I held her pretty tight, close to my body and she rested on my shoulder. Her blond mane was sticky with sweat and clumped at the base of her neck, I casually untangled it. We were an item some years before but that was another time and place. Now we reconnected and meshed again, laughing and smiling. There was so much we knew about each other it was possible to just nod.

My cock subsided and with my free hand I slipped the rubber off. Gingerly I reached over her and placed it on the nightstand; careful not to spill the contents. I pulled her closer and contemplated her beauty. She was getting better with age. She asked my thoughts and I casually replied. She put her lips to mine. I scratched her back and my hand drifted to her ass cheek and I squeezed gently. I asked if she was my little slut.

“I’m your little slut,” she whispered. I held her tight and drove my tongue into her throat. My cock was starting to stir. I slid down to her waist and pried her legs open; her bush was sticky as I lapped my tongue up her slit. From the şirinevler türbanlı escort bottom I slurped and swallowed her clit. My hands pulled her ass into my jaw and I kept going, licking and wiggling my tongue over her knob. She started to buck and her body went flat as a board, she gasped and came. Inhaling deeply and closing her eyes, shifting her whole head to the left and opening her eyes. “C’mere.” I leaned down and she passionately kissed me, my cock bouncing off my balls as I straddled her. I maneuvered next to her in the bed with my tongue in her mouth as she half heartedly stroked my cock. She leaned back and opened her eyes, “Do y’wanna see me wiggle my ass?”

With her hands over head and propped against the wall, she stuck her gorgeous cheeks out and began to slowly wiggle. She slowly shook it and started pushing it up and out. With each thrust my cock began to harden and rise, she gave it a big shake and turned to face me. “Do you see anything you like?”

She had a şirinevler ucuz escort stripper fantasy that I encouraged. She was shy about it though. She’d always dance with her back to me and she’d never shake her big tits. It was a huge turn on, watching her swivel her ass, luring me to her wet box. She grabbed my cock with her hand and the back of my head with the other. Our tongues twisted and she broke away with a wet smack. “Put a rubber on and fuck me.”

“Oh you’re giving orders now?”

“No, I just want your cock.” I pulled her close and we kept kissing. Her tongue felt so good after all the years; my hand kneaded her ass and my cock kept bouncing around. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” She slid her hands underneath my balls and up my shaft. She bent over and started flicking her tongue over my head. Finally she plunged and took it all as I groaned. I fell backwards as she greedily sucked. It felt so good and I cradled her head in my lap.

“You suck like şişli escort a whore.”

“I’m your whore.” She smacked her lips. I told her to get a rubber out of the drawer. I heard the rubber cover rip open and she straddled my thighs. “I’m a whore. I love to suck cock.” She put the rubber over my head and started to slide it down. I made a suggestion.

“And you’re a big-titted, ass wiggling whore.” She took a deep breath and snuggly fitted the rubber at the base of my cock.

“I’m a big titted, ass wiggling whore,” she mumbled. I kissed her passionately, telling her how much I loved it when she spoke like that. She spread her legs back and slightly opened her mouth: “Please fuck your slut, please fuck me, please.”

I mounted her and quickly slid inside. She was drenched and I hesitated so I wouldn’t blow my load. “Oh please, please fuck your slut.” I banged her as hard as I could and we both caught our breath. I had to hear some more.

“Do you like to swallow cum?” I slid inside her slowly.

“I love to swallow cum.” And I started fucking her again. With my free hand I grabbed the used rubber off the nightstand and I dumped it over her mouth. I started to pound her pussy and her mouth involuntarily opened and my spunk dripped down her throat. We started going at it and we collapsed.

“Slut.” I volunteered as I gently kissed her lips.



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