Drink taken, wife away, what can possibly go wrongI get my urges to hook up with guys in waves. For a month or two I’ll be gagging for cock and quite honestly have to restrain myself from trying to hook up with every guy I think is interested. Then for maybe five six months, sometimes more, I won’t get the urge at all and lead the normal respectable looking life as a married man.This was the position last September.I had not hooked up with anyone since Spring and that was with a wonderful semi regular fuck buddy I have. I felt the urge – or “cock demon” as I call it, rear its ugly cum craving head inside my skull. My fuck buddy was out of the country for a month or so, so I thought I could banish the demon for a few weeks until he returned and then let myself loose on his wonderful long length. It will be all the better for the wait, I told myself, perhaps a little unconvincingly.So for a week or two I trundled along. Jerking myself off to hot mature muscle action whenever the opportunity arose. And it seemed to arise a lot. Allen Silver vids got a hell of a lot of hits from me, I can tell you. I’d sell whats left of my soul to go cock to cock illegal bahis with him.This went fine until the one weekend when my wife was away on some friend’s birthday trip.I wasn’t giving man fun too much thought by then. I was enjoying a little bit of freedom by going out on the town with some mates – all of whom are straight and have no idea of my secret desires. So the Saturday passed by in a blur of football and drinking. But I normally have a few drinks on a saturday, though maybe not to the extent as I had that time, so that was no great change to my normal weekend routine.This time though, I had the Sunday free too. Normally the ‘day of rest’ is just that, mooching about at home with my wife,doing all those mundane things a middle aged husband is traditionally meant to do on a Sunday.This week there was a pretty big football game on that afternoon. So I took advantage by arranging to meet a few of my friends at a bar to watch the match and carry on drinking from where we left off the previous day. My wife was not due home until Monday around lunchtime so I had plenty of time to sort and square the house up Monday morning before she arrived. illegal bahis siteleri as long as I didnt over do it too much with the beer.I overdid it too much with the beer.Well I got home around midnight, much the worse for wear. But still not a great disaster, a good night sleep and I could still be up at 8 or 9 and square the place up in a couple of hours. Airlines arent known for punctuality so It might be mid afternoon before my wife got home anyway. I dont suffer from hangovers much if I stick to beer, so I would be fine on that account.I went to my bed, but still couldn’t go to sleep. I could mentally hear the thump, thump of the cock demon approach in my head. A fortnight before my buddy gets back, then I’ll be sucking like a mad thing on his hot long rod, hang in there, man, you can do it!!Thump, THUMP, THUMP!Goddammit!Okay, I’ll get my tablet out and go on a site I know and see if anyone local is still up for a chat, or maybe some skype fun. That may placate things.So I logged on. tried my long dormant account and found to my surprise that i still had a week or so before my subscription ran out.I checked to see who was canlı bahis siteleri online. No-one i recognised or hooked up with before. I was just about to shut it off as a bad idea when, PING! A message!Some guy just said hi.well i pinged back and pretty soon we were both busily talking filth and sending dick pics to each other.he was in an eerily similar position to me. A downlow bi guy whose girlfriend was away for a week on work stuff.Fuck it, I thought, ask him. So after an hour or two of the usual to-ing and fro-ing about what we would do to each other if we met – which 80% of the time stays as saucy but horny banter, I just said. i want to hook up, can you accom?I can’t, even with my wife away as i have a big and unfriendly to male strangers dog who even if put out in the garden would bark the area awake.He messaged back, he can, but he’s reluctant to. Fair enough, I didn’t have any trouble with that, I’m the same. So I told him, no problem, we will hook up somehow, and we carried on for a bit chatting.Finally it was about half past two. we both said our good nights and I settled down to try to sleep.But I was still too horny and could not get over.About half three I heard my tablet, which I had left on and open on the site go ‘ping!’ It was a message from him. “Cant sleep. want ur cock. call me now!’ and his mobile phone number.The cock demon was roaring.To be continued……



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