Abseiling back down the side of the building on a luminous cord of photons, I swing through the skylight of the restaurant’s sunroom and amble up to the bar. Carrie-Anne is checking her clipboard, sipping a martini.

“Could you fix me one of those, babe?”

She slides the bottle my way abruptly. “Not so much of the ‘babe’, flyboy. Nice performance in there, by the way. You maxed out on the test scores.” Hardly surprising.

“Do I get extra points if the girls come?”

Carrie-Anne studies her clipboard. “You do, when there are so many. Every girl in the room had at least three orgasms. One girl had twenty. Well done. You deserve a drink after all that.”

I fix a margarita, splash salt over the rim and sip it. Nice and tart. There is a box of Cuban cigars on the bar top, so I help myself to a good one and light it with a flame from my fingertip. “Neat trick”, quips Carrie-Anne.

“Not nearly as neat as that thing you do with your clothes, the transparency thing. What’s that all about, anyway?”

She sets down her clipboard, sips her drink, lights and spliff and says, “because I really want to give the impression that you can have me, any time you want. This is your dream. You can jump over the bar and fuck the life out of me if you like. But I don’t think you’re going to, because in this dream there should be someone who is not entirely subservient to you. That’s the way you prefer it. You’re someone who likes to lead things, but you’re a talented captain, not a general. A team of leaders is where you belong. I’m part of the team. I just happen to be a very sexy part of it.”

This was an entirely satisfactory and highly astute answer. I thought on this while finishing my Margarita, which was excellent. I poured another from a stainless steel cocktail shaker and took a deep puff on my cigar. The smoke turned into an fighter jet which took off, stood on its tail and climbed vertically, banking as it passed through the ceiling.

“So, my semi-transparent beauty, what’s next on the agenda?” Carrie-Anne passed me the joint.

“Fucking, of course. Lots of it. There are a couple of rules and addenda, but its all about getting your cock wet from now on. You’ll love it. Think you can handle a whole floor of girls?” I considered this for a minute.

“How many classes are we talking about?”

Carrie slid off the bar top, went to the window and counted the classroom windows on the top floor. “Ten. That’s two hundred and forty girls and teachers, give or take.”

I stared at her, staggered. “You want me to fuck two hundred women, one after the other? What do the rules say about coming, or duration?”

Carrie checked her paperwork. “You have to come inside every single one. They should also come, but that’s more of a courtesy than a rule. Each fuck must last at least twenty strokes of your cock, and they should be full strokes. You can take longer if you really like the girl. Time will be suspended so, whereas it’s the middle of the afternoon now, you’ll emerge only a few minutes after you enter. This gives you the whole evening to relax before actually waking up and returning to your dull little life with that erogenously-challenged wife of yours.”

“She’s not… Well, I guess she hasn’t been a fantastic lay recently…”

Carrie flicked me on the forehead rather hard. “Wake up, dickweed! She’s not interested in you any more. She’s almost certainly shagging other men and sees no use for you. Get our of it while you have your sanity and the last vestiges of self-respect. Dump her, get a divorce, move out and move on. You’ll be a better man as a result.”

I finished my cigar and nodded soberly. “Guess so. You’re right. Tomorrow I’ll figure out a way to bring this to her. But for now…” I grinned lustfully. “I have a mission to complete. This is going to be something. Feel like helping me get warmed up?”

She stared passively back at me. “What were we just talking about?” I hopped down from my barstool and stood face-to-face with her. “I know, but I fancy you. You’re stunning.”

She put down her clipboard and flicked my forehead again. “Keep your eye on the ball. That’s just a little reminder that, however much your confidence has grown, not every girl wants to sleep with you. Fantasise all you want, but you have to earn your fucks, not just expect them.”

I kissed her on the cheek, whispered an apology, received a loving, forgiving smile and a warm cuddle in return (taking the opportunity to rub against her breasts, which were delicious, and stroke her ass through her leather pants), and vanished. I reappeared again on the roof of the building. The view was awesome – the lakes and parks of the campus laid out like a lush map of my perfect place: a synergy of education and inquiry, peace and quiet, greenness and water, modernism and minimalism, şirinevler escort brightness and warmth. Perfect. Time to do my thing.

Rather than totally disturb each class as I made my way through them, I thought about calling the girls to a back table one by one, or perhaps selecting a quiet room where I could fuck them all in turn. The latter seemed best. If I had a real beauty with whom I wanted to spend some time alone, it would be best to have a room I could seclude ourselves in. So, I made one.

It was behind a thick wooden door and consisted of walls made from massive, high-resolution soft-screens which showed a cycling, seamless wave of pleasing, relaxing images. These were on all four sides and the door opened through the one of the left of the bed. The ceiling was also a video screen, but it showed only the most tasteful erotic movies – Deep Throat and other 1970’s classics, good-quality European porn, carefully-built and immaculately filmed erotica. One of my favourite things in the world. Next to the bed was a lavish, multi-level Chinese tea table made from sandalwood. Hot water streamed steadily through a series of filters, producing a herbal infusion of unparalleled complexity and restorative power. I would need some of that. Lots and lots of marijuana, of course, in an engraved, teakwood box flanked by a big, heavy butane lighter shaped like a naked angel masturbating. Ten large, solid, impeccably constructed joints were ready in a chrome cigarette holder – a mixture of Moroccan, Lebanese, Pakistani and Afghani hashish, Dutch and Thai marijuana, and aromatic Turkish tobacco laced with pure Bolivian cocaine. An opened but full bottle of revolution-era French brandy from Napoleon’s own collection completed the scene. That and a PDA with a list of all the girls as I was about to fuck senseless.

Below the tea instruments was a cupboard, opened by voice command, which contained a full set of erotic massage oils, a cooling lotion to rub on any sore spots, and a range of dildos and vibrators, large and small. I had created a perfect place to have unbelievable amounts of quality sex. I lit the Afghan joint, puffed smoke a the ceiling, drank a little Chinese tea and tapped the PDA to begin.

Each girl would enter through the door, have delicious sex with me, and exit the way the same way. I would take a minute between each visitor to smoke, drink and check out the videos surrounding me, and tap the PDA again to welcome the next girl. I swallowed some more tea, placed my joint in the broad glass ashtray by the bed, and got ready for my first girl. She walked in, naked and stunning and joined me on the bed. Only the most amazing girls would receive more than the basic fuck, and this girl was very, very pretty. Foreplay was going to be brief – this was about coming, for both of us. I kissed her as she straddled and lay on top of me. Her breasts hung within reach of my tongue. I reached behind her, fondled her anus and the seeping entrance to her pussy, and manoeuvred my cock into her. She slid down onto my erection, welcoming me into her body, and we kissed as she established a steady rhythm. I loved watching her breasts sway as she moved, her hips perfectly in time with my upward thrusts. We passed the twenty-thrust mark and I decided to let her have a few more, about fifty, before grabbing her ass, pulling her close and coming inside her. She kissed me beautifully, whispered words of incredible lust and longing, and left through the door, my semen already beginning to run down her thighs.

The second girl was almost as pretty, and a very nice fuck. She lay down and spread her legs for me. I licked her thighs, stomach and vagina for a minute before mounting and penetrating her. Her body was wonderfully soft to lay upon and her breasts were small globes of perfection. I came deeply in her while fingering her anus from beneath. We shared a little of my joint and she walked to the door, waving cutely at me as she left. Some more pot, a quick glass of brandy, a tap on the PDA, and the next girl was kneeling in front of me on the bed. I kissed, licked and sucked her pussy lips before inserting my penis. Her hips were a little lower than me, so I angled upwards, leaning forwards over her, and shot semen into her warm cunt. The next girl was stunning, a tall African girl with a perfect ass. She kneeled, too, while I explored her anus with my tongue and fingers, and smeared lubricating gel on us both before giving her anal sex. She was tight and hot inside. Holding her breasts and tweaking her nipples, I poured come into her bottom as she orgasmed. We shared some tea and hashish and she rubbed soothing cream on my penis before washing it with a moist, warm towel. That felt amazing. She licked it once, kissed me and left.

The next girl straddled me in sixty-nine şirinevler elit escort and devoured my cock expertly. Her pussy was shaved, which I adore for oral sex, and I lapped at her entrance and clit until she came. I was nearing my own orgasm so I brought her up, laid her back, slipped into her pussy and fucked her slowly before coming. The oral had been so wonderful that I licked her vagina for long, enjoyable minutes, feeling the tension of her climaxes around my fingers. She cuddled me, fondled my dick to a new erection, poured me some more tea and made her way out. Girl number forty was amazingly pretty with a perfect figure. We made love for the longest time yet, with me on top, then her on top, then kneeling up together, until I came in her beautiful pussy while we kissed and held each other. I didn’t want her to go. We talked and kissed while I got hard again, so I laid her back and fucked her some more. I withdrew, slipped my penis into her mouth and tapped the PDA. The next girl waited until I had enjoyed this girl’s mouth and tongue for a while before taking her place. Ready to orgasm almost at once, I eased my erection into her bottom and felt the tightness of a virgin anus. She loved it, coming repeatedly around my cock. My orgasm was enormous. I fell forward onto her and spent long moments caressing her while I felt the muscles throb around my penis. After washing and kissing me, she took the last of my Afghan joint and went.

Time for a little break after sixty girls, about a quarter of the way through. Carrie-Anne popped in with some more joints. “How’s it going, lover boy? The girls coming out of here look pretty damned satisfied.” She sat on the edge of the bed, watching me in my nakedness as I gained yet another hard erection. She had positioned herself so that her black leather was see-through. Must be deliberate, I thought.

“Yes, well so am I. We’re doing great. I’m having a fantastic time.” I lit the Dutch joint and enjoyed a fly-by of the summit of K2 on the big screen in front of me. Carrie took the joint and lay back on the bed with me.

“There are some gorgeous girls still to come in, you know. I hope you’re not too spent already.” I laughed, taking the offered joint.

“Not at all. This tea is working wonders, and I get a raging boner whenever the next girl comes in. I just want to fuck them all forever. They’re so young, confident, talented. Amazing.” She smiled and stroked me knee.

“Good boy. You keep it up. The rewards for completing this level are unimaginable”. She hopped up and I noticed, for the first time, that it wasn’t the angle or the light which was making her clothes transparent. She was naked. “Just unimaginable”, she repeated, one hand going to her pussy, emerging slick with juice and slipping into her mouth. I was about to get up and throw her down for the fuck of her life but she disappeared and I was left facing another young goddess. Damn, I was horny now. I threw this girl on the bed instead, provoking a peal of giggles. She landed, bounced, landed again and I was on her and inside her. I gave her a quick, almost brutal fuck, my cock flashing in and out of her while she continued giggling and simpering with pleasure. I grabbed her ass and pushed hard into her, my pubes mingling with hers, my cock erupting once more with boiling semen. She was still giggling and kissing me. What a wonderful girl.

It continued like that. Every girl was different, and amazing in her own way. Some of them I took standing up, even before they reached the bed, either against the wall or bending down in front of me, palms flat on the video screen. Others I cuddled and lifted up, impaling them on my erection and fucking them with their legs wrapped around me. Later on I fucked four girls in a row from behind, in their tight bottoms. The last of these was just extraordinary, a redhead with a beautiful body and a gorgeous smile. I spent half an hour making love to her anus while she furiously masturbated, coming over and over, then finally reaching an incredible orgasm as I shot my load into her ass. I took another break, drinking tea and brandy, and lighting the cocaine joint. She puffed on it with me, took more cocaine from the drugs box, sprinkled it on my penis and sucked it off. I was incredibly hard again and considered giving her a second fuck, but rules are rules. The girl after her received a solid rodding, the coke producing sparkly, immensely pleasurable effects on my cock. My orgasm were stronger and seemed linked to my brain more completely, like my whole mind was having an orgasm. Nice.

Carrie-Anne popped in again after the two-hundredth girl. I was getting a little sore. “No problem, flyboy. Let me deal with it.” I’d been hoping she’d say that. She opened the jar of cock-rub and massaged my semi-erect cock, which şirinevler escort stood instantly to attention.

“Only to help out, you understand. No good all these girls coming in here if you can’t perform for them.” I smiled down at her while she expertly smoothed the cooling cream into my penis. “Its edible and non-toxic”, she said, “so you can carry on as you were doing.” This was good news.

“You know what I want you to do”, I whispered. “Will you do it?”

She released my cock, stepped back, stood with hands on hips and smiled, “later. I want your cock in me as much as you do. Finish the task and you can have me. And I’m better than any of these girls by a long yard”. She dipped her fingers into her pussy again, wet them and drew a circle of glimmering juice around her left nipple. “Just for a taster…” I flew to her, held her and hungrily licked the juice from her skin. It tasted indescribably feminine, arousing, life-affirming. She let me clean the juice from her, suck her nipple and hold her for a moment, before disappearing again. A tall, slender girl appeared instead and sat quickly on my raging erection, hardly coming once before I climaxed in her. With the cocaine, Carrie’s flirtation and the heavenly softness of this girl’s cunt, it was a monstrous orgasm. My balls seemed to have incredible powers, never failing to produce a tidal wave of come into each girl. Once more, coming into a tight, young pussy, my cock’s white juices overflowed down my shaft onto my pubes and trickled into my navel. The girl leaned forward to kiss me and we held each other until I stopped shaking.

The last ten girls were lecturers, all under thirty and all very attractive. I spent the most time with a short, cute, dark girl who wanted to play with the vibrators. I had one in her ass, a thick, black dildo in her pussy and my penis in her mouth while she came repeatedly. I handled the dildo, shafting in and out of her. She held my pulsating balls with one hand and the anal vibrator with the other. I’ve never seen a girl come more. When I couldn’t wait any more, I slid the dildo out of her and replaced it with my engorged cock which soon coated her womb with semen. We lay, exhausted, for a moment before some more tea and half a Lebanese joint sorted me out. This was getting intense.

Two girls later was the last of the day, a stunningly attractive lecturer of twenty-six with flowing dark-brown hair, beautifully smiling blue eyes and the body of Venus. I was speechless. I think I recognised her from peeking into the library earlier – the archaeology tutor – but now she was naked, smiling at me with an easiness which was utterly disarming. The word “love” appeared in my mind for the first time today. I couldn’t believe how pretty she was. Delicious, pert breasts with light-red, suckable nipples. A perfect, flat stomach which led, tongue-stroke by tongue-stroke, to an unadorned temple to femininity between her legs. Her pussy was the prettiest I had ever seen. Her little clit bulged temptingly at the crest, while her lips were pink, engorged and incredibly inviting. Much as I couldn’t wait to have her, I wanted to enjoy every inch of her first. I licked her and tasted the sweetness of her skin. All over, my tongue snaked, darted, flickered, explored, soothed, excited, aroused and satisfied this amazing girl. When I finally reached the open wetness of her pussy, my lust formed an excited knot in my chest. “Make her wait”, an invisible Carrie was whispering. “Keep her guessing. She’ll love it, and so will you. Last girl of the day. And the prettiest, I think you’ll agree.” I did.

I took ten minutes tasting the soft skin around her pubis, tonguing and kissing from her navel to just above her clit, from her inner thigh to just outside her pussy lips, from the mysteriously beautiful darkness of her anus to the wet outer rim of her entrance. Then I did it. She came loudly as I thrust my tongue into her vagina. Twenty minutes of intense pussy-kissing, clit-sucking and deft masturbation later, she had come twenty-two times. Just to make sure it was possible. Then I lay on her, kissed her and slipped my unbelievable hardness into her. We made love like a couple who’d known and adored each other for years. This was more than sex. It was a fusion of minds, bodies, futures, desires, lusts. When I pushed hard into her, our bodies seemed to melt together. When I kissed her, it was a communication as lucid as the most amorous sentence, more expressive than a laureate’s love letter. And when we came in unison, our atoms mixed, cavorted, danced. Her pussy cuddled my penis, massaging every inch of me, while I poured torrent after torrent of thick, hot sperm inside her. We pressed our foreheads together, breathed together, cuddled closely and whispered those things I’ve always wanted to know how to say. I was on the verge of tears. I could never withdraw. Carrie, clothed now in her black, approached us and kissed us both.

“I think you’ve found what you’ve been looking for, babe.”

Gazing at my new lover, I smiled and her eyes met mine. They were glittering. “Yes, I have.” I kissed her as we smiled together.

“What’s your name, angel?”



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