I take a deep breath. Nervously smooth my skirt down. Biting my lip, I ring the doorbell. The door opens and I am instantly engulfed into a tight hug.

Oh my god, She smells so good. She pulls me into her house with a grin. All I can do is stare. Oh my god, She is sexy. Eatable, oh so fuckable, touchable, blow your mind sexy.

I can’t believe I am here. Seeing her in person is more than my mind ever imagined. The pictures on my lousy phone didn’t even begin to do her justice. Looking at her move around her kitchen pouring us drinks, my heart begins racing.

My eyes roam up her long sexy legs. Legs leading to a sexy heart shaped ass encased inside pink denim shorts. A pink belly button ring keeps flashing at me as she moves.

A black babydoll tee framed her big round tits. Hugging her frame down to her waist. A taco outline under the words, Eat Me, I’m delicious. Blazed across her chest in white letters.

Her long wavy chestnut colored hair is tied up in pigtails. Swinging as she walks.

My eyes travel to her sexy pouty lips. Lips that begged to be kissed. Move over her cute perky nose Up to her

Big green eyes. Eyes that look both innocent and naughty all at the same time.

I shake my head. After months of teasing talk, it was her laugh, a cute sexy giggle that wore me down to finally meeting her. Her laugh is what now brought me to sitting nervously on the edge of her couch watching her move.

Walking back into the living room. She hands me my drink and sits down beside me. I take a sip. I sit there as awkward silence güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri fills the room. It makes me start giggling. I look over at her. She’s looking back at me with a grin. She shakes her head and bursts out laughing too.

Suddenly, I notice her nipple is peeking playfully out in her shirt. I feel my face grow hot. Every molecule in my body wants her, but I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not very forward in person. My entire being is tingling with desire.

I take a deep breath and try to relax.

She speaks and returns my attention back from my musings. Just like that, we are soon chatting up a storm just like we have been all these months.

Once we get talking, we relax back into how we have been with each other all this time online. Giggling over the antics of the people in our chat room. How we each love to get the men all riled up and horny. Talking about what toys we had and how fast we go through the batteries.

The drinks and shots were flowing. The drinks, a taste of summer. The shots, cold and crisp. She was a whiskey girl just like me. Holding my shot glass to hers, we toast to finally meeting and slam our shots down.

Suddenly, She grabs my hands. With a wink, she pulls me up off the couch and into the center of the room just as the latest P!nk song comes on the radio. She starts to sway. Putting her hands to my hips, she has me sway along with her until we are dancing.

As we dance, her breasts press seductively against mine. Her hands are caressing my sides. Then up my arms. I’m shivering güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as goosebumps race across my skin. Taking my hands in hers. She links our fingers together, then moves my hands down to her waist.

I nervously slide my hands from her waist, to her sexy round ass and then back again. She leans in and kisses my neck.

I inhale sharply. She kisses my neck again and again. Working her way down my neck line.

Moaning, I whisper softly, “God I so want you.”

She kisses me softly on the lips. Summer strawberries explode on my tongue. Her lips. Omg her lips taste like strawberries!

She deepens our kiss and we both moan. Her tongue dancing with my own. Breathing fast, we break apart. I’m flushed and blushing. We look at each other and grin.

Looking into her eyes, time suddenly slows. The room dims. She becomes all that I am aware of, as I stare. I know she can see down to the very core of my soul. Her eyes are luring me. Luring me down into the depths. Of where, I wasn’t sure.

Looking into her eyes, I realised that I didn’t care.

I didn’t care where she might take me, just as long as I was with her. Grabbing my hands once more, She turns around. Putting my hands on her hips as she does.

She begins to grind her ass back into me, in time with the newest song playing. I hesitantly grip her hips as she rocks back into me. Hearing her soft moan, I grip a bit tighter. Marveling at the way her body moves. My god, she is almost too sexy for words.

I can feel my pussy tingle and grow güvenilir bahis şirketleri warm. Warmer, than damp with desire. We continue dancing. Her head leaned back on my shoulder. Her lips kissing and biting the side of my neck.

My hands have a mind of their own and begin wandering the curves of her body. Caressing every inch that they touched. My nipples hard and achy, as small moans keep escaping her lips.

A smile crosses my own. I can’t believe this sexy girl is just as turned on. Leaning her head back more, She bites my lower lip and then licks the moan from my lips.

She spins around. Wrapping her arms around me and continues her attack on my lips.

Bite. Lick. Bite. Lick.

My head is spinning with lust as she walks us toward the couch. She yanks my shirt over my head and tosses it across the room. Her own follows suit.

“Kiss me kitten.” She says against my lips.

I take her upper lip between my own and begin to suck. Softly sucking across first her upper, than lower lip. I kiss along her jaw line. Down her neck, I slide my tongue. Nipping and licking my way down.

Down between the mounds of her breasts and then over the top of each. I stop. Nervous, I look up at her. My pussy gets fully soaked as she says.

“Do it kitten.”

“You turn me on so fucking much!”

She guides my lips to her perky nipple, looks down at me and nods firmly.

With one smooth motion I unhook her bra and let it slide to the floor at our feet. Her nipples are hard and pierce the air. I moan as I grasp her supple nipple in between my teeth and then suck it in between my lips.

Another moan escapes. OMG…Even her nipples taste sweet against my tongue!

I swirl my tongue around it. I nip it gently with my teeth and then suck her nipple between my lips while my tongue dances. I then bite down slightly and she gasps.



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