I’d known my good friend Donna for years, since before her divorce, which was a year after mine. She still lived in the same big house in an affluent neighborhood, and she kept herself looking good. She and I weren’t destined for anything other than friendship, but she liked to tease me every once in a while about how I was doing with “the ladies.”

One day I got a call from her asking if I was free a week from Saturday.

“Yeah, I’m free, what’s up?”

“I’m having a little dinner party for five of my lady friends, and I wondered if you would be willing to help me out and be the “waiter” for us that evening. Maria is cooking for me, so I just need you to serve hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and then dinner.”

I’d met some of Donna’s friends. They were all pretty attractive. I figured there could be worse things to do than hang around with them for an evening, even if it meant work.

“Yeah, sure, I’d be glad to help out.”

“Okay great. I’ll count on you then. Be at the house at 5:30, okay”


“Oh and Mike, there’s just one little thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll have to be naked the entire time.”


I stood for a minute just staring at the phone in my hand. Naked? What had I just agreed to? Actually, I didn’t agree to it, she just didn’t give me a chance to refuse.

Now I’m not what women would consider beefcake or anything, but I do work out and keep myself in shape, and I’m not exactly bad looking. But, naked? I felt my cock start to get hard as I thought about being on display for six attractive women. Oh well, I thought, nothing like a little adventure.

I was in a state of nervous anticipation until the day came. I showed up at Donna’s, and she greeted me in a pantsuit and some expensive jewelry. It looked like this was going to be a fancy dinner.

“Thanks for doing this, Mike. Everyone is really looking forward to it. We try to do something a little unusual once in a while, just to have some fun. This will be güvenilir bahis great.”

“I’ll do my best. So what would you like me to do?”

“You can get undressed upstairs in one of the bedrooms. The guests should start arriving about six. Show them in and take care of their drinks. Maria will have some plates for you in the kitchen to pass around.”

“Okay.” I went upstairs, took everything off, looked in the mirror, and took a deep breath. This was going to be interesting.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened the door to three lovely mature ladies, well dressed and reeking of money. They smiled when they saw my state of undress. I introduced myself to Sue, Debbie and Sharon. About ten minutes later Barbara and Shannon showed up. Shannon was a few years younger than the rest of the group, with long dark hair and big brown eyes. When she followed Barbara into the main room she reached down and tickled my balls for a second.

“Nice to meet you, Mike” she said.

“The pleasure is all mine” I replied.

The room where they were sitting was a large room with dark wood paneling and expensive furniture. They were seated on a sofa and adjoining overstuffed chairs. Across from the sofa, about 15 feet away, a large leather chair was positioned facing them. Most of the women drank white wine, and I opened two bottles fairly quickly and kept their glasses topped off. I went in and out of the kitchen where Maria, a large middle age Latina laughed openly at my nakedness and handed me trays of hors d’oeuvres.

As I passed the plates, the ladies had a full close-up view of my now half aroused dick. They smiled at me and I smiled back even though it was hard to make eye contact. The fact that I was getting hard made the situation even more embarrassing, which for some reason got me that much more aroused. They continued to chat with each other as they stole glances at my ever stiffening member and me.

As I was passing a tray of food and refilling wine glasses yet again, türkçe bahis I saw the ladies look past me, their interest piqued. I turned to see Donna standing next to the leather chair, which was now draped with an oversize towel, holding what appeared to be a bottle of lube.

“Come here and sit down, Mike.”

A feeling of dread shot through me. Did she want me to do what I thought she wanted?

“Okay, Donna, what’s this all about?

“Well we couldn’t help noticing that you were getting a little excited. Now we want you to take care of it.” She thrust the bottle of lube at me.

I couldn’t believe it. Being naked in front of six women was embarrassing enough. Now she wanted me to jerk off in front of them? My heart was beating fast and I was sweating. Was this for real?

“Really Donna? This wasn’t part of the deal.”

“Oh stop it. You know you want to. Look at that thing.”

I looked down at my throbbing cock, red and already leaking pre-cum. Apparently it thought this was a good idea. I looked up at my audience and they were grinning from ear to ear. Most of them had their eyes on my hard-on, and Shannon was looking directly into my eyes with a fetching smile. “C’mon Mike. Show us what you’ve got.”

I was considering just laughing the whole thing off as a joke, but my cock was now so engorged and begging for relief I couldn’t stop myself. I dripped some lube on it and starting jerking it.

“Take it slow, Mike. We want to enjoy this.”

So here I was, in the midst of full-scale masturbation in front of six attractive women. My heart was racing, my stomach was knotted, and I was in a state of bliss I don’t think I’ve ever known. Finally, the end inescapable and certain, I felt the boiling cum rise in my shaft and then, in a powerful surge, erupted like a fountain over my stomach and chest, as I heard the “mmmm” and “aaaahhh” come from their lips.

As is normal for a post orgasm male, the minute it subsided I was overtaken by an overwhelming sense güvenilir bahis siteleri of embarrassment and humiliation. What had I done?

“That was wonderful, Mike,” I heard Donna say, “now we’re ready for dinner. Please get the plates and serve us in the dining room.”

The six women decamped into the other room while I sat and tried to go through the events of the last few minutes in my head. “Oh and Mike,” Donna peeked here head back in momentarily, “don’t wipe that off.”

Well if I wasn’t embarrassed enough already, I now proceeded to move between the kitchen and dining room, as Maria laughed out loud, and served each plate in front of each dinner guest with my own cum all over my chest and stomach. My face was flushed, hot and red, as the women clinked glasses and laughed, looking at me and smiling, winking, giggling.

After what seemed like an eternity, dinner was eaten, the plates removed, and dessert served. That’s when Donna looked at me and smiled.

“Mike, there’s one more thing Maria has for you in the kitchen. Please bring it out here.”

When I went in the kitchen Maria handed me a small bowl of strawberries. When I returned to the dining room, I noticed Donna had placed the bottle of lube on the table. I set the strawberries down

“Mike, please put your topping on the berries.” She nodded toward the lube.

Now I was in a real state of hopeless disbelief. They wanted me to jerk off again, into the strawberries. Standing at the table. With my cum drying all over myself.

Once again my embarrassment was overcome by my arousal. I began jerking as they sat around the table watching, smiling, whispering. The humiliation was incredible, and I found it hard to breathe. Finally, I produced another load all over the strawberries.

Well, I thought, at least that’s it. My evening of submissive embarrassment was finally going to end. I wanted to slink out of the house before I had to encounter anyone.

“Thank you, Mike, that was wonderful.”

I looked at Donna for any sign that I was done and free to go.

“By the way, Mike. I just want you to know that we aren’t going to eat those strawberries.”

Well, I thought, that makes sense, I don’t blame you.

“You are.”



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