DETAILED INTERRACIAL EXPERIENCE/ BBC/IR/ LONG BLACTodayGreat content man04:04ME: Thanks04:24Absolutely! That’s a big mother fucker04:25ME: You think so? I think I do alright, at least that’s what I’ve been told ha04:30Definitely! Big hanging balls too04:31It’s mostly just a fantasy of mine, but I love looking at big black cock I wanna see fucking my wife04:33ME: You know that fetish is a two-way street, because even MORE than I’ve already loved older white women (even when I was like elev3n, I have craved older white women lol), all these cuckolding hypno videos have got me REALLY wanting to pound a tight, gorgeously white, wife wanting to fulfill her fantasy of having a thick, long, shiny black dick slide into balls deep while looking between her legs and watching in plunge ALL the way in,  then slide out just glistening with her pheromone infused pussy juice slathered all over the entire length of my rock hard, long ( and from what I’ve been told) “beautiful” black dick. Craving to feel the inside of a REAL white woman who craves sex with the opposite race and gender to her own. Both of lust levels for eachother and the gleaming contrast of a video camera light reflecting off of the combination of my wet black cock and her dripping pink pussy inserting in the most intimate of places and coming together in the most intimate of ways. An understanding of eachothers desires, limits, respect, trust, lust, taboo fetishes, open mindedness to let the other take charge and visual/aesthetic longing to watch eachother intently while we fuck the HARDEST we’ve ever fucked, all mutually understood just by staring into eachothers fiery glares, mentally already erupting inside and on her stern, black dicl-demanding face. So focused on my lubed, greased up hanging black egg-sized balls and my swinging black chunk of salty meat. Semi erect so that it has a rubbery or gummy texture as she jiggles and shakes this fat limp dick in her hands, positioned below it to recieve inch at a time of limp negro cock, while she stretches and sucks it to FULL mast. Pausing to inspect it tip to base from a side view angle with her mouth unknowingly gaped open in desire and awe. Taking mental photographs of this 200% satisfying sexual session, so she can think back to the imagery of her very own body arousing an attractive,  younger black man, and getting his dick harder than ever with just her completely natural self; body, skin color,  intellect,  vocabulary,  background and overall personality being the reason she can get me so fucking turned on, cock-aching, craving to get her off as much as possible,  and finger and rub her sopping wet, hot, contracting, pink, CAUCASIAN pussy. Knowing she, by her natural birth, was born a woman whose skin color and traits etc. are literally a natural attraction and wonder to black men around the world. The thought of her spending an entire night masturbating to the flashback images of herself starring in her very own HARDCORE interracial sex session, and the adrenaline that the image from her staring down between her wide spread, pale white legs and seeing a thick, long, dark (“That huge fucking Nigger’s Dick”, as she secretly REALLY wants to describe it as. Craving to scream that out loud knowing her AND I both find the racial contrast and cultural taboo insanely sexy to really magnify and use to our advantage bakırköy escort sexually. Her even going as far into her own soaking wet desires in her mind imagining she is a W.A.S.P. New England woman who decides to give into her unquenchable thirst for foreplay and fucking that she developed over time from the same black man repeatedly complementing her poise, effort she continuously puts in to the way she carries herself and her class (despite returning his advances with an icy demeanor to display a sign that she would never be interested, fighting mentally with the fact she knows she is putting up a front to keep up appearances and appease her network of “friends” and family with a thoroughbred image she portrays. All the while thinking more and more about letting me just grip her neck soft yet firmly and kiss up the other side of her neck sensually,  before grabbing her waist aggressively, flipping her short, turquoise mini skirt UP and POUNDING her pussy full frontal while she sits at the side edge of the driver’s seat in her luxury vehicle. Staring into my eyes with such a smoldering, piercing, squinted glare shifting from the soaking wet mess keeping our bodies physically “tied” together in act of total unrestrained fulfillment of years of sexual desires, wonder,  and secrets withheld inside, back to locking glares and as a result causing both of us to intensely and suddenly increase the speed, depth and force in which we continue to fuck,  thrust,  pound, gyrate, slide, contract muscle grip and refrain from cumming accordingly. Repeatedly colliding our blood engorged loins with tremendous stop and go force, the moist smacking and squishing sounds from her pussy being so hot and wet while taking such a thick BlackBar of a dick inside of her. Balls deep and, intermittently, SLOWLY slid in and out of, to really enjoy feeling eachothers most sensitive and sexual organs pleasuring eachother physically and mentally. Gently touching lips for a sensual tease of a kiss, while she is missionary and being sunk into face to face with the younger black Male that genuinely desires specifically HER soo much that it is clearly evident in my eye contact, physical exertion, dead silence and focus. The level of my arousal also reflected in my ability to supercede fatigue despite increasing my speed, thrust force and overall form and flex i maintain while she eyes my body up and down, pussy getting even wetter and tightening her vaginal grip on my thick cock as she inspects her “suitor” and absolutely LOSES all inner control of her adrenaline level and heart rate from the sight of my tan,  lean and carved abs leading down to the most beautiful hard black dick she has ever seen and long for her liking as well, just being ambitiously swallowed whole by the increasingly tender slit between her spead legs.  Bent at the knees with the tiniest neon orange g- string hanging from one of her ankles up in the air. In love with my tall 6’4″ frame, strong and built, yet lean due to being so tall. She is more turned on by how far she has to look upward to see my face that she also enjoys looking at, thinking i look younger than my age,  I’m sure.  A combination of absolute bewilderment from sensory pleasures of ALL the senses, and almost a look of irritation to the point of bordering on anger in beşiktaş escort the form of sexual frustration from simply not knowing why she had never experienced such INTENSE sexual desires (physically OR mentally) before this point in her life. Maybe partly sexual frustration knowing how good this encounter is, with the very realistic thought that it may be the only time that she will ever be so sexually satisfied or feel so sexually FREE before she comes back down to reality and never does it again. Just such a perfect, spur of the moment opportunity to just let all guilt, mental limitations and restraint go and help guide her first LARGE BLACK COCK into her white pussy, messily wet for the energy ) with a younger black Male such as myselfso hard and fast that she gets hand cramps.  Just going absolutely fucking wild. wet in anticipation for the entry of such a big ass dick, good thing for her docking such a large cock in such a petite pink (or WHITE ) hole, that it would appear that my ebony, well sized slab of tissue and muscle is being sucked into a beautiful black hole between your wife’s legs, fitting such a chunk of member inside by seeming defying certain laws of physics. As if the molecular makeup of her aroused womanhood was becoming one with every molecule of the matter that, as a whole, would normally make up the low hanging balls and previously dubbed as “beautiful” semi limp cock that hangs between my legs. Partially limp dick having such a “gummy soft” yet thickening and firm appearance when jiggled and shaken playfully by a women,  that the densely fibrous or porous  tissue in my cock cannot be compared to anything properly in order for a woman to describe it to another women referencing something “similar” in look or feel to it. Having more similarities in the tissue make up of my dick to a semi limp horse slowly achieving erection as it “unsheaths” and its member grows triple or more in size, maintaining 90% blood capacity in order for it to still remain slightly stretchable like melting silly puddy for a woman to stare at only inches from her face as she enjoys playing with it and stroking it. Lubing it up and getting more aroused by the natural musk/scent that she intentionally inhales through her nostrils.  A scent she already figured was bound to emit from such a heavy, mass of junk that she had recently started fantasizing about caressing through a pair a tight, black,  spandex compression-style boxer briefs after slowly pulling down my slacks that do a surprisingly good job at concealing all of my dangling huge balls and chewy-soft black snake. She kissed and squeezes and sizes up the massive bulge from different sides and angles of my dick before slowly revealing it,  my balls already swinging low and loose from increased temperature gained on account of your wife’s insanely sexy care and attention shown, face against it and all. The tightness of the compression shorts almost as if airtight. Trapping and building up the natural hormone scent of my large genitals that she is to shortly fall in love with, and once the briefs are low enough to reveal her dream cock, only an inch and a half at most away from touching her lips,  the scent of the black cock she already finds attractive visually hits her nostrils mixed with the smell of sweat, cum and petroleum beylikdüzü escort jelly that is daily melted down into liquid form for skin moisturization, maximum  skin and tissue softening and stretching and because of how amazing it simply feels. Apparently a fact that most women never think of on their own, using petroleum jelly as lube for handjobs and even fucking. Luckily my last gf horoughly enjoyed looking at and playing with my cock. One of the rare ones who was really a giver, stroked the best dick of any woman and genuinely enjoyed watching my dick especially glistening with warm aquaphor or oil, and in any state of rigidity . The petroleum jelly acting as a kind of sealant for trapping all the odors of sex that she is reminded of. Never having seen or examined a BBC with her own hands, she is caught by surprise how heavy duty it seems and how much care it requires in order to look, feel and be at its peak performance for a woman.   visibly very well moisturized black genitalia, clearly well cared for by the healthy reflective glow and sheen seen from any angle when looking at it. She could just masturbate to the site of me stroking it, exercising its blow flow and building up edging length while I am mentally erupting continually at the site of her playing with her pussy. A surprisingly intense turn on in something as simple as mutual masturbation, but when the visual of your costars body and genitals is so aesthetically pleasing to you that it feels like your ideal sexual match, and both are only a couple inches from tip of the cock entering the anxious, writhing pussy… it can sometimes be better than full penetration sex. The desire, buildup, tease and anticipation that a women can create when you perform proper steps and procedure in her arousal is the most arousing part. Like prepping the horse for its breeding duty, it’s just natural instincts and FEELS most natural. Not to mention the wave of sexual that launches her into peak points of arousal that will remain as such notable landmarks in her sexual heights for the rest of her sexually active life,  as when she remembers that she has been watched, photographed and filmed by a third party that she had forgotten about in her tunnel vision lust; Her husband. Harder than he has EVER been from watching his own wife forget all of her sexual inhibitions and just act on her wildest desires. Knowing she is astronomically more turned on by the fact her husband wants to watch the look on your face when a thick, long, black dick is sliding in and out of the very hole he has been in a million times and plans to continue going into after seeing the sight. And especially wanting to penetrate immediately after she has had my bbc inside of her raw. Wanting to feel the difference in her dripping cavity and both becoming more and more aroused by the fact that a long,  wet, thick, glistening, was JUST pulled out slowly from deep in his wife’s pussy only moments ago, before it erupted in multiple ropes and gobs of hot black cum on her belly/lower abs/pussy. Having pulled out in time to only leave a small spurt of hot cum INSIDE of her, the intense musk of my big balls and large cock in combination with the sharp yet somehow still flat aroma of fragrence-free ointment and semen-infused sweat from my balls. A scent that seems to really radiate from my balls strongly the more aroused I become.  A result of my entire package previously having been SLATHERED in melted,  HOT petroleum jelly. The sensation of which comparable to being jacked off with melted butter. 3rd best sexual feeling behind A hot wet pussy, and the mouth of woman determined to get you of



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