I can smell trouble in the air when it’s near. Naughty nature runs through my blood and in my bones. I know it’s bad but it feels so good. Being naughty and dangerous is a complete turn on. Thrilling, spontaneous, wild, crazy – whatever, it all spells excitement. I could spend an entire evening fantasizing about trouble and feel completely at ease when I wake in the morning—it’s an internal orgasm that always satisfies me.

I was starting a new job, my third of the year, the next day. I was nervous, anxious, excited and thrilled at the thought of another new adventure. As my hand traced my breasts and then down towards my pussy, I fantasized about the next day.

I pleasured myself not once, but twice, and fell asleep happily. The next morning was a buzz of excitement as I dressed carefully and drove off to my new adventure.

My supervisor looked at me once and I could tell by his sheepish grin that he was it. Trouble. He was tall with dark hair and gray eyes — filled with mischief.

“My name is Dan,” he said, “You must be Theresa.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said “Have a seat,” he said pointing to the chair in front of his desk. I immediately sat down and while he spoke, I pictured myself kneeling down on my knees in front of him. I could feel his hard cock in my hand, the way the tip would rest on the edge of my palm as I stroked it with intensity. I could feel the smile burning on my lips.

“Something funny?” he asked grinning.

“No,” I said. “I’m just very happy to be here,” I lied.

“Well, Theresa, we are lucky to have you on board – I hope you’ll make yourself at home and comfortable.” He spoke to me about policies and procedures, hours and attire. He spoke with a smile, for about fifteen minutes. All the while I pictured him between my legs, nibbling on my nipples, licking my thighs and pumping into me.

“Are you ready to meet the staff?” he asked.

I smiled, jumped off the chair and brushed down the front of my favorite Liz Claiborne skirt. “Ready,” I said.

Dan introduced me to the entire staff. I met accountants and graphic artists, lawyers and writers. By the time we were through, I was ready for lunch.

“Do you have a date for lunch?” I asked shyly.

“Actually, no,” Dan grinned. “Do you?”

I laughed. “I do now. I hear there is a great Italian restaurant in Truro, care to join me?”

“Truro, huh? Never been there, so let’s go! Your car or mine?”

“Mine,” I smiled.

We hopped into my car, and since it was a nice day out, I rolled down the convertible top. We pulled out of the circular parking lot and onto the main road. We took the freeway for about 20 minutes to Truro, and parked the car at Muileros Italian Restaurant.

The conversation over lunch was stimulating. Dan was a writer at heart. He liked to write Science Fiction romance stories for the Internet. “If Mulder and Scully would just have sex on The X-Files, they’d have my attention,” he said.

I giggled at his jokes and told a few of my own. I was immediately fascinated by Dan – his mouth, his eyes, his voice — him. He was very outgoing, and he seemed to share everything. He was lacking only one teeny, tiny detail that most men I dated always seemed to have — a wedding ring.

We both ordered Veal Parmesan and shared a crab appetizer. I let a little of the crab canlı bahis şirketleri sauce dribble on my upper lip, just to see if I caught his attention, and it must have. His gray eyes locked with mine as he grabbed his napkin and wiped my lip.

“You ahh, you have a bit of the sauce on your lip,” he said.

How cliché of him to wipe it off. I had hoped he would lick it off.

“Oh, geesh, you can take her out but you can’t dress her up,” I lied.

I couldn’t help but look at him. His eyes were beautiful. He wasn’t the best-looking man I had known; actually, there were many good-looking men in the office. But Dan had a sort of flirty personality that enthralled me. I wanted to get to know him better, and the sooner the better.

Dan paid the bill and we got back into my car and headed on the freeway. We joked and laughed on the way home. We got off the freeway at our exit, and I stopped at a traffic light and looked at Dan.

“Listen,” I said. “I think you are a really great person, and I would love to get to know you better. But I’ll understand if you don’t want to because we are going to be working so closely together.”

Dan was silent for a moment, and he looked straight ahead of him.

The light turned green and I blinked left to turn into our building.

“Wait,” Dan said, “Go straight, I’ll show you where our products are manufactured.”

I obliged with his request and pulled my car straight and headed towards the warehouse. There weren’t many buildings on the street large enough to be a warehouse, so I could immediately tell where we were heading.

It took only about 20 seconds to get to the building, but it seemed like an eternity, as the rest of the ride was in silence.

I parked the car and we walked up to the main entrance. The receptionist greeted Dan with a smile and he cautiously greeted me with a grin.

“All of our products are manufactured here,” Dan said. “Then they are quality tested in this building, then shipped to us, and we test them yet again before distributing them. We really pride our business on quality – it’s what we expect out of our products, our business and our employees.”

I nodded conservatively and kept my face stern and attentive. I could tell he was affected by what I had said in the car. I could see feel the tension in his voice, as he did his absolute best to act professional.

We toured the facility for about a half an hour, before finally ending up in the company’s warehouse. It was a beautiful warehouse, filled with pictures of the area,

products, and enamored by gorgeous windows with view of the fresh meadows and green pastures, which surrounded the building.

“This is where all of the material is stored, and if a product is pulled, all discontinued merchandise is tagged and kept on shelves. The best way to come up with a new product is to look at your failures and improve on them. This is where we come when we’re designing a new product – if it’s anything like a past item, we’ll grab the old one and make a list of the good and the bad. If the bad outweighs the good, we scratch the project and begin again,” he explained.

“Looks like you don’t waste a lot of time on projects that will fail,” I said. I looked around the room and there wasn’t much final product lying around, it was mostly material canlı kaçak iddaa and scrap.

Dan grinned, “That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

We walked around the warehouse a bit, and ended up near a stairway leading towards the back of the building, which I guessed was the parking lot.

I walked slowly, as Dan walked behind me.

“Well would you look at this,” Dan said pointing to the wall.

I turned and looked at what he was pointing to, but I didn’t see anything worth a stare.

“What?” I asked.

Dan looked into my eyes for a moment and immediately I knew what it was he was looking at – an empty spot, no pictures or product. No windows, no visibility.

I grinned as he gripped both hands under my ears and pulled me towards him.

The excitement alone was enough to make me cum, but I was evenly intrigued by his moves. He was seducing me; I could feel it when he kissed me — hard on the lips but soft with the tongue. He left his tongue dance around in my mouth, on my tongue, the tip of my mouth, and the sides of my cheeks. It was like he was exploring every inch of my mouth.

His tongue moved down my chin, to my neck. He nibbled on one spot for a while, and then he put his hands on my hips and turned me around, so my back was to his chest. He pulled my hair to the side and began to suck on the back of my neck. He could feel me quiver, because as I did, he sucked softer and then harder. He moved his tongue from left to right around the back of my neck and to my ear. He was a tease.

I could feel my body begin to quiver harder with every lick. He slid his hand down my back and up side. I bent my head to the side and invited his tongue to continue. His hands cupped my breasts and he invited me to the floor.

We were both on our knees, but I still had my back to him. We never spoke. He ran his hands up towards my neck and then began to unbutton my shirt from behind. As soon as he got to the bottom, I turned and faced him. He looked quickly at my bare breasts and then he grabbed my neck and pushed me into him. We kissed heavily for a while, until I broke free and ran my tongue around his earlobes. I danced around his neck with my lips and then pushed him on his back. I straddled him and tore off his shirt, unbuckled his belt and danced my tongue around his stomach. He held my head to his stomach as I licked his belly button. His pants were still in tact, but I nibbled on his waste, down his thigh and up towards his throbbing cock. He would make me a happy woman, I could tell just by one touch.

I nibbled on his cock through his pants for a minute, but I could tell he was growing impatient. I sat up and looked at him. The afternoon sun made his eyes sparkle, and his lips were wet and willing. He grinned nervously at me, as I let my curls fall into my face, and unbuttoned his pants.

He wore no underwear, something else we had in common. I gripped his cock with my hands and let it tickle my palms, before my mouth invited itself upon it.

I could tell it had been a while since he’d felt such a sensation; his moans were quick and strong. He grabbed the back of my head and straightened my curls with every thrust. I tasted his hair and skin, and I could tell by his movements and quick breaths that he wouldn’t last long.

He felt my fear as he pulled out of canlı kaçak bahis my mouth and he mercilessly pushed me to the ground. His lips began their search on my navel, and moved up to my breasts. He cupped his and over one breast, and carefully licked the other. We locked eyes for a moment before I closed them tightly and moaned. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as it tingled as if signaling for attention.

I could feel the danger of the warehouse in my body. But I didn’t care. I knew someone could walk in at any moment, but it didn’t bother me. No one would know who I was, and who cared. I was enthralled with the moment – and I let him know it by kicking my hips and thrusting my breasts into his mouth. I pushed his head down towards my belly – another signal to taste me.

He was excited by the metal ring hanging out of my belly button – a result of a phase in my life when I wore short shirts and low-rise jeans to attract attention from the opposite sex. It was a ploy that worked magic many times over. There were many memories had by my belly button ring, and another was in the making.

He pulled up my skirt, and looked up and smiled as he saw the garter belt attached to the black thigh high stockings and crotchless underwear. He buried his face between my legs without hesitation, as he pushed my legs over his shoulder. He danced his tongue around my clit as I began to shutter. He held one leg over his shoulder and with the other hand grabbed his cock and began to stroke it softly.

I was close to coming when he pulled his tongue out and sat on top of me. He pushed his cock into my face quickly as he sat below my breasts. He cupped each breast and then slid his cock between them. His cock danced in my face as I grabbed it. He began fucking my mouth hard and fast. One last thrust landed him in the back of my throat as the cum danced down my tonsils and around my lips. It wasn’t salty like I remembered cum to be. It tasted, for lack of a better description, like floury water. I could feel its wetness become sticky around my mouth. I licked up what was left on his cock – the little bit that never made it to my mouth. He moaned heavily and then lowered himself so he could look at me. I wasn’t done though – it wasn’t over. I forced him to turn around, so his ass was in my face. His cock hung in front of me as he dove down towards by pussy. He dug into me and I thrusted my hips into chest.

I exploded in his mouth as I grabbed his cock and sucked hard to show my pleasure. He removed his mouth from my pussy, and then his cock from my mouth and crawled down towards my legs. He rolled me over onto all fours and entered me from behind. I could literally count only a few thrusts before he removed his cock and came all over my ass.

He collapsed on top of me and neither of us said a word. After a few minutes, I found my clothes, which were entangled with his, and we dressed quietly and drove back to work in silence.

By the time we got back to the office, it was 5:00. He showed me to my desk, and said he’d see me in the morning. I smiled back and said, “Thanks.”

I think he knew I had no intention of coming back the next day. One niters were my specialty, even if it was nearly the middle of the day. I’d find a new job soon, and just explain this one wasn’t what I thought it was – an excuse I had used often.

I grabbed my bag, smiled at some curious co-workers, and watched as Dan slipped out the back door. I could see that as he was leaving, he carefully took a wedding band out of his pant pocket and placed it innocently back on his finger.




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