Encounter with David”No, no, no,” I screamed. “Please. No,” I begged, I pleaded with David. I could not take this any more.I was sitting on a kitchen chair, impaled on a nine inch dildo, my hands tied behind me, my legs tied to the chair legs, I was basically immobile. And I was blindfolded.My tormentor was not really hurting me. Actually, far from it. A vibrator was being held against my chastity cage, and I was getting closer and closer to release. And I knew that it would not be pleasant when it occurred. I knew the swelling would be painful, and that the little dribble that would emerge would not really be much fun.When first tied on the chair, minutes earlier, it had been almost pleasant. David had stood in front of me, and I had been sucking on his beautiful cock. So smooth in my mouth, so solid, robust, firm. Just a little too large to deep throat, but wonderful to try, to gasp and choke around it, lift off, then gobble it back down immediately, proving how much I wanted and desired it.But then his game had changed, and this infernal vibrator incessantly demanded my involuntary response.”Shut up, slut,” I was ordered, and the buzzing ceased. Well, it stopped for long enough for a ball gag to be forced into my mouth, and buckled behind my neck. And then it resumed. And all I could do was moan and groan into the gag. I felt my cage lifted slightly, and something placed under it on the chair seat.I knew what was about to happen. I could not prevent it. My useless clitty was now filling its cage, halkalı escort quite painfully. Oh no. I was shaking my head, thrashing about, straining against my restraints.Aaaarghhh… Oooof… oooof… One little spurt… two more tiny pushes… the vibe was removed… I cold feel a few more gentle oozes from my trapped clit. Completely unsatisfying. As bad as a ruined orgasm. Worse perhaps. I slumped. Exhausted, unfulfilled, miserable.My bonds were removed, my legs, arms untied. My gag and blindfold were left in place. I relaxed, waited for a time. Still filled wit the giant plastic cock.Hands lifted me off, raised me to my feet. I felt empty, but relieved. *After* cumming, having anything inside me is an awful feeling.I was led through the house, stumbling on my heels and my wobbly knees. I was pushed forward… ahhh… onto a bed. Soft, comfy, nice. My arms out in front, on my front, my legs still in the floor, I suddenly had a realisation… Oh no!!! No!!! I was in a very vulnerable position. I tried to move up the bed, by a firm hand on my back kept me in place.My legs were kicked further apart, I was too weak and overpowered to resist. I felt a finger at my hole, and something gooey. More lube I assumed.”This is your own cum, you whore,” David said. “You are going to be fucked with your own juices as lube. Ha. Ha. Ha.” I felt pressure at my pussy. A thumb perhaps. At least I was stretched from the dildo, taksim escort but I had tightened up following removal. And after cumming, I tend to tighten like a vault.The pressure continued. This was horrible, disgusting. I was entered. This was no thumb. It was his cock. I was totally unhorny, I definitely did not want this. But what could I do? Gagged, blindfolded, physically overpowered, unable to resist. I was a fuck-whore, I was just a hole for his pleasure. My own feelings meant nothing.His big cock started moving in and out. Just a while ago I had enjoyed sucking on this monster, I had wanted more of it. But now… I just wanted this over.As if to answer my silent prayer, David withdrew. Ahhh… relief. A slap on my bottom. Ouch. “I always expect enthusiasm from you, slut. Do you understand? You will take my cock as if it’s the best thing in the world. Any time. Any way. Understand?” I suppose I nodded.I was dragged further up onto the bed. At least this was better.”You are going to learn this lesson, whore.”Whish… crack! Yow! I guessed that was the riding crop on my poor bottom. Whish… crack, again. Yowwww…. I yelled. I tried to crawl away. But I was held down.By the fourth stroke I was just about jumping off the bed. I felt weight on my body. David was lying on me, preventing my movement. And still the copping continued. One buttock, then the other. Then across both. I was drooling uncontrollably into my gag. Blubbering. It stopped. Pure relief.”Now, şişli escort this is to remember.” I was confused. Then….. crack!!! White-hot fire across my bottom! I screamed into the gag. It must have been a cane, or something like it.Another…. yowwwww!!! No. No. Too much.Another…. the pain was…. too much….I felt nearness to my head. “Listen, slut. That was just a taste. Understand? You will *always* be keen and enthusiastic to accept my cock. OK?”I moaned and nodded. “Good. Now, where were we?”My legs were pulled apart, my body lifted a little. I felt a finger at my hole again. More lube. And then I felt entry again. He was hard. Really hard. Perhaps that punishment of me had turned him on even more?I pushed back a little, trying to meet his thrusts. Trying to be enthusiastic. I moaned and grunted into the gag every time he pushed inside. I don’t know what I was feeling. I wanted this over, but I also wanted to make sure I provided him with as much as I had.”Fuck me,” I was moaning into the gag. I doubt he could understand. I slumped down, flat on the bed. He remained inside me, fucking me more, fucking me harder.”Yes. Yes. Yes,” I groaned.I felt David tense on top of me, and suddenly pound me harder a few times. He pressed my face into the bed, and grunted a few times. I assumed he had cum.He withdrew from my ravaged cunt, and turned me on my side, spooning up behind me. I felt him unbuckle the gag. Thank goodness. A finger in my mouth, which I greedily and gratefully sucked on.Then, “Open wider, girl.” I did so, and felt… What was this? Oh gods! The entire filled condom, deposited in my mouth. How disgusting.”Every drop out of it, slut,” he said. “Or it’ll be the cane again.”I started sucking and manipulating the horrid thing in my mouth, my tongue working to extract his seed. At least that was a positive.



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