Donna helps the agedDonna has pissed me off. She’s dinged my car by being careless and she didn’t even seem too bothered. Right, she knows the penalty. I tell you all one of the stories I’m not allowed to tell anybody. That’ll bring her back into line.Hmmmm? which one? Donna and I had been dogging on and off for a few years. She was about 20 and loved older guys. They really tried harder to please such a hot, young slut and she was always satisfied after they’d fucked her. We’re not talking 25 to 35 year old guys , we’re talking 50 to 60 year old men. It was fun watching them get excited at having the chance to touch and fuck a young woman again.We had heard about a new dogging spot on the edge of an industrial estate near where we live. We were told that the 2 guys that did security let it happen as they also joined in and when Donna heard that they were 2 fit black guys she was well up for it.We had planned to go one Saturday night but in the end we went to a friends party. It was a lot of fun and Donna was on good form. I was driving so she spent the evening flirting and getting pissed. She’d kissed a few guys and let one guy cop a feel but nothing more. I knew that I was up for a good fuck later as she was quite obviously very horny. bursa escort We left the party around midnight and as she got in the car she threw her knickers at me and laughed. It was a nice warm night and she looked fabulous in a short summer dress which she had unbuttoned a little revealing her young perky tits. On the drive home she gently stroked my cock and suggested we pull over somewhere quiet. I mentioned the new dogging spot and she excitedly agreed. It was on our way home anyway so fairly soon I pulled into the estate and drove through to the end wher the action allegedly took place. It was as described. A large new unit had been built but was unoccupied. Round the edge was a line of bushes. I pulled in front of the unit and turned the engine off. There was nobody around at all. I could tell she was disappointed but she knew I’d fuck her so that was ok. We got out of the car and went to the front. We kissed and I undid the rest of the buttons and squeezed and sucked her tits. The dress soon fell to the ground and she was stood there naked.She tried to strip me off but I resisted. This is something I occasionaly do with her as it gets her more and more turned on. I think it makes her feel a little vulnerable being naked around bursa escort bayan fully clothed men and she does like being the good Sub. I told her to have a look round the new unit. She strolled around the large car park as calm as you like utterly naked. She was however still pissed and was quite wobbly on her feet. “Did you hear that!” She asked. “Hear what?” “Theres someone in the bushes”.I looked into the darkness and I could just make out a figure in the bushes watching. She told them to come out “and play”. I walked over and stood behind her cupping her tits and kissing her neck. As the figure came closer it was an old homeless guy. He was pretty filthy and unkempt. He was also wanking quite a decent size cock. When Donna saw it she watched him wanking for her. He came right over to her and she smiled at him. He reached up and roughly grabbed one of her tits. The poor old chap must have been well into his 60’s if not older. He also stank of cheap booze but unlike Donna he was steadier on his feet. I got her to back up to the car before she fell over so she could rest on the bonnet. The old guy moved with her, still wanking and still grabbing hold of her tits. Donna was enjoying him being forceful with her and soon moved her escort bursa hand down to his cock and wanked it. The guy now fingered her cunt. If she hadn’t been pissed she’d have never let him near her as he was filthy.He kissed her passionately and pushed her down onto the bonnet and spread her legs. He then gently forced her arms out and pushed his cock into her. The dirty ,smelly old bastard was fucking a hot, fit young woman. He wasn’t going to let her get away and held her down quite forcibly. (I will at this point say that Donna and I have a safeword. Had she not wanted this he’d have had a baseball bat round his head)He fucked her as hard as I’d ever seen her be fucked. His grip on her arms tightened as he pumped at her. After 5 minutes she was getting close to orgasm and was encouraging him to fuck her more. “Harder, Fuck me harder!” , “Come on fuck me!” Her voice got louder and louder as the old tramp got faster and faster till….his body jerked and he shot his load up her. She panted as he released his grip on her, backed away and scuttled off back to the bushes. Donna lay panting on the bonnet then with both hands furiously fingered her pussy to make herself cum again. I pulled out my cock and face fucked the dirty slut for a few minutes before shooting my load down her face and tits.I then made hersit on her dress while I drove her home naked and covered in cum.I knew one day I’d be able to tell this story and if she fucks up again I’ll tell you all another.



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