Stefan, a nurse, had the pleasure of nursing Ella back to health for the last week and a half. He got into the field like most health care professionals because he enjoyed helping others and making them smile again after going through tough medical times.

He loved chatting up the male patients about booze, sports, and working out, and flirted with the females, made jokes, and was generally a blast of fun.

Occasionally, some of the patients would be young and/or hot and Ella happened to be one of them. Over the years, he had to resist going too far with his flirting and crossing the sexual line but Ella was an early 20’s soccer player with reddish brown hair, a light tan, and the most amazing ass he’d seen. He thought the word “mooning” came from her because her ass looked as such. It was round and begging to be groped, tasted, played with, and fucked.

Ella had been ill the past week with pneumonia and wasn’t very talkative for obvious reasons. He was in and out of her room with her meals, snacks, and medicines. He took her blood pressure, blood tests, and other tests.

It was only in the last couple of days that she was becoming chattier and even a little flirty. With her getting better, it wouldn’t be long before she was going to be leaving and if he wanted a chance at some ass play with her, he had to make a move soon.

It was around 7am this morning and he knocked before entering her all-white room. He had a tray of oatmeal, which resembled soup with little fruit pieces in it, an apple, and some orange juice. Also with him was her first dosage of 3 times a day pills.

Ella was lying in bed under the white, flowery sheets with her head at an incline while watching the Today Show. Her light brown eyes were still half-hidden beneath her eyelids.

“Good morning, Ella. Breakfast is served!” Stefan said as he sat her meal and cup of pills on the rotating table connected to her bed. “Did I wake you?”

“Yaaawwwnnn,” Ella yawned with her arms stretched skyward. “No, not at all. I’m glad to see you. How are you?”

Stefan moved the table in front of her. “I should be asking you that.”

Ella sat up, grabbed the spoon, and slurped her oatmeal. “I’m better. Not sure how long that’s going last eating this stuff. Can someone pick up some IHOP for me or I’d even take Denny’s.”

“I’m sure that’s not in the hospital’s budget.”

“Oh, well. I tried. I tell you one thing. The better I feel, the more certain feelings come back to life.”

Stefan folded his arms. “What kind of feelings?”

“Well, um, urges.”

He lifted a brow. “Like what?”

“Like down below.”

“Oh, those. I think I get it.”

“Oh, my!” Ella said as she stopped mid-slurp. “I can’t believe I’m talking about that with you.”

Stefan chuckled. “Well, you’ve told me about your older brothers and sisters, how you ran track in high school, how you aspire to play soccer for the U.S. women’s team, and how you’re a Psychology major in college. Why not know about your ‘urges’, too?”

“I guess I have told you quite a bit.”

“I know this may be pushing it a bit but,” Stefan said as he leaned close to her, “you’re beautiful and you have a nice ass.”

Ella froze with the cup of OJ in her hand. Stefan’s nerves were going berserk and his stomach was churning. On top of that, this cock was solid and she could have seen it pressing against his scrubs. He just put the fate of his career in her hands but he couldn’t help it. That ass made him do it! He felt dumb but it was done and he had to live with the consequences.

Ella unthawed, cleared her throat, and ran her fingers through her hair. “You think so?”

“I do and I had to tell you. I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Uh, I didn’t expect you to feel that way.”

She grabbed her apple from the tray and he cleared the table. “I’ll get this out of your way.”

Stefan noticed she didn’t say much else. He thought he screwed up and just left. It was on his mind for the next few hours and it was ripping at his gut!

It was around 11pm and his boss hadn’t called him into his office yet and he hadn’t been escorted off the premises. Both good signs but he didn’t know how Ella was going to feel about the shot he had to give her.

It was some antibiotics but she had to take the shot in her ass. Prior to this day, he happened to be on break, lunch, or gone when she needed the shot and someone else did it but now he was there. He reveled at the thought of finally seeing that thick, toned ass but only if she was okay with it after what he told her earlier.

He knocked on the birch wood door and eased inside with the capped syringe and some alcohol pads on a small metal tray.

Ella was breathing in short breaths and moaning softly with her eyes shut. The sheets were moving in a distinct rhythm where her crotch was. Stefan figured she was playing with her pussy and was so deeply into it that she didn’t hear him enter.

Stefan couldn’t help but watch for a moment. She was gasping and shoved the pendik escort sheets down a bit. Her gown was up around her tits and he could see her tanned tummy. He was rock hard and his arousal was so intense his hips shook involuntarily.

He thought it would be awkward to interrupt her but she needed her shot.

He closed the door, knocked harder this time, and said, “It’s Stefan! Time for your medicine!”

He heard her fidgeting in the sheets and her muffled voice through the door responded, “Come in!”

This time when he went in, she was just lying there pretending to watch TV with the remote on the rotating table before her.

“Hey Ella,” he said as he pulled the green curtains around her bed. “It’s your favorite time!”

Ella pulled her knees into her chest, trembled, and focused on that thing on his tray and it wasn’t the alcohol pads. “Oh, no. Is it shot time?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“I never get used to those no matter how many shots I get.”

“I’ll make it quick and it won’t be as bad as you think. By the way, I understand that the female nurses gave you shots before. You can keep it that way if you so desire.”

Stefan waited in anticipation hoping she would say that it didn’t matter.

Ella said, “No, it’s fine. You can give it to me.”

Stefan smiled on the inside and was waiting for this moment—to see that naked ass!

Ella outstretched her arm on the table and made a fist. She must have been a little confused.

Stefan said, “Um, this shot has to go in your backside.”

Ella shifted her eyes left and right, right and left. “Oh, okay.”

She shuffled off the bed and turned to face it. She lifted her gown and Stefan watched as her white panties became visible. They made a “V” shape and her ass couldn’t be contained by them. He was going crazy thinking about getting his mitts on it. He rubbed his cock through his scrubs with her back to him. It was difficult for him not to!

Further up her gown went until most of her back was exposed. As expected, she had some definition to her back muscles and a line down the center where her spine was. She was braless. Her tanned skin looked smooth and beautiful and he wanted to kiss all over it.

With a hand, she held her gown up by her tits and with the other, she pushed her panties down. The top of her panties stopped about halfway down her ass and her crack peeked out. They may have been low enough to give her the shot but he tugged them a down further until most of her ass was in view. Her legs were becoming dough and she placed her free hand on the bed.

Stefan snapped on his gloves and tore open the package holding an alcohol pad while admiring her ass. He was trying to see what her asshole looked like. It was dark inside her cheeks and he couldn’t see much but he imagined himself licking it and feasting on it. He wanted so much to know what it tasted like. How he would feel with his cock in it.

He could see her pussy lips, which were swollen and had some juices that leaked out. Stefan was losing it so he went ahead and rubbed the alcohol pad over the top of her ass.

“How are you doing?” Stefan asked.

“Just fine and dandy!”

“Good because here it comes!” he said as he uncapped the syringe as her butt clinched.

He gave her the shot and he kept staring at her butt until the syringe emptied.

She glanced over her shoulder. “Is it over?”

“All done. See, it wasn’t that bad.”

Ella pulled up her panties and let her gown drop. “It may have been better because you were here.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks.”

“It was meant to be. Are you sure you weren’t a model in a previous life?”

“I’m sure. About what I said earlier, that was unprofessional of me.”

Ella sat on the bed and held his hand while gazing up at him. “Don’t worry about it. Maybe more guys should express how they feel. It’s not like you’re being creepy or anything. Sometimes, they might find out the woman was into them, too.”

Stefan wondered if she tossed a hint at him. “Yeah. I guess I should get your lunch.”

Ella didn’t flinch. She held her eyes on him and he sensed the electricity firing off in the room. She broke from the moment just long enough to glance at the wall clock next to the mounted TV.

“Can you bring it around 1? I’m not hungry right now.”

Stefan nodded. “I can do that.”

Ella let him go and crawled into the sheets.

While he was pulling the curtains back to leave, she said, “I wouldn’t mind if you came back without any food or medicine, too. I mean if you had time. Maybe we could play a bit and you could see more of that ass you like so much?”

Stefan tugged on his collar to let the steam out. “Oh, um, right.”

As he was walking out, he was in disbelief. Things like this just didn’t happen to him. He thought maybe the medicine was making her horny or delirious. Either way, he wanted to take her up on her offer.

When 1pm came, he arrived at her door with another tray. This time, he had some baked escort pendik chicken, egg noodles, string beans, some iced water, and a chocolate Hershey’s bar.

He knocked on the door but she didn’t respond. He listened closely but there was no activity in the room. The TV was also off.

He went inside. Ella must have told someone to close the window’s curtains. The room was dark with some sunlight framing the window.

She was lying on her stomach with her head turned aside and was napping. The only noise in the room was her breathing. Though the sheets were covering her, Stefan could see where it was raised up where her ass was.

He sat her tray down as quietly as he could and stared at her. A naughty thought crossed his mind. What if he played with her while she was napping? She did say he could see her ass but he wasn’t sure to what extent she meant. He could tell she was into him but would that be right?

Stefan sighed, pulled the curtains, and sat on the bed opposite the side her head was facing. His heart was pumping hard and his body was crumbling. He reached for the sheets but he stopped.

He recalled that she said she wanted to play and that gave him the courage to keep going. He unfolded the sheet from her body and laid it below her knees.

He tried to look under her gown but he’d have to lift it to see more. All he could see now were her golden brown legs running beneath it.

He pinched the bottom of the gown and lifted as much as he could but the front was pinned underneath her body. Still, he was able to see most of her panties.

He caressed her between her legs. She was giving off much heat and her panties were soft and a little wet. He glided up to her ass. Her ass felt mostly firm but jiggled a little to his touch.

Stefan took the top of her undies in his fingertips and pulled them down as much as he could. He played with his cock with one hand while rubbing her butt with the other. Her bare bottom felt even better without his gloves or her panties in the way.

Ella wiggled around. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his fondling or a natural reaction in her sleep.

Stefan eased over her and laid kisses over her lower back, over her left cheek, and then her right. He licked a cheek and dragged it into her crack. Ella shifted around again and she softly moaned. Her eyes were still closed and he thought maybe she was moaning in reaction to something in her dreams.

He spread her cheeks and licked them on both sides of her asshole before running his tongue around the rim of it. Her asshole was a natural light brown color though she was mostly clean.

Stefan sniffed deeply. She gave off a faint, pungent smell but it turned him on even more that someone so beautiful could be so dirty. He gave her hole a long, slow lick across it, and licked back in the other direction. It had a bitter but delicious taste.

He lapped at it a few more times while kneading a cheek in his palm.

He let his tongue travel through the length of her ass to her pussy. Its juices reminded him of the sweetness of a pineapple. He parted its lips and ran his tongue around within her flesh.

Back through her ass he went and he stopped again on that asshole he couldn’t get enough of and gave it a few long strokes of his licker.

He sighed. He couldn’t get off nor could he get into the ass play as much as he wanted. He was being pulled in another direction by his job. Certainly someone was needing him. Not only that, he hoped Ella wouldn’t mind what he did. The pressure was becoming too much and he got a soft-on.

He pulled her panties back up, lowered her gown, and covered her with the sheets.

He opened the curtains and left.

A couple of hours later, while sitting at the nurses’ station down the hall from Ella’s room, one of Stefan’s coworkers had a message for him.

Stefan was going through some files when he was told that Ella requested his presence. His beast, which was still half-awakened, sprang to attention.

He hopped out of his chair and scurried past the other patients and staff to Ella’s room.

He bypassed the customary knock and dashed to her bedside. She rolled on her side to face him with her arm bent beneath her ear.

Stefan said, “I heard you wanted to see me so I got here as fast as I could. What’s the matter?”

Ella brushed her hand over his cock. “I know what you were doing to me while I was sleeping. I was mad but because you stopped. You left me hanging.”

“Wha, what? I was hoping I wasn’t out of line. Your ass tastes so good and I wanted to play with it some more but had to get back to work.”

Ella sat up. “Do you have time now?”

“I’m sure I could spare a few minutes.” Stefan pulled the curtains around the bed. He tugged on her hip and rolled her onto her stomach. “Get up on your knees, Ella.”

She complied and was now on all 4’s with her gown covering part of her panties. Stefan shoved her gown to her middle back and ripped her panties to her knees.

With her resting on pendik escort bayan her elbows, her ass was sticking up and her asshole was puckering at him like it was waiting to be kissed.

He separated her cheeks and kissed her puckered hole before licking it all over hungrily and he pushed his tongue inside. It was still bitter, maybe more so, but was no less appetizing.

He stiffened his tongue and fucked her asshole with it. Ella was quivering hard and clutching the bed.

His licker traced around her wrinkled hole and back in with a few flicks against the inside. He went back to swirling his tongue over it in a heated franticness.

Stefan pushed a finger in her anus, wet with his saliva, and it squeezed it. Her flesh moving to his fingering had her squealing.

He reached into his pants and took out his cock. It was thick and stiffened to where it was aching for some action.

He added a finger to her butthole while he was stroking his manhood.

Ella was grunting. “Grr. Mmmmm, that feels wonderful…”

Her soft, bedroom voice was almost as much a turn on as playing with her sweet ass. He wanted to hear her moan while fucking her with his cock.

Stefan fingered her slowly as far as they would go, pulled them back until the tips were almost out, and slowly, he pushed them back in.

He noticed her half-eaten Hershey bar and swept it from the table. His digits went back to stroking the insides of her ass while he held the bar in his other hand until it melted enough that he could smear it through her crack and onto her asshole.

Stefan was salivating at tasting her ass mixed with the chocolate and he dove right in.

“Mmm, you are so damn delicious,” he said between breaths and licks.

The bitter/sweet mixture was indeed tasty.

Ella reached back to spread her cheeks. “Oh, yeah, lick my ass good…”

And he did, getting his tongue into her hole again. He curled it and cleaned the gooey chocolate from around it, too, but left some on purpose.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, Ella,” he whispered.

“Um hum.”

He slid off the bed, pulled her to the edge until her feet were touching the floor, and pushed on her back. He was so riled up just by looking at her from behind.

Her panties were at her knees and he left them there to restrain her somewhat.

Stefan lowered his boxers and pants to his knees. He positioned his swelled head at her forbidden chute and guided it in until it opened for him. The gooeyness of the candy provided some lube albeit a little sticky. Ella was already hollering out.

He moved his hips ahead further until her asshole was trying to swallow his cock. The tightness gripping it was intense and when he began fucking her, the snug fit was driving powerful feelings through his dick and thighs.

He groped her cheeks and filling her most naughty place caused him to grow harder. His cock massaging her hole had Ella shifting and squirming.

Stefan could feel his tip get a little wet—a few drips leaked from his head. Both of their breaths were in sync while he pumped into her. She was clinching onto his beast and she patted the sheets.

He pounded her ass with such intensity that he was reaching the edge.

“I love fucking your dirty little ass!” he said.

“Yyyeeaahh, I’m about to cuuummm!”

Stefan’s balls were slapping against her as he went harder, deeper, and faster to where he hollered and burst his cum inside. He wound down his fucking but stayed in while Ella rubbed her clit until she came, too. She quaked and laid her head down.

He pulled away to let his cum trickle out of her ass.

As he went semi-limp, Ella spun around. “I have to taste your cock.”

She held it and licked it clean of chocolate and cum. She pressed her tongue into the tip of his head and he moaned while tugging at her reddish brown tresses.

He threw himself onto the bed next to her. It wasn’t enough room for them to lie side-by-side so she laid upon him. Their bodies were hot and sticky but neither cared.

Her gown was still above her tits and her erect nipples rubbing on his chest were nice.

He put her arm around her. “I loved that. Too bad you’re going home tomorrow.”

“I am? That’s good but sucks in a way.”

“At least you don’t have to worry about eating crappy hospital food anymore.”

“Had I known you felt the way about me you did, I would just eat this,” Ella said as she grabbed his cock again.

Stefan sadly slid her hand away. “Don’t do that or I’ll have to fuck you again.”


“Anyways, your primary care physician, Dr. Shaw, will be calling in some prescriptions for you when you leave.”

“Speaking of her, I heard Dr. Shaw fucked one of her patients in her office. Can you believe that?”

Stefan disconnected from her, stood at the bed’s side, and dressed himself properly. “I’m sure it’s a rumor but I guess you never know.”

Ella snuggled under the sheets. “She’s so pretty that it could have happened. Anyhow, I’ll see you later?”

“For sure…”

Stefan left and couldn’t quit thinking about the last fifteen minutes.

The next day, Ella was dressed in a dark blue shirt and jeans with a bag holding her personal effects.



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