Double Penetration

Like in most marriages, my wife and I had sex almost constantly for the first year or so. Then, as the routines of married life settled in, things started to taper off. It wasn’t because of a lack of desire, especially not on my part. It was because my wife likes a very clean house, and started to get worn out from keeping up with ours. Before we got married, keeping up with the housework had been easy for her, because her and her mother split the load. But, now she had to do it all herself, and she spent most of the day cleaning. The light cleaning didn’t bother her, and the days she did that she had no problem making love. It was the heavier work, what she called the dirty Jobs, that made her too tired for sex. You know, ironing, washing the windows, scrubbing the carpets, and taking down and putting the curtains back up when they needed cleaning.

So, she made me an offer. If we could get a maid to come in and do the dirty Jobs, she promised she’d stop being too tired at night. We’re not rich, but I make good money where I work, and cleaning women are fairly cheap here. To have someone come in twice a week, would cost me a little over a days pay for the whole month. So I agreed to give the maid thing a try to see if things got better. If my wife had just come out and asked for a maid to make her life easier, I might have agreed eventually anyway. But, we both knew it would take a while for her to convince me. By playing the sex card she would get what she wanted earlier, except she could also lose it if she didn’t keep her side of the bargain.

My wife found a middle aged woman named Zeynep, who had good references, and no problem doing the things my wife wanted done. By middle aged, I don’t mean old, because Zeynep was still younger than me. But, since my wife is even younger, that put Zeynep about halfway between our two ages. And, she wasn’t fat or ugly either, and had probably been hot looking when she was younger, since she didn’t look half bad now. Even her body was in good shape for her age, probably because of all the hard work she did. As a matter of fact, if you cut off their heads, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between her and my wife. Still, she was safer than a younger choice would have been, because who would chase after a 40 year old when they already had a 30 year old.

My wife was true to her word, and there was an immediate improvement in our sex life. Then again, my wife loves to fuck and she’s good at it, which is one of the reasons I married her. She’s imaginative too, and likes role playing and even lets me tie her up now and then. She’d be perfect except for the two things she won’t do that I wish she would. Because, as much as she loves fucking, she won’t do either anal or oral sex. Oh, she’ll let me eat her pussy, no woman who’s ever had that done to her will turn it down. But, she won’t put her mouth anywhere near my dick, and she won’t let me fuck her in the ass, because she thinks both things are too dirty. She makes up for it with the other things she does, so I’ve got no room to complain. Still, I couldn’t help fantasizing that she’d gotten us a young sexy maid who would take care of those dirty jobs too. Little did I know that we wouldn’t need a young maid to take care of that fantasy.

Because my wife is so hot, I can’t seem to keep my hands off her, and I’m constantly touching her when she least expects it. For example, I’ll grab her ass when we’re walking through the market, or put my hand under her skirt as we’re driving down the road. She squeals and tells me to stop it whenever I do any of them. But we both know that she secretly loves the attention. I mean, why would she tell me to stop trying to play with her pussy while I’m driving, then spread her legs to give me easier access? And, why doesn’t she push my hand away once it reaches its intended target? Because, as I said, she secretly loves me doing those things. One of my favorites though, is when she’s in the kitchen cooking. Then, I’ll sneak up behind her and reach around to squeeze her tits while kissing her neck. She jumps through the ceiling first, then leans back against me while purring like a kitten. And I love doing anything that makes her purr like that.

And that’s where all the trouble started, in the kitchen, with me trying to make my wife purr. I’ve already mentioned how similar my wife and our maid are body wise. Although, I forgot to mention that they have the same color hair, and wear pretty much the same kind of clothes when they’re working around the house. Normally, Zeynep is gone by the time I get home, and I don’t really see her often. But just this once, she was still there, while my wife was out shopping, and that once was all it took. I’m sure you can guess exactly what happened, because I’ve already explained enough to make it obvious. I snuck up behind my wife, reached around to fondle her tits, and leaned down to kiss her neck. My lips never reached that neck, because Zeynep’s scream very quickly told me the tits in my hands weren’t my wife’s.

You’d think I would have had a hard time calming her down, but it was beylikdüzü escort actually the complete opposite. I was the one who was freaking out about what I’d done, not her. And it was her who was trying to calm me down. Between apologizing and trying to explain over and over that I’d thought she was my wife, she couldn’t get a word in. It wasn’t until she started laughing at my panicked state that I finally got myself somewhat under control. She said it was ok, she understood, because my wife told her I liked to do that to her. And, she was actually flattered that I had mistaken her for my wife from behind. She’d screamed out of surprise not anger, and since it was an accident, she wasn’t going to tell my wife. It would be a little secret between us, Ok? So, I should just relax, and not give myself a heart attack.

Like I said, I didn’t see Zeynep very often, so that helped me forget about what happened. So, when my wife decided to take some photography classes, and wanted to give Zeynep a little extra money to stay and cook for me on class night, I didn’t think anything of it. However, while I may have forgotten, it seemed that Zeynep hadn’t. That’s because the first night she cooked for me, she warned me that it was her in the kitchen as soon as I got home. And that became her running joke every week, to warn me it was her, so there wouldn’t be any accidents. She even used those words one night when she forgot to warn me. That’s because I’d walked in the kitchen and startled her when I said hello. I apologized for scaring her, but she said it was Ok, and at least we hadn’t had another accident like before.

I assured her that nothing like that would happen again, because I was a lot more careful now. I always looked closely first, and if I couldn’t see enough of my wife’s face to be sure, I didn’t do it. She asked me if I was joking with her, saying I really couldn’t tell the difference from behind. When I told her I was serious, she said my wife had a beautiful body, so she wanted to thank me for such a big compliment. Thankfully, she didn’t say more than that, because it could have gotten uncomfortable real quick. But something else happened over the next couple of weeks that was just as bad. That was the fact that Zeynep started wearing clothes that seemed to show off her body even more. I don’t mean she started dressing sexily, or anything that obvious. I mean more along the lines of wearing the same clothes, except ones that fit her body a lot better.

I thought this change in the way she dressed was a result of increased self confidence after my sort of compliment. That is I thought that until I learned the real truth. One day, I just happened to come home early when Zeynep would be cooking for me. And, as I came in the door, I saw Zeynep quickly heading down the hall to the bathroom with her bag in her hand. Thing is, she was wearing the loose fitting clothes she’d always worn before when cleaning. But, when she came back to feed me my dinner, she was dressed in an identical outfit with the new tighter fit. In other words, she wasn’t going out in public like that because she now felt better about herself. No, she wore those tighter fitting clothes for just one person, and that person was me. Now that I knew that, the question became what should I do about it. Should I confront her and get her to stop, because showing off her body to me was just plain wrong? Or, should I just ignore it, and hope it eventually went away by itself do to a lack of returned interest?

I’d like to note something here before I continue. Zeynep is a village girl, so her speech is at times a little basic and she will repeat certain things she says for emphasis. But, she is by no means an ignorant person, and I apologize if my translations from the Turkish we were speaking give you that impression. Also, Zeynep has never used any type of profanity in my presence. So the use of words like tits and ass that I attribute to her are purely to make them easier to understand in English. The terms she actually used are even less offensive in her native language than boobies and rear-end are in ours. But for me to use those terms would make her seem childish, as well as stupid, and she is neither.

Anyway, I was still trying to figure out what to do about this development while I ate my dinner. But, there must have been something in my body language the times I looked at her, because she brought the confrontation on herself. She could tell by my eyes that I saw her before clothes and knew she had changed into these clothes for me. Now I must think she is a bad woman for wanting to show her body to me. She didn’t even wait for me to answer before continuing, by saying she knew what she was doing was bad. But, even though she knew it was an accident, I made her feel like a woman the day I touched her, and she hadn’t felt like a woman for many years. Then, I made her feel like a woman again when I said her body was pretty like my wife’s body. So, she dressed nice for me because I looked at her like a woman sometimes when she wore these clothes. Now, because beyoğlu escort I know she is a bad woman, she must go and find another family to clean for.

I tried to tell her that wanting men to look at her like a woman didn’t make her a bad person. But, she had more things to say and she wanted to say them now. And I let her keep going because I hoped that talking this out would stop her from wanting to quit. Because, if she did quit, my wife would want to know why, and the truth would come out eventually. That it had been an accident didn’t excuse the fact that I had grabbed some other woman’s tits. And my wife might not believe I hadn’t known who I was grabbing, so I had to fix this if I could. And that was what else Zeynep wanted to talk about now, me grabbing her tits.

She said I might not think she was a bad woman, but she knew she was. The day I had touched her, she didn’t want to tell my wife, not only to keep her job. She already said to me it had made her feel like a woman again when I touched her. What she did not say to me was that sometimes she dreamed it was not an accident, and that I had wanted to touch her body not my wife’s body. Sometimes she dreamed that we had more accidents, a lot more and that they were not accidents. And sometimes she dreamed that I did not just touch her like a woman, I used her body like a woman’s body too. But worst of all, she dreamed that I used her body for the dirty things that a good woman does not do.

Of course, I told her that having fantasies didn’t make her a bad woman either, because everyone had them. Even having fantasies of doing things with other people didn’t make her bad, because most people had them too. That’s what it meant to look at someone like a woman, or for a woman to look at someone like a man. It meant you were having thoughts like that about them, but having them didn’t make you a bad person. She didn’t think I was a bad man for looking at her like a woman, did she? So, I wouldn’t think she was a bad woman for looking at me like a man. We just couldn’t do anything more than that, because we were both married. And, hurting our husbands and wives by doing something was the only thing that would make us bad. Now, I didn’t want to hear her calling herself a bad woman any more, because she wasn’t, Ok?

I thought that my little talk had done the trick, because she was back to her normal self for the next couple of weeks. She still dressed in the tighter fitting clothes whenever she cooked for me. But, there was no harm in letting her do that if it made her feel better about herself, was there? Then one day, out of the blue, she asked if she could ask me something. When I said sure, she said that when I looked at her like a woman, what kinds of things did I think about? That was something I really hadn’t expected her to get from our little talk, that I had fantasies about her. Still, I had said that in a way, when I said that was what it meant when a man looked at her like a woman. And, we both knew that I had taken some pretty long looks at her body before. So, as far as she was concerned, that meant that I had been thinking about doing what she called bad things with her.

I really didn’t want to go through that conversation with her again, so I was a little rude and asked if she wanted to know because her husband had stopped making love or something. While I thought she’d be offended by the question, she wasn’t, because to her it was just a question. She said he still made love with her, just like he used to, so she was asking what things I thought when I looked at her. Of course, my answer was that when people got older, they stopped having sex as often, that was normal. Even I didn’t want sex as often as I did when I was younger. So, asking me what kind of fantasies I had wouldn’t help with that problem.

She said I didn’t understand, her and her husband made love enough, sometimes two times in a week. But, he did not want to do the things he used to like doing anymore. And whenever she asked him about them, he said they were bad things and she was a bad woman to want them. So, because I told her that thinking about sex things was not bad, she wanted to know if thinking of some sex things was bad to me. That’s why she wanted to know what things I thought about, so she’d know if she was thinking bad things. I told her that the only bad things I knew of were hurting people or trying to make them do something they didn’t want to do. So, I didn’t think what she thought about could be bad because I didn’t think she wanted to hurt anybody.

That obviously didn’t answer the question she wanted answered, so she asked it a different way. She said her husband told her it was Ok to do certain things when she was young and could still make babies. But now that she could not make babies any more, still wanting to do those things was wrong. And she could not understand because those things had nothing to do with making babies. Were there things like that, things that were good to want when you could make babies, but bad to want when you could not? I told her I didn’t bomonti escort know of any things like that, and I didn’t understand what her husband was talking about. Now she got a little shy as she explained the things her husband said were bad. He had taught her to take him in her ass when they were young, but now he said wanting to do this was bad. And, he had loved for her to kiss his man part before, but now he said it was bad to want his seed in her mouth. Was what he said true, was she bad because she still wanted those things when she could not have babies?

My mouth was dry and my dick was hard when she finished saying those things. And I’ve already told you why, because they were the things I wanted that my wife thought were too dirty to do. Now, here was a woman, and as I said before, a not bad looking woman, saying she wanted those things but her husband wouldn’t let her do them anymore. So, I was a little uncomfortable to say the least. Still, I think I kept that from showing, as I answered that there was nothing wrong with her wanting those things. Then she went way part uncomfortable, by saying she was glad I said her wanting those things was not bad. Because this is what she was thinking when she looked at me like a man, to do these things with me.

She was smiling at me shyly when she said that last line, but that was gone as soon as she saw the look on my face. And, she was near tears when she asked why I was looking at her like she was a bad woman now. Like her husband looks at her when she says to him that she wants these things. Do I lie to her when I say thinking these things is not bad? I told her it wasn’t that, thinking those things was not bad. But, it was wrong to tell someone who wasn’t her husband that she was thinking those things about him. She said she did not understand, because I said it was not bad when she said she was dreaming of me touching her and using her like a woman. Was it bad to tell me because these were dirty things she was thinking?

I told her that it had nothing to do with what she was thinking. It was telling me that was wrong, and it had been wrong the first time too. But I didn’t tell her that then because I was trying to make her understand that she wasn’t a bad woman. And she still wasn’t a bad woman, even for telling me these things. She just shouldn’t tell me things like that anymore. She thought for a minute, and then said she understood. She could think these things about me and I could think these things about her. But we should not say them to each other because then we might want to be bad together. So, she would not say them to me anymore, she would only think them about me. And, then she gave me that shy little smile again, except we both knew she wasn’t shy about telling me what she wanted.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t think she was confused about what was right or wrong either. Even growing up in a village, she would have known better than to say the things she said to me. And as for the questions about her being a bad woman, they weren’t questions. She already knew what she wanted to do was wrong, and she didn’t care. She was bound and determined to be, as she called it, bad with me. And, if there was any confusion in her mind, it was why we hadn’t already been bad together. She knew I found her body attractive, and she knew her face wasn’t that bad either. And, she’d made it perfectly clear what it was she was willing to do with me. So, the only thing her questions were designed to do were to get me to stop thinking there was something wrong with me doing those things with her. And, I was fairly sure she was a long way from giving up trying. I just wondered what her next tactic would be, and surprisingly, I was actually looking forward to finding out.

When the next move came, two weeks later, it was not another question like I’d thought it would be. Instead, while I was eating, she sat down at the table, lowered her head, and said she must say she was sorry to me. When I asked her why, she said it was for hurting me with her words, when she told me what she was dreaming about me. When I told her she hadn’t hurt me, she said I was only being nice to her. She did not know before that I wanted these things from my wife and my wife would not give them to me. So, now she knows why I tell her that saying these things to me is wrong, and she is very sorry she say them to me. Of course I got a little angry at that point and asked how she could talk to my wife about what we did in bed. And she got angry right back saying she was maybe a village girl, but she was not a stupid girl.

She said she did not ask my wife how we are making love together, she would not do this. She only ask her the same as she is asking me. Is thinking the sex things she is thinking about bad? She ask her because she is also Turkish woman but not from a village. Maybe only village people think these are bad things, or maybe only Turkish people think they are bad. And my wife tells her they are not bad things only some people do not like them. She does not ask my wife if she does them, or if she likes them, my wife says this to her. She says many people do this, and that you are wanting her to do this too. Only she is sad because she can not do these things to make me happy, because she does not like them. So now she is also sad because she is saying these things to me and making me hurt because I do not get them.



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