This story contains themes of: anal, watersports (piss), enemas, medical fetish, diapers (non-ABDL, piss only), lactation, oral sex (M&F), anal fisting, gay male sex, MMF threesome.

This is part 2 in an ongoing series. This installment includes my other fetish of diapers (non-ABDL, piss only), so if that is not your thing, skip those parts.


It had been about two weeks since Jessica Porter had her first appointment with Dr. Derek Cooper. She still found herself thinking about her incredible experience with him and Alexa, the nurse, so much so she masturbated to it daily. In fact, she was just coming down from the high of cumming hard thinking about how the doctor had filled her ass so full of cum she could feel it spurting from his engorged, fat cock. She shivered as she sat at her desk, thinking of his sperm coating the inside of her rectum and her heart began to race. She had left a large, inch wide butt plug inserted into her ass after she had fished, as a part of Dr. Cooper’s prescribed ‘home treatment’ between appointments.

She sighed in pleasure and opened her email on the laptop in front of her. Her heart fluttered and her anus clenched together, hugging the girth of the plug, as she saw an email from Dr. Cooper’s office waiting in her inbox. She clicked and read the email:

“Good day Miss Porter –

This is a reminder for your upcoming appointment with Dr. Cooper tomorrow at 6:30pm. Following the same procedure as your previous visit, please arrive at 6:15pm to park and check-in with our staff.

In preparation of your appointment, please ensure you have done the following:

– Please arrive with your bowels cleaned out (at least 2 full enemas)

– Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that is easily stored in exam room cabinets

– Consume plenty of fluids an hour prior to your scheduled appointment so you arrive with a full bladder

– Insert your largest prescribed anal plugging device two hours prior to your scheduled appointment and arrive with it still in place (lubricate adequately for long term wear)

– If you are still producing enough breast milk to require pumping, please refrain from pumping or expressing it the afternoon prior to your scheduled appointment

Please contact the office if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Jessica’s pussy throbbed with desire and she felt herself starting to soak her panties as she finished reading the email. She moaned and began to massage her engorged tits. She couldn’t believe it, but she was ready for a second round just thinking about what was in store for her tomorrow at her follow up appointment with Dr. Cooper. Pulling her right breast into her mouth, she began to lick and suckle at her puffy nipple. They were tender because she had maintained steady milk production ever since being induced by Dr. Cooper at her previous appointment. She managed it with a combination of pumping, squeezing, and suckling them herself during her daily masturbation sessions.

Jessica nibbled and sucked, feeling her pussy throb harder as she began to drink from her own breast causing her to moan in pleasure. Soon enough, she was going to have to find a regular partner to feed on them, or she would have to take steps to reduce her production. That didn’t matter tonight though, because she knew that Dr. Cooper would be paying them plenty of attention soon enough. She sucked harder, moving from one tit to the other, as she started to rub her throbbing pussy to another climax, right there at her desk with her tits in her mouth and plugged shoved up her ass.


The next day at work was a blur, just as it was the last time she saw Dr. Cooper. She told her boss that she had to leave early because of a doctor’s appointment – which wasn’t untrue! – and she raced home at 2:00 to prepare for the evening’s activities.

She ate very little that day, in preparation of her enemas and out of pure excitement. As soon as she got home, she locked the door of her apartment, threw her clothes off, and ran to her bathroom. She was thinking about how thankful she was that she lived alone as jumped into the shower to wash and touch up shaving her pussy lips. Once she was clean and soft and smooth down there, she turned off the water and toweled off. Now for the fun part, she thought, causing her to smile.

Jessica had laid everything out that morning, which was an important part of the ritual she realized. She began to fill the enema bag with warm water and her pussy was already beginning to throb and drool. Once it was filled, she hung it on the shower curtain rod and attached the rubber tubing. She lubed up the nozzle and with one solid push, shoved it inside of her wanting asshole. Smaller objects were no longer a struggle, as she had worked hard at Dr. Cooper’s prescribed regime of home anal training. In fact, she was now able to insert anything bahis firmaları smaller than two inches wide without even flinching, even with minor lubrication. Her anus and rectum had become accustomed to daily invasions and welcomed them readily, be it an enema nozzle, a butt plug, a dildo, or Jessica’s own fingers. She was eager to add Dr. Cooper’s cock to the list this evening, letting out a moan as she thought about it as her bowels began to fill with warm water.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes!” she said aloud to herself, as she sensuously caressed the growing bulge in her abdomen. She had gotten used to the feelings of enemas and did them at least once every few days, as prescribed by Dr. Cooper. Last appointment’s goal was to increase her anal capacity, which involved regular enemas to facilitate regular anal sex and play.

As soon as the bag was empty, she popped the nozzle out and began to slowly bounce around, feeling the fluid slosh inside of her. This was a new technique that she was trying and she had began to like the feeling. She relished in the warmth of the liquid as she stroked the pregnancy of water in her abdomen. She held the fluid for three minutes and emptied herself into the toilet. Jessica repeated the process, holding her second enema for five entire minutes, which was a personal record. She had begun to find pleasure in the cramping because she knew the cleaner she was, the more her ass would be able to handle inside of it.

Once she felt clean inside, she grabbed her large plug and lube and headed to her bedroom. She had an entire routine at this point, having already laid out a fresh towel at the edge of her bed. Working on her ass had taken over her free time at this point, which was more thrilling than frustrating for Jessica. What else would she rather be spending her time on than incredible anal pleasure?

She laid down on the edge of her bed and lifted up her legs. She spread wide and pushed out her anus, reaching down with her fingers to feel the slightly puffy lips of it and she moaned in pleasure. The softness of her puckered anus had become her favorite texture and she began to massage a dollop of lube into her anal ring, moaning as her fingers easily probed in and out, lightly fucking herself. She worked two and then three fingers in and out of her hole for an entire minute, ensuring it would be able to handle the plug for a few hours.

She reached over to grab her largest plug, which was one and a half inches wide at the base and three inches wide at its girth. This thing was almost impossible to take at first, but after two weeks of daily work, it popped into her ass with ease as long as she was warmed up and had enough lube. Thanks to Dr. Cooper, Jessica would be able to take the fattest of cocks at a moment’s notice, with just a lubed condom or even one day, as she most desired, just a thick coating of spit after a good throat fucking (of course she understands the need for plenty of lube for long fucking sessions, but it was the thought of being able to stretch her anus wide enough to slide a cock right in that excited her most).

She took the plug into her mouth and began sucking on it. This was her favorite way of warming the silicone up, moaning as she sucked, and today she imagined it was Dr. Cooper’s cock. Once it was warm, she slathered another bit of lube around its widest girth and breathed out, pushing her anus open as wide as she could and began to shove the plug inside. As she twisted it slightly with steady but firm pressure, she felt her anus began to give way. With a wet ‘pop!’, she felt her anal ring snap around the flare of the plug. “Oh, god! Yes!” she said with pleasure, as she began to squeeze it tight in her ass. This was another exercise prescribed by Dr. Cooper to quickly adjust her anus to a large invader – squeezing whatever she had shoved up her poop chute as hard as possible in 30 second intervals to properly stretch a freshly invaded rectum. “Ohhhhhhhh, yes!” she said as she squeezed the plug into place.

Resisting the urge to jerk off right then and there, Jessica stood up. She smiled as she felt the now familiar comfort of a properly plugged ass. She loved filling full and was so happy that she was now able to wear such a large plug for extended periods of time. She wanted to feel stuffed as often as possible and wearing such a fat plug was the best way to do it, with the added bonus of prepping her anus and rectum for what she hoped would be extended, hard fucking by Dr. Cooper’s beautiful, throbbing cock.

Even though she took her time prepping everything, it was only about 5pm. She smiled and put on her comfortable clothes she had laid out beside her makeshift anal plugging station at the end of her bed. She pulled on a sexy pair of panties and bra – she knew that she would be taking her clothes of immediately once she was in the exam room, but she was hoping that she could give Alexa or whoever else was assisting Dr. Cooper a bit of a show first. They were kaçak iddaa black and slightly lacy, nothing too over the top, but they weren’t ordinary and certainly made her ass and tits look incredible. She pulled on a loose pair of jogging sweats and one of her favorite workout t-shirts and headed to her kitchen for her next step of preparation: filling her bladder.

She had gotten pretty good at calculating the exact amount of fluid she could handle without wetting herself. She turned on her tea kettle and selected some herbal tea – she found that drinking something warm sped things up, but she wanted to avoid caffeine so she didn’t end up spoiling the fun too early because that goes through you much faster. She poured herself a travel thermos to take with her. Afterward, she gulped down a large glass of water. Deciding that her excitement was too much to handle, she went ahead and gathered her things to take off. She was only about 20 or so minute away from Dr. Cooper’s office, but she didn’t mind getting their early and waiting in her car, hence the travel mug.


Jessica pulled into the parking lot of Dr. Cooper’s office at about 5:45pm. She parked her car and turned off the engine, leaving the radio on as she continued to sip on her warm tea. She was already feeling her bladder get a bit full, but was a pro at holding her piss at this point. She had always loved piss play, but had never done it so regularly before her time working with Dr. Cooper. She loved pissing all over herself as she masturbated and it had become a pretty regular routine at this point. She wondered how she would be doing it for the doctor and nurse tonight – maybe Dr. Cooper would piss on her? Or even better, inside of her? She felt herself begin to soak her panties at the thought, feeling her clit engorge and begin to throb between her freshly shaved pussy lips. She squeezed the massive plug that was still safely lodged in her ass and moaned quietly to herself as she waited patiently for when she could go inside.

After she saw the last car leave the parking lot, she decided to go in even though it was a bit early. She gulped down the last dregs of her tea, grabbed her bag, and got out of her car. As Jessica began to walk in, she recognized what she thought was Dr. Cooper’s car but she wasn’t able to recognize the car she saw Alexa get into after he last appointment. She got a little bit sad at this, as she really liked her, but didn’t let herself get too sad. She was sure that whomever Dr. Cooper had employed tonight for assistance was going to be hot and ready for fun.

She walked inside the building and her heart began to race as she spied a new nurse sitting at the desk, thumbing through a pile of papers. It was a man and he had a medium build, dark brown hair and a trimmed beard, much like Dr. Cooper. “Holy shit, I might get two cocks tonight?!” Jessica thought to herself, feeling her pussy tingle and resisting the urge to show outward excitement. The man looked up and said, “Oh, hello, you must be Jessica Porter, correct?”

“Umm, yes, hello, uh, yes I’m Jessica,” she said, stammering like a bit of an idiot. She was taken aback at his piercing green eyes and gorgeous smile. His voice was soft and slightly feminine, which put her at ease, though she also found herself hoping desperately that he was into women and would be actively participating in the night’s exam procedures.

“Hello, I’m Jeremy. I’m a nurse who works with Dr. Cooper and I’ll be assisting him tonight. Alexa, who you had worked with before, was unable to come in, so I’ll be filling in for her, if that’s alright with you,” he said, putting a flirty emphasis on “filling in.”

“Oh, that, uh, that’s just fine with me, Jeremy, yes,” Jessica replied, getting breathy. Judging by his tone and the way he was beginning to eye her body, she felt pretty confident that he was into pussy and tits. She felt her stomach do cartwheels and she was practically bursting at the thought of getting fucked with more than one cock tonight. Two men together was something she was never able to make happen in her own sex life, as the men she had been with had all been tragically straight and boring, totally unwilling to even entertain the idea. She no longer had the patience for such small minded men and had been longing to find a fellow bisexual or queer man to have some fun with. It looks as though the gay goddesses may have answered her prayers in the form of Jeremy, the simultaneously adorable and smoldering hot nurse in front of her. She was already excited to swallow his cock and feel it ramming into all of her holes.

“Excellent, follow me Miss Porter, no need for much paperwork tonight. Let’s get you set up in your exam room. Dr. Cooper still has some things to take care of, so we can do our intake in there,” Jeremy said with a smile as he motioned for Jessica to follow him down the hallway.

She followed him and they turned left at the end into the last exam kaçak bahis room, the same she had been in during her previous appointment. The lighting was dimmed again and it was plenty warm in an anticipation of her ensuing nudity. She noticed a much different set up than last visit, which made her all the more excited because she wasn’t sure what might be in store for her. The main exam table was up high and laid flat, with several layers of clean white paper draped over it. There were several empty exam trays on wheels lined up against the cabinets on the far right wall of the room. She already knew they were full of endless exciting things and various examination tools and she was eager to find out which ones would be used on her this evening.

“Take a seat Miss Porter,” Jeremy said with a smile, motioning to the small loveseat on the left wall of the room. She recognized it as the same couch that was in the room across the hall last time – the one that she watched Dr. Cooper get an incredible blow job from Alexa on, right before he pounded her ass and filled her with his cum. Her pussy was practically on first as she sat down, relishing in the memory.

Jeremy sat down on a rolling chair that was next to a small desk. He pulled up a clipboard with a stack of forms, crossed his legs and leaned back slightly, resting the clipboard on the crook of his knee. He began writing something and Jessica took in his beauty again – he was truly handsome and he had a certain softness too him. Jessica could feel that he was obviously queer and she forgot how attracted she was to men like him, probably due to the fact that the majority of men like him that she met were usually only interested in other men. Even after seven or so years living in a large city, Jessica had reckoned with the fact that bisexual men were much more rare than bisexual women like herself. She was smart enough to know this probably wasn’t totally true, but the world just gives women like her more permission to embrace it, so she was even more excited at the possibility of playing with Jeremy tonight and she desperately hoped the Dr. Cooper was going to play with him too.

“Alright, Miss Porter, it’s been about two weeks since your initial visit. How has your home treatment been going? Have you stuck to Dr. Cooper’s prescribed regimen?” asked Jeremy.

“Oh, god, I’ve been REALLY good. I’ve stuck to the doctor’s instructions and I’m thrilled with how much progress I’ve made already,” Jessica responded excitedly.

“Excellent! That is great, the doctor will be so happy to hear it. Have you had any difficulties with stretching your anus?” Jeremy asked, cool and professional.

“Well, I’ll say that it definitely took plenty of time at first, uh, to get myself to the widest plug and I got a bit frustrated, but I just kept up the routine and now I’m wearing it tonight and it popped in really easily. I didn’t even have to start with the medium one,” Jessica responded with pride.

“Oh, wow, that is truly impressive. No pain or mishaps?” Jeremy asked, raising his eyebrows as if actually impressed.

“Nope. I always move slow, plenty of lube. I mean, hurting myself would totally suck and hold me back from making progress, so no need to rush,” she said, sounding a little bit flirty. Jessica was also a little surprised with how comfortable she was talking to Jeremy, especially because she found him so attractive. She supposed it was because she already knew the drill at this office and knew that it was probably a sure thing that she was going to be getting attention from him as well as the doctor tonight.

“Good, good. You’re right, there’s never any need to rush with anal exercises. Okay, how about your milk production? Have your breasts still been producing consistently?”

Suddenly aware of how full and achy her tits were, Jessica said, “Actually, it’s been really, really consistent. I actually started producing a lot the week after my appointment and it’s held steady. It’s, uh, almost too much for me to keep up with, to be honest, especially with work. If I had a regular partner to, uh, help me out, it would be better. I don’t want them to stop, but I might have to figure something out soon.”

“Hmm, okay. That’s not uncommon. How are you handling draining your breasts right now?” Jeremy asked, scribbling notes on the forms in front of him. Jessica hoped that she’d be able to see her files someday.

“Well, uh, honestly I’ve been, um, sucking them a lot myself, hah,” she said with a little bit of embarrassment. “In the morning, um, I sometimes masturbate before I get out of bed, uh, especially if I feel them being really full. As I touch myself or whatever, I usually just suck on them, drinking as much milk as I can. Once I’m done, I usually pump any remaining milk and dump it. I mean, it’s not the worst way to start my day, I’ll be honest, haha.”

Jeremy smiled and laughed softly at this, “Haha, no, I’m sure there are worse ways to wake up. Okay, excellent. Well, the doctor will definitely have some solutions for you to manage your production better. You mentioned masturbating in the morning. How often do you do this and how often are you masturbating daily?”



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