I quietly groaned as I came, shooting a few ropes of cum into the toilet bowl. I closed Literotica on my browser’s private mode and turned my phone’s brightness all the way up. The bathroom was pitch black, but the phone’s flashlight was too bright; it would shine under the door and disturb my wife.

Putting the phone on the counter, screen up for the light, I pulled up my boxers flushed, and then washed my hands. Another night where my wife went to bed immediately after putting the kids to bed and without spending any time with me, let alone sex.

I opened the bathroom door and used the screen light to make sure I didn’t step on the cat. Quietly, I thought, plug in the phone, turn off the screen and slide under the covers. My wife lay next to me, sleeping on her stomach. I looked briefly before the screen turned off, to see how she was laying down. Her right arm was curled above her head, elbow towards my pillow. That seemed like a safe spot. I could kiss her there, and her subconscious might register it without waking her. She would get upset if I didn’t kiss her when I came to bed. But she would also get far more upset if I woke her. She once threw a shoe at me for making too much noise between brushing my teeth and getting into the bed. I love her more than anything, but she is a real bitch when she is tired.

I suppose I should back up for context. I am Greg, and my wife is Alana. She just goes by Lani. We met in highschool and have been together since. We are in our mid 30s now, with 3 wonderful daughters. We met during shop class, and now we run a small woodshop together. I build full time, furniture mostly. She helps part time with the business side, book-keeping and the like. We’ve put on a few pounds each over the years. I’ve always been a big guy and am now a bit overweight, but have rarely been shown up in strength except by real gym rats. My wife might not be happy with the weight she has put on thru all the kids and years, but no woman ever is. I still think she is the sexiest woman in the room. She has a great pair of tits, an ass that many women would pay good money for, a beautiful smile and eyes that light up when I lean in to kiss her. I truly do love her… but as I described my usual nightly routine, sometimes we just don’t connect like I wish we did, sexually. Part of it is that I am a lot kinkier than she is. Even when we experiment, it seems like she is just putting up with me. She will seem to greatly enjoy something we try, like a buttplug or spanking or being tied up. She’s even peed for me, which I know she could tell was incredibly erotic for me. But she will never bring it up again, and it makes me feel like an asshole for constantly trying new toys for them to disappear into the locked drawer in the closet until we throw them out 2 years later.

I fell asleep slowly after crawling into bed, and slept reasonably well. As our alarm went off in the morning, I rolled over to find Lani’s body out of the covers. I put my arm towards her stirring body, and put my hand inside her pajama bottoms, cupping her ass and grabbing a hold of the handle that forms where a great ass meets the thigh. She moaned, “Morning.” Lani turned her face to mine and smiled, reaching her hand out to my half-hard cock. Even if we didn’t know we had to get up for the kids, I knew this all meant nothing. She hated sex in the morning. Couldn’t do anything without brushing her teeth at the least. She gave my cock two hard strokes, just enough to get me hard, patted it like a good dog and started to rise. Suppressing my desire, I followed to get ready for the day. What followed was a normal morning of getting the kids ready to head to school. Breakfast, getting dressed, sip of coffee, make lunches, argue with the 8 year old. Normal morning. After the kids got on the bus, I went to dress for work. I came out of our bathroom ready for my day, to find Lani standing next to the bed, naked.

“Want to bang this out real quick before you head to the shop?” she says.

Fuck. So, I have a really long refractory period. I can rarely cum twice in a day. It works out fine usually, because I can last forever. But when I jerk off, I am gambling. I need to cum every other day. If I don’t my mood goes to shit. But I always am playing the odds, because I don’t know when she’ll want to fuck next, and I hate turning her down because I had to blow a load in our shower. I am quickly doing the math in my head. I jerked off at 11:30 last night. It’s 8:15. So I probably have it in me to cum again, I’ll just need a little extra stimulation than our normal eat-her-out-so-she-cums-then-finish-her-off-from-behind that is 95% of our sex life.

“Sure, babe” is my reply as I start unbuttoning my work shirt.

As I undress, she pulls the covers off the bed and lays down. Once naked, I join her. We kiss for a few minutes, feeling each other’s bodies. I know that soon she will… yep.

She rolls over on top of me and climbs up to the head board bursa escort resting her wet pussy against my chin. I love to eat pussy. I stick my tongue into her cunt, licking in and around her delicious hole while nuzzling her clit with my nose. Quickly, I move my tongue up to her little button flicking lightly. As I feel her getting wetter, I begin long licks with my tongue flat. All the way from the bottom of her cunt to the top of her clit. Long, hard licks.

When my tongue is down at her hole, my nose is pushed hard into her clit. She is riding my face hard now. My hands are grasping her ass cheeks, kneading and pushing her cunt down onto me. I want her to dominate me when she rides me like this, but she doesn’t really talk dirty unless I prompt her and it is pretty hard to ask for dirty talk with my busy mouth. So, I settle for forcing her cunt down onto my face, making her grind on me. Even with her thighs pressed around my ears, I can hear her moans. She is getting close to cumming. I don’t have to move my head anymore as she is rocking her pussy back and forth across my tongue. And then she is still, holding while I lap lightly on her clit, and then I feel her whole body shudder, I can feel her cunt hole contracting with my bottom lip, and then there it is, the tell tale sign I have known for the past 17 years. The one way I can always be absolutely sure she had an orgasm: she gets a patch of little goose bumps right at the bottom of each of her ass cheeks as soon as she cums. Can’t fake those. I stop my gentle lapping and she raises up a little off my face, her signal for me to slide off from under her and get behind her doggy-style.

A guaranteed turn on for me is my wife’s asshole. I love anal, I love playing with her asshole. And as I got up behind her, I looked at her little brown star. It was still doing it’s little winking dance as her pussy throbbed down from her orgasm. I knew I was going to play with her ass as I fucked her, but now I needed more. I leaned down and locked my lips around her tight ring and shoved my tongue into the center of her dirty hole. Lani’s whole body spasmed, she popped up on her knees and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Hey, not right now. I haven’t showered yet this morning.”

“Baby, half the reason I love doing that is because it’s a dirty thing to do. Besides, I am looking right at your ass and it doesn’t look dirty. Didn’t taste dirty either.” I was smirking as I said it, feeling like we could still salvage this morning romp.

“No. I can’t right now. I have to be clean. I can’t even kiss you unless we’ve brushed our teeth, you think I want your tongue in my ass if I haven’t showered?” I could tell she was actually angry with me now.

“You had no problem with me buried between your thighs without a shower.” Stupid. Should not have said that. I certainly don’t think her pussy is dirty, and I don’t want her thinking it either.

“Fine.” She started getting off the bed. One word was all it took for my cock to turn from steel to rubber.

Fuck. “I’m sorry honey, you know I don’t think you are dirty. You know that 100 percent. In fact, the way you always talk like this makes me feel like I am some sort of gross pervert for wanting to fool around with you like this. It turns me on, and you act like we need to shower in rubbing alcohol and gargle with bleach before we can fuck. Babe, you turn me on. When you are fresh and clean and fully ready you turn me on. You know that…” Deep breaths.

The whole time I am talking, she is getting dressed. I continued to talk while grabbing my own clothes.

Am I really going to say this? Am I really going to say something I have been thinking for years but can’t say without running the risk of her looking down on me, thinking I was gross, not wanting to have sex with someone turned on by this. She is fully dressed now, and I am putting on my work shirt.

“But I also get really turned on when you are not clean. I love all of you. I love you when you are sweaty, I love when you are smelly and tired. And, it makes me feel like I am truly loved in turn when you let me see you not at your best. I don’t want the white-washed version of you. I want you. If you came in from a run, all sweaty and said ‘Babe, get on the floor I want to cum on your face,’ I wouldn’t think it was gross. I would love that you knew that I loved you enough to want to please you even when you were, in your words, gross and dirty. We are so in love, that I love every inch of you. Even that square inch between your ass cheeks you shit out of. It just pisses me off when it feels like you think that when we feel good with each other that it should be anything but ok. I like being dirty with you. Remember when we were 19 and we drove out to your mom’s house and there was all that traffic and you had to pee so bad. Then we got there and your mom wasn’t home and you couldn’t wait to get the hide-a-key so you just ran into the backyard, dropped your pants and pissed all over bursa escort bayan the lawn? God that turned me on so much. Not your piss exactly, though I think it morphed into that eventually. Whatever, not the point. The point is that you were so relaxed with me, so in love with me, that it didn’t cross your mind to be ashamed. You had to pee, so you dropped your pants, pussy exposed to the world and me, and pissed right in front of me. No shame. I guess that’s what I want to remove from our relationship. No more shame. I think you feel a lot of shame about your appearance, and our sex… and it makes me feel shameful too. Like when we try something new, and it seems like we both really like it, it will almost never happen again because I think you feel ashamed at liking something kinky. And then I never want to ask for it, because I don’t want you to feel the shame of liking it but not wanting to admit it or talk about it. Then I feel like an asshole because I am fantasizing about you doing things you don’t want to do.”

She just stood there, looking at me. Not saying a word. I could see the gears behind her eyes spinning, but we were having one of those rare moments for people who had lived with each other for so long: I had no idea what she was thinking.

“Alright. I know I said a lot. I’m sorry for doing this this morning. I love you. If you need to come into the shop today, we don’t have to talk about this. Baby, I love you and I love to be with you.”

I kissed her on the cheek and left. After the short drive to the shop, I realized my face was still covered in pussy. I washed my face and then got to work, losing myself in work for a few hours. I grabbed a quick lunch at the gas station down the street, and figured Lani wouldn’t be coming in to work today. I hoped I didn’t piss her off or gross her out too much. I hated myself for starting all of this just because I jerked off last night.

She never did come in, but that wasn’t too unusual. Some weeks she only came in one or two days if there weren’t a lot of bills or large orders, she could do a lot of it from the computer at home.

I drove home at around 5:30. The kids were all working on homework in the kitchen, I didn’t see Lani.

“Where’s mom?” I asked the room.

“Working on the computer,” replied my eldest, Sam.

“Ok. What should I make for dinner? Stir fry beef or chicken fajitas?”

“Is the beef from the same cow you got this year?” asked Sam.

“Yup.” We split a side of beef, butchered, with another family in town. We also split a hog with them. Cheaper to buy our meat in bulk and makes meal planning easier. Tack on the venison and turkey each year depending on how lucky I get during the hunting seasons, we usually only had to buy chicken. And Lani was planning on getting a coop soon.

“Fajitas. The steak this year is so chewy and strong.” She was right, the grass fed cattle this year was a little more intense in flavor than the picky kids usually like. Still had about 20 pounds of steer to get through, and they weren’t loving it.

I set to cooking dinner, popping open a beer as I chopped peppers and onions. Lani still hadn’t made an appearance, and I didn’t like that. Maybe I really hurt her. The kids finished their homework and then drifted away on iPods and Nintendo Switches as I cooked up the chicken and veggies and put all the toppings into bowls. It wasn’t long until I called out of the kitchen, “Dinners ready!” just as the microwaved finished heating the tortillas.

The kids all appeared quickly, and Lani showed up just as we were all starting to put together our first fajitas. She smiled at me, but distractedly. We made small talk with the kids, but didn’t really talk to each other. I noticed she didn’t eat much, just looked deep in thought when she wasn’t probing the kids about their day. Dinner wrapped up and the kids helped clear the dishes. Lani followed them out of the kitchen to help everyone with bedtime. Our kids loved stories and cuddles. Well, this much at least was a normal night. I put in my headphones, turned on some music, and started to do all the kitchen cleaning, loading the dishwasher and washing the pans. Then I wiped down the counters. As I progressed into the living room to tidy up, I saw Lani leave our eldest’s room and head to the bedroom. Yup… normal night. Hardly a wave to me, straight to bed after the kids. She’d look at her phone for a bit then fall asleep. So did what I normally did and finished tidying up before heading to the couch to watch some Netflix or YouTube on my phone. A couple hours later, I got up to head to bed. The bedroom was pitch black, and once again I used my screen brightness to avoid the cat. I closed the bathroom door quietly, and brushed my teeth. I thought about jerking off, but it just didn’t feel right. The rest of the night passed like the one before, except this time I risked a kiss on her shoulder and whispered an “I love you so much.”

I was up before the alarm escort bursa the next day, I dressed quietly. Lani came into the kitchen as I got the coffee maker going, and we could hear the kids rising.

I smiled at Lani, “Morning, baby. If it’s ok with you, I’m just going to head straight to the shop. Didn’t get as much done on that 16′ dining room table as I wanted to yesterday.”

“That’s fine. They want it soon. I’m going to work from home today, need to track down some ebony boards for that bar you are supposed to build next month.”

“OK.” I smiled sadly. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

The drive to the shop was quiet and easy, but my mind was full of traffic. A hundred thoughts all trying to edge to the front of the line, all honking their horns angrily. I parked at the woodshop.

“FUCK!” I yelled, grabbing the steering wheel like I wanted to pull it from the steering column.

I put in my headphones, put on my hearing protection and work glasses, and got to work. The biggest downside to trying to run this shop by myself was when we had these large projects, I didn’t have help moving these larger slabs. I could lift them mostly on my own, but would appreciate the help steadying them as I moved them around. Usually Lani was the only call I would need to make, but that didn’t seem to be an option today. It was nearing my lunch time, and working these large pieces was making me sweat. I had just finished sanding out the joints for the table’s center support beam when the front door buzzer and light went off. With all the noise of a woodshop, and my ear pro and headphones, I had wired a bright flashing lightbulb up to the door. Made it nice and obvious if someone had entered the shop. I killed the sander and dust collector and pulled off my eyes and ears as I turned to the door.

Lani was already more than halfway to me, and moving with a purpose.

“Hey, bab…” was all I managed before she grabbed my face and shoved her tongue in my mouth. She was kissing me with the kind of passion reserved for when we got really drunk. Fully fucking my mouth with her tongue. She was trying to count my taste buds by feel alone, and I was rock hard in a heartbeat.

She pulled away without warning, and I protested, “What’s that for, baby?”

“Shut the fuck up, Greg. No more talking.”

Her tone let me know I shouldn’t even acknowledge that I heard her. I tried to catch her eyes, and get a read on her, but before I could she dropped to her knees on the shop floor, grabbing my belt and jean’s button in each hand. I was about to speak, let her know I was all sweaty, ask her what she was doing, offer to head home with her and shower if she wanted some afternoon delight.

But she looked right into my eyes, and I saw anger. A woman looking up at me with hate in her eyes as she fished my cock out my pants and swallowed it in one fluid gulp, never seen that before. God her mouth felt good. As she pushed her nose to my pubic bone, I felt her tongue working the underside of my steel hard cock. She pushed a touch further, and I felt my cockhead pop into her esophogus. Fuck. Don’t talk. Fuck. I let out a deep groan.

Lani looked back up at me. And bobbed once, twice, three times back and forth on my rod. She pulled all the way off, leaving my cock covered in her saliva. She spit a glob onto the head and started working my shaft with her hand.

“I really do love the taste of you. All sweaty from working hard. When you sweat you don’t stink, you smell just more like you.”

She leaned back to my cock, and rubbed it across her face, flicking her tongue out. I could only stand there, silent, holding my hearing protection in one hand, goggles in the other, in the middle of my wood shop while my amazing wife was practically worshipping my cock. Where the fuck did this come from?

Lani stood, and for the first time I could look at her. She was wearing her sneakers, a t-shirt and a simple knee length skirt. She turned, looked over her shoulder at me, and bent over one of my work tables flipping her skirt over her ass as she dropped. No panties. With her chest on the table, she put her hands on either ass cheek and spread them. I saw the large pink gem of our butt plug nestled into her asshole, above what was an obviously soaking wet cunt.

“Come on. Eat up.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I dropped to my knees and shoved my face into her dripping pussy. My tongue went to her clit as my nose rubbed at her hole. I could eat her pussy for days.

“Not there. Pull the plug out, and tongue my shit hole.”

I could have come right then. I almost did. I stopped, the whole world stopped. There is no way she said that.

“Come on. I need your lips on my dirty hole right now.”

With my face just inches away from her ass, I reached up and slowly pulled the plug from her asshole. I watched, enraptured, as her tight sphincter stretched and bulged around the stainless steel as I extracted it from her ass. It popped free, and I set it on the floor and watched her asshole slowly begin to close again. I wasn’t going to let it.

I dove in, shoving my tongue into her gaping anus, rimming her from the inside.



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