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What might have been a self-serving, long-winded & unnecessary preface has been beheaded by the lesbian executioner, Jihad Jane. (I suppose even Terrorists are capable of humane actions now & again.)

These characters are fictions of my mind & dwell therein exclusively. Their ages are irrelevant. (Yeah, they were over eighteen & “No means No”, but in this telling all they said was a resounding “Yes!”)

This story was written in front of a live studio audience of wildly masturbating naked men stroke yourself off or the person nearest you, it’s all good in my aroused horny world.

What I know about bdsm could be written on the head of a pin with a Sharpie; the emotional nuances are rich & complex & I am just a neophyte. A reader asked me to write this story. She gave me her name, a partial outline & asked me to submit it as a birthday present for her girlfriend. Thank you, Dana. I hope you enjoy it. (Happy birthday, Esther. You’re a lucky woman to be so deeply cherished.)

There’s a goto statement within a subroutine in the structure of this story. It’s a silly geeky little literary device, not a redundant mistake. I thought it clever, you may not. Sorry. Humor isn’t that different from falling in love; sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it breaks your heart. There’s no Comedy Police yet, thank goodness, or I’d probably be in prison for life. (Like most dykes, I like tongue-in-cheek humor the best.)

The quotes are lyrics of songs from “Tommy”, Pete Townshend’s brilliant rock opera & fourth studio album by “The Who”.


She laughed at me, her lush chiseled lips turning into a sneer. “Did you really think I cared?”

She stepped closer, taunting, scoffed at me. “Really, Dana. What were you thinking?” She moved even closer, her face hovering above my trembling lips and shocked eyes. She slapped me again. Hard. I felt the heat of it and my cheeks throbbed, gasping and twitching from the unexpected searing sharp pain.

“You are pathetic.” She shook her head in disgust as she leered at me, pulling back, jutting her hips to the side. Her ass flexed and rippled as she turned away. I dropped my eyes meekly to the floor, sobbing quietly. Her footsteps paused at the door. “How could you ever have thought I cared about you?”

The question hung, suspended in the air for a moment, and the door slammed.

Total silence.

She was gone.

First part: “He plays by intuition, The digit counters fall. That deaf dumb and blind kid, Sure plays a mean pin ball!”

I struggled against the bonds at my wrists but even with their soft cotton textures, they held firm and I could only wriggle against them helplessly. I pulled my knees to my chest and cried. I squirmed at my hands secured behind my back. Damnit, I can’t even hug myself! I groaned in frustration as tears spilled down my face. Against the reddened welts from her slaps, the tears bit my cheeks, painfully crawling down my face, cold and trickling down my throat. The tracks of my tears were salty against my lips and I flung my head about. Hopeless with despair, I slid to the floor, trembling, the tears and sobs wrecking through my chest.

Part of me struggled to hear. But other than my own plaintive sobs, there was silence.

My heart was breaking. I shuddered, resisting the helplessness, not wanting to believe she’d leave me. No, I assured myself, she wouldn’t tie me up and then just disappear.

Comforted, I calmed myself a bit, and gave in to waiting, counting the precious seconds as if they were golden. Why was it so important to think of time? Still, I counted and counted, devoting myself solely to the task of measuring my time, as if it alone held the key to my freedom.

Yeah, yeah, it could’ve only been minutes or hours or days. But the stark truth is I do not know. Groggy and disoriented I wake to darkness still present once more, laid bound where I have fallen.

I latch on to the fleeting thought and picture a map of my apartment. I quietly reach out, my awareness crawls to the bedroom door but I hear nothing. Quietly edging into the hallway, struggling to hear. Nothing. I think of the front door and my thoughts fly there. I think of the deadbolt, trying to determine if it is locked from within but I can’t remember hearing the latch snap into place.

My tummy grumbles and I welcome the sudden reminder of hunger, as if it alone can assure me that enough time has passed for her to return, that she’ll have a change of heart and come back to me; she always has in the past, I think.

Second part: “He ain’t got no distractions, Can’t hear those buzzers and bells, Don’t see lights a flashin’, Plays by sense of smell…”

I draw in short breaths, shuddering, afraid of my helplessness and vulnerability. I have no close friends and no meaningful obligations. I could die here and no one would miss me for months. I shiver at the thought of perishing casino siteleri in total obscurity. I wanted to mean something, make my mark in the world, but I wasn’t important. I was born a cog. Without doubt an extremely attractive cog, but still not significant enough to even be a sprocket.

I whimpered and gave in to tears once more.

I trembled and sobbed quietly.

Hopelessness was embraced by sweet numbing sleep and I found peace for a while in a dreamless slumber but woke all too soon, into darkness and silence.

I needed to pee, the urgency gripped me and I strained at the primal vehemence, forcing back against the heated urgency pushing to dribble out. I would not wet myself, not piss myself. I fought for control and relished the small victory which was soon overthrown by grumbles and pangs of hunger. My stomach gritted and ached and I salivated, drooled, and tasted the desperation of my appetite.

I writhed to my knees, crawling by rote for the bathroom, found the toilet and struggled to sit. The warm piss burned my urethra and I spasm involuntarily, the piss aching within me, urging, pushing for a way out. Finally relaxing I sobbed at the pain and pleasure. The hot pungent piss flowed from me, I relished the comfort of its sounds and the feel of the spray against my ass and the backs of my thighs. I moaned and struggled against my hands bound behind me and shook as another pang of hunger thrashed through me. I sobbed and slid to the floor, piss still dribbling from me and crawled to the shower, screaming when the icy tiles scraped my skin.

I thought of the kitchen and cursed my stupidity, realizing I could free my hands, just needed a knife or kitchen shears and scrambled for my knees and made my way through the bedroom. I missed the stair and tumbled from the loft, crashing to the floor below, my head bounced against the hardwood floor, stunning me, numbing me, but still I struggled towards the kitchen.

Her laughter cut through me like knives.

Terrified, I cringed and gasped as a slap singed my cheeks, and another.

“You pissed yourself! You are disgusting!” She laughed as she slapped me and kicked me to my back on the floor. She cackled and slapped my tits, and I gripped against her. She pinched my teats roughly, rolling my stiff nipples between her thumbs and fingers. “You’re such a whore!” She snickered again. “Wet with your own piss and desperate as a 10 dollar hooker.”

She reached behind her and flicked on the kitchen light, mocking me as I struggled against the blinding glare.

She stalked over me as I cringed on the floor, her long bare legs rippling with sinew and muscle. She lifted her skirt and tore her panties aside, straddled my torso, rubbing and tweaking her engorged pussy.

“Perhaps I’ll free your hands, you whore of a dyke.” She snickered and rubbed her pink hard nubbin glistening against prominent maroon red labia. She squatted slightly, spreading her knees and pulled her labia apart. “You want it, don’t you, bitch?”

She laughed as I gasped, and watched her rubbing furiously. Her hard clit a blur between her fingers. She moved lower, her knees spread. I could smell the intense musks as her pussy came closer to my breasts. My nostrils flared as I sniffed her delicious odors. “What would you do if I freed your hands, whore?”

I trembled and swallowed my words, wanting to plead but not daring, fearing she’d hurt me if I spoke.

I saw the lust in her gaze and thrilled at being her fuck-toy even though she terrified me.

Her salty bitter pee sprayed my face and the force of it shocked me. It was warm and ripe and wetted my parched lips. I struggled against it but parted my lips and drank greedily, panting and licking my lips as I slurped her hot pee, grateful and revolted.

I wailed, ashamed, cowering as she sniggered. She turned and stalked away from me, opened the fridge and pulled out a container and a bottle of juice.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to offer the whore something to eat.” She laughed. “Where are my manners?”

She opened the container and poked at it, picked up a morsel and sniffed it, then scrunched up her nose. “I can’t tell what this is. Perhaps you might know.” She bent and thrust her fingers to my nostrils and I sniffed. Briny, a bit buttery, meaty. I nibbled at her fingers, tasting a bit of the charred rare steak dotted with bits of caramelized onions and blood rare juices. I lapped hungrily and nibbled at her fingers. My stomach knotted, spasming and I cried out forlornly when she danced her fingers away from my lips.

She hissed in her breath, tossed the container on the counter and glared at me.

She bent in and slapped me. “Did I say you could eat? Did I, whore?”

I whimpered as she slapped me again and again. “I’m sorry, please don’t…”

I cowered, stunned that I’d spoken, took in a sharp breath and tried to avoid her blazing jade green eyes.

“Did you say something, whore?” She demanded, glaring at me, slapping slot oyna my cheek once more.

I whimpered and burst into tears, grinding my hips into the floor. My hands trapped behind me, I gripped my knees together and writhed, feeling ashamed and afraid, desperate from hunger and terrified, not knowing what to do next.

She slipped off her Aerin Liza sneakers and poked at my cunt with her toes, stroking my slit, tickling and teasing, parting my labia lips, shallowly frigging me with her big toe. I gasped and sucked in my breath. Moaning at the sudden heat in my pussy as she slowly fucked me with her toes. My knees fell apart, I splayed and groaned, opened my mouth, pleading, but gasped, catching my breath at the last moment, saying nothing, but my eyes betrayed me, and she laughed.

“You’re such a total whore!” She pushed in deeper with her foot as she bent down to my face, peering into my electric blue eyes. I felt sparks flashing between us, locked in her gaze, she laughed a bit more gently, and stroked my pussy with her toes. I shuddered and she laughed softly again.

“Beg for it.” She demanded, her foot moving faster, wriggling deeper into my pussy.

She gripped my chin and fixed a stare, slapped my face and gently repeated. “Beg for it!”

I whimpered, unable to stop from grinding against her foot, thrashing my splayed thighs, widening my knees, but said nothing. My pussy tightened, gripping her toes, greedy and dripping as she teased her foot inside my trembling cunt.

She smacked me again. The slap was sharp and loud. Heat flooded my cheeks as well as my pussy and I moaned and writhed up off the floor, whimpering as she withdrew her foot.

She slapped me again. “Beg for it!”

I blazed into her eyes, gripping her deep jade eyes with my stare. “No.” I shrieked. “I will not!”

She cackled. “So, the whore is a bit defiant.” She smirked. “Are you a cheeky little whore?”

She slapped me again.

I choked back a sob, writhing against the floor. My pussy glistened, soaking with my flooding need.

She laughed, turned away from me and walked out of the kitchen.

Third part: “He plays by intuition, The digit counters fall. That deaf dumb and blind kid, Sure plays a mean pin ball!”

I waited, trying to hear where she was going. A soft squeak betrayed her as she sank into the plush living room sofa. I focused on my breathing, taking slow quiet breaths as calm began to sooth my anxious heart and slow my racing ephemeral thoughts.

I wondered what she was doing, but forced my thoughts to quiet again, just focus on breathing, relax, I can do this. I trembled and shivered, tried to reassure myself.

My pussy throbbed and rebelled as I struggled for calm. I was desperate and hungry, greedy for fucking. I fought my ravenous cunt and stifled my tears, grinding my teeth and drawing in deep shuddering breaths. I shivered. A buzzing deep within my cunt signaled the onset of orgasm and I was shocked at the suddenness, terrified at how my pussy betrayed me.

She chuckled. “I can hear you, whore.”

I moaned, dismayed even though I grinded against the floor and writhed up in the air. My body fought me and won, groaning and shuddering to welcome the orgasm that teased at me and mocked me with wanton abandon.

“Don’t you wish you could touch yourself?” She taunted my helpless arousal. “If you’d been a good little whore you’d be jilling yourself right now.”

I moaned and writhed, panting at the heat crawling through my pussy. I struggled at the bonds on my wrists, rapid short breaths as I felt the heat trembling in my chest, my breasts flushed and the heat crawled up my throat to my cheeks, reached the stinging of her slaps still flushed on my face.

“Can you hear me, whore?” She smirked. “What I’m doing to myself, y’know. I could be doing it to you…”

She groaned, low and throaty. I could hear the sloshing as she furiously rubbed her folds. I drooled, thirsted for her juices, hungered for her labia between my nibbling lips.

She slapped her pussy hard and I jumped from the shock of it as she smacked herself again and moaned. The smells of her arousal tickled my nose. My nostrils flared. I inhaled her moist lust.

The heat flooded my pussy and I shrieked at the onslaught, surprised, aghast and horrified as a clenching erupted deep within my cunt, rippling, washing through me, uncontrollable. I screamed as I climaxed, hearing her taunts in my ears as I shuddered through the intensity of my cumming.

Even as the spasms trembled through my hips, through my pussy and clenched stomach, my shuddering breasts and ragged chest, I felt such deep despair and shame. I’d abandoned myself for carnal pleasures and felt empty and debased because of it.

She turned me around and untied my hands, stroked my cheek and smiled sadly.

She laughed at me, her lush chiseled lips turning into a sneer. “Did you really think I cared?”

She stepped closer, taunting, canlı casino siteleri scoffed at me. “Really, Dana. What were you thinking?” She moved even closer, her face hovering above my trembling lips and shocked eyes. She slapped me again. Hard. I felt the heat of it and my cheeks throbbed, gasping and twitching from the unexpected searing sharp pain.

“You are pathetic.” She shook her head in disgust as she leered at me, pulling back, jutting her hips to the side. Her ass flexed and rippled as she turned away. I dropped my eyes meekly to the floor, sobbing quietly. Her footsteps paused at the door. “How could you ever have thought I cared about you?”

The question hung, suspended in the air for a moment, and the door slammed.

Total silence.

She was gone.

Fourth part: “He’s got crazy flipper fingers, Never seen him fall, That deaf dumb and blind kid, Sure plays a mean pin ball…”

I struggled for quiet, again. I squirmed against the floor, feeling lust prickle deep within my pussy. I gasped as I became aroused again. Desperate and afraid yet flooding with excitement, I trembled as the incongruity wrestled through me.

I writhed against the floor, using the hardness to thrill my pussy. My clit hardened and slid from its hood. The hard wood felt tremendous as I grinded against it. As shame and revulsion began to overwhelm me, I laughed, suddenly realizing I was alone. There was no one to judge me, no reason to feel shame or embarrassment. I laughed with joy at this unexpected insight.

I grinded the floor like a rutting dog. Frenzied, I abandoned myself as the orgasm began to tingle. I squirmed, desperate to provoke it, to intensify the ecstatic rumbling. I groaned and squirmed into the floor.


The crop seared my tits as it struck. It was shocking and loud.

I gasped at the ferocity. My skin heated and raised into welts where it struck the flesh of my breast. I clenched my pectorals against the strength of the blows.


My other breast flushed as she raised welts across my chest.

I gasped and continued to grind against the floor, desperate and frenzied, stinging from the pain as it weirdly fueled my lust. I tried to fathom the intensity of the paradox but failed. I was unable to focus or think. Animal instinct overcame reason. I writhed on the floor and grinned like a madwoman, panting and whimpering and pleading for more.


I giggled as the short whip struck my tits again.


I laughed as the crop bit into the flesh of my breasts. My nipples hardened into sharp points and I clenched my chest.

“Touch yourself Dana.”

Stunned, I realized my hands were still freed of the cotton bindings. She’d untied my wrists before and I’d forgotten.

“Do it!”

She stalked round behind me and pushed her foot between my shoulders, shoving me forward face down on the floor. I crawled to my hands and knees, groaning at the loss of pressure against my sodden pussy.


The crop hissed through the air and raised welts on my ass. It stung and seared and I gasped.

“Touch yourself, Dana.”


“Do it.”



I whimpered and reached between my legs.

I wondered if the welts looked as big as they felt. The pain was loud and shocking, but only a warmth lingered. I wondered what the welts might feel like and gingerly snaked my fingers to my ass cheek.


“Rub your pussy, whore.”

I groaned and smacked my labia with my fingers. It was weird but felt good and I smacked myself again.

She chuckled. “You like the pain, don’t you, whore?”

I pinched my hard pearl, rolling frenzied circles around it, rubbing my clit harder as I writhed my ass in the air.

“Please.” I begged, not caring if she mocked me. “Please…”

“What do you want, whore?”

She chuckled at my helpless frenzy. Walked closer. The harness squeaked on her rippling buttocks as she walked closer. I drooled at the sound of it.

The gel tip of the Strapon was soft and firm. She stroked my engorged maroon labia with her cock as I groaned.

“Rub your pussy harder, dyke whore.” Her laughter low and sultry as she stroked my flushed ass with her fingers.

She thrust forward and teased my labia with the gel cock. I arched up and whimpered, whinnying and pleading for more.

She withdrew as I squirmed towards her, cackling at my groans of frustration. I whined and sobbed as she teased my slit and stroked my throbbing labia with her cock.

She reached down and pinched my clit, rolling the rubbery nub in her thumb and forefinger. I groaned and arched up desperate for her cock as she pinched and rolled and thrilled my clit.


I felt no pain, only heat and lust, and sobbed as the cock left my slit. She stepped back and I was alone. Lost and empty, my mind buzzing, I wept.

Fifth part: “I’m free, I’m free, And freedom tastes of reality…”

She walked around and cupped my chin as she gazed into my eyes. The soft gel of the Strapon was ridged with esoteric detail.

“Rub your pussy harder, dyke whore.” She chuckled and stepped closer.



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