“That was quite a modeling show you put on there, Draguette! The crowd was happy, the winning bid was substantial, and I made a lot of money off of you!

Draguette opened her eyes, slowly coming to her senses. The voice from afar was none other than Jane’s. They were back in Jane’s special tattoo parlor. Draguette was on a tattoo table; her legs raised high up and wide apart on stirrups. The more skilled tattoo artists were standing off to the sides. Draguette looked at them and smiled feebly.

The blare of trumpets brought her completely to her senses. In walked the Mandarin prince that had won her at the auction, followed by his entourage. He approached Draguette. She attempted a smile, but his glare silenced her. The Mandarin prince waved his hand. His assistant brought up a chair and the Mandarin prince sat down comfortably right between Draguette’s parted legs. He peered intently at her pussy. Draguette felt his eyes going deep inside her vagina. He brought his face forward and sniffed her pussy, inhaling deeply. Draguette felt extremely embarrassed, very self-conscious that Mandarin prince was breathing her pee from moments ago. He seemed pleased. His entourage smiled.

His delicately manicured hands parted her outer labia. He looked beyond. His delicately manicured hands then parted her inner labia. Draguette felt so exposed, so vulnerable. The Mandarin prince fingered her pussy. Draguette could clearly feel his very long fingernails scraping her insides extremely carefully and just as extremely expertly. Draguette had never before felt so strangely exposed and indeed honored to be fingered so deftly.

The Mandarin prince slid his fingers back out, just as slowly and carefully as he had inserted them. With all five fingers of his right hand, he cupped his long fingernails around her clitoris. Gently, he moved them to slide back its protective hood. All five of his long fingernails formed a pincer around the root of her clitoris. Draguette inhaled deeply and sighed. “If this could only go on forever,” she thought, “I will live and die the happiest woman in the world.”

The Mandarin prince must have read her thoughts. For the first time ever, Draguette saw the faintest hint of a smile in his face. He pushed back and stood up, walking away from her but always facing her totally exposed pussy and. derrière

The Mandarin prince was speaking quickly in Chinese, making all sorts of wild signs with his arms and hands. Then translator listened carefully, nodded güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and approached Jane. He whispered into Jane’s ears for a long time, frequently pointing to Draguette. Specifically, the translator was pointing to Draguette’s nipples and more intently to her genitalia, making cutting-like motions. Jane listened carefully. When the translator finished, Jane nodded and turned to the tattoo artists with the instructions from the Mandarin prince.

The artists understood and went immediately to work on Draguette. Using a super-sharpened razor, they shaved her pussy from the point where her clitoris was, all the way back, carefully collecting Draguette’s fire-red pubic hairs on a porcelain dish the assistants had handed them. Every single hair that was shaved off fell onto that dish. Every one of them; none fell to the floor. The result was that Draguette was left with her extremely thick mat of fire-red pubic hair intact up front, yet her labia were perfectly clean-shaved.

The tattoo artists passed the dish to one of the Mandarin prince’s assistants. He in turn bowed deeply and passed it on to the Mandarin prince. He looked at it. In one fell swoop, he took all of Draguette’s shaved pubic hairs and swallowed them. All of them! Jane, the tattoo artists, and Draguette herself had never heard of, much less seen such a ritual before in their lives!

Jane motioned to the artists. One held a mirror in his hand so Draguette could see what she looked like between her legs, so beautiful and her labia so artfully shaved. She saw one of the artists take two shiny, silver ovals the shape and size of a dove egg. One he slipped into her pussy, pushing it in with his finger until it went all the way inside. The other, he did the same up Draguette’s lovely ass.

Draguette moaned with pleasure. The Mandarin prince also seemed pleased. The artist took two tiny tablets, roughly the size and color of a baby aspirin, one deep into her pussy; the other, deep up her lovely ass. “Vacuum tablets,” he explained, as if Draguette had any clue what that meant.

Draguette saw in the mirror what Jane proceeded to do. Gently, she parted Draguette labia. In her fingers she was holding a long, slender catheter. Expertly, she placed it against Draguette urethral opening. In one, quick movement, Jane slipped the catheter inside. Draguette winced for an instant and suddenly it was all the way inside, emptying out whatever pee Draguette had not spilled on stage moments ago. Draguette felt strangely güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri relieved inside. Jane shook the catheter a bit to make sure every last drop had been vacated. The Mandarin prince seemed eager to take a closer look, for which Jane moved aside. The Mandarin prince himself removed the catheter, albeit not as gently as Jane had inserted it in the first place. Draguette felt the slight burning sensation traverse the entire length of her urethra until it finally exited completely. She sighed and shed a tiny tear. The Mandarin prince was overjoyed!

Jane ordered the tattoo artists to help Draguette up and lead her to the “baths”. Jane told Draguette to keep her arms at her sides, palms against her outer thighs. Draguette was dipped into its warm liquid all the way up to her neck. Very slowly, she was raised back up again. She felt the film that coated her entire body immediately cling to her body extremely tightly. Looking down, she saw it was an extremely thin film of transparent plastic akin to stretch wrap, only much tighter and much more resistant. She tried to raise her arms away from her thighs but the wrap was too tight and too strong to allow any motion. As it cooled off in the air, it tightened even further. Draguette could feel how it entrapped her full breasts and how its tightness made her perky nipples harden up even more.

Draguette felt how the wrap tightened on her pussy, so much that she felt her labia were encased, each separately, as if being spread apart. She could distinctly feel the wrap encase her clitoris and make it swell up. And then Draguette felt the oddest sensation. The wrap seemed to be sucked into her lovely pussy and normally tight ass. She thought to herself, “I guess that is what Jane meant when she alluded to the vacuum tablets. The two tablets are forming a vacuum inside me and pulling the wrap in! I wonder what the two dove eggs are all about. I guess soon I will find out”

Jane had no time to waste on idle conjectures. The Mandarin prince was sitting impatiently, surrounded by his male entourage. He was arguing and waving his hands. The translator turned to Jane and told her what the Mandarin prince was saying. Jane nodded that she understood. From out of his vest, the Mandarin prince produced some pictures. Jane looked at them and turned to the tattoo artists. She barked her orders.

They got to work immediately, using their finest brushes and most vivid colors. Draguette could feel the brush strokes: her skin güvenilir bahis şirketleri was so sensitized that any brush, no matter how light, upon her skin was amplified throughout her entire body.

After an hour of intense work, the artists stepped back. Jane stood next to the Mandarin prince and his entourage to examine the finished product. Draguette had been decorated like the village of the Mandarin prince’s youth! Her entire body was skillfully decorated: valleys, rivers, buildings, paths, shops, everything was portrayed upon Draguette’s body, painted on the stretch wrap that covered her entire body up to her neck.

Her full breasts had not been decorated. Against the back drop of the colorful village, Draguette’s lily-white skin stood out even brighter. The tattoo artist had painted two animals very lightly. Upon Draguette’s left nipple he had painted a very slender, delicate dragonfly whose spidery legs barely seemed to touch her very pale-pink nipple. On the right nipple the tattoo artist had painted a slender, almost translucent snake whose fangs seemed to sink into the very tip of Draguette’s nipple. A masterpiece!

The tattoo artists did not do anything on Draguette from her navel to her mid-thighs. With all the busy art upon her body, Draguette’s genitals and lovely derrière seemed even whiter, even more serene. And to top it all off, derrière thick mat of fire-red pubic hair left wild and untouched except for around her labia, was even bolder, coarser, and wilder!

Jane asked Draguette to walk around. In her extremely tight stretch wrap, Draguette could walk around easily. She could raise her legs and bend her knees. She could sway from side to side. The only thing she could not do was peel her arms away from her thighs. They were trapped tight by the wrap. Jane motioned Draguette to lie on the tattoo table, lift her knees, and spread her legs very side. Jane, the entourage, and the tattoo artists stood back, holding their breath, waiting for the Mandarin prince’s reaction. The Mandarin prince waddled over to Draguette. He perused her stark nudity enveloped in tight stretch wrap and her decorations. He motioned Draguette to spread her legs a touch further apart and scrutinized her femininity up close.

The Mandarin prince did not say a word. Draguette noticed the faintest sign of a smile of approval. The Mandarin prince nodded to one of his assistants, who took out a huge wad of bills and handed them to Jane. She bowed deeply with gratitude. Jane did not need to count them. By sheer weight, Jane knew all her expenses and bonuses for the artists for a year had just been handed to her.

Draguette was priceless! In her beauty and her sexuality and her unique willingness to succumb to the fetishes of any man willing to pay for her services, Draguette was worth her weight in gold!



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