I was in my sophomore year at college. While walking to class, I noticed a flyer that advertised money for people willing to participate in a study on the effects of chastity on college age males. I took the flyer, and decided to head to the university health center where the study was to take place. I wasn’t sure what awaited me, but I was sure I wanted the $500 the study offered. After waiting 15 minutes in a plastic chair, I heard my name called by a tall woman with dark brown hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion. She wore a pair of black leather boots, jeans, and a white coat. She instructed me to follow her into the fitting room.

There were several plastic tubes on the table, varying in size and color.

She introduced herself as Emma. After asking a few questions about my lifestyle, she cut to the chase.

“Now, I’m going to need you to take your pants off.”


“This is a chastity experiment, silly, I’m going to need to see your penis.”

Wow, this was actually happening. I unzipped my jeans and let them fall, before pulling down my boxers. Emma looked surprised for a moment, before laughing. Not a good sign.

“Wow. Your cock is the smallest I’ve seen today.”

“It’s not that small,” I protested.

Emma raised an eyebrow. “I’ve seen quite a few, but none this tiny. I would be ashamed of a cock that small.”

“I guess it’s just as well, though; you won’t be using it anyway, and it’ll fit nicely into a chastity device.

My face went red. This was humiliating; this beautiful woman was mocking my manhood openly.

Emma got on her knees, almost like she was about to give me a blow job. But instead, she slipped a plastic tube around my cock.

“Hey, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri what the hell are you doing?” Emma looked in to my eyes and said “Relax. You’ll come to see that this is what’s best for you. Besides, your cock is useless, so why not lock it up?” She said this casually. I was angry and at the same time a little bit excited.

“I don’t know about this,” I said, looking down at my cock in its plastic cage.

“I know you’re feeling confused, but you need to understand that this is best for you. And once you’ve gone a month, you’ll get $500. Now, I need you to listen to me and do what I say. First, get down on your knees and kiss my boots.” Normally I wouldn’t have done that, but something about the way she ordered me around just made me want to obey her.

I went down on my hands and knees and looked up at Emma. She looked down at me imperiously and pushed my head back down. “I said kiss my boots,” she commanded, and I hurriedly obeyed, kissing the black leather boots in an open display of submission.

“That’s a good boy,” she said. Once she was satisfied, she kicked me away. “Now, put your pants back on and head home. I’ll text you when I need you.”

I pulled my pants up and left the room. My face was red as I walked out of the building, my mind racing. What the hell just happened? What am I doing? I wondered. Was this even worth the cash?

Every step I took I felt the cage rubbing against my legs. I heard my lock clicking against the hard plastic tube.

At the same time, my thoughts drifted back to Emma. And, what exactly did she have in mind? She had me by the balls, literally. If she told anyone, I would become a laughingstock on campus. Despite güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the fear, I found myself eagerly awaiting her text. She had gotten me to do what she said so easily, what would she ask of me next?

That night, while my cock pulsed in pain, my phone buzzed. It was Emma.

How’re you feeling? the message read. I looked down at my cock, straining against its prison. My balls were pulsing, squeezed by the hard plastic ring that kept them in place.

Sore, I responded.

Her text read: My place. One hour. She included an address. I stared at the text with a mixture of dread and excitement.

It wasn’t very far, so I decided to walk. My thoughts were mixed up as my device continued its light clicking sound. I was really excited and at the same time really scared. I could run away from this experiment but then I would be stuck with a locked cock. Which was effectively the same as having no cock. Soon I was at her place. I looked on round and took few deep breaths and ringed her doorbell.

She opened the door, dressed all in black. She had black tights, black stiletto heels, and a tight fitting black top that showed off her cleavage. She looked every inch the dominatrix. Around her neck on a chain, was a glistening metal key.

“I’ve been waiting for you, come in!” I looked at her and followed her to a large, darkened room.

She put handcuffs on my hands and said get down on your knees and started to rope my legs together. I started to struggle, but she held me down with ease. Emma bent me over a table, and inserted a finger into my anus.

“Since your tiny cock is of no use to me, we’ll have to find other ways of enjoying each other.” She güvenilir bahis şirketleri put on a harness with an 8 inch dildo, which dwarfed my caged cock. She lined up behind me and said, “You’re about to enter a whole new world.”

She pushed her silicone cock deep in my ass and I howled out in pain.

“Are you my bitch?” she asked as she thrusted ever deeper into me. I resisted, saying nothing and hoping to retain whatever part of my manhood was left. When she saw I was hesitating, she grabbed my cage and yanked on it. I cried out in pain and then said, “Yes!”

“Yes what?” she asked, burying her silicone cock in me. “I’m your bitch!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My cock strained against its plastic cage.

Emma pulled out of me, leaving me with a strange empty feeling. Then she turned so that my face was level with her crotch and grabbed my head. She pushed my head into her sopping wet pussy.

Now be a good boy and eat me out.” I licked and sucked at her clit. Emma moaned, grinding herself into my face. I slid my finger inside of her and she moaned.

“Don’t you wish you could fuck my tight pussy?” she asked. And I did. My cock expanded in its cage, straining against its confinement.

“Yes Mistress.” I hoped that I could please her enough to unlock me. But Emma had something else in mind.

“Well, tough,” she said, “This is the closest you’ll get to a pussy from now on.”

She squirted all over me, dousing me in her juices in a kind of reverse facial.

“Holy shit,” she said, balancing herself as she recovered from her thunderous orgasm. “I guess you’re not useless after all. I’ll let you know the next time I have use of you.”

Emma took my head in both hands, giving me a thoughtful look. It seemed like I looked into her emerald green eyes for an eternity. I thought for a second that she was going to kiss me. She slapped me in the face and walked off. “Let yourself out, will you?” she said, her stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she walked off to her room.



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