It had been a long day at work. Everybody was ragging my ass about one thing or another. The boss was being his usual jerky self. I was watching the clock waiting for the day to end, go home, have some dinner and veg out, maybe watch a movie.

The afternoon drug on and things had slowed down. I had called my wife and talked to her for a few minutes. I told her about the day I had. I asked her about hers. She said it was typical normal stuff, nothing pressing.

The magic hour came, 5pm and nothing could have stopped me from bolting out of that place. I jumped in the truck, lit a smoke and headed home. I took a longer way to give myself some time to unwind from work.

When I pulled in to home I walked in. My wife had started dinner and was smiling. The best part of my day is seeing my wife. Giving her a hug and a kiss always makes my day. It helps me get over a shitty day.

She asked me if I would like to take over, she knows how much I love to cook. I said sure and began taking care of things. Nothing too elaborate just your basic spaghetti and sauce.

During dinner we talked about work, the news and usual stuff. I noted she had a smile the whole time. I asked her what she was up to and of course she denied it. She quickly changed the subject and she asked me if I still had been having my dream. I said yes, same thing only different variations. It was a dream I had been having for 3 or 4 months now.

The dream starts out with our neighbor coming over to visit. He hangs out with us for some time. For some reason we start talking about college experiences. My wife leads it to her sexual experiences while in college. Our neighbor and I follow suit about our experiences. Then he blows me away about talking how he got a blowjob from his one friend while drinking one night. He said he loved the way a man sucked him off. My wife and I smiled. I told him about my experiences sucking guys off. My wife told him how she loved cock sucking too. As the dream goes on, I am on my knees sucking his cock as my wife watches us as she masturbates herself. The dream is pretty vivid.

I go on to tell my wife about the dream and how it felt so real I could almost taste his cum in my mouth. It really has made me hungry for cock again.

Normally I know most wives would freak if they heard their husband say that but innovia escort not mine. We have a great understanding about things, no secrets. Are only requirement of each other is that we tell the other what is going on.

I asked my wife one day what she would do if I told her I met a guy and wanted to suck his cock. She told me she would ask if it was what I wanted. If it was she would want to see me do it. In return she said if she met someone I would ask her the same. We have a great relationship.

She listened intently as I told her about the dream. All she said was interesting. We finished dinner and I cleaned up the plates and kitchen. I asked her what she wanted to do. She said staying home and catching a movie was cool with her.

I ran up and got changed. All that sex talk had made me horny and I thought about jacking off right then, but my wife kept calling me to hurry for the movie. So I gave my cock a few strokes and got dressed.

We got the movie started and my wife asked me to lay on the floor with me. We laid there snuggling together. I started to kiss her neck and nuzzle her telling her how much I loved her. I played with her hair and ran my hands across her body. , lightly touching her. She moved in closer to me as I wrapped my hand around her. I kissed her neck and ears some more then I felt her hand squeeze my cock teasingly.

I was thinking that I might get fucked tonight or maybe even a blowjob. My wife sucks cock so good, it is incredible. Just when things got interesting the doorbell rang. I was pissed. My wife had just pulled my cock out and gave it a lick. The doorbell rang again.

I pulled my pants up and answered the door. It was our neighbor asking me if I could help him move something in his apartment. He said it would just be a minute. So I put on my shoes and went over. He was there with another friend trying to move a huge dresser upstairs. I have moved a dresser like that before I knew how hard it can be.

Once the dresser was up we went downstairs again. My wife had come over and invited them over for a drink. The three of us went over to our house. When we got there she had some beer and booze on the counter. Everyone helped themselves.

We had a few drinks and were bullshitting about different things. We started about stupid istanbul escort stuff we have done and of course one thing led to another and the conversation dived right to sex.

My wife blew the two guys away with her story about doing a three way along with some of her cock sucking stories. She had told me about them and they always made me horny. The guys tried to top her with there exploits. Until my neighbor said he and his room mate used to get each other off. His friend’s jaw dropped like a rock. My wife just smiled at me. I threw another shocker when I told them I was bi and loved and loved the taste of cum.

I could see that both of their cocks were hard and rocks, so did my wife. My wife then spoke up and asked if they would like for me to suck them off. I was in shock that she suggested it but I didn’t even wait for an answer. I was on my knees in front of both of them. My neighbor’s friend already had his cock out and aiming for my mouth. My neighbor got his out, I reached for it.

I alternated my mouth from one cock to the other taking every bit I could in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around them and sighed. I was in heaven. Both of them let me do all the work. I squeezed their balls and licked up and down the shafts of those two sweet cocks.

I looked over at my wife. She had her pants down and was rubbing her sweet pussy. She was looking so hot. She suggested that we do a foursome with me as the receiving end. My wife got on her back and spread her legs. I mounted her and began fucking her tight pussy. My neighbor got behind me and slowly started feeding his cock into my ass. He worked his way in filling my asshole completely with his cock. The other guy kneeled in front. I sucked in his cock as my wife tongued his balls.

It was unbelievable. I was living my dream. Cock in my mouth and ass while fucking my wife. I could feel the cock in my ass swell with each push. He had grabbed my hips and slammed his cock in me deeper and deeper. The cock in my mouth was delicious. I could taste his pre-cum. It was slightly salty but very good. My ass was so full and taking a pounding with the longer cock of my neighbor sliding in and out. I would bear down with my muscles to tighten around his cock. Each time he would moan. I felt his cock swell more and I knew he would come kadıköy escort soon.

The friend had his hand on my head guiding me on his cock. He was average size and it slid easily down my throat. I kept swirling my tongue and licking his shaft. He played with my hair as I swallowed him. My wife ran her tongue over his balls, every so often sucking a ball into her mouth. She was sucking hard on it, making him push my head down deeper on his cock.

My own cock was buried deep into my wife. I couldn’t hold on much longer though. He pussy clenched my cock and pulled me into her. She was soaked from her coming and dug her nails in my back. With the cock in my ass rubbing my prostate I was going to cum and did quite quickly. Pulling my cock out of my wife’s pussy I shot cum all over both of us. She rubbed it into both of us and kept rubbing her clit.

My neighbor was also getting close to coming. He slammed harder into me and grunted. Then I felt his cock swell and a burst of hot cum filled my ass. He came so much I could feel it drip out of me. He shoved himself even deeper into me as he came. He was hammering my ass as fast as he could. I could feel him shake as he came I begged him to stay in my ass as long as possible.

The smell of sex, come and sweat filled the room. My neighbor had his head buried in my wife’s pussy licking her off into oblivion. She now pushed his head deeper into her pussy making him lick and suck it. I watched her body shake in orgasm after orgasm.

I was concentrating on the cock in my mouth now. It was pulsating and I knew he was going to cum soon. I stopped only long enough to beg him to cum in my mouth. I sucked as fast and hard as possible. He said he was going to come. I pulled off his cock, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I jerked his cock off as he came. The first load went straight down my throat the second and third filled my mouth. His last shots covered my face in his hot tasty cum. I licked his cock clean and swallowed every drop.

Using my fingers I wiped the remaining come off of my face and eat it. I was in heaven. My ass was royally fucked my jaw was sore but I loved every minute of it.

We had been at it for some time. It was getting late. My neighbor and his friend got dressed and ready to go. As they left my wife French kissed both of them. Since we were still naked they both took the liberty of fingering her as they left. I told them both to come back anytime. My neighbor said he knew they were invited anytime now. I asked how he knew that. I told me that my wife had set the whole thing up. He said it was something about a dream I had.



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