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Victoria Ricco forged a brilliant academic career, achieving a highly regarded international reputation in credential fraud. The commitment to her work allowed the luxury of semi-retirement while continuing her national advocacy and consultancy roles. Her own personal conflict would prove to be her greatest ethical challenge while under the care of Doctor Love.

Thank you, Maddi, for a beautifully written story. I hope it inspires other, shale I say ‘mature women,’ to have some sexy fun. Dr Victoria Ricco.

Have you ever desired something so much knowing it should never be? The Practice is my mountain too high. Not in a physical sense. I’ve shattered enough glass ceilings not to be afraid of heights, but professionally and morally. It was the charming and beguiling Doctor Love to be precise that placed me firmly on the horns of a dilemma.

I considered myself fortunate when I discovered the Practice, an exclusive medical centre for women in the historic Park Crescent area. The prestigious address made it the most fashionable and expensive real estate in the city. The interior of the building is just divine. Captivated with the luxurious facilities and pampering services, I registered with the Practice and commenced treatment with Doctor Love.

Could I have met a man more distinguished and attractive for his age? Well, our age actually with use both in our late 50’s. What excited me so much about Doctor Love? He’s the consummate professional, eminently qualified and, according to my research, accomplished in his field. Handsome looks didn’t escape my attention. His warm dreamy eyes and gorgeous smile, a pleasant distraction. He’s a gentleman, always impeccably dressed and quite charming. I marvelled at how this man had created such a wonderful place for women. He is my intellectual equal, also having a PhD. How could I not find our discussions so stimulating and enjoy his company under that delightful gaze?

I always looked forward to our sessions and as I discovered, maybe I enjoyed them too much. Everything he did or said played with my emotions. I was increasingly having to reminding myself that he was my doctor and anything more would have been utterly inappropriate. I cancelled my appointments after our last session and haven’t been back for almost a month. It wasn’t my improper thoughts or eroding self-control that was my concern. There was much more to think about than that.

I’d taken early retirement from the University where I was Head of the Foreign Universities Qualifications Unit for over ten years. An independent woman with a successful academic career, I was proud of my accomplishments but looking forward to the extra time to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Not entirely a lady of leisure, I still chaired the Government’s Skilled Labour Advisory Group. I also retained my panel membership of the Skills Recognition Program, providing consultancy to the Department of Immigration. I was pleased that I could continue my work associated with my PhD in credential fraud in some reduced capacity.

After six months of semi-retirement I felt like a new woman. I joined a gym, started running and my tennis friends thought I’d turned professional. I lost a little weight, felt wonderful and couldn’t be happier with my life change and professional arrangements. I’ve never felt so relaxed, healthy and fit. I looked and felt ten years younger. There was another surprising change, I’ve never felt so . . . well, aroused sexually. I’ve never been so horny, to put it crudely.

I’d had a couple of longish relationships but that was in my 20’s and since then my professional life just took over. I knew that choosing a career over a personal relationship wasn’t going to satisfy all my needs. I didn’t need to rely on a man for that and after menopause it just dropped off the radar.

You can imagine my reaction when I became excited at a tight backside passing me on a run or a flexing bicep at the gym. My inquiring mind and aroused body wanted to explore this new phenomenon and so I started seeing Doctor Love at the Practice. I must admit, I was pleased at my renewed interest despite a little frustration for a single woman in my position.

Doctor Love’s sessions were wonderful and I found his analysis so enlightening. I’d never known a person with such perception and insight. The change of lifestyle had such a liberating effect on me physically and emotional. My suppressed libido blossomed as the pressures of academia, corporate business and international commitments flowed from me. I had a rediscovered femininity and a remodelled body. A body with a neglected need, denied by my drive and single-minded passion for a career with little concern for any personal relationships.

While I found Doctor Love’s intellect fascinating and company charming, my body had another agenda. You can imagine my reaction when he recommended sexual therapy. I was shocked and at a loss for words, my mind in conflict with my bodily needs. How could something so inappropriate anadolu yakası escort be so tempting? Call it what you like. Sexual therapy simply meant having sex with Doctor Love. Not that I hadn’t already entertained those taboo thoughts. More than once I had to admonished myself for the lack of self-control.

As I pondered the situation, I came to realise the irony. I’d come to Doctor Love wanting to satisfy an intimate need and he prescribed sexual therapy. I knew it was wrong. It was professional insanity. All my working life, ethics was my middle name. He was my doctor. We had highly regarded professional reputations. Our careers would be in jeopardy. It was wrong for so many reasons. Why then was my mind clinging to the weave of arousal running through my body?

Hours had been invested trying to rationalise what Doctor Love proposed. I’m sure some women would like the opportunity with such a delightful man, looking for some intimate and discreet fun. Was I one of those women? The thought of him thinking I needed him to satisfy me went against everything I stood for. I’ve never relied on a man for anything.

But women do have needs. Why shouldn’t they purchase what they want? It’s no different than paying for a massage or having a pedicure. They’re all servicing a women’s needs. Men have been doing it for centuries. How did I let myself get into this situation? It was too late now, committed and sitting in the park opposite the Practice about to have an appointment. With that prescription still to be filled and a steely resolve, I commenced the short walk to the Practice across the road.

Always intrigued about the Practice, it had become even more of a mystery and also aroused my professional interest. It’s a beautifully restored double-story terrace home converted to a medical practice for women. It would certainly capture the imagination of any women with the means to associate with such an exclusive service in the prestigious location.

The medical centre’s name was a touch of elegant sophistication while disguising any indication of its purpose. Delivering what the women desired, dreamt about or came to appreciate, was the key to its success. My own experience of the Practice bore testimony to that. I entered through the wrought iron gate, pausing to smile at the brass sign near the front door that simply read ‘Doctor Love’s Practice’ and the address before ringing the bell on the large stained-glass door.

Maddisyn greeted me with her lovely angelic smile. ‘Hello Doctor Ricco. It’s lovely to see you again. Please come through to the Sitting Room. Your dress looks gorgeous by the way.’

Maddisyn provided the perfect introduction to the Practice. One of those lovely people that you just instantly liked. When she spoke, her voice was soft and gentle and she was blessed with a smile you couldn’t help but return. The philosophy of the Practice was the nurturing of the body, mind and soul through a journey of sensual self-discover and well-being. That journey begun once you met Maddisyn.

Maddisyn did more than manage the Practice. She was your host, further dispelling any preconceptions of your stereotypical medical centre. Calling those that attended as Guests rather than patients was a brilliant idea. I’m sure she knows all the Guests well and makes their visit an enjoyable one. I saw Maddisyn in a new light, previously underestimating her role in making the Practice such a wonderful place for women.

‘Thank you,’ I replied, aware of her intention of making me feel at home.

I’d taken ages to decide on an outfit to wear and really did appreciate her kind words never-the-less. What do you wear to sexual therapy? Was I expected to dress for a romantic evening? Maybe dressed to create some sexual arousal? Was a short skirt and some revealing cleavage the standard dress? They were some of the many questions I asked the reflection in the mirror as I’d anguished over what to wear.

I’d never dressed to please anyone. Life had been full of more pressing priorities than dressing for a man. I decided on a plain but elegant dress that was among my favourites. Hardly a sex goddess, I felt comfortable with my appearance if not entirely with the purpose of the appointment.

The Sitting Room is a wonderful room, complementing the period home. With such opulence, warm décor and comfortable furnishings, it was easy to forget it was a medical practice. It was certainly a women’s room with pastel colours, soft cushions and fine lace curtains at the windows. I realised that now even more than before. A place to relax and enjoy a fantasy before seeing Doctor Love. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a little comfort knowing he would wait until you’re ready? After all, weren’t Guests the people who mattered most? I sat at one of the two large couches that looked so inviting nestled in front of an open fire.

What a lovely setting to enjoy some refreshments. ‘Would you like any refreshments?’ ataşehir escort Maddisyn kindly offered on cue.

‘May I have a red wine please? I smiled. Maybe something for yourself? I’d like a little company for a few minutes.’

‘Certainly,’ Maddisyn replied, returning my smile before going to the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room.

The Practice always provided more than expected and I wasn’t disappointed when Maddisyn returned carrying a silver tray with my drink with a lovely selection of chocolates. She placed the tray on the coffee table and sat opposite on the other couch.

‘Thank you. It’s a wonderful room, I commented gazing around. It must be lovely working here?’

‘Yes, the building’s beautiful and I’m fortunate the room is also my office,’ she replied pouring her drink into a glass.

‘Have you worked here long?’ I asked, interested in finding out a little more about the Practice.

‘I started just after Doctor Love refurbished and we’ve developed the Practice together,’ she continued.

‘I think you’ve done a wonderful job, I mentioned. What can you tell me about the building?’

I sipped on my drink listening to Maddisyn explained it was a private residence and the previous owner restored the building. Doctor Love modified it as a practice for women, retained many of the original feature and furnishing it with period furniture and furnishing. Maddisyn mentioned she meet Doctor Love while studying massage and started working at the Practice shortly after, having worked in the spa and beauty industry. She still enjoyed helping Guests with their grooming and providing massages and spa treatment.

‘I certainly love the facilities and Doctor Love is charming,’ I commented with a sensual smile.

‘Yes, I’ve heard the Guests mention that often,’ she smiled, softly laughing to herself.

‘I’d better finish my drink and go thorough to his suite. I’m going to be having sexual therapy,’ I calmly mentioned, interested in her reaction as I looked at her over the rim of my glass.

Obviously contemplating what to say, there was a lengthy pause. ‘Doctor Love and the Guests don’t normally discuss treatment,’ she answered rather demurely.

Maddisyn had to be aware of what Guests were enjoying. Such a sweet and innocent young woman but impressions can be deceptive. She did more than greet and make them welcome. Didn’t she offer to assist with their hair, makeup and dressing? Wasn’t it strange preparation for a doctor’s appointment? What about having a spa or massage? It was obvious now. Maddisyn prepared the Guests for their consultation and Doctor Love provided what they desired.

The Practice was certainly an attractive prospect for a woman looking for some intimate and discreet fun. If you weren’t into one-night stands or interested in romance and commitment, I could appreciate the appeal of the Practice. Weren’t they entitled to a bit of intimate pleasure?

Just because a woman was an independent career woman and didn’t want the distraction of partner didn’t mean she had to give up everything else. The more I considered the situation, the more I came to accept that I was one of those women.

‘Thank you for the drink. I’ll just use the Guest Lounge before joining Doctor Love,’ I mentioned.

‘My pleasure,’ she smiled. I must get back to work. Enjoy your session,’ she added, returning to her desk.

Wouldn’t that be an unusual comment under normal circumstances? I wonder how many Guests have enjoyed their session with Doctor Love? I was about to joining a long list, I should imagine. I picked up my hand bag and went through to the Guest Lounge.

The lounge is a lovely room for freshening up before being entertained by Doctor Love. A dressing table has a selection of perfumes and cosmetics for the Guests. I tried some lovely fragrances, finally applying one named Wicked. Appropriately named, I thought as I tidied up my makeup and grooming. As I used the passage way door leading to Doctor Love’s suite, the convenient and discreet access without passing back through the Sitting Room didn’t go unrecognised.

I made my way along the passageway with its polished Baltic Pine flooring towards Doctor Love’s suite. A shiver of anticipation surged through me as images of what was unfolding came to mind. My body was now vibrating with arousal while my mind was still dealing with mixed emotions. I was nervous, but excited, worried yet intrigued and concerned he was my therapist.

It was an insane situation but while my mind was hesitant, my body wanted him. I took a deep silent breath, trying to settle my trembling body as I enter the suite to find Doctor Love sitting at one of the couches. He stood and came to greet me.

I drew another subtle breath as he flashed me one of his enchanting smiles. ‘Hello Victoria. Please let’s have a seat. Your dress looks lovely, absolutely gorgeous on you.’

I remained standing and ümraniye escort held his gaze. ‘Thank you. I’ve already decided to have the sexual therapy. Maybe you should use your charming flattery to convince your other Guests,’ I replied with a resolute calmness, hiding my arousal.

His warm smile became cold and an inquiring frown replaced his soft eyes. ‘I meant what I said. There’s no hidden agenda. I only give a compliment when it I feel moved to do so. I’m sorry if I gave you any other impression of inappropriate motives.’

I realised my emotions had got the better of me. ‘Oh . . . I’m sorry. It’s just that . . .,’ I answered leaving my thoughts hanging and at a loss for words.

‘You’re in a state if inner turmoil. Concerned about the ethics and implications of the therapy and the conflict between your rational thoughts and bodily desires,’ he continued for me, displaying a perspicacity I’d never known in anyone before.

‘Yes . . .,’ I simply answered wondering if my feelings were so transparent or maybe he could read my mind.

‘It may be determined that the conflict comes from your suppressed desire for personal relationships and intimacy while pursuing an outstanding career that means so much to you, his analysis continuing to amaze me. While appreciating your ethical concerns, you may consider them a reaction to the thought of the therapy rather than any underlying issues.’

My muddled mind listened trying to make sense of his explanation. ‘I’m so sorry. I thought you just wanted some . . . well, intimate fun,’ came my frank confession.

‘Don’t you?’ He came back with an inquiring expression.

Trembling with nervousness and excitement at what was happening, ‘I cancelled my appointments after our last session but I’m here,’ I replied, hoping my tenseness wasn’t showing.

‘Shall we take a seat and start again?’ He smiled gesturing as we sat opposite each other on the matching couches.

‘Your dress really does look lovely,’ his gorgeous smile and warm eyes returning to delight me.

‘I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t wearing it for you. But of course, I did and knew you’d like it,’ I conceded feeling blood flooding to my cheeks.

‘The sexual therapy will be helpful if you’re comfortable about it,’ he reassured me.

We discussed the rationale and benefits of the therapy while I enjoyed the opportunity to gaze into his soft warm eyes as we talked. His words were caressing and consoling my mind, my body not needing further assurance. In the end I just sat there, burning with a need. I searched his eyes, wanting the same desire. There was a definite look of excitement and anticipation and his generous smile made him even more handsome and desirable. I was desperate for some sexual pleasure and I wanted Doctor Love to administer the prescription.

‘I know what I want. I’ve wanted it since our first session,’ I said feeling my lips curling into a broad suggestive smile.

Maddisyn had mentioned during an earlier visit that Doctor Love lived on the second floor. ‘Do we go upstairs for the therapy?’ I asked, anxious to commence.

‘There’s a bedroom and ensuite off the suite,’ he replied, his warm sensual eyes and a soft smile forming on his face accepting the invitation.

Of course, there had to be. It was all so obvious now.

Doctor Love stood and offered me his hand and I followed him through a lovely ornate plaster archway into the bedroom. I shouldn’t have been surprised really, the Practice was proving to be one surprise after another.

We moved in front of a white ornate fireplace with a large mirror suspended above and his warm hand found the middle of my back. I tingled with goose bumps as soon as I felt his touch. I glanced around the room admiring the lovely décor, soft furnishing and wonderful period features of the room.

An exquisite king-sized bed attracted most of my attention. ‘What a wonderful room,’ I breathed, aroused at what was going through my mind.

The bed had a luxurious bedspread and there were two polished cherry-wood side tables. Ceiling-to-floor velvet curtains matching the bedspread framed the window filled with delicate lace. The room was elegant, warm and intimate. I felt more comfortable about our therapy with every passing second.

I moved towards the bed and trailed my fingers over the sumptuous cover. Turning to meet his admiring gaze, Doctor Love possessed a combination of charm, intellect and sophistication that I found a compelling aphrodisiac in such an idyllic setting. I could imagine Guests throwing themselves on that bed for Doctor Love, he was so gorgeous.

My heartbeat began to race and my stomach fluttered as Doctor Love stepped towards me and looked deep into my eyes, placing an arm around me and pulling me into his embrace. His other hand tenderly caressed my neck, his finger finally guiding my lips to his. All of the tension and nervousness or thoughts of ethics disappeared with that first touch of his soft and warm lips. It was delightful, leaving my eyes partly-closed and my mouth parted and wanting more.

Our kisses became more passionate with our lips mounded into each other sending a thrill of excitement through my body. I couldn’t get enough of his tender touch, exploring his lips as we kissed and feeling him so close in our embrace.



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