dinner with daddySo while you had a nap I showered and shaved. I looked in on you a couple of times and you were sleeping with the biggest smile on your face. I put a towel underneath you because you were so wet down there.I know you want to shower now too, but I don’t want you to rinse the sperm out of your pussy so Daddy will wash you himself. Daddy likes scrubbing you anyway because he gets to look at you all over. I take off the cotton panties (which are soaking wet) and throw them in the hamper. Next we step into my glass walled shower. I use the waterwand to soak your hair for shampooing and give you a quick rinse. I lather up your hair and give you a nice scalp massage while I shampoo you. After rinsing your hair I use a washcloth and some Rainbath to gently scrub you down. I steer clear of your pussy but give your ass a good scrubbing.After rinsing you off I turn off the water and turn you around and tell you to place your hands on the marble wall. I spread your feet apart and squeeze your ass cheeks. I squat down and smell my baby girls freshly washed ass and pussy. Spreading your ass cheeks, I gently kiss your ass getting closer and closer to your rectum. All of a sudden you feel my tongue push past your asshole and your knees tremble. I stop after a minute before we get too carried away.I tell you that we’re going out for dinner and you need to wear a dress that isn’t too tight because I want easy access to your body while we’re out. We go into your closet to see what you have that suits the occasion. We find an off white linen with big sleeves and buttons all the way down the front. The kadıköy escort big sleeves will let Daddy reach in and feel your nice boobs. You won’t be wearing a bra or panties under the dress and it is a little thin but it won’t be a problem. I’ll let you pick the shoes to go with the dress. I return to my room and open my closet to select something to wear. Daddy likes to dress in a traditional fashion so it won’t be anything that draws attention to us. Your linen dress will do enough of that. I opt for some navy trousers without beltloops, (sans underwear so I am easily accessible too) and a pattern buttondown shirt with a navy blazer and burgundy loafers. I pop back into your room to see if you’re ready and you tell me about ten more minutes because you want to put on some make up. “Okay, I’ll wait for you downstairs” I reply.While I’m waiting I pour a Stoli over some ice and settle back into my favorite leather chair, since I know ten minutes means thirty or more. I turn on the television and enter the code to access the basement recording system to review the session we had earlier that day. I am so pleased with the way you took the torso strapping and hand binding that I find myself “chubbing” up in my trousers. I wonder if it will result in a pregnancy for us but for that I’ll have to wait.I hear you skipping down the stairs and turn to see you enter the room. “You look beautiful” is all I can manage to say. Turning the entertainment system off we head to the garage. “Which car?” you ask. “I think the Cadillac” I reply knowing the Caddy has a full bench üsküdar escort seat in front so you can sit next to me and I can play with you. I kept the Deville because they just don’t make big floaty comfortable cars anymore and don’t regret it. Opening the door for you, you get in and I see a flash of upper thigh and pussy lips. I smile.Heading down the road I reach over and pull you into the center seat and tell you to buckle up. The rest of the thirty minute drive we chat and occasionally feel each other. Arriving at the restaurant no valet is on stand so I park and we walk in. There’s no wait for a table and we are seated immediately. There is water brought to us right away and our server is there a couple of minutes later. He remembers me in part I believe because of my British accent, and informs us that they are opening up the back section and wouldn’t we be more comfortable back there. I agree and soon we are seated in a small u shaped booth in the dark corner of the back dining room. Handing me a wine list he gives me a moment to make my decision. A nice bottle of Merlot is chosen and he runs off to fetch it. Returning he pours an approval taste for me and waits (hey they’re not called waiters for nothing).I nod and he pours my glass full and places the club soda with lime you ordered down. He then puts a smaller opaque glass on the table. This is for you to have some wine because he knows you’re u******e and he knows I tip well. I tell him we are going to talk for a while and to give us thirty minutes before returning. He nods and disappears into tuzla escort the darkness.I reach over and lift your dress up but it doesn’t go very high. “Unbutton all the buttons except the top two” I tell you and you reach under the table and begin undoing buttons. Now I can easily get to your moist cunt and I slide a finger inside of you. You reach over and unbutton and unzip my pants and pull out my cock. Looking around I don’t see anyone so I press your head into my crotch and you take me in your young mouth. It feels so good I’m having trouble not making any noise. This goes on for a while with us alternating between me finger fucking you and you blowing me.Both of us having lost track of time are surprised to see the waiter appear while I have two fingers in your pussy. You look at him as your bottom lip quivers and a whimper escapes from your mouth.“I can stay for a few minutes and block the view or I can come back” he says. “Stay” I reply and with that I grab your waist and pull you onto my lap while my cock slides into your pussy. You bob up and down a little bit so as not to be too obvious while looking at the waiter the entire time with moist, teary eyes. A moment later, turned on beyond all belief I shoot my wad into your little cunt as you shudder with an orgasm. You slide off my lap and into your seat while I order for both of us. “Yes, we’ll both have the veal parm” I say while the waiter stalls for time so I can get myself together. “Thank you, sir” he responds and disappears once again. “Don’t you dare button that dress up until we leave” I tell you while reaching through one of the big sleeves to fondle your tit. “Whatever you want, Daddy. I’m yours to do with as you like.” That makes me smile again. My cum is now starting to leak out of your box and you reach for a napkin to wipe some of it up. Then you put the napkin on the table for me to see that it is covered in our cum.



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