I spent the day outside, listening to the birds chirp and reading various erotic stories. I would like to say that I had been basking in the sun but had I done that, I would have burned to a crisp. I have dishwater blonde hair, pea soup green eyes and that pale kind of skin that just burns, then peels. But I did take little moments here and there to let the wonderful sun soak into my skin.

I don’t know why, but the warm feeling of sun on my skin always turns me on, and the erotic stories were certainly aiding in that regard! Had I been wearing any panties, they would have been quite damp. But I wasn’t wearing any. It was a very warm day and because I was out where people might see me, I had on a pair of men’s loosely fitting cotton boxer shorts and a clingy tank top to match. No bra underneath so my hard nipples strained against the fabric.

I seriously wanted to masturbate. Pinch my nipples and roll them around and around with my fingers, then shove my hand down my shorts and let my fingers roam. But since I was out in the open like that, it wasn’t going to happen. So instead, I just took deep measured breaths, squeezing and releasing my pussy. First in quick little bursts, then much more slowly, working it up and back down again, like an elevator. Working it tighter and tighter but forcing myself to stop just short of orgasm. Yes, I can orgasm that way and quite effectively too. But I wanted to save the big one for later.

I felt the crotch of my boxer shorts growing quite wet and giving me a wedgie. Not exactly a pleasant feeling! I spread my legs a bit and lifted my butt up, trying to alleviate the problem without having to tug on the shorts. No dice on that. They were firmly stuck. So I used my hand to give them a quick yank and went on with my reading.

The story was about a horny woman who picked up a guy in a bar and took him out to her car for a quick blow job. I took a long swallow of my iced tea and pretended I was that woman, swallowing that guy’s load. But then I shuddered. That guy is not who I wanted. I wanted Jay. And Jay was working until dinner time. I sighed, turned the page and went on to the next story.

This story was more doable. It was about a woman sitting on a park bench. I imagined myself being that woman. There I was, brazenly lifting my top up to expose my naked breasts. Toned and tanned men jogged briskly by me, reeking of sweat and slowing only to peek at my fully exposed tits. Or… Maybe this wasn’t the right story either. I have a very active imagination. I felt myself trying to stifle a giggle as I pictured their many penises popping to erection as they strode by me. It stuck me as funny and I was glad that I was drinking iced tea and not something fizzy. Those bubbles can hurt when they come out your nose!

Onward and um, upward! Another page, another story. This one was about a naughty housewife. The story didn’t actually explain what she did that was so naughty. I will always be left wondering about that. But whatever it was, it was so naughty that her big, masculine husband quickly sat down on a chair and turned her over his knee, lifting the hem of her short, silky, paisley print skirt and yanking down her red, satin, lace trimmed panties. Then he set about fixing to turn her bare bottom the same color as those panties. I reckon they were a Southern couple, given the way the author speaks. Perhaps that poor woman burned the biscuits and gravy or left the leavening out of the corn bread.

I pictured her head bobbing up and down, bleached blonde hair all curled and poofy and crunchy with sweet smelling hair spray as her feet drew upwards, heels to the ceiling as her ham handed husband rained blows on her backside with his roughly calloused palms.

My breathing grew heavy as my eyes quickly scanned the page. I pictured Jay doing this to me! His hands were not rough though. And you’d think they would be since he worked in construction. But he was also an avid dancer so he made certain to keep his hands soft, for holding as he swayed back and forth with me. I sighed and felt the first tiny wave of an orgasm taking hold. That wasn’t supposed to have happened! I was trying to save up for the big one later!

I took a few swigs of my tea. It was no longer iced and merely cool but I hoped it would cool me down a bit so I didn’t continue to have orgasms as I read.

The naughty housewife was writhing and shrieking in pain. Time and again, she tried to beg for mercy and ask him to stop but her shrieks and screams overtook her voice and she couldn’t get the words out.

And then there was a brief silence, followed by cool air wafting over her fiery skin. She knew all too well what was coming next! She heard her husband grunting and the quick swish of leather as he pulled his thick brown belt out of the loops of his well worn jeans.

Now she begged and pleaded with him, asking him not to whip her. But her words were only met with a chuckle and the first of many hard blows by the brown strip of leather. She felt her husband spread her legs apart and clumsily shove a finger cruelly şirinevler escort up inside her pussy, checking to see how lubricated she was, then pulling it out just as quickly, leaving her unsatisfied. His hand spread her legs even more, causing her to almost lose her balance on his lap. She knew what would come next.

Now, not only was her thoroughly spanked bottom getting peppered but so was her delicate pussy. Random whips of leather on her bottom, punctuated by another, right between the legs. The belt was so wide that if he hit her just right, it would smack into both of her lips as well as the opening to her now dripping wet pussy.

And then the tears began to flow. Real tears plopped warmly from her bright blue eyes and caused her mascara to trail down her cheeks as she couldn’t escape the pain. Her once reddened backside now had accents of purple.

The husband told her he was going to give her something to cry about! And again, she knew what would come next. She could feel herself shaking in fear as he hoisted her onto her feet. She looked up at him with big eyes and begged him for mercy. He just laughed.

She could feel the cold, air conditioned air causing goose bumps on her skin as he unzipped the back of her skirt and let it fall onto the white shag carpeting. He took his time unbuttoning every tiny white pearl button on her blouse, then roughly pulled the sheer pink scarf from around her neck, chafing her skin and almost causing her to choke.

He commanded her to remove her bra as he clutched the scarf in his left hand. His right hand held the clothespins that he had taken from the dresser drawer.

His sneer/grin was downright sadistic as he used the scarf to fashion a crude, tight bra, wrapping her breasts snugly, around and around until one pointed upward and the other pointed down ward.

And then he began decorating them with clothespins. Pin after pin, pinching into that creamy white flesh before finishing it off with one to each nipple. And again, she knew what was next. She didn’t even wait for him to tell her to spread her legs. She did so willingly, shuddering and whimpering at what he was about to do next.

The waiting was the hard part. He liked to leave her there naked and splayed, breasts throbbing in pain before striking the final blow. Well thought out and placed just so. It came from behind and always caught her by surprise but managed to get her from asshole to clit. The pain was so gut wrenching that she rose up on her toes and began to lose her balance.

I couldn’t help myself. I felt yet another tiny orgasm tickling at my clit and flowing deep up inside my pussy. I was breathing so deeply I thought I might hyperventilate. I needed to get ready to go to Jay’s place.

My eyes scanned the page even more furiously. The poor housewife had been forced to her knees as the husband fed her his huge cock, pushing it deeply down her throat and choking her with it time and time again as his fingers released the clothespins, causing a fresh pain to prickle at her tender breasts before clamping them back down again. She wanted to cry out with pain but his cock wouldn’t let her.

I felt myself burst into yet another tiny orgasm, silently cursing myself for not being able to stop it.

And then the husband suddenly came all over the place in a very sloppy fashion, no doubt leaving his wife to clean it all up. Boo. End of story. Sheesh. This was like a big wind up to a big let down. I was certain that my night with Jay would have a better ending!

I quickly gathered my possessions and headed inside to get ready. Walking was quite difficult though, given that the crotch of my boxers were now totally drenched and my pussy juices were beginning to trail down the insides of my thighs.

It was nearly dinner time and I was famished. I popped a couple of big green grapes into my mouth, letting them swirl around seductively before biting into them. I hoped they would be enough to stave off my hunger pains. I felt the sweet juice flowing down my throat. And without thinking, I began pinching my nipples through my shirt. Moaning and milking at myself in the kitchen. My pussy lips were swelling more and more. I simply had to get the shorts off!

I went into the bedroom to pick out something to wear. The black and red lace teddy stood out to me. I knew that Jay would love the look of it but be annoyed with it as well because it didn’t leave my pussy readily available to him. I envisioned him taking a pair of scissors to it with his somewhat impatient nature, so I decided to pack some other clothing in a small bag, just in case he made good on my thoughts. I found myself chuckling out loud.

I thought about taking a quick shower but then decided against it. Jay always preferred my natural scent, but I did dab the tiniest bit of lemon verbena cologne behind my ears, on my wrists and between my breasts. He liked to find little surprises too!

Now that I was alone and naked, I was going to have to take a little time to pleasure myself. I stood şirinevler elit escort before the mirror, cupping my breasts in my hands and lifting them upwards. I liked the way my breasts looked. Not too big or too small, and rather large nipples that went from a pale pink to a much darker pink when I was aroused. I pinched and pulled on my already hard nipples trying to get them as big and dark as possible before tucking my head down and sticking my tongue out to give them a little lick. Perhaps if my breasts were bigger, I could actually suck them. I wasn’t sure. Maybe if they were bigger, the nipples would be at the wrong angle and it wouldn’t work at all. Heh. At any rate, being able to flick my tongue over the tips of them was most pleasant indeed! My breasts felt heavy as I dropped them from my hands.

I couldn’t let myself get too carried away. I can come to orgasm very easily and I had already slipped up a few times while reading those stories. I still wanted to save up for the big one!

I let my hands slide down over my soft belly to my hairy mound. Sometimes it was nice to go hairless but Jay usually preferred me in my natural state because he loved the smell of my pussy and the hair kept that aroma there very nicely.

I petted myself down there with my hand, moaning and sighing with pleasure as I thought about what Jay might have in store. Perhaps something akin to the naughty housewife story! Jay was very much into that sort of thing but he also loves variety so I just never knew what he might do!

I let my fingers go back a bit to flick lightly over my clit. I really hated to be teased this way and yet I was forcing myself to do it because I wanted to be fully aroused for him. I wanted to make sure I saved the big one for him!

I was going to have to leave soon. I had best put on my shoes! I found a pair of ballet flats in the closet. These were not real ballet shoes. I do have those but I wouldn’t dare walk outside in them because they are so delicate. These shoes were made of shiny black patent leather but they had sheer black ties that crisscrossed about my ankles and fastened in the back with a bow. I slipped my bare feet inside the shoes and did them up.

I don’t wear makeup but I do have a vanity table with a cute little pink velvet bench. I keep my various perfumes, colognes and jewelry there. I put one foot up on the stool and ran my fingers from my knee up my thigh until I reached my hot, wet, crotch. I began teasing myself by tugging on my pussy lips, then working a finger up inside myself. I quickly flicked that same finger over my clit a few times before adding a second finger and plunging both in and out of me. As I did so, I squeezed the palm of my hand into my mound. I had gone too far! I began to feel the first shudder of an orgasm begin. Oh no!

I quickly snatched my fingers out of myself, not letting that orgasm take hold. Now I was panting, tongue out and searching frantically as if I expected something satisfying to be there. I was shaking all over, needing to cum so badly!

I put my foot down from the stool, silently chastising myself for not having better control over my body. And then I made yet another mistake. My fingers were dripping with my juices and I plunged them into my mouth to clean them off. Instinct I suppose. But I do love the taste of my own juices and that in and of itself was enough to bring that orgasm right over the edge. It still wasn’t the big one though. That would come later.

I quickly put on the teddy and over it, a short, lightweight trench coat, making sure to secure it with the belt so I didn’t walk out the door looking like a hooker ready to spring into action!

Driving to Jay’s place was difficult. I was so turned on, everything I heard and saw reminded me of sex. Thankfully he didn’t live too far away! But it still seemed to take forever to get there!

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. He was wearing a dark blue kimono style robe of silky material and nothing else. I could feel his already stiff cock through it as he wrapped me in his arms to kiss me.

He led me to the living room and said we’d be eating in there. Jay is a very sensual man but his place was rather sparsely furnished. The walls were white but devoid of any artwork, save for a few of the poems I had written which he had nicely matted and pinned to the wall. He had an oversized brown leather couch, a matching recliner, a couple of end tables with lamps and a coffee table that had been shoved into the corner. A card table took its place.

I shivered with pleasure as he stood close in front of me to remove my trench coat, gazing deeply into his sexy blue eyes.

“Damn it! You know I hate these things, although you do look hot!” He put his fingers near the crotch of the teddy and gave it a good upwards yank, causing the fabric to wedge rather painfully between my pussy lips. I guess he was just trying to prove to me why he hated them. He then ran both hands up then front of me, pausing to play with my breasts for a short şirinevler escort time and gave me a quick but playful smack on the behind.

He then whipped out a thick black satin sleep mask. He carefully positioned it over my eyes so I couldn’t see through it. Then he instructed me to strip off the dreaded teddy and sit down on the couch naked while he brought dinner out. Thankfully he had put down a large bath towel for me to sit on.

I could hear all sorts of noises coming from the kitchen as he got the food ready to bring out. My nostrils were rewarded with a Smorgasbord of aromas. Damn! I was hungry!

I struggled to remove the teddy through the darkness of that mask. When you lose one of your senses like that, everything else just seems off. At least unless you get used to it! But he never kept me like that for long enough to get used to it.

I had to run my hands over my body, feeling for the straps of the garment because I couldn’t see where they were. That only served to turn me on further! And once I was naked, I couldn’t tell where I was in relation to the couch, much less the towel on it. I had to feel around behind me before plopping down. Even then I didn’t quite hit the mark and Jay had to adjust me to get me seated comfortably.

“You just relax there while I feed you!”

I became a bit worried seeing as how I’m a somewhat picky eater. But I need not to have worried. Jay had made sure to present me with all of my favorite foods or at least the types of things I might normally eat. It was just weird having things put in my mouth that I couldn’t see. I couldn’t predict if the food was going to be hot or cold, soft or crunchy. Thankfully he gave me a few verbal clues so I didn’t choke on anything.

I had sips of hot ginger tea with lemon, a really nice Cabernet Sauvignon, ice water, and Gewurztraminer with dessert. He had his usual beer. I could smell it.

The dinner started out with an assortment of crudités, dipped in a fine olive oil and a little sea salt, just like I prefer them to be. Then an assortment of olives, some stuffed but thankfully all pitted. There were various cheeses and table water biscuits. Then a few crisp corn chips with bean dip, cheese dip and a spicy salsa. Thankfully small portions of everything or he would have had to roll me out of there to get me into bed!

He followed this with some meatloaf and mashed potatoes, green beans with lemon, and for dessert, a rich shortbread biscuit and a chocolate covered strawberry. My stomach was quite satisfied. Now if only my pussy could be equally satisfied!

“You wait right there while I clear away the dishes.”

I felt a rush of air on my naked body as he slid the table away from the couch. I also felt the silkiness of his robe swishing lightly against my knees.

It seemed like I had been sitting there for a very long time. I could hear noises coming from the kitchen and I could smell freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air.

“Are you warm enough?”

I told him that I was a little chilly. I expected him to perhaps give me his robe or slip a blanket over me. Instead, he slipped his arms around me lovingly as he sighed into my ear. I loved hearing his deep, sexy voice.

He began working his hands over my body, massaging me as though I had sore muscles. I didn’t, but it was a pleasant sensation all the same and very effective at warming me up!

Every so often he would stop what he was doing and simply leave me wondering what might come next. I knew how much he loved inflicting pain and I knew how much I loved him inflicting it but aside from a few rough tugs to my nipples and a little love bite to my neck and inner thigh, there was nothing of the sort. Mostly he worked his hands over my body, massaging me until I felt like I was melting into the couch or briefly going down on me, licking and sucking at the aching, tender flesh between my legs.

And then I smelled coffee again. He had let it cool enough to where it still was hot but not hot enough to burn me. I felt it trickling over my breasts and I felt his tongue licking it off. This was followed by an ice cube that left me shivering as it trailed its way over various parts of my body, thankfully followed by his warm tongue and lips.

He whispered in my ear that we were going into the bathroom. I did actually need the toilet after drinking all those liquids.

He led me into the bathroom and left me standing there. I could hear him peeing. He then settled me on the toilet and said he would give me some privacy for a few minutes. Whether he really did or not, I’ll never know. I didn’t exactly get the feeling that I was being watched but I didn’t hear him leave the room either.

I heard water running. He helped me to the sink, putting his hands over mine and lathering me up with some lavender scented soap. It left me feeling a bit relaxed and sleepy despite being so very horny!

I could feel him leading me to the bed and he laid me down on my back. I could hear the metallic sound of the honey powder being opened. I didn’t mind the honey powder so much. Yes, it was sticky but he always did a very good job of licking it off. It was the application that bothered me. It came with a little feather duster and I am extremely ticklish. I kept expecting to squirm as he applied it but somehow he managed to get that dust on me without torturing me at all!



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