It was my birthday. So far being eighteen was boring me to tears, possibly due to the hour long physics period I had just sat through. I was looking forward to jumping in my car, turning the music up and going home. It was Friday and although I had a lot of work I wasn’t planning on doing any of it over the weekend. As I went over my weekend plans in my head I noticed that Miss Bell the temporary English teacher was walking about ten metres in front of me. What really caught my eye about her was her faux black leather, skin tight pants. I could make out the perfectly round shape of her luscious ass, seeing it move and crease her pants with each step she took. I slowed my walking pace so as not to overtake her and settled in for a bit of enjoyment on the way out of school. I was thinking of how beautiful her ass would look in just her panties when I realised I had failed to take the turn to the front gate and had subconsciously followed Miss Bell! Having left the stream of students heading out the gate I suddenly felt exposed, as it was only me and her walking down the strip of concrete between the hall and the English classrooms. Quickly trying to cover my stupid mistake and avoid an awkward situation I did the first thing that popped into my mind.

“Miss Bell!” I called out, she turned and smiled at me with her perfect teeth.

“Yes?” she replied silkily.

“I was just wondering if you could give me a bit of help with my English assignment? If you’ve got time of course..”

“Oh, uhm…sure, come into the classroom with me and I can definitely help,” she said flashing me another killer smile.

Thankfully I actually was in the middle of an English assignment and I pulled up the document on my laptop and pretended to need help with developing my story further. I sat at the desk and Miss Bell leaned over my shoulder, reading off the screen. After a minute she complained that the glare was making it hard to read and she needed to shift over a bit, her slender body bent at the waist she sidled over a little causing her left breast to lightly brush my cheek. She was reasonably young by my sarıyer escort guess, between 28 and 34. As she continued to read I managed to turn my head slightly and get a glimpse of her supple cleavage. Her soft breasts hung down in a slight pear shape from what I could see, and were of medium size, not overly large but definitely not too small. Her skin was slightly pale and flawless, only a few freckles on her unlined face. Realising I was probably staring I shifted my gaze back to the screen. After a few minutes more reading she checked her watch.

“Oops!” The cleaners are actually coming in to clean this room in 5 minutes! I completely forgot what time it was sorry!”

“Oh..” I mumbled, “I really need help with this assignment though.” I said in a slightly pleading voice.

“Mmmmm, my apartment is only a few blocks away from here, we could go there and I could help you?” She offered.

“That would be great!” I exclaimed.

“Okay meet me at the front gate in ten minutes okay?”

“Sure,” I replied with a smile.

After meeting her at the front gate we had walked to her place, at first I had worried about if people saw us walking together they might think it weird, but I relaxed after a while because there was no one around. After arriving at her apartment and getting inside I had set my laptop up on the bench as she told me she was going to have a shower and to help myself to any food or drink from the fridge. I logged into my facebook and thought of her getting undressed just a few rooms away from me. I listened to the shower water running and distracted myself with the useless posts of my “friends” on facebook. After about ten minutes of trying to control my erection I heard the shower turn off, minutes later she stepped through the doorway into the kitchen and all efforts to control my boner were useless. She was wearing a towel, a small towel, it was just perched on the edge of her supple breasts and exposed her toned thighs, not leaving much to the imagination. She asked me how I was going and came over to check my work. She leaned over me once silivri escort again and I caught a faint scent of apricots coming off her flushed body. I breathed it in and turned my gaze to her breasts, after a minute I turned my head back only to find her looking at me with an amused smile.

“You like them?” she said in a teasing voice.

Feeling bold I replied, “How could I not.”

She looked me directly in the eyes and leaned in, our lips touched and I put my hands around behind her, squeezing and kneading her luscious ass cheeks. Without breaking the kiss I stood up and walked backwards, eventually hitting my knees on the edge of the couch and falling back into it with her still on top of me. Our tongues tangled for minutes, and her flushed hot skin pressed against mine. Breaking the kiss I lifted her curvy frame up slightly and shifted out from under her. We were both panting as I lay her on the couch, her bare shaved pussy directly in front of me, the towel lying discarded to the side.

I tentatively licked her outer pussy lips, keeping my eyes on her face, her body twitched and she let out a small wimper. I gently delved a little deeper into her moist folds, savouring the taste of her sweet juices. She had her eyes closed and her body twitched every so often, accompanied by whimpers and cries of varying pitch and length. I soon had my tongue deep into her pussy, my saliva mingling with her juices to make her pussy wet and slippery. I found her click and began to gently tease it with my tongue, flicking the tip of my tongue backwards and forwards over it. Her legs spasmed and she began to gasp slightly, I pushed my tongue back into her wet slit and began to attend to her clit with my finger, I started with slow circles and gently built it up. Eventually my tongue and fingers proved too much for her and she let out a full scream, her legs clenched together hard with my face still in the middle and her whole body went into spasm as she reached climax. I lapped up all of her juice, my face wet as I moved up her still spasming body and planted a kiss on her şirinevler escort trembling lips. I gently suckled on each of her hard pink nipples as she recovered from her orgasm. She smiled at me and told me I deserved an A plus in her book. I laughed and kissed her again.

As I teased her nipples again she moaned,

“Fuck me.”

I pulled her toned frame up off the couch and told her to face the bench, her hands on the cold metal bench in front of her, I lifted her leg and teased her dripping cunt with the tip of my cock, lifting her right leg high in the air I gently pushed inside her. Her warm hole was tight and she gasped as I slid my entire length into her. I gently pulled out again and repeated, letting her pussy get used to my cock. Slowly picking up the pace I held her hips and began to slam deep inside her tight pussy, her pussy walls gripped my shaft and she moaned as I pounded her from behind. I squeezed her nipples and leaned over her tight frame. She turned her head and we shared a deep kiss, our bodies rocking backward and forward as I slammed her pussy, I pushed her down so she was flat on the cool bench. Her body tightening up as it came into contact with the polished metal. I slow the pace right down and pull out, turning her over so she is sitting on the bench facing me. Her eyes locked with mine, burning with an intensity that drew me in. I leaned over and kissed her before sliding my cock deep inside her pussy once again. I pounded her on the bench her moan being broken into grunts by the hard pounding she was receiving. I leaned right over her and buried my face in her sweet smelling hair, my arms crossed behind her back and I lifted her and stood up. I dropped her directly onto my cock making her scream, I felt myself getting close and gasped into her ear.

“I’m close!”

She told me she was on the pill and she wanted my load deep inside her, I grunted and pounded her pussy harder than ever. My cock swelled and I released my hot cum just as my cock went deep inside her. She moaned and I felt her pussy contract around my cock as she orgasmed, milking every drop of cum from my balls. I lay her down on the bed and watched the mixture of cum slowly dribble from her pink pussy. I look up and her eyes meet mine, she smiled sexily at me, her hair a mess as she gently reaches down and scoops up some cum with her finger and slowly sucked it off her slender finger.



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