I was surprised when you invited Molly, Sarah, and me to your house for a cookout. Our vacation on the nearby coast was intended to allow the two of us to get together, but I never imagined anything like this. Although both Molly and Tony knew that we chatted on-line, neither had any understanding of our true feelings for one another. Now here we were, all happily together, sitting around the pool with plans to grill hamburgers as the kids enjoyed playing together. Weird, all very weird, I thought, but since it was your idea, I was doing my best to play along.

I had to work very hard to act normal, as if you and I were only friends. We talked about friend-type topics and included Tony and Molly in the conversation wherever possible. You were your usual cheerful self, chatting and laughing through what must have been anxious moments. Our eyes met frequently as we talked, but we made every effort to act as casual as possible. The hardest thing for me to control was my active imagination which insisted on peeling off your bathing suit as we sat and talked by the pool. In my mind’s eye I watched as you slipped the straps of your suit down off your shoulders, exposing your luscious, full breasts, tipped by your erect nipples that appeared to be pleading for the touch of my tongue. After a moments pause to rub each breast with your open hand, you pushed your suit off of your hips and down your muscled legs to the ground. Then you stepped out of your suit and sat down on the chair opposite me, continuing your conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary had transpired.

Each time this happened I would glance at Tony and Molly to make sure they had not noticed your actions, and each time they were chatting merrily away as if the two of us did not even exist. Then I would turn back to you, and if course I found that you were fully dressed. Each time my mind played this little trick on me, I developed an erection that was clearly outlined by my bathing trunks. Sometimes I used a towel draped across my lap to conceal my body’s obvious desire for you, but other times I simply dived in the pool and played with the kids until things returned to normal. I could tell you knew what was going on by the wry smile on your face and your occasional glance at the bulge in my ortaköy escort trunks.

After drying off after my last dip in the pool, I excused myself and went inside to take a pee. As I stepped out of the restroom, you came around the corner, surprising me. After a quick glance behind you, I pulled you into my arms, holding your body close against mine. Our lips met in a lingering kiss filled with pent-up desire. Your hand moved between us, seeking my cock. As your fingers wrapped around it, it swelled to fill your hand, throbbing with desire.

You released my cock, now thrusting forward and making a tent in the front of my trunks, and took my hand as you began moving down the hall and up the stairs. I followed along, surprised at your risky behavior but eager to see what might come next. When we got upstairs to your bedroom, you led me to the window so you could glance out and see that all was proceeding normally downstairs by the pool. Satisfied that Molly and Tony were still immersed in conversation, you turned back toward me, wrapping your arms around my neck and pulling me toward you. As our lips met, passion swept trough our bodies, clouding our minds and blocking out the risk involved in what we were about to do.

I pressed you back against the wall as we kissed, our tongues locked together in a dance of shared delight. I felt your hand slide down inside the waistband of my trunks as you sought my hard cock. I shivered with ecstasy when your fingers found it and wrapped around it like a coiling snake. I pulled your straps down, exposing your full breasts. I leaned forward and kissed each one, caressing the nipples with my tongue, watching as they grew hard at my touch.

“I need you so,” you whispered in my ear, caressing the lobe with your tongue as you did so.

“Do we dare,” I asked, pricking up my ears to listen for the sounds of conversation from poolside. Both Molly and Tony laughed as I listened, so I knew we were safe for the moment.

“Yes, I want you now.” And as you said those words, you pulled me toward the bed so that my body rested on top of yours. I leaned on one arm so I could run my hand around and across your breasts, my attention focused on their smoothness, their warmth, their rise otele gelen escort and fall as you breathed more deeply with every stroke. Your hand was again at my waistband, this time pushing the trunks downward instead of trying to find a way inside. I lifted my ass so that you could push the trunks down to the tops of my thighs, using your hand to free my cock from the knotted fabric. Your hand felt so right where it was, holding my hardness in your palm, your thumb gently caressing its tip.

We both knew there was little time for foreplay, and given our pent-up desire, we needed little. Your juices were already seeping from you and dampening your suit as I pulled the crotch aside. I slide down along your body until my face was adjacent to your eager pussy. I leaned forward to plant a loving kiss there, and then I allowed my tongue to glide from clit to asshole several times before slowly slipping it up inside you so I could taste your seeping essence. You moaned, a bit more loudly than you should have given the situation, and for a moment we both tensed up until we heard the sounds of continued conversation drifting up from poolside.

You grasped my shoulders and pulled me up along your body, making it clear that you were eager to continue. With your hand, you guided my cock to your hot pussy, at the same time spreading your legs wide apart in invitation. Your warmth enveloped me as I pushed against you until my cock was buried deep inside you where it had been eager to be since my arrival hours earlier. We remained that way, locked together, unmoving, our nerve endings tingling with co-mingled need and desire.

The kiss we shared was tender and loving, unhurried. As we continued to kiss, you wiggled your ass beneath me, signaling that your were ready to proceed. Our love-making was slow and sensuous. I broke our kiss so I could look directly into your eyes as my cock slid back and forth inside you. I watched the passion grow and your facial expression change with each stroke. You wrapped your legs around my waist so you could use the leverage to thrust your pelvis up against me with every stroke, maximizing the penetration and crushing your clit against my pelvis. Our actions grew more animated as we fulfilled our desire otele gelen escort for one another, oblivious to our surroundings and to the consequences of being caught.

As your climax approached, you tilted your head back and rolled it from side to side. I was afraid you were going to scream, or perhaps moan loudly, but you kept your lips clinched tightly together as the mounting swell of orgasm coursed through you, lifting you higher and higher until you reached the crest, then pushing you gently down the backside of the swell in a slow spiral of total release. Through it all your hips pumped rapidly against me, causing your pussy to caress my cock from root to tip on every stroke. Squishing sounds filled the room, and the essence of passionate sex wafted out the window on the breeze.

The pulsations of your pussy that accompanied your climax lifted me over the edge, causing me to cum and fill you with my milky seed. We came long and hard together, arms wrapped tightly around each other, immersed in the sensations brought on by our frenzied coupling. If we had been discovered at that moment, we would have been helpless, incapable of breaking the bond that our bodies had forged in the intensity of our love-making.

Gradually the sensations diminished, but I did not move to leave you. I loved the feel of having you beneath me, you legs clutching me, holding my body against yours, my cock buried deep in your pussy. I raised up so I cold look directly into your eyes.

“Meg, I love you. I love everything about you–your wit, your intelligence, your boldness, everything. We are a perfect match, and I am so happy that we met.”

Your eyes sparkled as you prepared to reply, but be were yanked back to reality by Tony calling your name from below. We hurriedly dressed and returned to the pool.

“I have been showing Chuck my books,” you said as you reclaimed your seat across from me.

“No wonder it took so long. You have lots of books,” said Tony.

“Yes, she has a nice assortment,” I added, trying to control my still irregular breathing. But Tony had already returned to his conversation with Molly. I looked over at you and noted that your face was slightly flushed and your chest was rising and falling more than usual as you too tried to catch your breath. Your still-erect nipples poked against the front of your suit, pleading for the caress of my tongue. In my mind’s eye I envisioned you sliding your shoulder straps down, exposing your breasts so I could tease your sensitive nipples with the tip of my tongue…..



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