At the time my woman and I had been swingers for about 7 years. We had done 3somes, 4somes and more somes. However when we did have our 3somes it was always another woman who joined us. After a few of them I asked her if she would like to try a MMF 3some. Her eyes lit up like the fourth of July! We then proceeded to go to a swinger’s site and fill out an ad. I asked her what type of guy she wanted and she said she would love to have sex with a black guy. We waited for a couple of weeks then we got a response from a guy who lived in Atlanta. We shared pictures and exchanged phone numbers and talked back and forth. Since we lived in Canada we figured that a fling with John was not in the cards. Then John called one day and told us he had a conference near us and would we be up for a meeting. “Hell Ya,” was our answer. The time came and John called us and said he was on his way from the airport. My wife (God she looked amazing) got her self ready in a nice little skirt and low cut top. She also cooked one heck of a spaghetti dinner. When John arrived my wife was not disappointed. He was about my height standing 5’7 and had a muscular build. We learned later that he was ex Special Forces. You could tell from his body he wasn’t lying. He was very handsome and had a great personality that put us all at ease. My wife broke open a good bottle of wine then we ate, exchanging stories of past experiences. We learned from John that this was also his first MMF 3some and was looking forward to it. He felt the same way I did. Like Me John was straight but thought there would be nothing better than to see a woman get fucked six ways to Sunday. After dinner we cleaned up and had a few drinks to relax us a little more. My wife being the straightforward type finally said “Ok guys, time for my massage!” It was then I knew for sure we were going to be in for one fantastic night.

Up to the bedroom the three of us went anticipating a wonderful time. We put the stereo on with some nice sexy blues and lit the candles. My wife slowly did a nice striptease for us. She looked awesome, her long flowing auburn hair, her big blue eyes that just cry lust. She is about 5’8 and weighs 180. Yes my wife is a BBW. As she took her illegal bahis skirt off me and John raced to get our clothes off. John’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw my woman’s extremely perky nipples. They were standing out just begging to be sucked. Then I watched him look down on her pussy.

“Oh my God!” he gasped. “You’re completely shaved! Did I mention how much I love licking a shaved pussy?”

“No,” my wife said. “But why don’t you show me right now!” With that John laid her on the bed and started to suck on her nipples and slowly reached down with his hands to her mound. Myself, I finished getting undressed and stood back for a second and took in the sight. And oh what a sight it was. My cock was hard as diamond and slapped right against my belly. I was so excited I was even leaking precum out of my tip.

“What are you waiting for?” My wife said to me in a husky and sultry voice that just made my dick even twitch more. “Get over here and let me suck that big cock of yours!” Not one to disappoint I got on the bed with my knees by her head and watched as she engulfed my whole shaft down her throat. As she was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth I watched as John was fingering her wet hole and licking her clit. I could tell he was in the right spot when I heard her starting to moan.

“Ohhhhh yaaaaah, that’s the spot!” She called out taking a quick break from her fantastic mouth job she was giving me. “Ohhh shit, shit I am gonna cum. Yes, Yes I am coming soooooooo hard!!!!” With that she splashed John’s face with her woman juices.

“Man oh man, that must have shot out three feet!” He said. “That is the first time I have ever seen a woman cum like a guy!” At the point John needed a towel and some air so we switched places. He toweled off his face and my wife started taking care of him with her mouth. “Now it is my turn!” I thought to myself. I have to tell you, my wife has the sweetest tasting pussy in the world and I love to eat her. But another thought came into my head as I was down licking that juicy sweet honey pot. I started doing math in my head. My wife had 3 holes and we were taking care of two of them, but her other one was not being attended too. Also illegal bahis siteleri whenever my wife lets me fuck her in the ass I have noticed she enjoyed it much more, even got better orgasms when I would use my fingers or a dildo in her pussy at that same time. I was getting so excited thinking of the possibility of double fucking my wife. As she was sucking on John I came up and whispered in her ear. “Baby tonight you are gonna get double stuffed!”

“Oh God please do!” She moaned. “Make sure you get my ass ready first though.” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I went back down on her and started licking her pussy. Slowly sliding my tongue deep inside and I used my fingers to rub her clit. I then put a pillow under her butt and spread her legs even wider apart to get better access to her rear entry. Then I put three fingers deep inside her cunt and started rimming her asshole. This sent her right over the top and it was then my turn to be flooded out of action. After wiping my face off with a towel I went back to work and started putting first one finger deep inside her hot ass then a second. While I was doing this I kept my other fingers driving in her pussy. I could feel her sphincter relax and knew the time was coming. She plopped John’s cock out of her mouth and told us she had to get fucked right then!

John lay down on his back and my wife straddled him and started bucking furiously. As she rode his hard cock I got up behind her and started to go for my target. She had cum so many times and was so wet I didn’t even need lube when I went in for the prize. Slowly I started putting inch by inch of my rod into her hot tight ass. As I was pushing in I could feel John’s cock sliding in and out. The feeling was incredible! Eventually I put my entire seven inches up her tight back hole and let her get used to being so full. Then I started with my rhythm and soon me and John were matching strokes so we would pull out the same time and push in at the same time. She went off her rocker. She was yelping and moaning so loud I thought neighbors might call the cops.

“Oh God, fuck me you two. Fill me up. This is way too hot. You two are splitting me open. My God, I love a cock in my ass and canlı bahis siteleri pussy at the same time.” She was so hot. She was cumming in buckets, I could feel her juices all over my cock.

John was a lot like me and being the type of guys we are neither of us wanted to be the first to cum. It was like a battle of sex gladiators and I was not going to be the one to die in the coliseum! However I was getting real close feeling my woman’s tight ass gripping my cock. I had to do something and I pulled out and went to take a quick drink. My wife was still bouncing on his hard shaft and moaning. I knew one position that my wife loves that no man can withstand without busting a nut in a matter of seconds. So I looked at my wife and said “Hey Hun, why don’t you let John give you a go butterfly style?” She thought it was a great idea. She loves the butterfly because the penetration is so deep and it hits her G-spot every time. The problem for the guy doing it however is the deep penetration and the way you enter cause it to be so tight and hot you just can’t last.

So my wife got on her side and John got on his knees and lifted her left leg up and slid his cock into her drenched pussy and buried his pole. He started fucking her and I could tell when he sped up that it wouldn’t be long.

“This fucking butterfly style is amazing. I am gonna shoot real soon!”

“That’s it baby!” My wife said to him. “Fuck my pussy just like that! I want you to fuck me hard make me cum again.” Then she squealed and came one more time all over his cock. That was it for him, “I can’t hold any longer, where you want me to shoot?” He said.

“On my tits, I love it on my tits!” My wife moaned.

With that he pulled his rod out and shot a massive load on my wife’s tits. Even though I felt great not being the first to cum I still had a load to get rid of and watching them made me want to fire even more.

“Baby get on your hands and knees” I told my wife. Then I took aim with my hard staff and plunged it deep into her anal cavity.

“Oh ya, baby,” she cried. “Fuck my ass hard. Fill my tight ass with your hot cum!” Now me and my woman don’t do anal very often but she knows if she talks like that I am done and sure enough as soon as she told me to fill her tight ass with my hot cum, that is just what I did!

In the end John left the next day. He was a great person and the sex was amazing. We still talk about that night!



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