Empire of vampires 1.2.4 Submission1.2.4. SubmissionRichard had been analyzing the documents on the chip for nearly ten hours, taking only occasional short breaks to eat and stroke his bound Selene. Only when he looked at the clock did he realize that Selene had been driven from one orgasm to the next for just as long. He was supposed to set her free and let her eat.Richard noted with regret that the records showed that Selene had not had an single orgasm, but that she had merely oscillated between hot and just before orgasm. So he would have to excite her even more to get her to do whatever he wanted.Selene noticed with relief but also regret how the vibrator was removed and her mask was taken off. She looked at Richard’s face and smiled at him. Selene was sure he was the right man for her. Never before had any of her lovers renounced to penetrate her, only interested in satisfying her lust. Without even touching her, he had given her the best sex of her life.Richard could see Selene’s magnificent hair. Her hair was just as shoulder-length as it was a few hours ago when he had shaved it off. „How did you do that?” he asked her and stroked her hair.„You mean my hair? I can control hair growth at will. And I like it better that way. But if you want, I can make it grow even longer,” Selene explained. She didn’t give him the option of going bald or changing color.„The hairstyle is perfect for you. Just stay like that. Are you hungry?” he asked her smiling and stroked her head. „Yes. But more importantly, can you help me?”„I can. But you won’t like it. Let me untie you first and you can freshen up. There’s a new catsuit for you in the bathroom. When you’re dressed, we’ll discuss your treatment,” Richard untied her restraints and then showed her the way to the shower.* * *„Sit down,” Richard said to Selene when she returned from the bathroom a few minutes later dressed in her fresh catsuit. The new corset was tighter than the one she had brought with her, but wider than the one from the jump from the airplane. She got enough air, but had to breathe a little shallower than normal. It had been a long time since she had had to lace up a corset herself, but she was flexible enough. The boots were tight and with rather thin ten-centimeter (4 inch) heels, but it was no problem for her to walk in them.Selene had to smile at the sight of the chair. „You’re still afraid I’ll hurt you?” she said, opening her crotch zipper before she sat down. Both dildos integrated into the chair entered her and forced her to sit right in the middle of the chair. After she sat down, she felt both dildos grow considerably in size and fill her up quite a bit. She was hoping for vibrators, but guessed she had to do without them.Richard fixed Selene on the chair by strapping her thighs and lower legs separately and also strapped her arms to the armrest in the same way. For the final securing he added a belly strap, one above her chest and a choker and forehead ring. „I just want to make sure that you don’t attack me if you don’t like the suggested treatment. Besides, you look hot in restraints.”„Thanks for the compliment. Your restraints are great too. And you guessed it, I like breath control, but I’ve never gone this far before. Just don’t use the vibrators, or I won’t be able to concentrate. I was pretty crazy on that table. Especially since I’ve never been tied up before. If you always spoil me like this, you are welcome to tie me up more often,” Selene said with a happy smile. He had made her love him. Even though she liked to be free, she would let him tie her up and spoil her again anytime. He was quite tender and knew how to operate her pleasure button.„Are you serious? How strong do you think the orgasm was on a scale of one to ten, ten being your best orgasm ever?” Richard asked. He had analyzed the data from the sensors and found no evidence of orgasm. She’d like to. Lots of pleasure, but no real climax. Just the brief relaxation in between.Selene would have easily given it a twelve. About a hundred times. And on the table, she’d gotten more of it than she usually did in a month. Never before had her orgasm been so intense. Even when she was in bed with several maids at once. But she didn’t want to be tied down all the time. She didn’t want to be dominated by her lust, because she feared to become a slave. „I’d say an eight or nine,” she underplayed.„This does not make your treatment any easier. All the data on you clearly shows that you did not have an orgasm. Just pleasure. Lots of pleasure, but no climax. But an orgasm is a necessary condition for getting pregnant. With a bit of luck you will be able to do so, if we correct your malnutrition,” Richard said.„I am absolutely sure that I have even come several times! And to be honest, the weakest was an eight, but the strongest was certainly a twelve. It is possible that my body functions differently from that of humans. I think I know more about this than you do. And what do you mean by malnutrition? I’m a vampire and I drink human blood. What could be wrong with that?” Selene said angrily, tugging at her shackles. It clanked and squeaked, but the bonds held. Luckily, he had taken some that were reinforced with steel.„And you wonder why I insist on shackles! And I haven’t even told you what I’m going to do. And I think I know your body better than you do,” he showed her images from inside her body and showed her the spikes in the vaginal and rectal area, which she could use to bite a penis and channel blood and sperm either into her stomach or uterus. „You have the ability to drink vaginally or anally. And I think as long as you don’t ingest sperm, your body cannot use its full range of functions. especially not getting pregnant.”Selene knew and used her vaginal teeth, but she had never noticed the ones in her bottom. Until now there was nothing in her bottom that she could bite into. She carefully tensed her pom muscles until she found the right spot and bit. Immediately the dildo burst in her bottom and produced a muffled bang, „I fear you are right. You know me better than I know myself. Does that mean I just need to drink a little sperm and I’ll be fertile?” Selene already found the taste of semen in her vagina disgusting. To feed on it would take her quite a bit of effort.„Sort of. You must drink about a hundred liters. But you can choose to drink it orally, vaginally, or anally. Then your body should have enough to replenish your stores and you should be fertile. You just have to make sure that the sperm ends up in your blood where it belongs and not in your stomach. Your stomach can digest it and feed on sperm, but some important nutrients would be destroyed, so you need to direct them into your blood.”Richard showed her on the illegal bahis pictures of her, branches from her teeth in all three entrances that could channel the absorbed fluid into her own blood. But he neglected to explain to her exactly what the sperm in her blood was supposed to do. He saved this for later. He did not yet want to teach her that the sperm would float inside her and that her blood cells would integrate them. „The second component your body doesn’t have enough of yet is latex.”A hundred liters! Even if she did nothing but satisfy men, it would take years to collect that much sperm. „Do I have to drink the latex too?” Selene asked. She found tasting latex exciting, but she couldn’t imagine using it as food. But at least she liked the taste of it better than sperm.„Don’t be silly. You just have to wear more than you do now and not walk around half naked like that,” said Richard.„I can’t wear much more than a catsuit. Only my head is still free. But I don’t mind more latex. What exactly do you have in mind?” asked Selene. Finally he addressed a point that she already found exciting.„Good. Because in the future you’ll have to wear clothes that fit even more perfectly. And I will also have to permanently cover your head and all your orifices with latex. But that still has a little time left. First you have to learn to live out your sexuality and get orgasms. You have to learn to use all your orifices in such a way that you get an orgasm,” Richard continued.„Fine. I’ll let you wrap me in latex and fuck me in all the holes until I like it so much that I get orgasms. Besides I drink as much sperm as possible. And then I get pregnant?” Selene asked. Slowly she became impatient. And the dildos inside her slowly disturbed her concentration. Couldn’t he just tie her up so that he could get inside her? Even though she hadn’t had an orgasm earlier, her body demanded to repeat it.* * *„Then you are fertile. In order to reproduce, your egg cell must be fertilized by human sperm and the blood of a different vampire. More precisely by one of her haploid white blood cells. A phagocyte that has previously eaten another sperm cell. If you and she have an orgasm, you will become pregnant. I hope you don’t mind a threesome.”She liked sex with women even more than with men, even though he tried hard. In her sex fantasies, women were significantly more likely than men „I’ve drunk from women and satisfied them. If you insist, I’ll learn to like it too and have a threesome with you. But I am afraid I am the only one of my kind. Can’t we use my own blood to fertilize?”„I’m afraid we can’t do that. Otherwise it would be inbreeding. But I can reconstruct the virus that attacked you back in 1908. I guess you can’t remember anything before that, at least all your memories of the time before that seem gone?” Of course Richard didn’t need to reconstruct anything because he found it in the capsule, but he wanted to know how right he was about 1908.„You’re more talented than I thought. You’re right, I can’t remember anything that happened before Tunguska. Apparently the comet carried a virus that infected me but the comet also took away my past when it fell on me,” Selene said with regret. She hadn’t thought about her past in a long time. For a reason she couldn’t understand, she had quickly accepted not to have any other members of her species and no past.Richard rather believed that the comet had not fallen on Selene but that she had been the comet that fell. No wonder that no remains were ever found when she fell. He couldn’t imagine how a virus could have grown an information storage device in Selene’s head, which was also full of inventions that would be made in the future. He clearly thought she was a time traveler. In this future, were all the women so beautiful or just this one to seduce him? He would probably never know. The technology was probably centuries or millennia ahead of current technology.„There’s one other little thing. I need to make some genetic modifications on you to make you compatible with human semen. But it’s harmless, and will only make you stronger. But there is also a price you have to pay if you want to be treated by me,” Richard demanded.* * *„If you are to make me fertile, you have the right to impregnate me. and to be sexually indulged by me as often as you wish. I understand that we have to try to get pregnant together often. And I also understand that you first have to convert me to your fetishes so that I become more desirable for you. If you insist, you can put me in a cage forever if that turns you on. What did you have in mind?” Selene promised. She was still totally horny from the hours of pleasure torture. She would grant Richard everything he asked for. If she was lucky, he’d tie her up permanently and spoil her in the process.„Well, that was my plan anyway. But apart from sex, you’ll have to pay me in money. I think a hundred billion dollars should be enough,” Richard said, knowing that no one could pay that much. Only a few very old men owned a little more, but not one woman. Still he would need the money to build all the things that were on the chip. Probably he would need much more, because he felt compelled to save humanity.„Are you crazy? I don’t have that kind of money. Nobody has that much. And why should it be so expensive?” Selene asked angrily. She wasn’t ready to give him all her money. She loved him and his bondage technique, but she wouldn’t submit completely. Surely he had no idea that she possessed more than three times that amount.„I guess teaching you to have orgasms is going to be the most elaborate part. You still strongly resist being tied down. I guess it will take two years to train you to be a submissive slave. And if I don’t run my company at full speed during that time, it will grow much slower and that should make a difference of about one hundred billion by the end of my life. But if you want, you can pay me in installments. For example, you could go upstairs to the brothel and cover your sperm needs and then transfer your earnings to me until you’ve paid off everything. And for starters, I’ll take your two billion as a down payment.”Selene officially only had 50 million. At least her current identity, Selene Hold. Accordingly, he had found some of her assets which she was hiding. It was only half a percent, and she would have earned it back in six weeks through interest, profits and slave labor. But she wasn’t sure what he had found of her fortune. She would give him the money, but she had to know what he knew. Selene smiled at him. She suspected that he only wanted her permanently as his slave and that’s why he had set the price so high. She had no idea Richard was going to use the money to build all the illegal bahis siteleri technology on that chip. She never knew about the chip. Or her past in the distant future. Accordingly, she never mentioned that she had already raised enough to pay the amount claimed. „Agreed. I will work for you until I pay off my debt. But I want you to be the one who gets me pregnant. You’ll get all my assets too, but tell me how you know how rich I really am. I was hoping it would be better camouflaged.”Selene had been the active dominant partner in sex for over a hundred years. But just one day with Richard was enough for her to agree to be trained as a submissive slave. And worst of all, she even believed it would make sex more pleasurable for her. Maybe he was right and she should give up control during sex and let herself go. At least his bondage turned her on.„It was easy to guess that you own the house you live in. That you own the school you pretend to have grown up in was harder to guess. But once I knew how old you were, all I had to do was follow the trail of cover-ups. The foundations that own the school are quite broad and have many investments,” Richard explained.Selene thought intensively about what he really knew and whether he could find more. She was sure that her remaining identities and foundations were better separated from Selene Hold. He wouldn’t find it. But she was gonna offer him something else to make him trust her. Her fashion chain here in town wasn’t too big and was only connected to a foundation that didn’t have much more. Total value, another three hundred million. A latex clothing company was a good gift for him.Selene looked at him with concentration to be able to guess his thoughts. His company was profitable and had sufficient reserves. Nevertheless, she looked at him and saw that he really needed more money for a project and would not tell her what it was. That she herself was the project was obvious, but not how much money he actually needed. She considered how much she should offer him in total and which identities he could combine, now that he knew she was changing identities. She would show him five billion and see if she was allowed to keep anything. Something that he could make money on.„So then you didn’t realize that the university where I studied belonged to a chain of hospitals that has branches all over the world and has about a hundred clinics. Not an official chain, so it’s inconspicuous, but profitable and with access to blood banks all over the world. And you also seem to have overlooked my little fashion company. I would have thought that you would have noticed that I own LatexQueens and therefore also RubberWhores, because your brothels are good customers there. Even the catsuit you just gave me is from that company. I guess you want the company and the foundation behind it too.”„You can have the hospital chain, you can have the cash from LatexQueens. But please let me keep the fashion company. I started it so I could get good quality clothes. And I don’t want to be completely penniless if you get tired of me. If you give me a pen, I’ll sign the rest over to you. Should have a market value of around five billion, if you’re adept at selling,” Selene confessed. „Thank you, and consider yourself dispossessed. And I’ll take away your LatexQueens, too. But I’ll keep the company instead of selling it, if it makes you happy to wear their clothes. They make really good clothes for my slave girls. But you don’t have to sign anything. At least not if you meet my last condition. I hope you agree to be my will-less slave? As such, you are entitled to no private property and therefore you can’t keep anything.”„I promise I will always spoil you so that you forget every other woman. But I will not be your slave. And certainly not without will.” Selene said in a firm voice. She loved him, but she would certainly not become his slave. She had suspected that he would take everything from her, but she would not submit to him any more.* * *„I have not made myself clear. No woman who has ever entered this building and pleased me has ever been allowed to leave. You are already my slave and the shackles prevent you from doing foolish things. What I suggest is: Ask me to subdue you and be submissive. Then I’ll help you. If you don’t cooperate, you will get nothing, but you will still have to serve me as a sex slave and give me your property,” Richard said sternly, stroking Selene’s hair.Selene was angry and tugged at her shackles for a moment. Too strong for her. He had caught her and there was nothing she could do about it. „Son of a bitch!” It had been a mistake not to get him completely under control. And even worse, to fall in love with him recklessly. Selene closed her eyes and took a deep breath. There was no way out. She had to give in. She took two more deep breaths and forced her anger to go away. She hadn’t come to be free. Or happy. She had come to have c***dren. Maybe becoming a slave helped, since she had never tried it before.Until now he had been a good lover and had brought her closer to a real orgasm than anyone had ever done before. Maybe it was really because she was tied up. She decided for her future as a mother and against her freedom. She opened her eyes again and smiled at him. She had decided, to love him. Maybe he would even make her happy.Her enslavement was only temporary. Not much more than a long session. If it went well, he might survive ten years by her side. But until now, no man had been able to stay with her for more than two years before he died of a sex overdose. She would try to enjoy it while she played his slave. „You’re right, Richard, I want to be your slave. Please train me to be your will-less sex slave,” asked Selene, „But there’s still the urge in me to be free. If necessary, break me or lock me up permanently. I will do whatever it takes to please you. But it won’t be easy for me. Please be gentle and don’t make it so difficult for me to submit. The vibrator earlier was a good start,” she had decided she really wanted it. She had decided to love him and he wanted a docile slave. So she would learn to obey and submit. Or at least pretend to.„There you go! Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you needlessly. I like women tied up, not to hurt them or injure them. As long as you are well-behaved, you have nothing to fear,” Richard said gently, stroking her newly grown hair.* * *„I will now release your shackles. If you agree, I will put a chastity belt on you and remove the rest of your shackles. I think if you are less likely to receive vaginal stimulation, your lust will build up. Then I can satisfy you more easily and give you your first orgasm. Otherwise you can move freely, but you have to come canlı bahis siteleri here if you want an orgasm. Okay?”„Don’t you trust me or does it turn you on?” Selene asked angrily. After ten hours of excitement, she couldn’t be angry. Instead she wanted to feel her owner inside her.„Both, but that’s not the point. It’s not that I own you as my property. You must endure some pretty humiliating things if you want to have c***dren. And part of it is that you completely abandon yourself during sex. You have to train yourself to only want sex when you’re tied down and allowed to. Or more precisely, when you are told to. Then it will be easier for you to reach orgasm. But you have about a month to learn it, because that’s how long it takes me to prepare,” Richard explained.„If you promise not to torture me by putting me on sex deprivation, but to spoil me as lovingly as you do when I beg for it today, then I am yours. Do with me as you want,” agreed Selene.„That’s what the lockdown is for. If I deny you relief permanently, your lust will build up. Once I open you up in a month, I should be able to give you a real climax without any problem,” said Richard.Richard loosened her shackles around her stomach and both thighs. Then he let the vaginal dildo and the burst anal dildo go down so Selene could lift her bottom. He now put the massive steel chastity belt on her. Neither her cleft nor her bottom was accessible. Except for him, of course, since he had the key. After he was sure that she couldn’t satisfy herself either, he closed the zipper of the catsuit and hid the steel underwear.When Selene felt the cold metal cover her shame, she wondered why they didn’t use such things to make marriages. She didn’t believe Richard that her chastity was necessary to get pregnant, but she accepted that he wanted her for himself. Especially if she had to work in his brothel, this protection was absolutely necessary. But she was surprised that he did not take the opportunity to penetrate her. If fidelity was the condition under which he married her, then she would agree. The cold metal helped her to fit into the more submissive role he demanded of her.„I will untie you, if you promise to be back here at dawn and let me tie you up. And you must promise not to bite me,” he demanded.„I’m still in control of myself, but in about two hours I won’t have enough control not to attack you,” Selene replied as he released the remaining bonds from her.She looked and touched her prison for her lust. Pretty solidly built and yet it didn’t hinder her movements. She spun in front of him and waggled her buttocks to explore her range of motion. Even though she knew that her fingers could not get between herself and her guardian of virtue, she tried. She wanted him to see that it was safe in case her forced chastity turned him on.The prison sat so well that she realized that it was made especially for her. He probably had a 3-D printer for slave girl accessories around here somewhere. The parts that touched her skin were padded with rubber. From the design it was relatively plain, a hoop around her hip, a crotch shield that locked up all the important parts. In the back it was secured by a metal strip that covered her anal opening.It was well constructed and did not allow penetration under the plate, but did not prevent her from moving. The belt was also so tight that it could not slip or rub. The sieve at the front shield and the sieve at her rear entrance probably meant that she could stay locked up for as long as he wanted. She could also read what was engraved on the hoop around her waist. „Property of Richard Baxter” along with his company logo underneath. She had never submitted to a man before, much less been marked as his property. Actually, she was supposed to get rid of the thing immediately and make him understand his position as a slave from her. She should prevent that he managed to train her to be his slave before it was too late.„You realize I could overpower you to take the key or get suitable tools to get free?” Selene asked angrily.„That’s what Alicia told me the first time she was locked up. But she accepted that it was part of it if she didn’t want to lose me. And you also know that you can’t force me to solve your medical problem. I will work to make you the mother of my c***dren. And besides, it suits you. Under your catsuit it also looks good,” Richard said calmly. He knew that the first day in the chastity belt was always the hardest. But each of his female slaves had come to terms with it at some point and started to consider herself his slave.Selene realized several things in that moment. For one, he loved Alicia and would turn her into a vampire. And since he had loved Alicia much longer than he loved her, she feared that he would prefer her. And though he didn’t seem to realize it, there would be no threesome. At least not for reproduction. They needed two sperm portions and, of course, from different men.He would fill Alicia with semen and use her himself just for his lust. It’s quite possible that Selene got the rest of the sperm from a customer up at the brothel and Richard chose him and sold her to him. And she realized she would submit. He would help her and love her, but not as much as Alicia. Hopefully, he would use her in a three-way anyway. It would be new for her to be only number two with a man.„All right, Richard, I submit. You have one month in which I will play your slave, but if you don’t get results, you’ll regret it,” Selene threatened. She hoped that by then he hadn’t controlled her so well that her threat would have had some effect. It was quite possible, though, that by then he had made her a real slave and cured her thirst for freedom.„Don’t worry, Selene, you’ll be fine. If you like, you can always go upstairs to find a suitor and play with him. I’m sure you’ll find more ways to make them submissive enough to leave you blood. There should also be fresh latex clothes upstairs in case yours gets dirty and there are showers. So you can have fun all night long. But the outside world is taboo for you. I will be informed if you try to leave and that will result in penalties. And be back down here no later than four o’clock in the morning if I need you for further tests,” Richard said in a stricter tone.„At your command, my master,” Selene whispered and snuggled up to him. She stroked his face with her black rubber gloves and rubbed her closed shame against his until she noticed his swelling. Smiling, she turned around and went to the door. She would get him to sleep with her. Then she would offer him an unforgettable night and he would never try to lock her up again.He’d look at her. She looked damn good naked. Completely flawless skin. But he definitely liked her better in that latex catsuit. It would be hard not to unlock her for a long time, but he had to train her if she was going to be his forever. He needed a cold shower for the time being. Maybe he should put on a chastity belt just in case.



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