Hearing knocking at her door she wondered who it could be. She stood from her desk, pushing her brown hair behind an ear so it was out of the way as she crossed to her room’s door. Outside was the lecturer she had been fancying for sometime, two years in fact though she had been going out with her others. She looked at him with confusion. He wasn’t exactly an old man but he wasn’t an old one either, just your average middle-aged single man. She knew that as he had told his class in their first lesson as they were going round getting to know each other a little bit. She felt embarrassed to be seeing him as well since she had just been dreaming about him the night before, him fucking her and then she doing the same to him. She blushed and he frowned, “Is everything okay Sarah?”

“Everything’s fine, don’t worry.”

“If you are sure.” He looked at her warmly and she felt herself going weak at the knees. She was sure she would drop to the ground if she wasn’t careful. She remembered the dream she had had and felt herself becoming aroused from just the thought though it didn’t help he was standing before her in person. She gulped and asked, “Why are you here?”

“May I come in, what I want to say could be thought a bit personal.”

“Right.” She stepped back, holding on to the door still. She let him in and she shut the door behind her. She felt hope rising in her, did he fancy her as much as she did him. She didn’t care if he did or not she was sure she would just take control and have him even if he didn’t and knowing men he probably wouldn’t object.

He looked down at his feet and then looked her in the face, “Sarah…? How should I put this…?”

She could see he was dithering and she said to encourage him, “I would love to.”

“Would love to what?” He looked confused for a moment and then it dawned on him, she had answered the question without him even having to ask the question. He smiled and bent his head to kiss her soft smiling lips, they were always smiling, he had never seen them without a smile playing on them. He slipped a hand under her shirt to find a breast to cup in his large hand. She closed her eyes and drew him towards her bed. He followed obediently, no objection rising and she knew it was finally going to happen.

He knelt over her as he began to undo the buttons of her shirt revealing the t-shirt she wore ataşehir escort on underneath and he drew it up her body so her breasts began exposed. He licked his lips as he looked down at them, wanting them so much. He bent his head down to them and took one softly into his mouth while she kissed him softly on his beginning to bald head, she didn’t care though, it was what made him him. She closed her eyes as he began to suckle at her nipple, hardening it with his tongue as he twisted it round it. She moaned softly as he caressed the other in his hand. It was obvious she was enjoying herself.

She moved her hands down his clothed body to his trousers and unbuttoned and unzipped them to reveal the bulge beginning in his pants. She placed a hand under his pants to take soft hold of his rising cock and smiled as he gasped in surprise. He looked her in the face but all he could see was the smile and her lust for him.

He moved down her body, rubbing his nose into her skin to draw in her sweet smell so he could always remember it. Coming to her skirt he pushed it up to her hips and was surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear and he wondered whether she had been expecting him or not. Glancing up at her face she didn’t seem to be giving anything away, just enjoying his attentions.

Softly, not sure how she would react, at first he ran a hand along her inner thigh towards her pussy where he then found her opening and softly pressed his fingers inwards. Finding her clit he ran his fingers over its hardness making her moan softly in her pleasure. He smiled and then bent down to tease her insides with his wet tongue. He ran his tongue over her clit and then deeper into her opening, feeling her growing wetter.

She drew him away from her thighs and pushed him on to his back. With him staring up at her on her bed she bent and drew down his pants to reveal his hardening cock. Slowly she drew it into her mouth, her tongue sweeping up and down it so he moaned in his own pleasure. Withdrawing her warm mouth from his penis she moved up his body, letting her breasts sweeping over his shirt and she softly kissed him on the mouth, drawing his tongue into her mouth and letting it guide hers into his. His hands were on her buttocks, running down her bum cheeks and on to her thighs where she could feel his erect member

Releasing avcılar escort him from her kiss he moaned, “Fuck me Sarah, don’t do this to me.”

Obyingly she moved herself so her wet opening was seemingly perched on his hard cock with its drip of pre-cum. She lowered herself on to it, seemingly piercing herself with it as she took all of it in. She rode up and down it, her body lying low to his so her breasts with their hard nipples moved over him. His eyes were tight shut and he moaned, “Sarah, where have you been all these years. You should have been with me.”

She removed herself from his still erect penis, he had not come and it was obviously because he hadn’t reached the same height of satisfaction. She looked at him, “You weren’t there Charlie.”

“I know.” He mumbled, “I was holding myself back, because I’m sure we haven’t finished yet.”

“I dreamt of you last night.” She murmured softly, lovingly.

“I know.”

She looked confused and he continued, “I made sure you dreamt of me. I have been the one to make you dream of me all along, and I know you can be a lot better, you were holding yourself back as well I feel.” He reached up and placed a kiss on her lips before moving down to her breasts.

He pushed her on to the bed and gave her breasts his attention again with his mouth while his hand moved to her opening and ran up and down the inside of it, making her wetter than she had ever known herself to become. She moaned and closed her eyes in her bliss. She pushed herself on to his two fingers, having a small orgasm. He smiled and moved up her body so he knelt over her breasts and his erect penis was in her reach.

She took it into her mouth again and he shuddered as he felt her wet tongue moving all over it, teasing the tip of it as well as its whole hard length. She tasted his pre-cum and her juices on it as he pushed it further into her mouth, having a small orgasm of his own as he moaned and closed his eyes.

Wanting her desperately he withdrew his cock from her mouth and slipped it down her body to her pussy where he swept it through the curly hair of her mound. She pushed upwards, wanting him as much as he wanted her but he held back still so the moment would just that much better. He knelt between her thighs and then drew her on to his penis before lying on her and avrupa yakası escort pushing in as far as it would go, grunting as he did with the effort of it. He slipped up and down her body, his shirt still on, ramming himself into her as hard as he could. She moved under him in her ecstasy of having him inside her again. He slipped in and out easily because of her being so wet and ready for him. She moaned and then she grabbed him round the shoulders, her nails digging into his shirt and skin as she cried out, reaching her orgasm and pushing herself up against him as hard as she could.

He slowed and pushed her softly back on to the bed so he could lie on top of her for a few moments before rolling off her and lying on his front beside her panting hard. She rolled over on to her front and looked at him. He felt himself rising, it didn’t seem to matter what way she was, she looked good anyway round and it was arousing him again. He sat up on his knees and then moved to her and softly pried his fingers between her legs to her hidden opening, it hidden under her. He found her clit and rubbed at it with his fingers, it still wet from him having had her.

She moaned and pushed her buttocks upwards, wanting him again and not believing she could be ready so quickly for another bout. He smiled and then pushed her legs apart. Still kneeling he drew her backwards over his cock and he rammed it home, into her opening that so seemed to fit his penis so well. She moaned and pushed herself on to him, pushing her buttocks into his chest, wanting him so badly. She wrapped her legs round him so he could leave her but he didn’t plan to. He pushed deeper than he had gone before into her and she cried out again, with a hint of fear in it, “Charlie!!!”

He just smiled and continued pushing himself in. He was satisfying himself now more than anything. She was just his play-thing now and would be for some while to come as well he hoped. Ending he pushed back on her crossed legs and stood. She rolled over and stared up at him with wide eyes, not believing what he had done. He smiled knowingly and asked, “Same place, here, tomorrow?”

She nodded while in her daze and he smiled, “I’m glad to here it. You are going to do more tomorrow I hope. I want to hear you scream out as you have me understand.”

She nodded, still in her daze, though in the back of her mind she was shouting ‘more, I loved it, fuck me hard again’, but she couldn’t seem to get any words out. She gave him a small smile.

“That’s my good girl.” He patted her leg and then pulled on his pants and trousers before leaving the room, leaving her in her half naked state on her messed up bed.



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