Although Erinn was somewhat shy, and a bit difficult to get along with, she and Patti struck up a quick friendship. It made sense for the both of them, however, for they had a lot of the same needs. The two women were both fairly young, attractive, and in need of someone to just hang around with. Erinn because she was the new girl in the office, and Patti because she had just gotten through a rather messy divorce. Together they would go out, just for a drink after work or to go dancing, and together they’d have someone to go shopping with or just have fun. They became nearly inseparable, and their close friendship was soon the talk of the office. Not that anything beyond a strong friendship had developed, rather it was a situation where one of them was, there the other would be. So it was only a matter of time before Patti managed to get Erinn interested in her favorite pastime, diving.

Erinn wasn’t quite sure if this was something that she wanted to get into, but her friend Patti was very convincing. She took control, helping Erinn to find a beginners diving course, and even loaned her a wet suit. Fortunately for Erinn, she and Patti were nearly the same size, and the suit fit, saving her that expense. Secretly, Patti enjoyed the fitting out session, helping Erinn squeeze herself into that tight fitting neoprene suit. It gave her a chance to finally get her hands on that gorgeous young brunette’s body, one she thought she’d never have. As she expected, Erinn’s body was firm to the touch, so tantalizingly close, yet just out of reach. Sure Erinn had all the usual body image complaints, but as Patti helped zip the wet suit up for the first time, she could tell that Erinn had nothing to worry about. It was much the same for Patti, but she did work hard to stay in shape.

About the only difference between the two women, besides hair color, was that Patti was a lot more generously endowed than her friend, by at least two cup sizes. Patti knew that those were her best assets, and wasn’t afraid to flaunt them. She didn’t have a bad rear end either, and quite often used that to her advantage. The word was out in the office that she was one who would let flirtations go just a bit farther. Usually, that meant a peek up her skirt, or in some cases a quick feel. After all, Patti wasn’t one for sleeping around. She wasn’t completely chaste, of course, and there were whispered rumors around the water cooler about what an exciting lay she was. Erinn was a bit more reserved, and Patti kept any overt touching to a bare minimum. What she was able to manage felt quite good, and she smiled inwardly to herself, remembering a time that Erinn had innocently touched a little more.

That incident had been in the coffee room, just a few days before. Patti had come in unexpectedly on Erinn, and they got to talking. Erinn had complained about how tired she was, saying that she was having trouble staying awake at her desk. Her friend empathized with her, and they shared a quick drink. The coffee helped, but as they were heading out the door, Erinn was still a little fuzzy headed. Patti had noticed this, of course, and a quick glance behind her told her that Erinn’s hand was in just the right position…

“Oh, God!” said Erinn with a start. “Patti, I’m so sorry.”

Patti smiled back at her. Stopping short right then and there had caused Erinn’s hand to grab onto Patti’s cute ass. She enjoyed the brief contact, and laughed with her friend. “It’s OK, sweetie, just have to watch where you’re going.” This was all deliberate on Patti’s part, but Erinn never caught on. It did wake her up for the rest of the day, and it also sent shivers down Patti’s spine as she remembered how good her friend’s hand had felt on her butt. She even thought that she felt Erinn’s hand closing on her cheek for a brief moment. Perhaps there would one day be a way for her to feel more, much more.

Until then, Patti could dream, and for the next couple of weeks, she could look forward to helping Erinn into that tight wet suit and helping herself to the occasional feel. If Erinn noticed, she didn’t complain, but neither did she give her friend any additional encouragement. That disappointed Patti, to a certain degree, but she maintained her close friendship with Erinn and helped her along with the dive certification course. All went well with the course, and Erinn was a fast learner. In a matter of weeks, she judged herself able enough to go out on a dive with Patti, and the two eagerly made their plans. There was an artificial reef just a few miles offshore, great for a beginners trip. Getting there would be no problem, Patti owned her own boat, thanks to her ex-husband, and she could handle taking it out on a short trip. Erinn was eager to go, and readily accepted when Patti offered her to stay the night before they left. That way, they could head out onto the water bright and early, taking advantage of the entire day.

The rest of the work week couldn’t pass by quickly enough, and late Friday afternoon, Erinn made her way over to Patti’s. First order of business for both women was to get out of their work clothes and into something softer. Shorts and cotton tank tops casino oyna were the garments of choices, although Patti’s were somewhat more revealing than Erinn’s. In fact, Erinn seemed a bit shocked at her friend’s choice of tight cut off jean shorts and a virtually transparent top, but that was Patti for you. She didn’t seem to notice Erinn’s occasional glances at the dark circles around her nipples, or the looks her friend cast at her partially exposed butt. Like so many other evenings that they had spent at Patti’s, they shared dinner and went over their plans. Patti pretty much had everything well under control, and the girls even went so far as to lay out their things for the morning. While they were doing so, Erinn took advantage of the opportunity to show off a new bathing suit she had bought just for this dive.

Patti made a show of rummaging through her closet as Erinn headed down the hall to retrieve her suit. From all the time they spent together, Patti had a good idea what kind of suit Erinn had in mind. Just then, she returned, proudly holding up a rather nice looking one-piece, and drawing a polite smile from Patti. “Oh, wow, that’s a great suit honey,” she began. “I bet it looks real good on you, why don’t you try it on, I want to see.”

With a somewhat puzzled look, Erinn replied, “Sure, just give me a second, I’ll be right back.” She then disappeared into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. It didn’t shut quite all the way, and Patti was able to steal a peek of Erinn’s reflection in the mirror. Her friend was dressing quickly, and Patti didn’t want her to know she was looking, but she enjoyed what she could. Erinn didn’t get her top covered in time, giving Patti a lengthier view of her petite little tits, and she was also able to catch a fleeting glance at the dark brown hairs of Erinn’s bush. Patti could feel her own pussy moistening, but then Erinn was finished dressing and Patti retreated. For the moment, it would have to do.

Erinn emerged from the bathroom, holding her arms out at an angle to present herself to Patti. She laughed when she saw Patti’s approving smile, and did a slow turn. Patti took advantage of that opportunity to view Erinn’s firm ass. She licked her lips at the sight of those delicious curves, and wished they weren’t hidden behind form fitting lycra. Erinn’s swimsuit was fairly conservatively cut, as Patti had expected, but even so, her friend was definitely worth watching in it. The blue material was nearly as dark as Erinn’s hair, and it was flecked intermittently with gold streaks. All in all, it made for a nice contrast to her fair skin, but Patti knew Erinn could wear something a whole lot more striking. She was in the middle of giving Erinn a rather thoughtful look when her friend spoke up.

“Don’t you like it, Patti?”

“Of course I do, sweetie,” replied her friend. “But you’ve got the body for so much more.”

Erinn laughed at the suggestion. “No I don’t, not like you, anyway.”

Patti looked over at her. “You certainly do, we’re practically identical.”

“But Patti,” countered Erinn, “you’ve got” she glanced down at her chest, “this going on.”

Patti looked down to see where Erinn’s eyes had led her, and giggled. “These?” she asked, thrusting her breasts out at Erinn. “Not all that much bigger than yours.”

“Of course they are, I wish mine were that nice.”

Patti gave her a long, hard look, trying to gauge her potential reaction. She thought she saw a glimmer in Erinn’s eyes, which were still locked on her chest. Thusly encouraged, Patti took a deep breath, hoping that she wasn’t about to damage or end what had been a wonderful friendship so far. Steeling herself, she took hold of the bottom of her tank top, and pulled it up over her head. She didn’t look in Erinn’s direction as she shook out her auburn tresses, jiggling her breasts in the process. When she didn’t hear a scream, she brought her arms back down to her sides. “See, not all that different from yours,” started Patti. “Just a little bigger, I think.”

Erinn didn’t have a word in reply, she just sat there, across from Patti, eyes wide at the sight of her friend’s breasts. Patti’s breasts were full and well rounded, each capped with a rosy nipple. Erinn had been trying not to stare all night as they surged through the thin cotton of Patti’s top, but now they were uncovered before her and oh so close. She still didn’t say anything as Patti edged closer, reaching her hands out towards her. She knew what had to be happening here, and her body nearly trembled at the thought. Soon she felt Patti’s warm hands on her shoulders, deft fingers intertwining themselves in her swimsuit straps before pulling them down to reveal her own soft breasts. Erinn felt the material of her suit slipping away, could tell her breasts were fully exposed to her friend, yet she didn’t move. She sat transfixed as Patti cooed to her, “I think yours are quite lovely, don’t you?” Before Erinn could even think of a response, Patti’s face brushed by hers, and her soft lips found one of Erinn’s breasts. Erinn shuddered as she felt Patti’s moist lips and darting tongue on one of her nipples, and she slot oyna let out a slow breath as she felt Patti’s gentle hand caressing her. She shut her eyes as she felt Patti indulging herself on her breasts. Her friend’s movements were so graceful, so delicate that Erinn couldn’t help but let herself be turned on by them. She ran a hand through Patti’s auburn tresses, guiding her from one breast to the other in appreciation for what she was doing. Erinn had an inclination that Patti was somewhat experienced with other women, and the way she could feel her mouth on her lent credence to that belief. As if Patti was confirming that, she pulled her mouth off of Erinn’s breast ever so gently, pulling on a hard nipple just a bit with her lips and teeth before releasing it. Her hazel eyes met Erinn’s for a moment, then the two women leaned into each other to join in a kiss.

Erinn more felt than saw Patti coming towards her. She had never kissed this way before, not in such a loving tender manner. It was as if she could feel Patti’s breath on her face, then a few wispy tendrils of her friend’s loose hair touching her ever so slightly. That was the precursor to feeling Patti’s warm moist lips caressing her own as she tilted her head slightly to accept it. Patti didn’t have to press her mouth very hard on Erinn to get her to part those lips and allow just the tip of her tongue to dart inside. As soon as that threshold was crossed, Erinn melted into Patti’s arms, hugging her friend to her tightly and feeling Patti’s arms gently guiding her down. Patti ran a hand through Erinn’s hair as she pushed against her, and met no resistance. Erinn’s head moved down towards the pillow, moved by Patti’s weight and guarded by a loving hand. She smiled up at Patti, who was making her way on top of her. Patti returned the smile, then they kissed again, harder this time, interrupted only when Erinn let out a slight gasp at the feel of another woman’s nipples rubbing her own. That earned her a wicked grin from Patti, one which Erinn interrupted by bringing her hands behind Patti’s head and pulling her down for another kiss. She had to admit, the sweet taste of another woman’s kiss was something she’d savor from this point on, and she knew that Patti was the one woman who she was dying to share this with. Their mouths met yet again, at Erinn’s insistence this time, and she decided now it was her turn to take things farther. With Patti’s hands busily running through her hair, Erinn allowed hers to slide down her friend’s back. The soon found denim, and Erinn cupped her hands around Patti’s ass and squeezed. That made Patti kiss her with even more passion than before, now that she was sure that Erinn wanted this as badly as she. If she needed any more encouragement from her friend, she got it when she rose up a bit, in an effort to undo those shorts that Erinn’s hands were firmly attached to, and Erinn rose up as well, bending at the waist to catch one of Patti’s tits in her mouth.

That move surprised Patti, who gasped as she felt her friend’s sweet mouth sucking hard on her breasts, and her hands grabbing on hard to her ass. She moved her own hands quickly now, undoing her shorts as swiftly as possible, hindered only by the distraction of Erinn’s tongue and lips on her nipples. As Erinn had so noted earlier, Patti’s breasts were larger than her own, but she somehow managed to suck one of those soft globes completely into her mouth, yet still managed to circle Patti’s nipple with her tongue. The distraction was welcome, and Patti paused from undoing her shorts to enjoy. Erinn kept at it, sucking on both of Patti’s breasts, switching between them. She had her hands involved now too, kneading and caressing Patti’s gorgeous tits while she sucked. It felt so good to Erinn, to have another woman’s breasts heavy in her hands, soft flesh to squeeze and a hard nipple to pinch. Patti was clasping her close to her as well, not wanting her to stop, yet wanting to share so much more. Erinn was doing a pretty good job sucking her, while her inexperience showed, she was more than making up for it with her enthusiasm. From the way she was going, Patti knew it would be just a matter of time before she wanted more, and she knew that she couldn’t resist for much longer either. To prepare, Patti worked her hands back to her shorts, and undid the button and zipper. Erinn didn’t seem to notice, never taking her hands and mouth off of Patti’s breasts, but the sound of the zipper coming undone was unmistakable. The two girls disengaged briefly as Patti wiggled her way out of her shorts, with a breathless Erinn watching intently. The denim material slipped off of Patti’s hips, and she pulled her panties off as well, revealing her nicely trimmed bush. Erinn noticed that her hairs were slightly darker than she’d expected, but the whole little patch was neatly groomed to expose her puffy cunt lips. Patti was quite wet by now as well, her own juices clearly moistened her slit, and she used her own finger to rub herself slightly, to let Erinn know just what it was she wanted.

Erinn never took her eyes off of Patti’s naked body, instead she felt her way to her own swimsuit, and started canlı casino siteleri to peel the rest of it away. Now it was Patti’s turn to watch as more and more of Erinn’s fair skin was exposed, first her belly, then her waist. She hesitated for a brief moment before continuing, encouraged by watching Patti fingering herself So much had already happened, and it had felt so good, yet Erinn was still a little nervous. Nevertheless, she was still anxious to continue. As the last bit of her hesitancy slipped away, Erinn tugged her bathing suit all the way down, and stepped out of it. Patti’s eyes were fixed on her crotch, and she licked her lips as Erinn finally exposed herself to her. Her bush was just as dark as the hair on her head, but her glistening pussy could be seen as she revealed herself. Erinn saw the mischievous look in Patti’s eyes as her friend closed on her. By now, Patti had one of her own fingers probing inside her pussy, and as she drew nearer to Erinn, she brought it out and up to Erinn’s mouth. Without hesitation, Erinn sucked her friend’s pussy juices off her finger as she felt Patti’s arms embracing her and gently lowering her down onto the bed. Patti replaced her finger in Erinn’s mouth with her own, and the two shared yet another sensuous kiss as their heads hit the pillow. Erinn felt Patti’s hand caressing her thigh, and she instinctively parted her legs, sighing contentedly as she felt Patti’s fingers brushing her cunt. The soft touch of another woman’s hand on her was foreign, but Erinn certainly didn’t mind. Patti gently probed one digit between her swollen pussy lips, caressing the outer folds before teasing Erinn’s clit. Then she kissed her friend once again, before bringing that slick finger to her own lips. Erinn’s pussy tasted so sweet as Patti sucked her own finger clean. Her own pussy moistened at the taste as she brought her head down between Erinn’s spread thighs and started to lick.

Erinn moaned as she felt her friend’s first tentative licks. Patti was just teasing her right now, flicking the tip of her tongue out at Erinn’s cunt. Her fingers were gently brushing back the short hairs of Erinn’s bush, and stroking her clit as well. Using her nimble fingers, Patti spread Erinn’s pussy lips apart, allowing her tongue to dip down into her pussy ever so slightly. The sweet taste of Erinn’s puss was tantalizing, and it was all Patti could do not to ravish her all at once. After all, eating such a sweet cunt was something to be savored, and it wouldn’t do for Erinn’s first time to go so quickly. For her part, Erinn leaned all the way back, enjoying each luscious stroke of Patti’s tongue on her. She spread her legs wide, parting her smooth thighs to give easy access to Patti. That was something that Patti was taking full advantage of, continuing to lick even as her free hand crept closer to Erinn’s hot little pussy. Very gradually, Patti eased her finger back inside Erinn, probing inside her friend. She darted her tongue around her finger as she did, making that hot little slit even wetter. That got her a gasp from Erinn, and she knew how much more the other girl wanted. Patti kept up her deliberate pace, sliding her finger in and out of Erinn’s pussy, finger fucking her and licking her at the same time. Once in a while she’d let her tongue trace its way over Erinn’s clit as her breathing grew faster and faster. Satisfied that Erinn was well lubricated by now, Patti added another finger, thrusting them both into her a little harder this time, and her licking changed as well. Whereas she had been gently teasing Erinn before, now she was using all of her tongue, and her lips too as she greedily sucked down on Erinn’s pussy. The slow moans Erinn had been making evolved into a louder, more continuous call as Patti’s well experienced mouth worked her virgin cunt harder and harder. Virgin to another woman, anyway, but that was about to change. Erinn’s cries grew louder and louder as Patti’s fingers and tongue continued to fuck her. Her juices were flowing all over Patti’s fingers, but a hungry tongue lapped them up, then went for more. Erinn’s hips gyrated as Patti continued to finger fuck her, using crossed fingers and a twisting motion now, fucking her better than any cock ever could. A hot, wet mouth closed over her clit, sucking away at her like she’d never had her clit sucked on before, all while a dancing tongue still teased that hard little nub. Erinn clamped her hands around Patti’s head, pulling her down lower onto her pussy as she screamed out loud in absolute delight, and her entire body shuddered at the pleasure she had just felt. Her once spread thighs squeezed together, trapping Patti down there but neither woman minded as Erinn cried out in ecstasy again and again. Hot pussy juices completely coated Patti’s hand and face as she finally managed to break free from Erinn’s grasp, and a smile grew on both of their faces. Never had anyone eaten Erinn out so well, and they both knew it. Patti’s own pussy was quite wet after all of that, and it was a very welcome feeling to her when Erinn placed a hand between her breasts and lay her down on her back. Patti eagerly spread her legs in anticipation, drawing her knees up and out of the way as Erinn, who had barely caught her own breath lay before her. As expected, her movements were a little more hurried than Patti’s had been, but neither woman minded as Erinn’s mouth came in full contact with Patti’s cunt.



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