It had only been about two-plus weeks since Marian had been taken in by Karen and Emily when Karen’s mom had appeared at their door needing a place to stay. Karen had not spared any of her increasingly dominant persona making sure that Marian understood from the start who was in charge. Her mother had not responded with alacrity to being subjected to her daughter’s whims.

Karen had thus imposed stricter discipline on her own mother than had been needed to tame Emily’s older sisters, Leslie and Linda, who, in their 30s, also lived with Karen and Emily in a subordinate status. Marian, now hitting 50, had even been made to wear a chastity device that Emily’s seamstress friend, Maria, had made that could be locked to make it virtually impossible for her to urinate or defecate without soiling the belt or otherwise making a total mess.

Marian now realized she was about to subject herself to what might be excruciatingly humiliating treatment. But she decided that taking a positive attitude toward Karen’s clear dominance probably made more sense than continuing any sullen resistance to the little lady her daughter had become.

She raised the subject soon thereafter when Karen appeared to be in a good mood. “Miss Karen,” Marian began, trying to be most helpful, “I thought I should tell you that it’s likely I will get my period in a day or two because I’ve been feeling the twinges I usually get when it’s almost here.”

Karen smiled at her now subservient mother. She loved the fact that Marian was so far accepting her reduced status as to volunteer information about something so personal as her menstrual period. “Well, it’s good you mentioned that to me,” Karen responded, “because as you probably would expect, that I have special plans for how you need to behave during that time of the month.”

Marian did not feel so wonderful hearing that as she immediately began pondering what awful embarrassment Karen had up her sleeve for the forthcoming five-day span of her menses. She even recalled now that Karen had been quite enthralled by hearing about the menstrual discipline that the lesbian Deb had discussed that time in the ladies room when Marian was being disciplined.

“I’m going to start you out when your period arrives,” Karen declared, “with a nice old-fashioned sanitary belt and tabbed napkin. Depending on how you do with that, I will then determine what kind of protection you will be permitted for the rest of your period.” Marian’s face fell as she had just experienced the awful belt that Karen had made her mother wear—the one that when locked up did not allow her to pee or poop without the extreme humiliation of asking Karen to unlock the belt. And it was even worse because Karen insisted that Marian use the babyish words “doody” and “weewee” when expressing the need mobilbahis güvenilir mi to do either.


Marian awoke early two days later and was horrified to see a thin red stain in her white girly panties. Her period had definitely arrived. She presented herself to her daughter Karen with only a slight degree of shame from being in such a subordinate position. Karen had been in bed with her great friend Emily and responded in an annoyed tone to Marian’s entry into their room although it was well past nine o’clock in the morning.

“You know that I’m not to be disturbed in here unless it’s an emergency,” Karen snapped.

“Miss Karen,” Marian said sheepishly, “I did not want to disturb you or Miss Emily but you had asked me to report to you as soon as my period began. Well, it has started.”

Karen’s next words did take Marian by surprise, though they certainly should have been expected. “Pull down your panties and show me the crotch right now,” Karen ordered. “Then spread your labia for my inspection.”

Marian complied with the humiliating instructions. She slipped down the nice plain white silky undies Karen had now permitted her to wear. She had only recently been released from having to wear tight little girls panties with animals on them.

“Yes, you did stain those panties so you will need to be punished for that,” Karen stated rather plainly. “But as you could not be certain when your period would arrive, I will give you some leeway here.”

“Thank you, Miss Karen,” Marian said with some relief. “May I now have some protection so I can keep myself clean…down there?”

“Naughty girls need to earn their protection,” Karen replied. “You will start with just a small pantiliner because it should meet the need since this is your first day. You will request me to change you when you feel the liner is totally soiled. Do not bother me until then or I will extend the time until your next change. If you behave well today, I will let you wear the sanitary belt and tabbed napkin for the 2nd day.”

Karen then bent down as Marian held her dark-colored labia apart for the extremely intimate and humiliating inspection. Karen offhandedly commented that Marian’s labia appeared puffy and asked her if she had been masturbating. Marion blanched and then turned red in the face and almost began to cry as she admitted she had been playing with herself.

“You are not to engage in that without my permission,” came the ruling from her extremely controlling dominatrix, who was her daughter, of course.


In the communal bathroom, Karen had posted a large chart with Marian, Linda, and Leslie listed on it, along with the expected dates of their periods and the level of protection they would be allowed. Next to Marion’s mobilbahis name, she had written “Restricted” and initialed it. This meant that while on her period, Marion needed to get Karen’s permission to lower her panties for any reason, including use of the toilet of change in her sanitary protection.

Marian had some time to relax before her dominating daughter returned home, so she sat on the couch and watched some afternoon television. She felt some more dampness in her crotch but was afraid to check it because she was forbidden to lower her panties without permission. So she peeked down the front of her panties and saw that her menstrual flow was becoming more plentiful and was almost running off the edge of the small thin pantiliner onto her panties.

Although she hated the prospect of soiling her panties and knowing that the flow would inexorably run off the soaked little liner, Marian was more fearful of violating the strict restrictions that Karen had imposed. When Karen finally arrived, Marian softly asked her, “Miss Karen, I feel very damp and am sure that my liner is so full that I’m afraid my panties may be soiled. Would you permit me to check it and change it now?”

Karen enjoyed the deference she now received from her mother. She always had in her mind the nasty spankings and minor insults that she had suffered growing up under this woman’s control and now was payback time. It was delightful to her sensibility to hear her own mother plead with her merely to check whether she had bloodied her panties.

“Pull them down and raise your skirt right now so I may check you,” Karen ordered Marian in the strongest tone.

Marian complied rapidly and the panties came down with the soaked liner laying in the crotch which showed signs of having absorbed some of the menstrual fluid. “Hmm, it seems that you have started flowing more heavily than usual, isn’t that right, marian?” Karen asked, pretending concern.

“I suppose so, Miss Karen,” Marian answered. “I would be very grateful if you allowed me to use some kind of regular tampon or pad now.”

“You have not yet earned that privilege,” Karen told her curtly. “But I will allow you to put on the sanitary belt and napkin now.” She proceeded to retrieve those items from the closet and handed them to Marian. “First, take this sheet of paper towel and wipe yourself. Then you put the belt and napkin on and make sure they are tight and positioned correctly.”

Marian duly wiped her crotch and handed the stained towel to Karen who flipped it in the trash basket. Marian then managed to pull up the belt and attach the old-fashioned tabbed napkin (it was a Kotex) that Karen had given her. Then she pulled both up snugly around her waist and made sure the napkin was right straight between her mobilbahis giriş thighs.

Karen enjoyed seeing her mother wear the belt and napkin. She remembered how Marian had made her use them when as a girl she first menstruated. Now she advised Marian of other issues.

“You are to be punished for staining your underpants twice, once when you got your period and now while wearing the pantiliner,” Karen intoned. Marian knew enough by now not to argue about what were clearly totally unfair punishments since she could in no way control her menstrual flow.

Karen pointed to the punishment table and Marian duly climbed up to it and lay on her back as Karen inserted Marian’s feet into the stirrups and locked the straps. This permitted Karen to lift the cords holding the stirrups so as to lift Marian’s legs and place her in diaper position. Karen then picked up her favorite thin cane and gave Marian five crisp strokes on her exposed wide bottom.

Marian tried to stifle her screams but by the fourth, she was hurting and made some noise. She also realized to her dismay that she needed to pee badly. Punishment always made her bladder want to expel its contents, she thought.

“Miss Karen,” she asked pleadingly, “may I be allowed to weewee? This punishment has stirred up my usual reactions.”

Karen chuckled and placed the glass bowl under Marion’s haunches. She grinned as her mother allowed her urine to flow with a loud ping into the bowl. Then Karen removed it and told Marian it would be retained in case it was needed should Marian misbehave any more.


Emily returned to the abode and Karen was so pleased that both girls went into their commodious bedroom, locked the door, and proceeded to cuddle on the bed while they disrobed one another.

“Oh sweetie,” Karen said, “I so missed you and now I have to supervise Marian all the time when she has her period.”

“I’m surprised the battle-axe still gets them,” Emily giggled.

“Well, I think she may be approaching the change,” Karen confided, “because it seems that they have become quite heavy. And you would have loved how she blanched when she learned I’m only allowing her a little pantiliner to start with. She immediately overflowed on it of course and now I have her in the Kotex belt. You probably will need to tease her about it and make her show you the business side of the napkin and her bleeding puss.”

Emily and Karen now deftly slipped off each other’s panties and rolled into a clinch beneath the covers. Emily loved the way Karen’s fingers cleverly teased Emily’s rising clit and Karen found that her nipples were especially sensitive to Emily’s knowing touch. It was not long before both climaxed in their individual styles and held each other tight.

“We have dates tonight,” Emily declared, as she mentioned to Karen that they needed to get dressed before their handsome boy friends arrived. “I assume you will want Marian to service you when we return and I will decide whether Leslie or Linda gets the privilege of licking boycum from my puss,” Emily went on.



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