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Tubing Adventure

The morning after the late night hot tub episode, I walked downstairs to find Jack and Ryan joking around and eating breakfast. As promised, there were a few large plates of breakfast options: eggs, bacon, sausage, and some pancakes. I guess Vince’s staff was for real. All the clutter from the night before had been cleaned up and food was served. It was like he had ninjas on staff.

I sat down and started eating with the guys. They looked at me and said, “Dude, shit got real last night.”

“I didn’t miss anything. You think I could sleep through those moans and screams?” That caused them both to give me a knowing look and start laughing.

“Look at the voyeur who stayed up in his secluded bedroom. Dude, how could you stay up there?” Ryan jested.

“Fuck off Jack, it’s not like we got anything different than he did. Mike got all the action. But I gotta tell you guys…That girl is for fucking real. Kevin, I’m so jealous that you get to look at her every day at work,” Jack said.

“It’s nice, but she keeps it pretty professional when we’re in the office. You get a few drinks in her…and…”

“She takes her tits out and lets you jizz all over her face?”

“Just once,” I admitted. I felt it was a little ungentlemanly opening the door to a kiss-and-tell, but, to be honest, it’s not like Elise seemed to mind the attention. She had openly flaunted her nude body, her sexuality, and, hell, even her hedonistic spirit to these guys.

“No shit,” the both said simultaneously.

“Yea, about three weeks into the gig, we both had had fucking terrible weeks. Everything broke in our plant and doing our normal reports was impossible. We actually helped load product one Friday. So after work we go to the one saloon in town. The bartender at dinner kept feeding her Long Islands and then we headed back to our duplex. It turns out she has a stocked bar, we start a movie, and the next thing I know she’s sucking my dick. Then we fucked.”

“So is the secret to just add a little booze?” Ryan asked hopefully.

“It’s probably more complicated than that, but I think it helps.”

I bent back down and took a big bite of pancakes. The guys picked up that that was all I was going to give. But I could tell the wheels were certainly turning at the table.

At that moment, Elise breezed through the door to join us for breakfast. She looked amazing. She had a white tight tank top showing some cleavage with little purple workout shorts. She wasn’t overly flaunting anything, though, because she had a bra on. For the amount of alcohol that the girl drank last night, she looked none the worse for wear.

“Good morning boys!”

The group welcomed her with a big “HEY!”

“Oh man, Vince wasn’t kidding when he said food would be laid out. Did you guys see them?” she said

“Nope, they’re ninjas.”

Elise grabbed a plate of eggs, some toast, and opened up the fridge. “Oooooh,” we heard behind the door. The next noise we heard was the popping of a champagne cork. The fridge door closed and Elise was mixing a mimosa for herself. “Damn, the girl is still going at it,” I mumbled to no one in particular.

Elise sat down with us at the table, conversing, eating her eggs, and taking sips of her 10:00 a.m. adult beverage. The mood was surprisingly light. The events of last night were on everyone’s mind, but it wasn’t awkward. That all had to do with Elise’s attitude. She knew that all three people at the table had seen her naked with cum on her. Well maybe not me but she had fucked me in a similar drunken encounter. She seemed to give less than two fucks about what we thought of her behavior. I suppose I respected her for that. Zero shame.

If you had a body and spirit like Elise, I suppose it wasn’t in any way humiliating to her to be caught out like that. I mean, her body was absolutely fantastic. From the exterior, at least, she seemed confident with her body. Flaunt it while you’re young, certainly. From our previous chats I could tell there was some undercurrent of peer pressure for her to dress and act as provocatively as she does, but she was pretty far removed from her Instagram-obsessed sorority sisters…that couldn’t fully explain her, could it?

Because, when it was all analyzed, everything she was doing was also a pretty big gamble. We weren’t strangers in some foreign city on spring break…we were all in the same small class of interns. It wasn’t a stretch to see ourselves all getting offers to work after graduation and become the next generation of of a long-running firm known for high professional standards. The memories forged etiler eve gelen escort this summer could last decades.

Jack was the first one to hint at some aspect from the night before. He asked, “Damn Elise, how are you looking so amazing this morning? We all drank a ton last night. I feel like shit and I’m sure I look like hell, but you’re fresh as a daisy.”

She laughed and said thanks. “When I went back to the pool house, I took a steam and was downing water for about twenty or thirty minutes. Then I crashed and got some solid sleep.”

This brought back my confusion with this whole steam thing. “So the steam makes a difference? Doesn’t the heat dehydrate you more?” I asked.

“It would, but you sweat out all the bad and replace it with the good.”

“I suppose that makes sense.”

That’s when Michael walked in. We were all a little curious as to how this would go. I mean, he pointed his dick right at her, jerked his huge cock, and sent a blast of cum on her face not eight hours ago. But, through all that, the mood remained chill. He, like all of us, commented how cool it was that food just appeared and the trash disappeared. Then he sat down.

We sat around the breakfast table and finished eating around 11:00. We all ended up pouring mimosas, following Elise’s lead. It was strange for me, because I’m not a big drinker and had certainly never started before noon. Nobody else at the table expressed any qualms about it though. I guess that’s one nice thing about Vince leaving, less worry of being judged by a boss. Also, nobody at the table mentioned anything about last night. Not the dares, not the hot tub, and certainly not the hookup.

“Alright guys, who’s up for the tubing trip we talked about last night?” Ryan asked.

Given we had multiple full days left on the trip and had to fill that time with some kind of activity, everyone excitedly agreed and went off to their respective rooms to change. There was an air of expectancy, imagining what Elise would show up wearing. Luckily, Ryan told me that he had an extra swimsuit that I could borrow it. He would just wear what he had worn the night before – it had dried overnight.

We met in the front entrance about ten minutes later. Michael showed up wearing ridiculous shades, a muscle-tee with a screaming bald eagle, and (his now usual) short swim trunks. The rest of us looked a lot more boring in long board shorts and tee-shirts.

Finally, Elise walked up wearing the pink robe from last night. I may have been the only one to see her in the robe last night, so the effect on everyone else was new. I mean, Jesus, the robe alone was sexy as hell. We had all seen her naked from the waist up last night, but the robe was satin-y and short enough that it hinted at what was below. It’s what you don’t show that makes the imagination run wild. In any event, we all knew the robe was just heightening the expectation until a few more minutes when we would get the big reveal.

Jack chimed in and held up a piece of paper. “Guys, I found a sheet of instructions from Vince on tubing. It lays out where to get the tubes, where to walk, and a number to call to come pick us up.”

“Great,” we all said. “Keep reading.”

“Alright, ‘Step 1, the tubes are in a storage shed on the right side of the pool house.” So we all headed over there, grabbed one, and used an electric inflator to get them all to a good pressure. We also found some floating coolers, so we inflated those and filled two with ice and beers. I think I saw Elise mix some kind of drink in a Nalgene bottle and throw that in a cooler too.

“Step 2, head down to the river. If you start down the main drive, go two hundred yards, and a path to the right will head into the woods. Walk down that and the river put-in will be a half mile down. Note: the pick up car will have towels, so you only need to carry what you’ll want to have on the river. The path is smooth the whole way, so you can walk without shoes.”

“Step 3, enjoy the river and call Steve when you’re done. The tube normally runs about four hours.” It listed his number. Ryan put it in his phone and put that in a waterproof pouch in the cooler.

“Geez, these guys have it all down to a science,” Michael said. At the same time, he took off his shirt and shoes and kicked them to a corner of the entranceway. “Don’t need those on the river.”

So we all started doing the same thing, ditching the stuff we wouldn’t need on the river. And our breaths caught when we saw Elise disrobe. It wasn’t a one piece this time, it was a red string bikini. But like last time, it was ridiculous. The top was nothing but small strings connecting two triangles that were woefully too small to cover her massive bosom. The top was maybe a size B or a C cup, and Elise needed every bit of a D. Her boobs were coming out everywhere: the bottom, top and both sides. It also pushed them together to make a perfect, long valley etiler grup yapan escort of cleavage. Again, they were so damn perky the girls didn’t much help staying up. When she moved, and the elastic strings yielded and allowed her tits to sway beautifully.

The bottoms were equally skimpy. Strings on either side. The coverage in the front was actually pretty reasonable, but, like last night, it was a full g-string thong in the back. No coverage whatsoever for her ass.

“Yep, Vince did it again!” Elise joked. Rather than leave it at that, she held her arms out and gave us a full chest shimmy shake. Her tits heaved this way and that. It was fucking glorious.

“Holy fuck Elise, I think I’m in love with you,” Jack sighed.

Elise went up, kissed him on the cheek, and confidently strutted out the front door. The way her full, round, uncovered ass sashayed from side to side was lost on no one. Every guy there felt a twitch in his loins.

Fifteen minutes later we were standing on the side of a gorgeous river getting ready to shove off. The sun was shining and it was about 85 degrees, so it was hot but not too hot. This was obviously the put-in, but it was clear it wasn’t a public place – it was only accessible via the trail on Vince’s private drive. We didn’t see another soul out here or on the river.

Jack and Ryan passed out beers for everyone and then attached the floating coolers to their ankles via a tether. The river was about fifty feet wide and looked like it could get pretty deep in places. Up ahead, though, we saw that the river could widen and get more shallow.

I made a mental note to always look where I was going, and I shoved off with the rest of the group. The day and the river were glorious. The river kept at an easy, ambling pace. Every now and then we would get to a bend and the current would quicken as we whipped around before settling in to the normal current.

About forty-five minutes into the trip, I was floating alongside Jack and Ryan drinking and chatting about this and that. Elise and Michael were about thirty yards ahead and were chatting quietly, letting the water take them along. They were deep in conversation as they entered another bend. From behind, we saw that the river wrapped around to the right, picked up speed, and the left bank was lined with fallen trees and other debris. Michael and Elise didn’t seem to take notice and allowed themselves to be taken by the current.

Once in the chute, Elise’s tube was twirling and she had hands in the air shouting in excitement as if she was on a rollercoaster.

“Elise, make sure you stay in the center!” I shouted.

She didn’t do anything like that and swung wider in the curve and toward the side.

PFFffff. We all heard it. The current had forced Elise out to the side of the river and there was a fallen tree with stubs of former limbs. It was clear Elise had hit the tree and it sounded like her tube popped.

In just a second or two, Elise went from spinning carelessly on the top of the water to being under the water except for her head bobbing up and down. Well, it wasn’t just her head that was bobbing up and down, her drink hand was out of the water keeping her beer from being submerged.

She floated down to where the river widened and the water slowed down before she stood up. She looked back at us with a big smile in her ridiculously revealing bikini and held up her tube. It had a huge gash in it, and it was clear that tube was done. No repair possible. We all floated up and stopped to survey the scene. We had no idea where we were or if we were near a road. On either side of the river there was old growth forest as far as you could see.

“Looks like you’re jumping on with me,” Michael said.

He had a big grin on his face as he scooted up on to his tube, spreading his legs wide. Without any discussion or debate, Elise tossed her tube into the woods, chugged her beer, and slid up on Michael’s lap. The added weight caused them to sit a little lower in the water, but there was still enough buoyancy to keep them afloat.

She shimmied her way to getting more comfortable, but, overall, she wasn’t phased by the ‘catastrophe.’ We made sure to float closer to one another, so there weren’t splinter groups that missed out on the other. And no one wanted to miss out on Elise. Apparently, freed from even worrying about the tube now that she was with Michael, she started downing beers and encouraging us to do the same.

About twenty minutes after she climbed up on Michael’s tube, Elise said, “God, my front is going to get so burned if I lay like this all day.”

On that, she started squirming and twisting and flipped on her stomach. The movement was not done with great agility, however, and it involved a lot of wiggling, scraping and nudges against Michael. I know for a fact I saw her boob grind all the way up his arm. When she was done, her chest was on his stomach etiler masöz escort and her head was on his chest.

“How I am supposed to have a beer like this?” she asked, and she shifted up Michael’s body. She used her elbows to slide up, and now their crotches were on top of each other. It was clear their pelvic areas were the main point of contact. Finally, Elise rested her elbows on Michael’s shoulders, propping herself up so that her pussy was at Michael’s stomach and her back arched up until her shoulders and head were more or less vertical. Another aspect of her move was that her tits were now right in Michael’s face. If he moved his head an inch to either side, he would make contact. And make contact he did. It was clear he was intentionally looking from side to side more than normal – basically, motorboating but at a snail-like pace. His face was also frequently crushed and enveloped by a boob whenever Elise shifted or torqued to drink her beer. We were so jealous.

And it wasn’t just her chest that Elise was moving to make contact with Michael. She frequently shifted and slip up and down, always making her pussy and his crotch the fulcrum of any movement. After one particularly long flat stretch where the water slowed, I was sure she was grinding her pussy along his cock. They were both getting flushed, and it wasn’t from the beer and sun.

After we made it through a long, sleepy portion of doldrums, there was a huge oak tree overhanging a bend in the river where the water got deep. Hanging from the tree there was a long rope, and, as we got closer, we could see that 2x4s had been nailed up the tree to make a ladder. It looked like an amazing rope swing!

We paddled over and Ryan dove off his tube into the water below the rope to make sure there weren’t any hidden trees or rocks.

“It’s clear guys,” Ryan said as he emerged from below the water, spraying water from his mouth. “It’s pretty deep. I got to the bottom, but it’s at least twelve feet down. Should be safe to jump.”

“Sweet, let’s do it!” Michael yelled.

All of us got off our tubes and piled them up on the shore. Michael was first up the ladder, and he had to go all the way to the top to grab the rope to swing it to the first swinger. That was Ryan, and he climbed about halfway up the tree and caught the rope that Michael had swung his way.

At the bottom of the tree, Elise waited behind Ryan and was looking up to make sure she got all the steps right and how to hang onto the rope.

“GGEERROONNIIMMOOOOO!!” Ryan yelled as he swung. He made a long perfect arc and, at the apex of his swing, he let go and launched out into the air. He got a ton of air and did a perfect pencil dive down in the water. He was down about five second before we saw him storm to the surface.

“Holy shit that was amazing!” he confirmed. He had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. We were jealous and all resolved to jump too.

Next up was Elise, then me, then Jack, and then I guess Michael would figure out a way to jump.

As Elise climbed the tree, I was below her and realized I was in a fortuitous position. I was looking directly up at her ass and crotch. Her thong had ridden way up in her crack, and I saw her pussy lips poking out either side. You had to put your feet on either side of a 2×4 step, so even her legs were parted wide.

She looked back down and yelled, “You fellas gettin a good look down there?” As she said that, she flared her right leg out, splaying out her ass and pussy out even more. She topped it off with a big spank on her ass that set it jiggling like a plate of jello.

“Elise, did I tell you that I loved you,” Jack said behind me. Elise gave him a seductive wink and turned around to grab the rope that Michael was swinging her way. She grabbed it the first time.

Once she had the rope, Elise moved to one side of tree and built up her courage for her jump.

“Guys, I’m nervous, this is so high,” she said nervously.

“Do it Elise! You’ll be fine,” Ryan said while treading water below.

A few second later Elise stepped out from the step and jumped—but it was executed differently than Ryan’s. Ryan had swung out, allowing the rope to keep its tension throughout his ride. Elise did not. She was squealing as she fell, holding the rope, and when she got to the bottom of the swing, the rope rapidly regained tension and the snap flung her off the rope and down into the water. It was not graceful, and her chest hit the surface of the water hard.

She was under the water for five seconds…and then ten…and then fifteen. That’s when Ryan started swimming toward her. To say we were concerned was an understatement. Finally, her head popped out from beneath the water.

“Shit Elise are you alright?” Michael yelled from the top of the tree.

She burst out laughing, and we knew she was fine. She was laughing so hard we could see what we thought were tears coming out of her eyes, even though she was obviously soaking wet. She was also treading water kind of funny. Her arms were not extended and paddling like normal.

“Guys, do you see anything floating around me?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” we asked.

By then Elise was breast-stroking her way to the side of the river to the tree. When she got out she kept one arm covering both her breasts.



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