Does this story make you want to cum?I looked at her sitting there on the sofa.My roomate was out for an hour getting some groceries to make her dinner for her birthday. They had been together for two years and were planning a wedding next spring.As I occasionally glanced at her from the corner of my eye. I could not help but notice her face getting red. She was watching a movie on the television.I got up from the table to see what was making her so excited. To my suprise she was watching a porno. I thought this was great as I now realized she had no idea I was there.”Interesting video choice Chloe.” I said aloud. She quickly turned the video off and blushed.”How long have you been there for?” she asked.I decided to see where I could bring this.”Long enough to know you’re horney” I teased.”No I’m not!” she replied with an almost guilty look on her face.I looked to the right of the sofa and noticed her panties were on the floor.”What are those then?” I asked while pointing to the tiny piece of fabic on the floor.She got up and walked towards my roomates bedroom forgetting her delicates behind. Thinking that canlı bahis the innocent fun was over I picked them up off the floor and brought them to the room.When I entered I couldn’t see Chloe. Just then the door closed behind me and I felt a hand reach around and grab my dick.”Ahhh, Chloe??? What are you doing?” I asked. “We can’t do this, it’s not right.”I turned around to see her petit frame naked, her mound glistening with juices.I then caught the smell of her sweet nectar.”I need you, I have never made love to anyone except Charles and I couldn’t go on without alteast knowing what another mans cock feels like” She stated.Her smooth hands on my arms drew me closer as she began removing my shirt. She slid her hands down my stomach until she reached my pants. She knelt down and looked at the bulge in my pants.”Lets see how big you are” She slowly slid my pasts down past my cock “Oh my god!” Her eyes lit up as she revealed my 8 1/2 inch tool.”You have to be alteast twice as big as Charles.”About right, in the past I’ve seen Charles around the apartment naked, usually drunk, and he is only around 4 1/2 inches, bahis siteleri his girth yet again only 1/2 to my fat 6 inches.She paused for a minute not knowing what to do. To speed things up, as I knew I had little time to fuck her tight little hole. I laid her on the bed in 69’er position and sunk my now rock hard dick into her mouth. I stared at her perfectly pink cunt and went in for the taste, just as my tongue touched her clit she sprayed her nectar into my mouth while having the biggest orgasm I have even seen a woman endure. She rode the pleasure for what seemed to be 20 minutes of constant girations and atleast five more orgasms.I had enough, I wanted my cock in her.I spun her around and positioned my fat hammer at the opening to her now soaked hole. I couldn’t get it in so I quickly laid down on the bed and pulled her on top of me. This new position worked as I saw myself dissappear into her hot pussy.She again had another orgasm this time her muscles squeezing my shaft.”I want your dick forever!” She screamed.I couldn’t believe that this sweet innocent girl could get so horny.I could feel the pressure güvenilir bahis building up in my balls and I informed her to get off me. “I want you to come inside me”, “But what if you….” she cut me off. “I am on the needle, I want to feel your dick cum inside me, Charles never would. Please!”I couldn’t help but get more tunred on by her beggings. I laid her down on the bed and re-ented her. This time I could just squeeze into her slightyly stretch vagina. I began pounding her, the echo of my balls slapping her ass echoing the room.Her face was red with desire as I spewed my massive load into her pussy. Her cunt immediatly rejected my goo as there was no room in her completely filled gap.She went limp as she rode out her last orgasm.Just then we heard Charles pull in the driveway.I pulled out of her and fast as I could.We flipped the mattress over as fast as we could to hide the soaked area and then I ran to my room just seconds before he entered the front door.Five minutes later I came out into the living room and found Cglow sitting on the Sofa. “Where’s Charles? I asked.”He’s tired and taking a nap” Chloe replied.I looked into the room and found my roomate asleep on his bed where I just fucked his fiance. Ahh life was sweet, and when I turned around I realized that Chloe had a more risque session already planned.



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