Alie and echoed off of her bones. “I was born second. Even though Eon is known as Third, he is in fact, the being that I came from. Having been born second, I am much more patient about what type of actions I take.”

Alie saw movement behind Eon in the mirror and then realized the figure was actually a reflection of what was behind her. Flowing blonde hair in stark contrast to Second and Third, First’s hair was wavy and fell down beside his head, covering his ears and settling in curls around his waist line. Likewise, the hair on his arms and chest were equally blonde but it was the fact that she could only see his upper half that was disconcerting. The chest looked mostly human but like the one he came from, also had a sac which hung just above the waist line.

“I am First. Unlike Second, I don’t wait for what I want to do,” he spoke as his human-like hands came up and cupped her breasts. His hands were warm to the touch and only after he touched her did Alie realize how cold her body was in the cavern. “I take what I want,” continued First, “and were it not for Eon and Second, you would be mine alone and you would not last very long. I hunger for your inner essence and I shall have my share right now.”

His body could evolve just like Eon’s could and within seconds, the hands on her breasts turned to mouths. Even as Alie’s body warmed to the natural way that breast play would warm the sensory nerves, she noticed that the hands still resembled hands. However, she could definitely feel her nipples being sucked on, a tongue swirling around her areolas, the very peak of pinkness swelling and become hard as a pebble as the sucking continued.

First leaned in from the right and licked slowly from her collarbone up to her ear. He chuckled and then said with a throaty whisper, “I can smell your fear turning into arousal. I shall have you quicker than I had anticipated.” No sooner had he finished, he kissed her neck with his mouth, his lips hard against her skin and at the same time, blew softly across her nostrils. Again the sweet scent that was like earlier, but this time, she didn’t lose consciousness.

Her left ear caught the sounds of something wet coming from behind and barely had the thought registered to her, a hot wet tongue began to probe her ass, flicking across her sphincter and sometimes dipping in. At the same time, another mouth kissed her wetly across her already aroused pussy, the tongue dipping into her and the ridges pulling roughly against her G spot. First’s fingers from what must’ve been a third hand dropped to her clit and began to rub across her hood in heavy circular motions.

Somehow she was able to keep her eyes open through all of that, but it was clear that First was a talented lover. Alie wondered how many different women he had practiced on and then remembered that there were females of his species. The tongue darting around her ass hole slipped inside and began to pulsate. After three or so pulses, it turned into a veined cock and he began to thrust in time to the one in her pussy. The double penetration plus the kisses on the neck with the nipples hard as rocks proved to be too much for her body.

Alie’s hips bucked into the orgasm and her moan turned into a cry that melted into First’s mouth as he kissed her hard. His rough lips against her rosy smooth ones seemed to vibrate with intensity as his tongue explored every nook and cranny of her mouth. As she came hard to the double thrusting cocks, she felt his lips smile. The two cocks turned to twin mouths as he lapped every bit of her into him. Then he stepped back slowly and she watched as his two cocks receded wetly into his sac.

“Thank you,” First said, blowing a kiss in her direction.

As Alie’s body settled from that first blissful orgasm, her eyes opened and she was startled to be face to face with Second. He locked his hazels with her greens and for a moment, a stare-down ensued. Unlike First who had moved with such intentional force, Second was true to his word: he took his time. A slow smile crept across his tanned face, white teeth in contrast to the bronze skin. Alie kept her face neutral though she wasn’t unwelcome to his closeness.

“C’mon lil’ one! Take her like you know you want to!” First’s voice came from behind though not close enough to touch her. Second, shook his head slowly and then leaned forward as his smile faded and he kissed the captive woman. A slow, deep kiss that vibrated with electricity. As he slid his arms down her outstretched ones to take hold of her hands, he interlaced his fingers through hers. Involuntarily, she did the same to him and as he pulled backwards, her upper body came out of the force field. As her torso began to drop forward and down, the braids which had been snared, fell loose and her hair fell on her neck in a way that softly undid her defenses.

The şişli eve gelen escort kiss continued as he continued to pull backward, his back at a 45 degree angle with her busty form on top of him. Only as he neared the 70 degree angle did her feet finally pull loose from the force feel and her body began to slide downward. Right down onto his groin where a second head emerged and she felt a full face rest right below her pussy. Then in tandem, the face on his head and the face at his groin began to french kiss her. The tongues moved as if on a rope, one not moving unlike the other. His hands were still interlaced with hers but now he brought them to her sides where his hands began to rake her back.

Alie hadn’t ever had this type of experience before. The face between her thighs still kissed her exactly like the face she was kissing was. She began to experiment with this sensation and turned her head sideways so that she could kiss deeper. She moaned as the tongues went deeper into her and only then did they change. Second ate her out as though his very life depended on it while with his top head, kissed her without any tongue. Absent of the nipple play, her breasts lost some of their warmth but she didn’t care. Second’s hands moved to her buttocks and massaged and pulled her onto him even harder while her fingers ranged up and raked through his hair. It occurred to her that she could at any point attempt to pull his hair out for the abrupt way she had been stolen from her room, but this was almost better than her snowy vacation!

Second knew she was nearing her second orgasm and instead of taking her to the end, he brought her right to the edge and then pulled the head at her pussy backwards. He grinned in the kiss when she punched at his arm in frustration. With one of his fingers, he circled her ass hole where First had marked her to start with. The different sensation caused her to still and when he felt her heart rate slow, the tongue kisses began again with a quicker tempo.

First the G spot was brought to the edge and then slowed, then the clitoris with skillful strokes was brought to the edge. Finally, Second showed his prowess when the tongue split into 3 ends and began to flick into her ass hole, her pussy, and tongue her clit and hood as though trying to seek out a morsel of sugar. The tongue in her pussy swelled to filling and she could feel the taste buds sliding through her slick vee. The tongue in her ass felt so hot and wet at the same time. For a second time, her hips bucked and she came hard onto a second alien form. Then, he broke the kiss, raised his body again and once more, her hands, torso, and feet were back in the force field.

Alie was quite impressed with her two alien lovers and it was at that point that a thought occurred to her: as expressive as these two were, it would be difficult if not impossible for any human man to do to her singularly as these aliens had done effortlessly. As that thought settled into her mind, First burst into a guffaw while second chuckled silently. Alie’s eyes flicked back and forth in question and then Eon answered. “We can read your mind. You’re welcome.”

She blushed at the realization and her moment was broken in an almost welcome manner by the unmistakable sounds of wanking. All three aliens were startled at the sound and as one, they looked over to the mirror. Alie’s eyes were drawn over to it as well and at first, she couldn’t see anything. Then, First reached up to flip a lever and immediately the mirror became a two-way. It was then that she realized that though the cave was real, the mirror was actually a portal between time and space and she was sitting right on the edge of it. In the distance, there were two large bubbles approaching the portal.

The first bubble contained a man in a bed with a laptop on his knees. He was completely naked and eagerly masturbating to whatever was on the laptop screen. The second bubble was of a man that was in the motion of walking, but the direction he was walking was completely incongruous with the direction being traveled. Alie was for the first time a voyeur of some actions instead of being the main event.

Slowly, the two bubbles drew into the room and suddenly the three males were right next to her. The thought came to Alie through Eon’s mind to hers: “If we don’t cover every part of you that can be detected by hearing or scent, the females who caught these male humans will seek you out to eat you alive, quite like how they will do to these two.” First grinned and took up his spot to her right, Second also grinned and took up his spot to her left. Third sat in front of her and then suddenly, the three merged into one exactly the same way they had in the hotel. Only this time, Alie was a captive of all three at once, her body sectioned off into three slices.

Second delightfully played with her left arm, thigh, and breast while First began to torture her right arm, thigh, and breast. Third had the wondrous ability to control her ability to breathe through his own membrane, but his twin 18″ cocks were slowly slipping in and out of her ass and pussy while his hands wrapped around her windpipe to alternate when she could breathe and when she couldn’t. The most humanly stupefying part was where Eon’s eyes connected to the nervous system within Alie’s brain so that what he could see is what filled her vision.



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