I’ve always been fond of licking twat. You know that kind of guy. Pretty shy with women, but really enjoying eating them to heaven if he’d get the chance. Few years ago, I met her. I’m married, and she has a teenage son. We’re not living in the same town, so we meet quite seldom, maybe once score days. From the very beginning, I licked her and I grew loving it so damn much that I never felt the need to get into her. During more than four years of eating a perfect cunt, I got the best orgasms ever. Little by little I taught her, as she used to be real conservative, certain things as we could both get the most pleasure. She learned to facesit, to break my jaws while facesitting, to stick her feet in my mouth, to accept having her boots and heels licked and so on.

Of course, it’s been pretty hard to make her accept to use my mouth such ways. If you’re not into a certain fetish, it’s difficult to understand where the hell the pleasure is. It was even harder to make her piss in my mouth, as it was a fetish she really couldn’t understand and she never did this before. Neither did I, but I was willing to try. She still doesn’t understand, but yet she made me happy this way several times. The following story is that of our latest date, in a hotel room. Please, take your time and add a comment. As a matter of fact, I told her I’ll share our experience online and tell her the replies.

The day started as most of the times. I left home early in the morning, supposedly to work. I stopped in a bar, two hundred yards to the hotel and started waiting for her. I love waiting for her, having a beer and a brandy. I had a beer, asked for another and sent her a SMS. This is how we spend time while she’s coming from her town, a two hours trip by bus. You know, that kind of “hot” SMS, describing my feelings, hopes and expectations. I asked her if I should buy something to drink, a beer or champagne. “Dark beer”, was the answer, which meant I’d be going to get a sweet and warm surprise. We use dark beer to stimulate her to fill my mouth with a golden shower, you know. Another beer, another brandy, more SMSs.

Finally, when I was half drunk and 100% horny, she sent a final SMS: “204”. The number of the room. I jumped from the chair and headed to the hotel, not before buying the beer, of course. On the illegal bahis way, I kept telling myself to be cool and gentle this time. Usually, I’m so hungry for her, that I almost hurt her rose petals with my lips and tongue. She feels ok, gets her pleasures, but I can only eat her twice of thrice, which is far less than I need after two or three weeks of wet dreaming.

She was waiting for me in the room, dressed the way she knows I love. That kind of thigh-high stocking that only cover the legs and leave the crotch uncovered. Small lace bikini panties that hardly cover her mound. And bra, though I told her hundreds of times that it’s almost a crime to hide such tits. There is only one thing I can do when seeing her legs, and so I did. I knelt to caress and kiss them, to her womb, her thighs and cunt, through her panties. I can’ remember when I undressed. In no time, that’s for sure. I often eat her first with my clothes still on, but that day my submissive side asked me to be naked. I’m a bit chubby, you know, so being naked is kind of uncomfortable and humiliating, which was exactly what I craved for. I put her on the bed and started kissing and licking her feet. I pushed her toes in my mouth, till I choked on them. This is something she still has to learn: to brutally rape my mouth and throat with her feet. But someday, she will learn that, too. Until then, I choke myself on them. She learned to pull my hair or ride my moth, but not this. As yet.

Then, my mouth traveled higher, as she laid on the bed, up her legs, to her pussy. I love her legs and thighs, but her juices feed me, and the smell of her cunt drives me crazy. I took my time eating her, as gentle as i could, enjoying every drop that showed me she likes the feeling of a warm mouth covering her mound and a soft tongue entering her. With my mouth buried between her thighs, and with my hands moulding her breasts, I used my saliva to make her even wetter so as to spread her juices over may face and eyes. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to describe the feeling I have when she dries on my face…

As her juices dried on my cheeks, front and eyes, still knelt by the bed, I offered her my present, as her 40th birthday was near: a silver ring that I hope she liked. I kept on playing with her body for a while. Next thing illegal bahis siteleri I remember, she was standing near the bed, while I was sitting on it, kissing her belly and caressing her legs. I heard her whispering “let’s go to the shower”. I could hardly believe my ears. This is how she tells me that she needs to pee. In my mouth, of course, because I would never miss an opportunity. She just can’t speak dirty. We went to the bathroom and turned the shower on. I knelt in front of her, with water running over our bodies and opened my mouth. It’s so hard to keep my mouth open and wait, when I feel like eating her again! But my patience was fully rewarded. I felt her springing in the back of my throat, filling my eager mouth and forcing me to swallow her pee quickly, gulping, so as not to lose any drop. I was drinking and licking her gratefully, when I felt her hand on my back head. It meant “stop and open your mouth again”. I would love to hear her voice saying it, of course… I immediately opened my mouth again. And again. And again…

It wasn’t the first time when she was pissing in my mouth. I usually ask her to drink a bottle of water or beer, so as to be able to fill my mouth. This time, I didn’t. and yet, I was close to tell her “stop, I can’t swallow anymore”. She finally stopped and we went back in the room, just to lick her again. After two hours, my lips and tongue were sore, and I was thinking that she had enough and she would tell me she would get dressed. Licking and eating her three times and drinking her once were supposed to make a perfect day. Still, to my complete surprise, she told me she would leave the room for a minute, to go to the bathroom.

– Why?

– You know, I need to go again.

– Without me?? No way!

So we turned the shower back on, and I knelt again in front of her. What could I say? Drink her twice in a day? Could I be that lucky? And I was. She pissed in my mouth again. God, how I love to say it! She pissed in my mouth again. And I saw her face, while I’ve been drinking her. Completely relaxed. Her brains empty. She was just pissing. It so happened that my mouth was there to be filled. It’s been the very first time when I got the chance to drink her twice. My belly was full with her pee, and I felt any new jet as raping canlı bahis siteleri my mouth. Just like eating candies. First, you crave for them, then they’re ok, then your teeth ache and you want no more.

I thought what would it be like to refuse to drink her? Would she force me? Probably not, so I raped myself. I kept on drinking her, though I needed it no more. Again, a moment I can’t describe. I could no longer take it, but the feeling of humiliation and the sensation of having my mouth raped by her streams of pee made my body tremble, in an orgasm I never felt before. Really.

Actually, I can only remember we were on the bed again, holding each other. She was relaxed, I was still trembling and wanting for more. I remember I asked her to climb on my chest. Then, I asked her to scratch me. She didn’t want to, but I forced her nails on my chest. It hurt, and my body was vibrating, just like I was a guitar she’s been playing. I asked her to bite me, to complete the pain of the scratching. She refused, so I forced her again. I led her head to my chest, begging her to bite my nipples. She did, though fearfully. I enjoyed it so much, that I asked her to do it again, after a few minutes, despite her protests. She is always afraid that she might hurt me, though I explained her that this is the last thing she has to worry about. So she scratched and bit me again, making me writhe having her sitting on my chest. I felt myself on fire and I almost collapsed with pleasure.

Next, I was lying near her. We were both exhausted, but I still felt a bit hungry, so I went down on her again, combining my licking and eating her pussy and anus with fingering her. The slurping sounds of two and later, three of my finger entering and exiting her almost drove me mad. I kept on finger-fucking her for a few minutes, licking and sucking her clitoris. From time to time, I was taking out my fingers, licked her juices from them and slid them back in. her taste turned from gently sweet to sour and salty, almost like sperm, the sign of her being close. It’s been her time to swirl, writhe and cry for more…

I think we needed almost ten minutes to get dressed and other ten to get to a cab station only 100 yards away. She told me she felt her knees weak and I felt her gently trembling yet. She got in the cab and I went to a pub to have a beer and dream of the pleasure she offered me. By the way: this time, the dark beer I bought remained untouched. She didn’t need it 😉 It still in my fridge, for our next date.

Enjoyed it or not? RSVP, please…



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