My girlfriend Dia picked the lock on Mr. B’s office door and crept in. She has balls, that girl. “C’mon!” she whispered. When I hesitated she yanked me inside. My heart was pounding. I closed the door and the lock clicked louder than expected. “Sorry,” I whispered.

“Geez, Tammy, you want us to get caught?” Dia hissed. “Keep it down.”

Caught in the act of breaking and entering was the last thing I wanted. But I had to find that footage.

I cringe whenever I think about the Xmas party. God, did get I drunk. And when I get drunk my inhibitions go out the window. So it came as no surprise that after four tequila sunrises I found myself in the boss’ office boinking the New Guy. What can I say? Life happens.

What did surprise me was the video Mr. B showed me of the little tryst. He had a security camera installed in his office. He surprised me again when he demanded I fuck him or he would share the video with the entire factory. Ew! I may be a slut but I have my standards.

That afternoon I enlisted Dia’s help in liberating the video. She’d broken into tougher places before. That night we dressed all in black, sneaked into the factory, and picked our way into Mr. B’s office without anyone being the wiser. Or so we thought. While we were poking around in his office bakırköy escort we heard footsteps clomping up the stairway.

“I’ll distract him while you find that video,” I winked at her.

I ducked under the secretary’s desk just as Tony the night watchman stepped onto the office foyer. “You can come out of hiding,” he said. I stood up and smiled sheepishly. “Hey, hunk, looks like you caught me.”

“What are you doing in here?” Tony asked.

I pulled a dildo out of Dia’s purse. “Carole stole this from my desk,” I said, holding it up. “I missed it ” I began to caress it as I walked toward Tony. “Yeah, it feels good in my cunt but I’m aching for some real meat,” I purred thickly. “Come feel how wet my pussy is.” I moved in for the kill. I wrapped my arms around him like a snake, my bare leg wrapping around his hips and pulling us together at the crotch.

I stepped out of my tights and guided Tony’s hand to my wet cunny. He quickly unzipped his pants and guided me on top of his mammoth meat missile. I heard he was hung. Word gets around, you know? I raked my nails against his back as he thrust up hard into me, my back thumping against the wall,. “Fuck me,” I moaned. Tony was more than happy to oblige.

Before I knew it I başakşehir escort was laying on my back on top of Carole’s desk, my legs spread wide. Tony immersed his face between my thighs and ate my pie like he was starving. He couldn’t get enough of my juicy goodness. His loud slurping sounds and my moans of pleasure filled the little office.

While Tony ate me out I fondled my boobs, pinching my nips until they were hard as diamonds. I was feeling mighty fine but I wanted his eight-pounder back in my snatch. I reached down and pulled him back upright. He caught on quickly. In the wink of an eye the stud flipped me over and began pounding my conch in earnest. For variety he lifted one of my legs and pushed it forward on the desk. He fucked me mercilessly while my legs were scissored in a runner’s stretch. I loved it.

Tony kept pounding on my pussy until his cum cannon shot great gobs of goo all over my ass. “Ah, fuck,” he grunted. “Now you get to suck my dong clean before the next go-round.”

“All right by me,” I grinned. As far as I knew, Dia was still in Mr. B’s office. I had to buy her more time.

Tony backed up so I could kneel on the carpet. I wrapped my lips around his cum-coated cock and gave him the knob-gobblin’ of a lifetime, bebek escort looking up into his eyes the whole time. I stopped when he pulled out his cell phone and punched in seven numbers. “I’m inviting a friend to join our little party,” he replied to my unspoken question. “Dennis, this is Tony. Come up to Mr. B’s office. I got a surprise for you.” Dennis was the night janitor. A jolt of electricity coursed through me at the thrill of discovery by another cock.

Before long, Dennis joined us in the foyer. His eyes went wide when he saw me working on Tony’s tumescent tubesteak. Tony grinned broadly. “Have a piece, bro. There’s enough poontang to go around.”

Dennis didn’t have to be told twice. In a flash his cock was out and my mouth was licking it to full-on hardness. Then I was flat on my back on the desk again. Dennis’ prod pummeled my poon like there was no tomorrow. Since my mouth was free, Tony slid his manmeat in my mouth. I loved servicing two dicks at the same time. Loved it.

After the studs put me in every conceivable position and thoroughly fucked me, Tony made me promise to be a good girl and not break into any more desks. “But don’t be too good,” he winked, pinching my ass. “I promise,” I replied. My fingers were crossed behind my back. Tonight had been too exciting—there was no way I wasn’t going to do something like this again.

Oh, yeah. Dia managed to escape undetected with the video in hand. When I told her of my escapade with Tony and Dennis she said next time I would be the one searching an office while she fucked the night watchman.



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